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"I want to use my crest to digivolve me. Not into a Digimon. Y'know make me smarter or stronger. Maybe learn something about myself, that sorta thing."



Name: (Japanese:) Ishida Yamato (Meaning: Patriotic boy's name, Rock Rice Paddy?) Strange, I know, but that's why we all love him so!

(English:) Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Ever wonder if they'll call him "Matthew"?)

Age: 11 in Season One, 14/15 in Season Two (15/16 in American)

Eyes: Ishida Azure (There's no other name to describe it!)

Hair: Golden Blonde and Styled like no other! (sticks tongue out at Dragonball Fans) (::wild cheering::)

Height/Weight: Short and Slender, unless you count his hair, then he's tall and slender!

Family: Takeru Takaishi (Go squirt!), Nancy Takaishi (She's hot! She's a babe! She deserves her own shrine! She's Matt's Mommy!), Masaru Ishida (the happy buffalo/ Matt's father) I wonder what side of the family the blonde hair/blue eyes came from...?

Crest: FRIENDSHIP, BABY! And how angsty it is! It's light blue in color, too! (Just like his eyes!)

Digimon: Gabumon (the HORN digimon! If you do not understand this, See Claire's site!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! not for children under 13)

Digivolutions: Tsunomon (the original horn digi), Gabumon(he's got fur), Garurumon(da wolf man), WereGarurumon (da WERE wolf man), MetalGarurumon (he's chrome), Omnimon (part Agumon, part Gabumon, all HORN!)

Who Matt is usually paired with: Taichi! (yes, it's true, face it! It's SO plausible! And the most popular yaoi coupling in Digimon, live with it!) Mimi!(Why?) Sora!(Huh?) Jyou!(WHAT?) (Actually, that's pretty plausible, too) Koushirou!(um…?) Gabumon!('I'm your friend!') (ick!) YOU! (the most popular coupling in Digimon, period!)

Matt's Future Occupation: Idol Pop Star (most likely, others include:) Housewife!(only for Yama, maybe Sora… but that's it!) Harmonica Soloist! (You mean like Alanis Morisette?) (Yup, and just as angsty, too!) Chef! (He kept the kids alive!) (Along with Sora, again with that housewife thing…) Secret Service Assassin! IRS employee! And Head Writer of Digimon!

Character Profile: To Quote many Matt fans everywhere: HE is GOD!! !Well that may be true except for one major thing.

To be GOD one must be perfect. And that is one thing Yamato is most certainly not. Despite his cool exterior, Yamato is full of teenage angst... Since his parents' messy break up Matt has spent most of him time looking for a place to belong. As a result of near failure to that goal, he became far overprotective of those close to him, his younger brother (Takeru) being a well observed example. In short, in order to give himself a place or purpose he became TK self-proclaimed protector. So you see he's using TK as a life line. He was protecting TK, more to his benefit then his brother's. Sound selfish? Not really. His dad works and his mother and brother live out of town. We don't know of any friends out of the Digidestined circle he could have possibly had. Anyway. And has anyone ever notice how he blows off his mother? He most likely blames her for the break up, quite obviously, and most likely for taking TK away from him. Again, the over-protectiveness and bitterness shining through. He might even be upset with her for choosing TK over him. Or maybe a big combination of the all of the above. Either way he feels very unloved. AND THIS is all BEFORE he meets the kids. Now we get into the feeling of total USELESSNESS!

I know what your thinking. "God, this Ishida Guy is really depressing... What's so cool about him?" Well, my friend, Matt is not always kicking himself in his pert tight ass. Believe it or not he has more depth than that! One thing our sexy blonde is known for is his wonderful outrageously hilarious sense of humor!! YES!! ITS TRUE! Matt is funny. He always has some snide remark for every situation, whether it be about sunblock and lizards or a gym teacher he once had, he always has something to say. This, coupled with his false front of self-confidence, makes watch/stalking him even more entertaining! "Okay...So he's a sad, funny guy....Um? How does that make him deep?" WAIT! I'm not done! He might not show much more than a cold shoulder to his friends, but deep down, he really _does_ care ! Yamato is quite interceptive. Yes he may have a big attitude problem, the rebel as some people call him. But its just the whole I'm-not-showing-my-feelings-cause-I'm-a-boy-DAMMIT! thing.

Because of the "I'm worthless and alone" thing, Yama isn't always the best with people and tends to be a little short with them. He's often quick to judge someone and is almost never forgiving. He'll hold a grudge for a while and then realize he's being an ass and drops it. He'll deliver careless biting comments and can be really harsh to his friends, even when he doesn't mean to be. As a result, he pushes people away from him. Despite his flippant comments he actually cares for his friends a great deal. (Like hell if he's going to tell them that.) He just doesn’t know how to show it, that’s why he received the crest of friendship. After his parents broke up he was so wrapped up in protecting himself he forgot what it was like to get close to someone else. He always had friends, he just could recognize it anymore and had to relearn what it meant.

Other then the "friendship" thing, he's overly critical of himself and blames himself for situations that can't be helped. Especially when it comes to TK. Also, believe it or not, he tends to analyze situations before leaping headfirst. (putting him a step above Taichi, who tends to be too spontaneous) However, he is not averse to acting on impulse, normally he's irrational by this point though, and it tends to evolve into a fist-flailing bitch fight with Taichi.

"Bitch fight with Taichi? What are you taking about?" Yes, Yamato and Taichi don't get along very well. The two fight (mostly verbally) about ANYTHING. What path to take, what strategy to use, emotional issues, anything! Their insight and opinions clash, their personalities are drastically different, and TK looks up to both of them. Yama resents Taichi for many reasons: He runs head first into situations, can be too stubborn or bossy, is cold to other people's feelings, and most importantly, he gets along with TK very well. Yamato isn't very good with children, in fact he has a bad habit of talking down to them and being a little too short. But Taichi would get down on their level, play with them, talk to them as he would some one his own age. He was never over protective and would make them feel important. Taichi and TK had an immediate friendship. TK looked up to him. Yamato HATED it. Of all the things he didn't like about Tai this was the one pushed Matt's buttons the most. He was afraid that Taichi was going to take TK away from him, that Tai was a better brother than he was. All of the duo's fist fights are all started by misunderstandings about Matt's porcupine complex and/or TK.

"So you're saying he has a problem expressing himself?" Hell yeah. A boy in today's society can't just throw around his feelings and expect not get pounded into the ground for it. Conform Damn it CONFORM!! Anyway, so Yama utilizes other means to get his frustration out.

A: Beating the shit out of Tai or

B: Music.

Matt plays the Harmonica and does so very well. Very much like animals, Digimon are drawn to it. Unfortunately, they are also the only ones that seem to notice that the lovely lilting notes carry a sad minor key. Not only can he play music, Yamato can Cook! And this is a very good thing indeed! For everyone in the group sans Sora CAN'T. They'd of all died a long time ago from starvation or food poisoning if it wasn't for him. Yama some manages to whip up a meal from the bits of food that the kids manage to scavenge. He must have picked it up from living with his Dad. He probably got stuck making dinner or fending for himself. Or maybe his Mom taught him? That’s a concept. But other then his domestic abilities, he has a warrior's spirit and will fight for his friends, family and what he believes in despite of or fueled by what he feels.

SO, Devilish Demon or Enticing Angel? Sorrow-wrought boy or puberty-stricken teen? Find out next time, on Yama-central! When we'll discuss 02 Yama-kun!

~Special thanks to AngelHeero

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