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THAT Digimon Site

The Opinions on EVERYTHING Dejimon

Proud to be the most unnoticed controversial Digimon site on the Internet


The main part for the Dejimon (Yeah, it’s hidden away in an itty bitty little corner…) (where it should be)

The reason this part of the site is so far out of the way is because this is an opinion site about the CHARACTERS… and although the Dejimon are important to the story (which we all like by the way) they really aren’t well-developed characters (except Gatomon/Tailmon, she gets lots of screentime, so she gets her own profile/shrine!! ^_^) (YAY!) (What about Wizardmon?) (He’s in Tailmon’s Shrine, too!)

These pages devoted to the dejimon (and various other characters) are there to cover basic facts about each of its evolutions as well as our opinions about each of the forms ^_^ So… try to enjoy it.


Anyway, here’s where you can go:


Agumon:  The annoying main digimon…

Biyomon: The mainly annoying digimon…

Gabumon: The kick-ass crispy banana! (don’t ask)

Tentomon: he knows everything, he’s a bug (ah! RAID!)

Palmon: the plant that should never speak!

Gomamon: The sarcastic digimon of the sea! ^_^

Patamon: KAWAII!!! Batpigs and Tokos must run free!

Gatomon: YAY!!! KICK-ASS digimon with personality!

Veemon: The OTHER annoying main digimon

Hawkmon: The bird with a belt on its head!

Armadillomon: Sssh! When you go here, be quiet, he’s napping!

Wormmon: The kaiser’s redeemer! The other bug!

Terriermon&Lopmon: The twins! Aren’t they cute? KAWAII!!!!!


THE GATOMON SHRINE!! ::shimmer, glow::  The place to learn about the hot-tempered kitty of Digimon! (Not Available! Gomen!)


There might be more stuff later, like the random character rants about people like Gennai, Nancy, the digi-kids from around the globe, and Arukenimon and Azulongmon and such…


Thanks for your visit! ^_^