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THAT Digimon Site

The Opinions on EVERYTHING Dejimon

Proud to be the most unnoticed controversial Digimon site on the Internet


Welcome! You've reached THAT Digimon Site! Congratulations! We, U-tachi, have created this website for the sole reason that there wasn't one. A website dedicated to the wonderful mastery the writers of the show Digimon did when it came to piecing together an intricate web of character development and interaction. Actually, we'll barely even mention the ones who created it, but instead we'll state down what it all is and how it works and what we thought of it, and if nothing else, if you read it long enough, you'll learn everyone's name. ^_^

Anyway, the four of us hope you'll appreciate our website, and if you like it or have any comments, please email us! ^_^ No flames, please...

UPDATES!!! (6-2-02) WHOO HOO! I UPDATED! Check it out! We got so bored that we changed our pictures in the About us section... like anyone cares... ^_^ More importantly, our numbers have expanded to include 1 yes that's right ONE new member! Whee! Go check out Reaper-kun's profile and see our new cute-piccies (drawn by me, Ucchan ^_~) at this link here! About the crew!<

Sections of this Website:

Intro The introduction to the site, if you've gotten this far, you've probably been here!

Main Well, duh, this page that explains everything! ^_^

Chosen Children 01: The profile pages to the 01 kids, with Statistics, a Profile, and their Interactions with the other kids on each page ^_^
Ashes of Courage Taichi's (Tai's) page! For info on the goggle-wearing leader, go here!
Love's Rebirth Sora's page! For everyone's favorite helmetheaded sky warrior!
Friendship in Ice Yamato's (Matt's) page! To the blonde bombshell of music and fansites!
Spark of Knowledge Koushirou's (Izzy's) page! For the computer wizard of cool!
Sincere Tears Mimi's page! Who could forget the sprite of pink with the hat of doom?
Reliability Mantle Jyou's (Joe's) page! For the blue-haired nerd who's got it all!

Chosen Children 02: The profile pages for the new kids, most are unfinished until the end of season 02, includes same info as the 01 kids.
Flying Hope Takeru's (TK's) page! Yes, the name is unoriginal, but the little guy don't mind!
Angel of Light Hikari's (Kari's) page! For everyone's favorite glowing girl, click away!
Faith to Miracles Daisuke's (Davis') page! To get info on the new goggle-head, go here!
New Wings Miyako's (Yolei's) page! The purple-haired goddess resides here!
Young Power Iori's (Cody's) page! The little one deserves his own place, too!
Stinging Kindness Ken's page! The kaiser worship page, open 24-7, just click!
Belief in Destiny Wallace's (Willis') page! So, he's only in the movie? He needed recognition!

Other Sections:

WHY? An explanation of why we made this site and the way we did it, for anyone who cares! May not be up for a while... (Not available)

Dejimon We like the show and characters! But this site doesn't have much to do about the Digimon themselves! For anything we felt was worth putting up about the little critters, we put here! ^_^ Also, some show information!

Rants/Editorials As the name says, here's where you can find the rants! This is the information that we couldn't squeeze into the kids' sections ^_^ LOTS of stuff here!

FStoF The most controversial part of our site, this is the section devoted to the reasons behind why our website is "Full of Stolen Fanart"

Voice Actors Voice Actors Just a little bit we threw in because we had room! ^_^ This is a list of the voice actors and seiyuu of the show.

About US If you care, here's what we chose to reveal about ourselves... It has some art and stuff...

OTHER This section probably won't last long, this is everything else that didn't have a place already, we'll probably replace it with other articles or information as we see fit. ^_^ (Not available)

E-mail Me Where you can, well, email us!



Has the insanity hit you yet? No? Well, just check the place out, okay? I'm sure it will!

BY THE WAY! Did I mention that there are FOUR of us? Well, since we have to communicate with you separately sometimes, we have used different colors to get our message across as to who we are!

RED is me! Ucchan, I'm the big webmaster and HTML junkie!

VIOLET is AngelHeero! Call me Angel, I'm the head writer and artist!

YELLOW is Kari! Kari-chan please, (go Kari!) I'm the co-writer and 02 expert!

BLUE is my sister! I'm Tora, the proofreader and co-webmistress!

And we are U-tachi, which has no special importance or anything, just thought we'd let you know...

And once more, for those of you who are going to be mean about the FStoF thing, please READ it first. And by the way, because we AREN'T hypocrites, all artwork that belongs to US is public domain, but please don't claim it for your own, give us credit, please, as we do for everyone else. (especially Angel, she gets angry when people don't respect her artwork).

Patamon has abused today: digimon fans!

Gatomon has kidnapped: digimons fans for all eternity!

And one final note, all the fanart on this page that DOES NOT belong to us is from Tir na Nog, a VERY AWESOME Japanese fanart site. (See? We just USE the pics, we don't claim credit)

We do not own Digimon, although we wish we did! We are making no money off of this site, so please don't sue us... Not mine, no money, don't sue... thanks ^_^