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"I should probably just stay quiet, if I tell them my opinion they'll all just laugh at me..."

Name: (Japanese:) Hida Iori (Meaning: "Fire Rice Paddy" and "Cloth")

(English:) Cody Hida (Cody makes no sense, but at least it's a name, and not "Yolei")

Age: 6 in Season one (even if he wasn't there), 9 in Season Two (10 in American?)

Eyes: Emerald Green (the only Digimon character EVER to have Green eyes!) (who isn't a digimon)

Hair: Mousy Gray-Brown (Well, it's KIND OF a cool style... if you like flat...)

Height/Weight: Short and Small, with a Kendoist's build... (well, a 9-year-old Kendoist's build)

Family: Mrs. Hida (His mommy! She's kinda demanding...) (kinda? SHE'S VERY DEMANDING!) (But lucky for Iori, he has his:), Grandfather (who has an affinity for prune juice! Along with tasty bouts of wisdom!), Iori's father (who's dead, this causes problems...)

Digimental: Knowledge(feel the Izzy-ness), Reliability (this makes him friends with Jyou, which is very cool, by the way! ^_^)

Digimon: Armadillomon (he sleeps, he eats, he sleeps more and digivolves occasionally!)

Digivolutions: Tsubumon, Upamon (This is my fave digi of all time!), Armadillomon (Armadimon in Jap), Anklyomon(the un-armored champion), Digmon (the Knowledge armor co-champion), Submarinemon (the Reliability armor co-champion), (...don't know ultimate or mega...)

Who Iori is usually paired with: Miyako! Hikari! Sora! Jyou! Koushirou! Daisuke! Ken! Armadillomon! (ICK! TO ALL OF IT! HE'S 9!!!!!!! PEDOPHILES!!!)

Future Occupation: Kendo Instructor! (most likely, though others include:) Diver! Talk Show Host! Voice Actor for Mimi! Teacher! Childcare Specialist! Doctor! FBI Agent! Baker! Delivery Boy! (if he does both, he can MAKE and DELIVER his brownies that he makes so very much!) Prune Juice Taste Tester! Gennai!

Character Profile: Smart, Little, Cute, Hot Sex Kitten! (Where'd THAT come from?) (Miyako! Stop molesting the little boy!) (HEY!) IORI: the most calm person to ever grace the Digimon screen! Which is unfortunate, because unlike Sora, HE'S NOT BORING! (No offense, we really like Sora! ^_^)

Poor Iori, the youngest of the Chosen Children, without much understanding of himself at all, first of all, he has a nasty habit of judging people on first impression. This leads him to a path of loneliness where he could've easily made a friend, which is important to a young child's psyche! Because he judges people on such impressions, he has very little trust for many people whatsoever... He is anything but trusting, he is very cynical and a realist. He believes firmly in reality and quickly understands what is expected, and regardless of what he thinks, he will follow the most realistic direction. This leads him towards a very unforgiving nature. He is quick to judge harshly and nearly impossible to convince otherwise.

This is due to the idea that he doesn't understand his own moral values. His own morals are flexible when the action calls for it. It's when he has it stuck in his what morals are correct and true, often learned from his mentor, his grandpa, that he becomes obsessed with what's right and what's not. And he is unbending in those areas. Unfortunately for Iori, he's been thrust into a position where his former, temporary morals are questionable and he often has to seek the guidance of those with him, his friends, to decipher what must be done. This sometimes misleads Cody, or at least in his own mind, it does.

Iori is a traditionalist. Set in the ways he was taught, Iori follows a strict code of honor. He is very polite, very formal, and friendly to those who have proven themselves. Due to this, he acts older than he feels. Yes, Cody is mature, but is he ready to be THAT mature? He barely has his own morals straight, and he's often called upon by the others for a decision. And he takes his responsibilities seriously, often disregarding fun in place of work. He never wants to burden people.

Which is the reason behind his strong feeling of not wanting to give his opinion. Not only is Iori afraid that the others will laugh at his thoughts, he's afraid his thoughts are wrong or incorrect in some way. And Cody wants to be sure that he's in the right before making a decision. But his morals are barely set, so he has to adjust accordingly, which doesn't always turn out in his favor. So most of the time, he just doesn't give his opinion.

Probably a result of not having a strong father figure as a child... very disturbing for a young kid trying to save the planet... Most of Iori's confused actions can be traced back to the idea that he had a strong parental influence and then lost it... Very sad... His daddy was a policeman and then was shot... ouch... And his mother apparent doesn't take the situation well either, and she seems a bit more uptight than most of the other children's mothers, so she may be a bit harsh... But Iori's leading influence is most certainly his grandfather. His grandfather determines Cody's morals, opinions, values, actions, and any permanent ideas that his grandfather sets into Cody's confused head...

Iori's Crest's are the Crest of Knowledge and the Crest of Reliability. The fact that he is only 9 years old and is very intelligent must be of some use. He uses this to an advantage sometimes when the time arises. From the beginning Iori makes friends with Kou-chan, who is the former computer club president. Wow.. look.. Iori got the Crest of Knowledge over all the OLDER kids, meaning that he is the most intelligent. He also got the Crest of Reliability, which also must mean that he is much more reliable and responsible than the OLDER kids.(Boy the Older kids are kind of pathetic aren't they?)

Iori's role in the group is that he is the very realistic. He keeps everything in perspective. With this aspect he keeps everyone pretty much grounded and down to earth. When the other kids start in on a rant or get off topic by love interests or other various things then Iori speaks up and tells them plainly the fact that they have to kill this digimon or do something that is important. Through the adventures Iori is the ONLY one to stay calm throughout the many disasters that happen. Even though he is very honorable he is also the youngest and is the one that needs to be protected, as much as he hates it...