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IMPORTANT NOTE: Anomaly alerts for 2002y will appear in a new file:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-210 has been posted December 31.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-209 has been posted December 30.

SHORTWAVE YEAR 2001 IN REVIEW: expanded version available by 0053 UT December 30: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - TEXT

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-208 has been posted December 29.

Radio LavaLamp: because of the holiday weekend, WOR is not appearing UT Sat at 1700, explained thus on website, so should start Sun 0500 and repeat every 12 hours until January 2:

STREAM IS CURRENTLY RUNNING ON THE WEEKDAY SCHEDULE. *NOTE: Stream will run on WEEKDAY Schedule until 7 am, Sunday 30 December. Weekend Schedule will run from 7 am, Sunday 30 December until after the New Year's holiday with regular updates. Please check here for new programming over the next week. Note: If you are having trouble connecting to the stream, copy and paste into the location box on an MP3 player. Times listed are Japan Standard Time (GMT +9). Starting times are approximate. Server outages may alter audio stream. Updated 23 December.

Updated about 0410 UT December 29: HOLIDAY SPECIALS, MARCONI, and DX PROGRAMS. Also, some of the more serious typos in DXLDs 199 thru 207 have been fixed.

The Shortwave Year in Review is becoming an annual tradition, contributed by gh to VOA Communications World. The 2001 edition airs on the December 29 edition, first appearing UT Sat 0133 on 9455, etc., and repeated 4-hourly on VOA News Now, as well as various other outlets. For full schedule see Subsequently, a longer version and script will be available at our site, and perhaps on an upcoming World of Radio.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-207 has been posted December 28.

WWCR: our courier failed to get the tape to WWCR in time for Thu 2130 broadcast of new WOR 1111, so 1110 played again. It arrived a couple hours later, so the remaining times should contain 1111.

WORLD OF RADIO 1111 available from 0423 UT December 27: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0527.

WOR 1111: computer problems will delay uploading of audio until, I hope, later on UT Thursday December 27th. It has safely aired on WBCQ at 0030 and should repeat at 0600 on 7415, and a tape is safely on the way to WWCR to start Thursday 2130.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-206 has been posted December 25.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-205 has been posted December 24.

HOLIDAY SPECIALS has been updated at 1630 Dec. 24 to include BBCR4, VOA on Xmas day, all times and frequencies for BBCWS Marconi special starting Dec. 28. And at 2130 with even more public radio specials, especially Dec. 25-26.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-204 has been posted December 23.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has finally been updated December 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-203 has been posted December 22.

RFPI: again for the Sat/UT Sun program cycle Dec 22-23, last week`s and this week`s WORs are being run back to back, instead of RFPI Mailbag: 1109 at 1800, 0000, 0600, 1200; 1110 at 1830, 0030, 0630, 1230 on some of: 7445-USB, 15040, 21815-USB. This compensates for the non-appearance of 1109 last week until a special insertion on Sunday.

HOLIDAY SPECIALS has been updated 0430 UT Sat Dec 22 and expanded to include significant times to listen for programming or DX specials; we expect to morph this into a /calendar.html page in 2002. Comments?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-201 has been posted December 21.

RFPI: on the Fri/UT Sat cycle Dec 21-22, WOR 1109 from last week is running at 1930/0130/0730/1330, and WOR 1110 at 2000/0200/0800/1400.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-201 has been posted December 20.

WOR 1109 may also play Friday before or after 1110 on RFPI.

WOR on Radio LavaLamp: Hi Glenn, Just thought I'd update you on things here. Last weekend I was able to change to the current program before 1700 UT, Saturday. That means the current WOR program ran 3 out of the 4 "loops." Most likely, from now on, the previous week's WOR program will run at 05/17 UT, Saturday & the changeover to the new WOR will be made in time for the 05/17 UTC, Sunday programs. Thanks also for the blurb re: Radio LavaLamp. Keep up the excellent work. 73s (Ralph Famularo, Osaka, Dec 21)

MUNDO RADIAL en WWCR: nueva emisión para diciembre hacia enero a partir del 21 de dic, todos los viernes a las 2215 TU en 3210. Guión a seguir.

WORLD OF RADIO 1110 available from 0028 UT December 20: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0205.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-200 has been posted December 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-199 has been posted December 17.

RFPI: aired WOR 1109 at a special time Sunday Dec 16 at 1830, so repeats UT Mon 0030, 0630, 1230.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-198 has been posted December 16.

MARCONI page has more new stuff at the top as of 0020 UT Dec 16.

RFPI: still did not have new WOR 1109 for Saturday Dec 15 airtimes into UT Sunday, so a wipeout there. Maybe they will have it by Tuesday, if you have not already heard it somewhere else. I suppose another bonus of the ``holidays``.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-197 has been posted December 15.

WORLD OF RADIO on RADIO LAVALAMP, a webcast-only station from Osaka, Japan. Thanks to Ralph Famularo for adding WOR to the schedule, currently 0500 and 1700 UT both Saturday and Sunday (JST: Sat 2 pm, Sun 2 am, 2 pm, Mon 2 am). However, there will probably be a week delay after the original broadcast. Check out their other programming while visiting the Radio LavaLamp web page:

RFPI: did not get WOR 1109 in time to air it Fri 1930 or UT Sat Dec 15 0130; repeated 1108 instead. So let`s hope 1109 be available by Sat 1800.

MARCONI page has additional info posted 1555 UT Dec 14.


DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-196 has been posted December 13.

WWCR: mistakenly started to run last week`s WOR 1108 at 2130 UT Thu Dec 13 on 15685, but switched to this week`s show at 2134, incomplete since frequency change started at 2158. (We also mistakenly introduced it as 1108 in our battery-power production without the opening theme, corrected on the WRN, RFPI, and archive versions.)

WORLD OF RADIO 1109 finally available from 1707 UT December 13: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 1804. Note: the online version, also for WRN and RFPI is slightly different and updated from the version on WBCQ and WWCR.

WOR 1109: there will be a considerable delay in posting audio and summary; a power failure just when we needed to record it forced us to operate on battery power... However, it aired at 0030 UT Thursday on WBCQ 7415, and should repeat at 0600.

MARCONI SPECIALS has been updated at of 0117 UT December 12, including this item which barely missed DXLD 1-195:

Radio Europe tests, 11-13 December, MARCONI DAY. Dear Glenn, sorry a bit later info, but I wanted to be sure before to alert you and all down area DXers:

RADIO EUROPE, PIOLTELLO ITALY is operating in this moment on 7306 kHz USB with 500 watts power, 2300 UT today 11 December till 0800 UT 13 December with programs featuring Marconi, Morse, DXing info, Play-DX news......all related to our hobby. Special QSL card featuring a photo (black and white) of Elettra, vessel of Marconi sailing Venezia 1934 will be sent to all correct reports sent to:

MARCONI DAY, C/o PLAY-DX, DARIO MONFERINI, VIA DAVANZATI 8, IT-20158 MILANO, ITALY. 2 IRCs or 2 $ US required for air mail reply outside Europe. Hope you may spread this message to all dxers in the world...OK?? (Dario Monferini, Italy) Paul Ormandy, NZ, adds that he has heard this before, and the frequency is relatively clear.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-195 has been posted December 11.

WWCR: later: now confirmed, WOR times cancelled already are Tue 1200 and Sat 1230 both on 15685.

WWCR: you might think that the schedules on WWCR`s website are bound to be more up-to-date than those sent out by P-mail. At least they don`t match, tho both are dated Dec. 1. We`ve gone by the website in maintaining the WOR schedule here, but the hard copy received Dec. 10, postmarked Dec. 6, shows that two of the three 15685 kHz broadcasts have been replaced: Sat 1230, and Tue 1200, the latter because the Arabic(?) block has been expanded to a sesquihour starting at 1100 M-F, with the original Esper Ajaj hour latened to start at 1130, bumping off 5 weekday shows at 1200. However, neither version is necessarily in effect, as they often anticipate changes expected at uncertain dates. But you should not expect to hear us any longer at these times. Some other interesting language changes are covered in upcoming DXLD 1-195.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-194 has been posted December 10.

CBC has had to cancel the TUNING THE WORLD Marconi centennial special Dec. 12 because of the technicians` strike, says a CBC press release Dec. 10 via Sheldon Harvey. It`s unclear whether some of the other special programming will remain, if pre-produced. Our Marconi page to be updated ASAP.

Dec. 10: This week`s RFPI Frequency Schedule (subject to change without notice) shows 15040 at 1800-0600, instead of 1400- or 2000-, FWIW, so we shall touch up our versions when we get a chance.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-193 has been posted December 8.

DXERS CALLING, including WORLD OF RADIO in rotation with DXing with Cumbre, Paul Ormandy via Live365 are back online, 1000 UT December 8. Thanks for your patience, Tim Gaynor, dxers calling, Gold Coast, Australia. For link go to OUR CURRENT AUDIO.

MARCONI CENTENNIAL SPECIALS is finally constructed as of 0625 UT December 8. Additions are welcomed! Some new material, including Kim Elliott`s time-order schedule, was added already at 1610.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-192 has been posted December 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-191 has been posted December 6.

MONITORING AFGHANISTAN & VICINITY has been updated December 6.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated December 5.

WORLD OF RADIO 1108 available from 0324 UT December 6: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0334.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-190 has been posted December 4.

Silvain Domen apologizes for a mistaken identity in DXLD 1-189 under VIETNAM non. What he thought was Que Huong on 7385 was really Xizang (Tibet). Details in upcoming DXLD 1-190.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-189 has been posted December 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-188 has been posted December 2. Apparent typos in the originals concerning E-mail or URLs under AFGHANISTAN, CANADA, and UK are now corrected.

DX PROGRAMS has been revised again, mainly due to RFPI changes, and reposted 0345 UT December 2.

RFPI is actually on 15039, not 15040, notes Ricky Leong, UT December 2. We have not yet made all the changes here.

A rather different picture of RFPI`s latest frequency schedule emerges from James Latham with Joe Bernard on a new Mailbag, first broadcast at the unexpected time of 0200+ UT Sat Dec 1, but not caught here until 0030 UT Sunday. 7445-USB, instead of just 0200-0800, on weekends, UT Sat and Sun, is extended until 1200. 15050-AM, instead of starting at 2000, is now to be found from 1400 to 0600. 21815-USB, instead of closing at 2400, will be on until 0100 or so, tho may fade out earlier; from 1200. Thus the WOR/COM schedule just distributed Dec 1 is already outdated (surprise), and a newer version incorporating the above info is not redistributed yet but posted at as well as the other versions here.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-187 has been posted December 1. With this issue we belatedly start keying entries having to do with the Marconi centennial **M**

RFPI: announced Nov 30, this schedule: 7445: 0200-0800 (please note this is in USB mode for the period of about a month); 15040: 2000-0600 UTC; reports wanted especially from west coast NAm, around opening and closing times. Website adds that 21815-USB now runs 1200-2400, with 2 kW, while 7445-USB is now 30 kW, and 15040 AM the usual 10 kW. Our posted schedules are being updated accordingly. However, 15040 was actually on by 1515 check Sat Dec. 1...

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-186 has been posted November 30.

NETS TO YOU new December edition by John Norfolk, has been posted UT Nov 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-185 has been posted November 29.

WORLD OF RADIO 1107 available from 0145 UT Nov 29: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0216.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-184 has been posted November 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-183 has been posted November 26.

RFPI: has resumed using 7445, but USB not AM, on UT Nov 26 and 27 after 0300 or so.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-182 has been posted November 25.

Our address, Nov 25: we have been having problems again with our yahoo account, so until further notice please use instead, if you are not already:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-181 has been posted November 24.

WWCR: Unlike previous winters, our WOR 2130 UT Thursday broadcast is to stay on 15685 this Dec-Jan-Feb, instead of lowering to 9475. Schedule versions here have been updated accordingly. This results from a chain of events started by the USAF knocking WWCR-4 (Bro. Scare) off 7460 some weeks ago. As of Nov 24, but subject to further change, WWCR-1 plans to keep the switchover time at 2200, going directly from 15685 to 3210, rather than a `shoulder` period of a couple hours on an intermediate frequency. Previously, the switch from 15685 to 9475 was made an hour earlier at 2100 for the three winter months. Now, even at 2200 in winter, 3 MHz is too low, in our opinion, especially for the Spanish segment if it is to reach Latin America. But Mundo Radial, Fridays at 2215 will also continue on 3210 instead of 9475 for the winter. Yes, 3210, not 3215, as WWCR also advises us that from Dec. 1 that minor change will be made, since REE/Costa Rica is no longer using 3210 in the evenings. Our 2130 WOR broadcast is problematic in the winter, anyway, for Europe. Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany, tells us that 15685 has already ceased to propagate that far; however 9475 usually suffered from weaker signals than adjacent Russia. As long as the high solar flux holds up, even in winter, daytime paths in North America and vicinity may support 15685, beyond its skip zone, which of course is larger than the skip zone would be on 9475. But that`s why we have multiple times, stations and media carrying World of Radio. Since the original problem was 7460, and there were no complaints that we know of concerning WWCR using 9475 from either transmitter in the 2200-2400 and 1000-1100 UT periods, and WWCR temporarily extended 9475 usage voluntarily to accomodate #4 usage until suitable 7 MHz band replacements were arranged, we would not have expected there to be any obstacles to resuming 9475`s previous usage for #1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-180 has been posted November 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-179 has been posted November 22.

DX PROGRAMS by John Norfolk has a new revision posted November 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-178 has been posted November 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-177 has been posted November 20.

WORLD OF RADIO 1106 available from 0118 UT Nov 21 (produced a day early due to an intrusive holiday which doesn`t need to be on a Thursday: ask any Canadian); including recordings of the new R. V. of Afghanistan on 9950: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 2145 UT Nov 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-176, exclusive on R. Voice of Afghanistan, has been posted November 20.

RFPI has finally reactivated 7445, noted at 0411 UT Nov 20, \\ 15040. But 7445 is in USB, at least for testing, rather than AM.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-175 has been posted November 19.

RFPI: 15040 and 21815-USB were off the air Mon Nov 19 at 1730 when the additional WORLD OF RADIO broadcast would have appeared. Let`s hope for long-delayed antenna work to possiblize reactivation of 7445 at night.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-174 has been posted November 18.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-173 has been posted November 17, clearing out the backlog.

RFPI direct webcast is now available, including numerous broadcasts of WORLD OF RADIO and CONTINENT OF MEDIA, 24 hours on weekends, and 2200-1400 UT weekdays. Via or specifically: -- the pickup off SW in eastern USA for mp3 streaming also remains available, and may be better in the daytime.

MUNDO RADIAL: aunque disponible el nuevo informe de noviembre el dia 16, WWCR se olvidó difundirlo a las 2215 por la nueva frecuencia de 3215. Después de llamarlos por teléfono, nos pusieron en el aire tarde a las 2221, pero sin los últimos 6 minutos. ¿Mejor suerte la semana que viene? Así nos apresuramos a disponiblizar el audio por las 00 del 17 universal:


C-SPAN no longer carries World Radio Network on a satellite audio channel, and hence not World of Radio either.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-172 has been posted November 15.

WBCQ: again this week, forgot to repeat WOR at new time 0600 UT Thursday November 15, but as they were signing off, we phoned to remind them. Since the transmitter had not yet been turned off, WBCQ did run WOR starting at 0604; hope would-be listeners had not turned it off by then. There was however, unexpected co-channel interference, confirmed at 1230 recheck as Idea Radio, Colombia, still IDing in English as on 7380, but actually moved to 7415! By now the signal was weakening and in the sideband of Super-Splatter WEWN 7425. Evidently Idea Radio preferred to clash with WBCQ rather than VOR (in the evening). But hey, it`s probably a pirate, so more power to it? ;)

WORLD OF RADIO 1105 available from 0120 UT Nov 15: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0500 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-171 has been posted November 14.

WWCR schedule changes: contrary to the item below, it appears that the only changes affecting us are: Fri 1030 WORLD OF RADIO on 3210 ex-9475; Fri 2215 MUNDO RADIAL on 3215 ex-9475

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-170 has been posted November 13.

USAF has requisitioned 7460 kHz from WWCR effective UT Nov 13, so Bro. Stair programming has been moved to other transmitters at night (instead of putting that transmitter on a different or former frequency like 2390, 7435). Liz Cameron tips the new schedule for B.S. which implies that two WOR airings will be bumped, but for how long? Fri 1030 on 9475, Mon 0600 on 3210 (or should that be 3215?)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-169 has been posted November 12.

DX PROGRAMS by John Norfolk has been revised as of November 12.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-10 is available from as of Nov. 11: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

OUR CURRENT AUDIO links to COM, MR files at freespeech have finally been removed November 11, a few weeks after this site was closed.


Contrary to previous info from WBCQ, WOR did not repeat at new time UT Thu 0600 on 7415; WBCQ says this was a mistake and we are supposed to appear at that time from now on.


WORLD OF RADIO 1104 is now available: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY.

WBCQ advises that because of a new multi-day half-sesquihour program at 0515 UT, effective November 8, the second play of WOR will be delayed until 0600 UT Thursdays on 7415.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-166 has been posted November 4.

Posted 1802 UT Nov 4 with some urgency:

Thanks to Bill and Sheldon on the International Radio Report from Montreal, I have bookmarked this link to keep track of Hurricane Michelle. Click on HURRICANECITY Atlantic hurricane tracking:

You can watch the weather radar from Miami (updates every two minutes) showing the rain bands moving in from Hurricane Michelle. Click on CBS4 Realtime Radar Online: (Tom McNiff, Burke, Virginia, 1649 UT Nov 4, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hurricane City has lots of links, and a good audio feed of the 14325 kHz Hurricane Watch Net. A few, but not many Cuban stations were checking in. NCS is in Jamaica, 6Y5MS. Jim Williams at HC breaks in with some info, such as 40,000 crocodiles in Matanzas are about to be stirred up. Said HC would be relaying Bahamas Radio Network Sunday night and/or Monday when ham traffic is slow (gh).

DX PROGRAMS has been updated again November 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-165 has been posted November 3.

Hallowe`en edition of MARE`s Previously Owned Radio Market has been posted November 3.

COM 01-10 November available from 2350 UT November 2: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0551 UT. RFPI confirms it has started airing November 3.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated UT November 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-164 has been posted November 1.

WORLD OF RADIO 1103 available from 0120 UT Nov 1: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0453.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-163 has been posted October 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-162 has been posted October 29.

MONITORING AFGHANISTAN & VICINITY has been updated Oct 29 with new B-01 schedules, whilst REAXION TO AFGHANISTAN has been removed, as no longer available.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-161 has been posted October 28.

DX PROGRAMS new revision has been posted October 28.

NETS TO YOU new November edition has been posted October 27. Please change bookmarks.

All our schedule versions on this site have been updated for B-01, and winter timings, as of 0125 UT October 28 --- with exception of R. Nederland Radio-Enlace by satellite, but little change expected.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-160 has been posted October 27.

Later to the below: unlike the 1230 broadcast, when DX Corner started 15 minutes in, on the 2200 broadcast it was around 2230! So the elements are not even in the same order. Furthermore, the English broadcast (today only, no doubt), repeats at 2300, not only on 9655, but as Joe Hanlon points out, also on 9830 for Europe, which is actually better here in NAm.

V. of Turkey seems to have done the one thing we didn`t anticipate concerning the ENAm English broadcast containing the DX Corner tribute to Gigi Lytle: summer timing, winter frequency. Just before 2200 UT Sat we heard nothing on 11845, so checked the new frequency 9655, and there was VOT interval signal; reception quite poor here, but intonation after 2200 sounds like English. When posted here, would-be listeners are getting 9 minutes advance notice of this Anomaly!

V. of Turkey`s DX Corner special tribute to Gigi Lytle was confirmed at 1245-1255 UT Sat on 17830 (and QRMed 17810), so will repeat on subsequent English broadcasts 15 minutes from beginning. Besides remarks from host Reshide Morale, also quoted were Bill Bergadano, Maryanne Kehoe, Tom Sundstrom, and the obituary in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

WRN: Contrary to our too-hasty note at the top of the latest DXLD 1-159, our NAm time is still 1400 UT Sat; not 1500 until next week.

RFPI: Contrary to what we heard on Mailbag, 15040 (and 21815-USB) were on the air and audible even before 1200 UT Sat Oct 27.

WWCR: Contrary to the new WOR schedule distributed Oct 26, we found WOR already airing at 6:30 am CT Saturday on 15685, not 5070 (1130 this week, so 1230 from next week).

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-159 has been posted October 26.

RFPI: has decided to keep 15040, but 1300-1000 only or so.

WOR on WWCR: new time is planned, Saturday 6:30 am CT, 1230 UT, probably not until November, and probably on 5070.

WORLD OF RADIO ON WORLD RADIO NETWORK, effective October 28: As for your Winter 2001 season transmissions, they are as follows -

WRN Europe via Hotbird Digital : 0900 UTC Saturday; WRN North America via Telstar 5 Digital & Galaxy 5 Analogue (until 31/12/01) : 1500 UTC Saturday; WRN Africa, Middle-East & Asia-Pacific via Intelsat 707 & AsiaSat2: 0900 UTC Saturday; WRN WorldSpace AfriStar - Channel 627 : 0900 UTC Saturday; WRN WorldSpace AsiaStar - Channel 1302 : 0900 UTC Saturday; see With very Best Wishes, (Carl Coreixas, Manager, Technical Operations W O R L D R A D I O N E T W O R K Ltd, Oct 25, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Yes, if you put the R in the second progRamming it does NOT work! gh

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-158 has been posted October 25.

WORLD OF RADIO 1102 available from 2320 UT Oct 24: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available at 0356 UT Oct 25.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has added some new material at the top as of October 24.

RFPI: is testing 15040 24 hours for the next 3 days starting Oct. 23, to avoid interference on 15045, 15050. Please report whether any QRM is found here:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-157 has been posted October 23.

Tentative Timeshifted WOR/COM/MR Schedules effective Oct. 28 are now posted here (and only here, so far), as of Oct. 23, below the current schedule.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-156 has been posted October 22.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-155 has been posted October 21.

GLENN HAUSER`S VHF DX IN THAILAND, 1970: I have now uploaded Glenn Hauser's Thailand VHF DX article: -- And I've uploaded most of Glenn Hauser's 'Australasian scene' WTFDA, Thailand VHF DX reports: -- Since Glenn is the only DXer that has seriously monitored for VHF DX in the equatorial zone, these articles are an important reference. Since the scans are from a photostat of a another photostat, the quality is mediocre. Also, please be patient for the scans to download (Todd Emslie, Sydney, Australia, Oct 19, WTFDA)

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has some updates as of Oct. 21.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated again Oct. 21 previewing many upcoming changes.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-154 has been posted October 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-153 has been posted October 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-152 has been posted October 18.

RFPI: Tim Hendel notes that 15040 in use Thursday morning Oct 18 to avoid interference on 15050.

WORLD OF RADIO 1101 available from 0035 UT Oct 18: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0338 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-151 has been posted October 17.

DX PROGRAMS revised edition forseeing many imminent time and frequency changes has been posted October 17.

Just heard on WCBS-880 that it will be off the air for maintenance starting at 0400 UT, OCT 17. This will be a chance to get a good signal from Manitoba. Listen for country music. Jim Renfrew, Byron NY, WTFDA. [posted here at 0402 UT -gh]

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-150 has been posted October 16.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-149 has been posted October 15. Another big story: Steve Anderson of UPR shoots at police, on the lam.

US, anti-Taleban broadcast observed: BBC Monitoring has observed what appears to be a US broadcast aimed at Afghanistan on 8700 kHz shortwave. It was heard on 14 October from tune-in at 1400 gmt until it closed abruptly at 1730 gmt. It was also heard on Monday 15 October from 0030-0530 gmt and again after 1230 gmt. The transmission was in the upper sideband mode with reduced carrier, a mode not normally used for broadcasting. The operational characteristics suggest that this frequency may be a programme feed, not an airborne transmission intended for reception by the public. FULL STORY in today`s AFGHREAX

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-148 has been posted October 14. Corrected link to RKI audio:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-147 has been posted October 13.

REACTION TO AFGHANISTAN is a virtually daily summary of reaction in different countries compiled by BBC Monitoring. It has not much to do with shortwave broadcasting per se, and may be repetitive, but no doubt of considerable value for those following the situation. We are now posting the latest edition at this link, but not in toto in DX Listening Digest. The third issue posted here, Oct 14, is available from 1600 UT Sunday, but we do not expect to notify in Anomaly Alert each day of new editions.

WRN via C-Span: Unfortunately C-Span has decided to cease the relay of WRN1 on their satellite (Satcom C3) and cable outlets within a few months. Although few people tuned directly to the Satcom C3 satellite channel, many people were tuning into WRN via their local cable system. WRN is working with cable operators to ensure the continued relay of WRN via the new Telstar 5 transmissions (Tim Ayris, Marketing and Rebroadcasting Manager, World Radio Network, Oct. 11)

RFPI: due to continuing interference problems, has reverted by Oct 11 to this approximate sked on 15 MHz: 1200-1800 15045, 1800-1200 15050.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-146 has been posted October 12.

MUNDO RADIAL de octubre disponible de 0300 TU del 11 de octubre: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

WORLD OF RADIO 1100 available from 0048 UT Oct 11: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0415 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-145 has been posted October 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-144 has been posted October 9.

RFPI: all our schedule versions have been updated Oct. 9 to reflect 15045 at all times.

COM at as of October 9, COM 01-09 is also available here: DOWNLOAD - STREAM

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-143 has been posted October 8.

DX PROGRAMS revision of Oct 8 is now posted at our other site.

Freespeech: the latest COM and some other audio files will soon no longer be available there. Instead, starting with COM 01-09 September: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-142 has been posted October 7.

In response to a question in a press briefing at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld confirmed at 1908 UT Oct 7 that Commando Solo broadcasts to Afghanistan had begun (gh)

Sunday Oct. 7 1711 UT: Military action against Afghanistan has started. CNN's reporter in Afghanistan says that Radio Shariya has gone off the air. It's not yet clear if any installations have been destroyed. 1717 UT: A Northern Alliance spokesman has just confirmed that several targets in Kabul were hit in the past hour, including "Kabul Radio". Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands, swprograms

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-141 has been posted October 6.

RFPI: on Sat Oct 6, 15050 changed to 15045 around 1330 UT, not in time for COM, which was still buried in Chinajam, but in time for WOR running about 3 minutes late.

WRN: Dear Glenn, this is to inform you that your show was missing from WRN this morning at 8 UT. So I get it from your RealAudio archive. Thank you. A slight error in your new 'Afghanistan' schedule page: Syria is in E at 20.05-21.05z. Looking forward to your 1100-anniversary edition!! Congratulations! 73, Erik Koie in Copenhagen, Oct 6.

Thanks, Erik. We are asking WRN again what happened. I thought Syria had two consecutive English broadcast hours...?

Glenn, There was a programme automation error this morning on a number of playout systems here which was the cause of WOR not being transmitted on WRN 1 Africa & Asia-Pacific and WRN EuroMax English to Europe. We apologise for the inconvenience, but it was beyond our control. Your transmission to WRN1 North America via Galaxy 5 Analogue & our new DVB service on Telstar 5 at 97 Degrees West was not affected. With very Best Wishes, Carl Coreixas, Manager, Technical Operations W O R L D R A D I O N E T W O R K Ltd

CORRECTED DXLDs: As of Oct 5, we have fallen far behind in minute correxion of typos, etc., in previous DXLDs. The last issue given the full treatment is still 1-104 of Aug 4, completed shortly after it was originally published. But we have now made a few correxions of more important errors in the following issues: 105, 117, 118, 119, 121, 127, 128, 129, 130, 135, 137, 139 and 140. Notably 135, which lacked a header for ESTONIA, and ARMENIA and AUSTRIA were in reverse order. The Dxldmid contents for this issue were also corrected. Realistically, we don`t know if we will ever get caught up with thoro correxions since 1-104. But not one complaint or correxion from a reader has been received...

WRN: new WOR 1099 confirmed available ondemand by 1507 UT Friday Oct 5.

RFPI: On Friday, Oct 5, the switch from 15050 to 15045 scheduled for 1200 actually happened at 1351 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-140 has been posted October 4.

MONITORING AFGHANISTAN & VICINITY new page as from 2117 UT October 4.

WOR 1099 October 3 available from 0125 UT Oct 4: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY. Oops: we forgot to make it streamable until 1542 UT, when we got a reminder from Dave Kenny. Sorry!

RFPI: Nevertheless, on Wed Oct 3, 15050 did not change to 15045 until sometime between 1330 and 1345, too late for WOR at 1300, which had no co-channel at the start as monitored here in OK, but considerable by 1330; however, in time for COM at 1400.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-139 has been posted October 2.

Later, Oct 2: RFPI: Dear Friends, Beginning October 8, RFPI will be changing frequency from 15050 to 15045 due to heavy interference from a station in mainland China. Until that date we will operate on 15050 from 1800 to 1200 UTC and 15045 from 1200 to 1800 UTC. Remember -- an up-to-date frequency schedule can be always be found at our website at Thanks for listening! RFPI (RFPI, also via John Norfolk)(7445 currently off the air due to upgrades to antenna system -- from RFPI frequency site.)

RFPI: Sometime between 1300 and 1330 UT Tue Oct 2, switched from 15050 back to 15045, avoiding heavy Chinajam QRM. What`s next?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-138 has been posted October 1.

PREVIOUSLY OWNED RADIO MARKET new October edition courtesy MARE has been posted Oct. 1 atop RECEPTION TIPS.

RFPI: After two days on 15045, RFPI was found back on 15050, as of Monday October 1 at 1300 UT. Not much Chinese co-channel on this occasion. So the Sept. 28 distribution of our schedule is once again correct, and the update in DXLD 1-136 is incorrect. Since we have no idea what will happen next, the schedules on this site have not yet been changed again.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-137 has been posted September 30.

Continent of Media for 9/2001 now works from Freespeech (Joel Rubin, NY, Sept 30 1613 UT). Yes, confirmed a few hours later, but for how long? (gh)

NETS TO YOU -- new October edition of amateur radio voices nets and bulletins, by John Norfolk, has been posted Sept. 30.

USING MSN TV TO HEAR WORLD OF RADIO: Glenn, Your WOR audio stream shows work at: -- Both the latest show #1098 and the on demand links work on my MSN TV set top box from Microsoft. Strange but true the 23.8k streams work but not the 14.4k ones at WRN site. So if you hear from others using MSN TV (formerly WebTV) tell them to go to WRN web site to listen to your WOR shows. Thank you so much for your help. Petro.

DX PROGRAMS revised edition has been posted UT Sept 30, including RFPI change to 15045, i.a.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-136 has been posted September 29.

RFPI: within hours of widely distributing our expanded Radio Schedule we find RFPI has moved from 15050 to 15045, necessitated by China/Taiwan/jamming clash in the mornings, tho there was no problem in evenings. We don`t know if this is permanent or experimental, but have made all the changes.

WRN: WOR 1098 confirmed ondemand by 1915 UT Sept 28, probably much earlier.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-135 has been posted Sept 27.

COM 01-09 at Freespeech: as of 1340 UT Sept 27, the file won`t play, but we have found in past that FS is quite erratic, so please keep trying. Even if it says ``file not found``, we have rechecked and the file *is* there. Meanwhile, we are looking for a better (free) site to store audio. Suggestions? Later: confirmed starting Friday Sept 28 on RFPI 21815-USB.

DX PROGRAMS updated Sept 26 to include revised nominal Cumbre sked, i.a.

WOR 1098 September 26 available from 0026 UT Sept 27: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0220 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-134 has been posted September 26.

COM 01-09 September available fromm 0144 UT Sept. 26: STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-133 has been posted September 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-132 has been posted September 23.

DXLD 1-131: we have heard from one reader who thought the last third or so of the file was missing, starting with the UK -- BBC open house item (which we later learned was cancelled due to security concerns). Perhaps some browsers or other software have a problem with displaying a single file of 138K, but we have reconfirmed it is intact here on our site. If this is a widespread problem, we`ll consider breaking larger files in twain. If you simply cannot access it, ask for the missing portion to be E-mailed directly (gh)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-131 has been posted September 22.

A new revision of DX PROGRAMS has been posted September 20; changes affect mainly WRMI and AWR.

Due to problems in playing the original 6.68 MB 32 Kbps WOR 1097 audio file, at 0345 UT Sept 21 we have uploaded an alternative smaller file of lower audio quality, 3.42 MB, 16 Kbps. Please give us your reaction on quality vs. size and whether we should always do this: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

Has anyone been having trouble hearing the complete WOR 1097 on stream or download? Please let us have your positive or negative results. The file was re-uploaded at 0240 UT Sept 21, in case that help.

WOR 1097 September 19 available from 0058 UT Sept 20: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0255.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-130 has been posted September 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-129 has been posted September 17.

WSUI: no surprise, but confirmed that WOR is pre-empted Sunday Sept 16 at 10:30 pm CDT for continuing NPR discussion of the WTC. Perhaps things will be back to normal by Sept 23 when our 1096 edition recorded Sept 12 is due to appear.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-128 has been posted September 15.

RFPI: has new WOR 1096 in time for 1800 UT Saturday. BTW, immediately following at 1830 and repeats instead of Mailbag is a report from someone who was near ground zero at the WTC.

WRN: New WOR 1096 was available by Saturday morning.

WRN: new WOR 1096 still not available at 2345 UT Fri Sept 14. No doubt it has been a hectic week at WRN as it has been for us. Thanks to Erik Koie, Denmark, for notifying us. He also had problems with the WOR 1096 download and stream from our own site. Has anyone else? We also asked Erik to check out our new airing on 1584 kHz from Italy at 2230 UT Friday. Using remote receivers, he reports:

I've now listened for your show, and it sure is ON. In Milan I MAY recognize your voice down under other stations, incl. an Italian speaking one. In Vienna, Austria, at times your show fades up to be understandable, and In Bern, Switzerland, it is actually quite well heard. As you talked a lot about attacks and the Bluegrass Radio I am sure it is the correct 1096 show which is aired. Good night from Copenhagen, Erik Koie

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-127 has been posted September 14.

MUNDO RADIAL septiembre-octubre disponible de 1500 UT 14 de septiembre: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

MUNDO RADIAL sept-oct alternativo talvez disponible - CORRIENTE - TEXTO

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-126 has been posted September 13.

WOR 1096 September 12 available from 0227 UT September 13: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY availble from 0411 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-125 Sept 11 has been posted at 0450 UT September 12.

The Monitoring Times RADIO RUMORS page is being dedicated to frequencies and information pertaining to the attacks on the United States. It will be updated hourly as information is received! Refresh this page hourly for current information. U.S. FREQUENCIES AND UPDATES:

For those who cannot access radio scanners or get clear reception, here are a couple Internet options:

1) In the first frantic hours after the World Trade Center was attacked, resourceful Web surfers were able to tune into a police radio scanner site and were able to listen to live New York City Police dispatches By mid-afternoon, that site, too, was (I think the missing word is BLOCKED-Saul) mostly because of Net congestion. [no problem hearing it at 2255 UT -gh]

2) Other police and fire audio feeds from other cities, including Fire dispatch calls in suburban Washington, D.C., near the scene of the Pentagon attacks, were occasionally accessible during the afternoon through a scanner portal site From the Poynter Institute, a journalism think-tank and professional development organization: (Saul Chernos, WTFDA)

Subject: NYC FM & TV today...9/11/2001 

The first plane hit WTC about 9 am EDT [8:42 am, I believe -gh]
Following info is re broadcast signals - NOT cable.
All NYC TV stations 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 went off air at close to 0907 edt, 
except for WNYE-TV 25 Brooklyn (prpbably actually on the Empire State 
Bldg) and W??? channel 41 which also remained on in usual Spanish - 
probably also at E.S.Bldg.

The Philla. stations were easier to see carrying the terror news on 3, 
6, 10 etc.
WCBS TV-2 came back on with full strength (maybe 25 miles away) by 
0918 most likely using their ond XT at  the Empire State Bldg, which 
they thoughtfully had kept in reserve there.
NewJerseyNetwork (NJN) TV stations (23, 50, 52, 58) continued carrying 
children's shows.
At a 13:20 (and 1600) EDT recheck the only NYC TV transmitters still 
only 2, 25, 41; but the NJN stations were found carrying the WABC-7 
ABC coverage with a scrolling message which included the note that 
their transmitter was destroyed.
Some FM stations were gone- those at the WTC twin towers, and others 
remained on the air having XTs at ESB or elsewhere.
13720 kHz Gander at 1320 EDT (1720 utc) with aviation weather for 
Eastern Canadian & US cities with no mention of the giant no-fly zone.

17580 UN Radio via Skelton, UK with a 3-minute Kofi Anan message from 
NYC about the disaster.
FM WNYE-91.5 [still not under the control of WNYC (93.9): I have no 
info on the 'vote' about that] dropped normal programs & was carrying  
BBC "W/S Special News" at 1432 EDT (1832 utc) and in fact still is @ 
1719 EDT (2119 utc). WNYC - 93.9 is still off air.

Pacifica station WBAI 99.5 in downtown NYC remained on with coverage 
and phone calls 'til the phones went out.... At 1430 EDT they had 
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani telling about his escape from wherever he was 
via some basements. He mentioned 600 total injured in the various 
hospitals (a # the networks didn't know or come close to.) I think 
WBAI MAY be off the air now, due to to the evacuations of lower 

[Later, 2158 UT:] It appears that the staff of WBAI left the studio, 
but they didn't know how to shut down the XT, which is silent but 
carrying the stereo indicator. Sincerely, (Bud Perkins, KA2HPU, from 
within the coverage pattern of the few NYC TV & FM broadcasters 

I can hear emergency traffic on 14.220 USB (1715 UT) (Max Van Arnhem, Holland, hard-core-dx

Sept. 11: We had no trouble connecting to BBC WS 
webcast, and to VOA News Now during the first hours, and fired up all 
our TVs to the major and cable networks. By 1919 UT, a scan of all our 
cable channels available locally included some surprising ones 

KOCB-34, WB affiliate, stayed with normal programming for quite a 
while, but by the afternoon had suspended it and was relaying WB-11 
New York instead, but soon back to infomercial!

Fox News Channel took over all Fox networks in parallel:
KOKH-25 (local affiliate)
FX – a couple seconds delayed
Fox Sports
Fox News

CNN merged with CNN Headline News, also relayed by TNT, TBS

Inspiration network had live coverage with religious angle, Falwell, 

HSN – home shopping replaced normal programming with affiliated 
Newsworld International (American accent; where from?)

WGN – its own coverage 

C-SPAN 1 and 2, for a while one of them relayed WUSA-9 in Washington, 
then merged with own coverage, call-ins

KOPX-62 Pax, relayed KFOR-TV and NBC

QVC home shopping suspended broadcast with a slide saying tune to your 
TV news channel

MTV relayed CBS coverage but kept its own tear-drop bug; VH1 relayed 
CBS also with CBS bug lower right, own bug upper right

CMT relayed CBS, with own bug overlaying CBS bug

ESPN-1 and ESPN-2 relaying ABC coverage

HGTV suspended programming with slide, somber music

CNBC had continuous coverage with financial angle, of course, not 
duplicating NBC. (MSNBC is not available here)

TLC RELAYING BBC AMERICA!!! But pretty dry, panel discussion.

Court TV had own coverage.

Food Network, like HGTV, but music not parallel.

EWTN: ``Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for Bombing Victims & for 
Peace`` billed as live, with no-motion slide; not sure if related.

TBN with CBN, live? Pat Robertson reporting rumors

As of 1935 UT, the following networks, stations were running normal 
programming, including commercials where applicable:

but with streamer referring to FNC, DSC, SCIFI, TOON, A&E, HIS, DIS, 

BET later picked up CBS coverage, as did TNN and even UPN by prime 
time, while ESPNs soon were back to sports in the afternoon, tho I 
suppose mostly talking about canceled games (Glenn Hauser, Enid)

U S A. FCC, Federal Agencies Shut Down in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

NEWINGTON, CT, Sep 11, 2001--Along with most other federal agencies, the FCC has closed its offices and sent its employees home in the wake of apparent terrorist attacks this morning in New York City, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. The FCC has issued no emergency declaration nor other special instructions to the Amateur Radio community. The ARRL has advised amateurs to stay alert to instructions from local authorities. President George W. Bush has announced that the US military is on high alert in the US and abroad.

New York City-Long Island Section Emergency Coordinator Tom Carrubba, KA2D, said there has been no request for any Amateur Radio Emergency Service response at this time. New York City's emergency management offices are located in the World Trade Center. He said he was alerting all amateurs, especially ARES and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service personnel, to get prepared and to stand by. Carrubba reported that he was not hearing any traffic from NYC hams on their TAC1 VHF frequency. "All land-line circuits are jammed," he said. "We are all on standby."

Carrubba said he's in the process of setting up a command channel on a linked repeater system that will cover from New York City and into Long Island's Suffolk County. "Please be alert, prepared and patient," Carrubba said.

In the Washington, DC, area, Virginia SEC Tom Gregory, N4NW, says Virginia ARES has been put on alert but has not yet been activated. "I've asked everyone to monitor the emergency frequencies and to keep a full tank of gas." He said the attack on Washington has resulted in a massive traffic jam as workers in DC attempt to leave the capital. He said cellular telephone communication was next-to-impossible. "Due to the terrorist activities today, we must remain ready for any eventuality," Gregory added. While no emergency nets are yet in operation, Gregory said all repeaters would be available as well as 7.243 MHz and 3.947 MHz on HF.

Virginia RACES reportedly has been activated at the state emergency operations center at Virginia State Police headquarters in Richmond. This was said to be a precautionary measure, not a statewide callup. ARES and RACES organizations are locally managed, and word of additional activations or of direct ham radio involvement in the affected areas is not known at this time. The FCC's Riley Hollingsworth today suggested that the amateur community remain calm but ready. He invited amateurs monitoring any suspicious radio activity to contact him, and he will relay relevant information to the FCC duty team. "You never know," he said. He advised monitors to tape such radio traffic, if possible.

The federal government has activated its SHARES HF emergency communications system. Should a state of war be declared, Amateur Radio would not automatically be shut down. The section of FCC rules requiring this--§214(b)(4) of Title 47 CFR Chapter II--was eliminated prior to the Gulf War. (ARRL via John Norfolk, OKCOK, 1723 UT Sept 11)

U S A. From: "Murray Epstein"


Sept. 11, 2001 Tuesday FYI

 7240.00 Khz. RACES
 7250.00 Khz. RACES
 7255.00 Khz. cordinating net
 7260.00 Khz. Races
14244.00 Khz. NYC traffic
14265.00 Khz. SALVATION ARMY
14300.00 Khz. Intercin Traffic Net/MMSN
14326.00 Khz. Health and Welfare

There many more local and long range nets not listed here. PLEASE

Welcome Amateur Radio Operators who wish to be involved in emergency
communication services on a world wide basis. All services are offered
benevolently. < We appreciate your HELP! 
===== (via Sheldon Harvey, QC, Sept 11)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-124 has been posted September 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-123 has been posted September 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-122 has been posted September 7.

PREVIOUSLY OWNED RADIO MARKET new edition has been posted Sept. 6 after a summer break.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-121 has been posted September 6.

WORLD OF RADIO ON RADIO STUDIO X, MOMIGNO, ITALY: Massimiliano Marchi of Radio Studio X has offered to broadcast WORLD OF RADIO on MW 1584 with 6 kW covering much of Europe and FM relays in Tuscany on 87.35, (and low power on 96.55 and 105.55 MHz), Saturdays at 12:30 am local, or UT Fridays 2230, starting Sept. 7-8; see for more info, and we will be glad to hear from new listeners via these outlets. 1584 has C-QUAM AM stereo, tho WOR is produced in mono. Also webcasts via but not simulcast with the broadcasts. WOR, however, may appear there soon at random times.

WOR 1095 September 5 available by 0100 UT September 6: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY from 0313.

WBCQ: Our apologies for a noisy interruption to the middle of the first airing of WOR 1095 Sept 5; a power glitch at WOR HQ apparently caused a bad connexion. Better luck, we hope at 0415 on 7415.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-120 has been posted September 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-119 has been posted September 1.

All versions of our broadcast schedules have been updated Sept. 1.

RFPI: did not have new WOR 1094 in time to start airing Fri Aug 31 at 1930, still running 1093; perhaps will have in time for Sat 1800. Although it was announced 7445 was down, we heard it instead of 15049 around 0400 UT Sept. 1.

NETS TO YOU, new September edition by John Norfolk, has been posted August 31.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-118 has been posted August 31.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-117 has been posted August 30.

WOR 1094 August 29 available by 0200 UT Aug 30: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-116 has been posted August 28.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-115 has been posted August 26.

A new edition of SELECTED ENGLISH LANGUAGE DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS ON SHORTWAVE compiled by John Norfolk, OKCOK has been posted August 26, 2001.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-114 has been posted August 25.

Update to World of Radio schedule on World Radio Network in Europe. Hi Glenn, Here are the new details for listening to World of Radio on WRN in Europe. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, WRN EuroMax English is broadcast on SKYdigital channel 872. For the rest of Europe and anybody not using a SKY Digibox, WRN EuroMax English is broadcast on Astra 2B at 28.2 degrees East, Transponder 33, 12.343 GHz, Horizontal, Symbol Rate 27.500 MBaud, FEC 2/3 and on Eutelsat Hotbird 5, 13 degrees East, Transponder 94, 12.597 GHz, Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500 Mbaud, FEC 3/4. WRN is also available on many cable sytems in the UK and across Europe. World of Radio is heard on Saturday at 0800 UT, 0900 BST, 1000 CEST. WRN is no longer on Astra 1B or Hotbird 4, please delete that. Regards, Harry Brooks, UK, August 25.


From October 1 2001, WRN1 North America and WRN2 will be available to affiliates and listeners via the Telstar 5 Ku band DVB digital satellite. WRN has taken this decision to keep pace with both the general move towards digital satellite broadcasting and the increase in ku band satellite reception and reduction in C-Band satellite reception by Americans. WRN plans to cease transmission of WRN1 and WRN2 on the Galaxy 5 C-Band analog satellite on December 31, 2001 giving 3 months of dual illumination.

We are currently appointing a US-based satellite dealer to assist WRN affiliates and listeners in purchasing inexpensive all-in-one packages (including DVB receivers, 24 inch antenna, etc) for continued reception of our North American network. These packages will cost in the region of $350, much less than C-band packages. WRN1 will still be available on C-Band analog satellite after 31 December 2001 because the service remains on the Satcom C3 C-Band analog satellite via a C-Span audio sub-carrier.

This satellite migration is a good chance to promote the North American network to potential local affiliates such as members of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and through the College Media Advisors

WRN is working with Pittsburgh International Telecommunications to uplink WRN1 North America to Telstar 5. The known technical coordinates for the service are: 12177 V, tp 27. When we have more details we will forward these to you for inclusion in your upcoming programme schedules. For further information about WRN1 North America's move to Telstar please contact Director of Development Jeff Cohen or Tim Ayris (WRN Update, August)

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-08 available by August 24 from STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY. Please let Universal Radio know you appreciate this service by requesting their catalog or ordering online.

WOR 1093 confirmed available ondemand from WRN already by 1532 UT Friday August 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-113 has been posted August 23.

WOR 1093 August 22 available from 0102 UT August 23: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0306.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-112 has been posted August 20.

DX PROGRAMS August 19 revision posted at 2225 UT.

MUNDO RADIAL agosto-setiembre audio disponible desde 2130 del 19 de agosto - CORRIENTE - TEXTO

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-111 has been posted August 18.

DXLD 1-104 corrected and reposted at 0228 UT August 17.

WOR 1092 August 15 available before 0100 UT Aug 16: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-08 available from 1720 UT August 15: STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1645 UT August 16. Should be on RFPI from 1900 UT Friday August 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-110 has been posted August 14.

Corrected version of the huge DXLD 1-103 finally reposted 0409 UT August 14.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-109 has been posted August 13: one item, Tigray clandestine via WWCR.

RFPI: All three transmitters, 21815-USB, 15049, 7445 were noted back on the air at the same time; when was it? I think around 0300 or 0400 UT Sunday August 12.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-108 has been posted August 12.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-107 has been posted August 11.

RFPI: Far Right Radio Review gone wild? Or stuck in time? Saturday August 11 at 1730, and still (again?) at 1830 the admittedly very interesting episode with the Top Ten Hate Radio Hosts, and commentary by Tim Hendel, appeared contrary to schedule instead of COM, WOR, Mailbag... See if this still happens 6, 12 and 18 hours beyond. [Later:] No, more or less back to normal with WOR at 0005-0035 UT Sunday...

RFPI: 21815-USB, inactive for a few weeks, noted back on air at 0417 UT check August 11, \\ 15049, but 7445 was missing. The two higher frequencies also heard the next morning around 1200.

Corrected versions (plus some cross-references to future issues) posted at 0230 UT August 10 of DXLDs: 1-101 and 1-102.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-106 has been posted August 9.

WOR 1091 August 8 available from 0155 UT August 9: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

Final touch-up of previous DXLD issues has fallen behind, but we are starting to catch up; usual remark about replacing original version with corrected versions; as of 0130 UT August 8, these are reposted: 1-099 and 1-100

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-105 has been posted August 6.


Posted here 2317 UT August 5: Glenn, The Hurricane City web page is an interesting tracking page. Along with strike maps the site provides a set of "nearest live radio feed" links to FM and AM radio web pages near the strike path. For Barry I see 1310 WHEP, Foley, Alabama and 96.1 WRKH Mobile, Alabama. Both include links to streaming audio. Links to French and Spanish translations via are also listed. Pete Costello

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-104 has been posted August 4.

RFPI: after a long period of dead air, WOR 1090 ran about 12 minutes late, 0142-0211 UT Saturday August 4 on 15049; so the following two repeats 6 and 12 hours thence may also be late.

Luego, viernes: dice la página de Radio Enlace, que no se dispondrán de los textos hasta septiembre:

``Nuestros colegas de Internet, que tienen que hacer todo solitos, se irán con sus merecidísimas y muy bienvenidas vacaciones de verano. Así que haciendo una variación al dicho holandés de "De ene zijn brood…" podríamos decir "El verano del uno es el invierno del otro". ¡¡¡De manera que os váis a quedar helados!!! El nivel de las noticias DX se reduce a CERO y algunos dirían que a por lo menos -30 o sea treinta grados bajo cero (los dias de ausencia de los colegas interactivos). Nuestros apreciados colegas de Internet Raúl López y Maria Vaquero se despiden hasta el 12 de septiembre, os saludan calurosamente y os piden comprensión por esta gran abstención. Para los que no puedan vivir sin Radio Enlace y sin las noticias DX de Glenn y Gabriel Iván, podrán naturalmente escucharlas a través del Real Audio en esta misma página, todas las semanas. Alfonso Montealegre, Jaime Báguena.``

Entonces, vamos a poner en nuestro sitio el texto completo sin las demoras acostumbradas, aunque el Mundo Radial que sigue la próxima semana puede ser algo distinto (GGH). TEXTO AGOSTO

Radio Enlace en Radio Nederland: comienza nuestra nueva serie de informes DX para agosto, el viernes 3 y domingo 5. Guión de cada emisión disponible en el sitioweb, incluso el informe nuestro cuando aparezca, comenzando con la última a: y además audio de la misma a 96.5 kbps en estéreo através de un enlace, o:

WBCQ: Dear Glenn, Had to cancel WOR on 9330 at 0400 UT Thursday due to paying client wanting time. Will move you to Thursday morning 0415-0445 on 7415 to serve west coast listeners. (Allan Weiner, August 2)

WOR 1090 August 1 available from 0015 UT August 2: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0241 UT

RFPI Frequency Schedule: 7445 MHz (AM): 0200-1000; 15.050 MHz (AM): 24 hours; 21.815 MHz (USB): 1200-0200 (currently off-line) per RFPI Weekly Update starting July 29; however, on current Mailbag, probably first aired July 27, time for 7445 given as 0200-0800. Note that 7445 has switched from USB to AM, and 21815 is down. These changes have not yet been entered on our schedules as of August 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-103 has been posted July 31.

NETS TO YOU August 1 revision, has now been posted.

July 31: the 3-month WRN audio archive of VOA Communications World has now moved past the April 14, 2001 show containing our latest appearance, so the link to it has been removed from OUR CURRENT AUDIO. The script remains here, and we may eventually put up our audio segment only.

COM 01-07 available from circa July 26: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

INTERNATIONAL LISTENER: Hi, Glenn! Regarding the link on your website to the International Listener web page by Ed Mayberry: I note that it doesn't work now; it gets an AOL display saying that the page isn't there. I recall that you said that Ed lost his computer and much else in the Houston floods, so maybe that website has been eliminated because he dropped out of AOL or something? If you don't want to delete the reference, you might want to add a note saying that it is currently inaccessible or something... 73, Will Martin, MO, July 25

WOR 1089 July 24 available by 1230 UT July 25: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-102 has been posted July 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-101 has been posted July 22.

WWCR: 15685 was off the air Thursday July 19 from 2020 UT check, but we appreciate their coming back on at *2029 just in time for first airing of WOR 1088; previous Friday July 13 2112 we could not hear 15685 for new Mundo Radial, but there was a propagation disturbance, so it may have been on.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-100 has been posted July 19.

WOR 1088 July 18 available from 0005 UT July 19: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0248.

DX programs revision July 18 removed MediaScan, added new Cumbre time, adjusted frequencies for WWCR programs (WOR Fri 0930 7435 to 9475, CW, Ask WWCR changes during 0900-1100 time frame other days from 7435 to 9475). I also noticed that the Mon 0000 UT time for WOR on 9475 is not listed in WWCR`s specialty programs list but is still there in the master list. John Norfolk.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-07 available from 1545 UT July 18: STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0248 UT July 19. Should be on RFPI from 1900 UT Friday July 20.

Glenn, starting today July 18 WWCR will use 9475 instead of 7435 at 0900-1100. 9475 has a fair signal here in Europe so if WoR falls into this slot we could hear it.... [it does! Friday 0930]. Since WRN in London has left ASTRA 19.2 East, I have to rely on WWCR again for WoR. RFPI's schedule is less reliable (July 16th 1900 no WoR; some weeks ago I found WoR on Tuesday at 1830 instead of 1900). Thanks for many great WoR programs! Andre Schmidt, Lautert/Germany

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-099 has been posted July 16.

Fixed-up versions of following issues were reposted by 2110 UT July 15: usual advisory to editors: 1-095 - 1-096 - 1-097 - 1-098

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-098 has been posted July 14.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-097 has been posted July 12.

MUNDO RADIAL: emision de julio/agosto a partir del 13 de julio en WWCR 15685, viernes a eso de las 2112. TEXTO -- CORRIENTE

WBCQ: At 0400 UT July 12 something else was on. At 0410 recheck station had gone off the air; at 0430 recheck 9330 had come back on with WORLD OF RADIO in progress; mid point was around 0440, so it began around 0425 (I just checked the tape and confirmed this). (John Norfolk). Also the 2330 broadcast started a minute late -- it gets pretty hectic at WOR HQ as recording is often completed just barely in time for rewind and broadcast.

WOR 1087 July 11 available from 0008 UT July 12: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY posted at 0230.

DXLD 1-094 touched-up version reposted at 0308 UT July 11. 95 and 96 still to be done.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-096 has been posted July 10; but due to Hotmail downage, not immediately distributed to entire mailing list; nor posting notices to another list.

HOTMAIL DOWN: Hotmail has been inaccessible since late UT July 9, as of 1400 UT July 10. If you sent something to us there, please resend to and use yahoo until further notice. Thanks, (gh)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-095 has been posted July 8.

WRN: Dear Glenn, Just to let you know that your show was missing from WRN/Afristar yesterday (Saturday July 7) at 8 UT. Instead I took it from the audio on your web site. Thank you and 73, Erik Koie in Copenhagen. Answer from WRN: problems with automation system; sorry.

SODRE, Uruguay, is staying on 9620 all-night for at least the next two nights, so may be DXable in the 0500-1000 period after QRM from Spain is gone. Power is only 150 watts, and it is undermodulated, says Horacio Nigro July 7.

WOR HOMEPAGE update: July 7 we have revised especially the sections dealing with WRN and Radio Enlace.

RADIO ENLACE: guión de cada emisión disponible en el sitioweb, incluso el informe nuestro cuando aparezca, comenzando con la última a: y además audio de la misma a 96.5 kbps en estéreo através de un enlace, o:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-094 has been posted July 6.

WWCR: Hope you stayed tuned; WOR 1086 started a couple minutes late Thu July 5 at 2032 after a false-start with last week`s 1085.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-093 has been posted July 4. Touched-up 93 and 92 reposted by 2335 UT July 4.

WOR 1086 July 3 available early from 1745 UT July 4: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-06 is available at as of July 4: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-092 has been posted July 2.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-091 has been posted July 1.

Touched-up editions of DXLD 1-088, 1-089 and 1-090 were posted by 0115 UT July 1.

New July editions of NETS TO YOU and DX PROGRAMS compiled by John Norfolk, have been posted by 2145 UT June 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-090 has been posted June 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-089 has been posted June 29.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-088 has been posted June 28.

WOR 1085 June 27 available from 0103 UT June 28: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-087 has been posted June 26.

Final editing touch-up of the following DXLDs was finally completed at 2330 UT June 24. Several cross-references to future issues also inserted. Those republishing any items from these are urged to redownload fixed versions if it not be too late: 1-082 - 1-083 - 1-084 - 1-085 - 1-086

TERREMOTO en Peru, Bolivia, Chile: Reports from Henrik Klemetz, Sweden: A heavy earthquake hit La Paz. Must be serious, as I cannot get any Bolivian internet links right now. Too bad that conditions seem worse than last night when I did hear R Fides about this time. 73 HK 2315 UT June 23

Glenn, I tuned in to Fides, and heard them talking about "centenares de casas destruídas en Arequipa", so I started looking elsewhere. Meanwhile, this arrived by e-mail. /HK 2350 UT and go to the Flash. Arequipa was nearest the epicenter offshore, and large parts of Bolivia and northern Chile were also hit. Voz Cristiana, 21550, is heard as normal with presumable Miami program feed at 0015 UT Sunday. Should be intresting to monitor Andean SW stations tonight, if possible. -- Glenn

Before checking 6155, I noticed briefly, at 2330, that R Aparecida was in fact on the air again, having closed earlier tonight at 2210 (actually, all three frequencies seemed active, so the radioescutas protest seems to have done the trick). R Santa Cruz, .2 kHz lower in frequency, was into preliminaries of San Juan celebrations, and so I thought that the quake had not hit the Eastern plains of Bolivia. On Fides, finally, I heard that Arequipa and surroundings (in Peru) seemed to have been hit harder than Bolivia. There are various Peruvian internet sources available, and RPP, to name just one, is on as usual in Real Audio. /HK 0006 UT June 24

And a note just received from Pedro F. Arrunategui in Lima: NOTA: en estos momentos todo los radioaficionados estamos en la cadena de socorro a raíz del terremoto que se ha se presentado con un grado de 6.3, se ha localizado a 82 kilómetros frente al mar de Moquegua, ha afectado al sur de Ica, Moquegua, Arequipa y Tacna. Este movimiento se ha presentado a las 15:30 horas de Perú.

June 23, 1545 PDT: The RCI website has been hacked. If you check it out you get a wallpaper shot come up and the men_in_hack address which originates in Brazil. Now the fun part. Just called RCI to let them know. Guess what? It's the weekend. There is ONE person in the whole station. A guy pushing the buttons to make sure the pre-recorded material go out! He's going to try to get hold of someone to let them know. Sheldon Harvey, Montreal, swprograms

That was posted at 2245 UT. The hack site at was still up at 0000 UT Sunday June 24. Eric Cooper also tipped on this. -- Glenn

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-086 has been posted June 23.

Revised DX PROGRAMS posted June 23.

MUNDO RADIAL. Otra vez este viernes 22 de junio, WWCR inicio la difusion temprano, a las 2112 TU en 15685. Para estar seguro, debes sintonizar tan temprano, aun, a veces por error, que las 2100 en vez de 2115.

RFPI: WOR/COM schedule versions have been slightly modified June 22 to reflect the current posted frequency schedule of: 24h on 15049; 1200-0200 on 21815-USB; 0200-1000 on 7445-USB.

WRN: WOR 1084 confirmed ondemand by 1505 UT Fri June 22; also via RFPI confirmed from 1930 UT Fri.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-085 has been posted June 21.

Revised DX PROGRAMS posted June 20.

WOR 1084 June 20 availablized around 0117 UT June 21: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

COM 01-06 June availablized at 1533 UT Tue June 19: STREAM - SUMMARY - starts on RFPI Friday June 22 at 1900.

RFPI: UT Sunday June 17 at 0230: 15049 is off, but SSB is on BOTH 7445 and 21815, so they no longer share same transmitter.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-084 has been posted June 16.

Disponible desde 1530 TU del 16 de junio: MUNDO RADIAL junio-julio - CORRIENTE - TEXTO

MUNDO RADIAL en WWCR: emision de junio/julio a partir del 15 de junio, todos los viernes a las 2115 en 15685 (aunque en esta fecha a las 2110).

WWCR: We are advised that from July, our Sat 1130 airing on 15685 will be replaced by something else.

WOR 1083 June 11 available from 2230 UT June 13: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-083 has been posted June 10.

WOR Extra 42 June 6: direct links activated June 8: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

WBCQ2: WOR Extra 42 started only three minutes late on 9330-CUSB UT June 7, at 0403.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-082 has been posted June 4.

WWCR: This week we were back at nominal time of 0500 UT Monday June 4 on 3215, unlike last week at 0530.

Nepal`s in the news again, so inevitably we have a new catch in the TINY TRAP.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-081 has been posted June 2.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated UT June 2 due to some WRMI schedule changes.

RFPI: WOR 1082 confirmed from 1930 UT Friday June 1.

NEW! In addition to their individual pages, duplicates of all WOR and COM summaries for 2001 appear in a single new file for convenience of searching topics.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-080 has been posted May 31.

NETS TO YOU new June edition by John Norfolk, has been posted at 0015 UT June 1.

WOR 1082 May 30 is available from 2355 UT May 30: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

WPKN webcast is back after some 3.5 months down, as of May 29, Kevin Kelly of advises us. Check out their great program lineup (including WOR Saturdays 1828v UT a week delayed).

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-079 has been posted May 29.

WWCR: Both John Norfolk and I noticed that WOR appeared UT Mon May 28 at 0530 on 3215, instead of 0500. Presumably reversed order with Communications World, probably by mistake. A slightly revised DX PROGRAMS list has been posted May 28.

Posted 0511 UT May 28: INDONESIAN SITUATION: This could happen in days even hours. RA is saying that Wahid could try and impose martial law to try and stave off impeachment. There are two distinct possibilities. Either Indonesia will further fragment or the military will stage a coup and regain power. Both scenarios are likely to cause further instability and chaos.

The high amount of HF traffic in Indonesian is worth monitoring to give a possible indication which way it will go. Just tune to any unoccupied channel especially from 0900 and later and you will easily find numerous networks in Indonesian.

Channels worth monitoring are 10000 kHz (this seems to be a calling channel, yes on top of WWV, WWVH et al) 10030 kHz. In fact they seem to be between 10 and 11.5 MHz and on top of aeronautical networks including 11175. They can use either upper or lower SB but predominantly lower on 10 MHz. Another unofficial call channel is 7000 kHz USB and every 5 kHz up from there. These are not YB hams for they are usually on LSB and there is quite a deal of tension between the two. Also below 7 MHz there also are several networks.

RRI Jakarta on 15125 kHz is worth continuously monitoring and also what provincial stations remain. A lot have migrated to FM. I only wish I had bothered to learn bahasa Indonesian but as a friend pointed out many ops are using dialects. Don't be confused as there are many other SSB stations using Cantonese, Hakka, Thai and Khmer within the same range with the exception of 7 mhz. Indonesians seem to have that all to themselves. 73, Robin L. Harwood, VK7RH, ex Intruder Monitoring Service Co-ordinator for VK7 (Tasmania).

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-078 has been posted May 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-077 has been posted May 25.

Here is some very perishable DX news we occasionally post here: This from Ludo Maes: There is a test transmission of Voice of Khmer Krom Radio on Friday 25 May 2001 from 14.00 to 15.00 UTC on 15.725 kHz. There is a link to the web site of the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation at Official broadcasts will start on 1 Jun 2001 and broadcasts will be on Fridays only. (TDP-Belgium, May 25, 2001, via Dan Ferguson, SWBC list). Nothing audible here at 1400 (gh, OK)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1076 has been posted May 24.

WWCR: be quick! be early! WOR sometimes starts early on WWCR; this time a full two minutes early at 2028 UT Thu May 24 on 15685.

WOR 1081 May 23 audio available from 0000 UT May 24: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY [summary available from 0118 UT]

WBCQ: Unfortunately there was a transmitter failure between 2344 and 2346 UT during the first broadcast of WOR 1081 on 7415 May 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-075 has been posted May 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-074 has been posted May 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-073 has been posted May 20.

WWCR: we can hardly wait for June, and change to 9475, as 3215 has been virtually inaudible here the past few weeks during WOR, UT Mon at 0000. That`s 1730 LMT, long before sunset now. Is it any good east of Nashville?

Later: WWCR 3215 at 0000 is very poor here (Ivan Grishin, Oshawa)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-072 has been posted May 18.

DXERS CALLING: Glenn, Hi, sorry for the delay, but it was due to sickness in my wife's family; we had to go interstate to see her. Edition 1080 is now running and all technical problems have now been fixed with Your show just keeps getting better, are you getting any feedback from listeners as I have noticed an increase of hits to my website from your Audiomid site, according to my stats. Best regards, Glenn(two n's noted), Tim [Gaynor], dxers calling, May 19

Not to be left out, WBCQ is also moving us to a better time: ``9.335 WILL BE MOVING TO 9.330 AS OF FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2001. Due to requests from the west coast we are moving WORLD OF RADIO from Saturday (not on this Saturday, May 19, 2001) 10:00 pm - 10:30 pm to Thursday, 12:00 midnight to 12:30 am.`` [EDT]. That`s UT THURSDAY (not Friday as we thought at first) at 0400 on 9330-CUSB, and Allan Weiner tells us it already started May 17. The Saturday repeat has already been dropped.

RFPI: also making changes. USB stays on 21815-USB until 0200, instead of switching to 7445 at 0000. This should be better propagationally. As a result WOR/COM skeds recently distributed are outdated again, but for now we just fix up the versions on our site.

WWCR: The solution we suggested when we first noticed the problem a few weeks ago, REE Costa Rica staying on 3210 until 0600, is being implemented Saturday, May 19, with WWCR extending its use of 3215 from 0400 until 0600, authorized by the FCC experimentally to assess whether there be QRM from WWCR to a low-power Alaskan net on 3215 before that hour (in the summer the path is mostly daylight). This affects the UT Mon 0500 airing of WOR: 3215 instead of 3210.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-05 is available at as of May 17: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-071 has been posted May 17.

WOR 1080 May 16 available from 0045 UT May 17: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

WBCQ: Sorry about the upcut on the opening of WOR 1080 at 2330 May 16; we didn`t have everything connected properly for the feed.

DXers Calling: As of May 16 at 1400 UT, was still running WOR 1078, not the latest 1079 which was supposed to start on Saturday. DXing with Cumbre there also seemed not to be the latest.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-070 has been posted May 15.

RFPI has received several requests and suggestions to provide an overnight USB (Upper Side Band) frequency. Effective with this notice, we begin testing on 7445 (USB) during the hours of 0000-1300. Output is at about 3 kW. The revised frequency schedule follows: 7445 (USB): 0000-1300; 15050 (AM): 24 hours; 21815 (USB): 1300-0000. Reception reports appreciated to (RFPI May 14) WOR and COM schedules are updated to reflect this.

DX PROGRAMS updated again as of UT May 15 at 0137, for RFPI frequencies, and Cumbre changes.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-069 has been posted May 14

Hi Glenn, Hot news: Radio Yugoslavia resumes broadcasting on shortwave today (14 May). Go to and click on programme schedule for the details! 73, (Andy Sennit, Media Network) English: 1830-1900 WEu 6100; 2100-2130 6100 Eu; 2200-2230 Au 7230 except Sat; 0000-0030 ENAm 11870 exc Sun; 0430-0500 WNAm 11870.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-068 has been posted May 13.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS files have now been reorganized to resemble our other files, linked from a central `mid` file; the current one is now Oklahoma7.html

A revised edition of DX PROGRAMS was posted at 2320 UT May 13.

RFPI: this week`s update says 7445 is off for maintenance, and 15050 is 24 hours, not 21815. COM was heard Sunday at 1130 on 15049, but just as WOR started at 1202 it went off.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-067 has been posted May 12.

RFPI: New COM 01-05 at 1900 and new WOR 1079 at 1930 both confirmed starting May 11 on 15049.

MUNDO RADIAL mayo-junio - CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO. Desafortunadamente por error no se transmitio en WWCR el 11 de mayo.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-066 has been posted May 11.

WOR 1079 May 9 from 0015 UT May 10: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-065 has been posted May 9.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-05 is available as of 0135 UT May 9: STREAM - SUMMARY posted at 2245 UT May 10. Should start airing on RFPI Friday May 11 at 1900 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-064 was posted a few minutes after 63 with two important stories: Ecclesia relay has been on, but on different frequencies, and BBCWS to drop SW to North America, Australia in July!

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-063 has been posted May 8.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-062 has been posted May 6.

RFPI: the Sunday 1130 broadcast of COM may not really be suspended. Lately we`ve been hearing 21815-USB on the air before 1200 UT. Further east, it might be audible as early as 1130, perhaps left on all night upon occasion.

DX PROGRAMS revision posted UT May 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-061 has been posted May 4.

RFPI: WOR 1078 confirmed starting Fri May 4 at 1930 on 15049, 21815-USB. This week`s Mailbag says 7445 is back after two nights off for cleaning out dust; 15049 is expanded this week experimentally to: weekends 1600-0600, weekdays 1300-0600.

WWCR: plans to cancel the WOR airing Sun 1900 on 12160 after May 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-060 has been posted May 3.

WOR 1078 May 2 available from 0140 UT May 3: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-059 has been posted May 2.

As of May 1, this notice still appears at where you might otherwise get WOR Saturdays at 1828v UT: UPDATE 2/14/2001: Due to computer glitches, our online broadcast stream is not available. We are in the process of resolving the technical difficulties and hope to have service restored soon. We regret the inconvenience to you and we appreciate your patience. Thanks!

PREVIOUSLY OWNED RADIO MARKET May 1 revision has now been posted atop RECEPTION TIPS file.

We fell a bit behind in fixing up typos, accents, etc., in DXLD 1-055, 1-056, 1-057 and 1-058. Corrected versions have now been posted as of 0207 UT May 1. Those republishing items from these issues are requested to replace the original version with the corrected version if it is not too late.

NETS TO YOU new revision by John Norfolk, has been posted at 0150 UT April 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-058 has been posted April 29.

SELECTED ENGLISH LANGUAGE DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS ON SHORTWAVE compiled by John Norfolk, OKCOK, new revision as of April 29, 2001 has now been posted.

PERISHABLE DX NEWS was posted in advance here, on WLS 890 silent period, early Sunday April 29 from midnight central. We found Radio Progreso, Cuba at occasional peaks; also KVOZ Laredo TX, Spanish religion, which is often a problem for WLS when it is on.

RFPI: has switched from 7450 to 7445 because of radioteletype interference. All versions of WOR/COM skeds to be updated shortly.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-057 was posted April 27.

WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 41 is released the week of April 25: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-056 was posted April 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-055 was posted April 20.

OUR CURRENT AUDIO has added link to VOA Communications World April 14 including our segment. Audio of same has not been included on WOR website.

Available from April 19 only via COM 01-04 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

Available from 2330 UT April 18: WOR 1077 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-054 has been posted April 18.

RFPI: WOR 1076 finally started Tue April 17 at 1900. COM continues to appear UT Tue 0500 in the slot scheduled for Our Americas, ergo also Mon 1700, 2300.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-053 has been posted April 16.

DX PROGRAMS is now updated as of April 16.

MUNDO RADIAL, para abril 2001, CORRIENTE - TEXTO disponible de 0030 TU del 13 de abril.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-052 has been posted April 13.

VOA: we are providing the media news segment on this weekend`s Communications World, April 14. Script has been posted by 2330 April 14; audio to be posted later here.

RFPI: again this week, did not have WOR 1076 in time to start Friday at 1930; 1075 replayed instead. Nor was 1076 there by Saturday 1800, so looks like it`s a washout at RFPI this week.

WRN: WOR 1076 confirmed ondemand already by 1544 UT Friday April 13.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS -- have you checked this page lately? An Enid applicant is evidently among the first to get an LPFM granted.

Blackout prevents any reception of WBCQ 7415 here during WOR at 2330 UT April 11, but---

Audio available from 2315 UT April 11: WOR 1076 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-051 has been posted April 11.

RFPI: unscheduled bonus airings we`ve run across, not necessarily repeatable: COM 01-03 UT Tue April 10 0500 (so also Mon 1700, 2300); WOR 1074, UT Thu April 5 at 0500 (so also Wed 1700, 2300).

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-04 is available as of 0430 UT April 10: STREAM - SUMMARY. Also started on RFPI Tue April 10 at 2000.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-050 has been posted April 8.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated by John Norfolk again as of April 8.

WBCQ2: WOR started only about 4 minutes late after 0200 UT April 8 on 9335-CUSB. No matter how late it start, there seems to be no problem at the end, as it is the last program of the day on this transmitter.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-049 has been posted April 7.

WWCR: Glenn, The Friday evening 9:30 PM Central bcst. has been bumped up to 9:00 PM. This coming Sun. (April 8), the 2 PM bcst has been pre-empted for a Holiday Special. The 1 AM bcst [1:30 -gh] that was on CR#3 (5.070) has been lateraled over to the other transmitter, and is now on 3.210. Other changes pending, but not till the end of the month. Dawn Keen, WWCR Program Director, April 7.

WWCR: WOR was not on at 0230 UT Saturday on 3215; we are told it had been moved half an hour earlier! We`ll try to confirm before next week if this is a permanent change.

WRN: WOR 1075 was not availablized ondemand until sometime between 1900 and 2115 April 6. We hear from WRN that the nominal target time to have this done is now 2100 UT on Fridays, though upon occasion it may be earlier, at their discretion. Evidently as a result, RFPI did not have 1075 in time for the Friday/UT Saturday airings such as 0130 and had to replay 1074. RFPI had 1075 in time for Saturday/UT Sunday.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-048 has been posted April 5. The last 2 of 61 kb were missing originally, cut off in the USA UPR item, but repaired around 1345 UT April 6. Tnx to Kraig Krist for pointing this out.

Audio available from 0100 UT April 5: WOR 1075 April 4 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX PROGRAMS has already been revised April 3 to include alleged new Cumbre times.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-047 has been posted April 2.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA extra timing: Pete Costello heard it Monday at 2300 on RFPI 15049, so look for repeat UT Tuesday 0500 on 7450.

DX PROGRAMS new April 1 edition has been posted.

WBCQ2: WOR must have started even later than usual UT April 1, around 0314 on 9335-CUSB, barely audible from up there in the auroral zone.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-046 has been posted March 31.

Our homepage scheduling info has now been updated for DST, as of 0145 UT April 1, SW ONLY MASTER SCHEDULE and the DST version of MASTER SCHEDULE have been added.

NETS TO YOU new April edition with DST timeshifts was posted at 1900 UT March 31; the previous March editon with ST listings remains below it for the moment.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-045 has been posted March 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-044 has been posted March 29. Note: a corrected version including a few numbers, concerning frequencies and time replaced the original version here at 0229 UT March 30. We also took the opportunity to add some updates and parenthetical remarks which may not appear in the following edition. So if you got it direct or downloaded it from here before that time, please replace the original version with this. Tnx, gh.

WOR on WWCR: March 29 the 2130 broadcast on 15685 started early at 2128, assuring our finish before frequency change announcement at 2157. Unfortunately, as monitored in OK, 15685 signal dropped drastically just as WOR started! Fortunately, as from next week, we will be on at 2030, with no hurry to finish or need to start early since the frequency change remains at 2158 UT.

Posted 0148 UT March 29: WOR 1074 March 28 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-043 has been posted March 27.

WRN: It appears to me that the WRN 1 North America schedule is based on local times in the United States. Although there were some program changes last Sunday, the schedule doesn`t shift by an hour (relative to UT) until next Sunday. To confirm this, at 1755-1805 CT, I just heard the end of RTE Ireland and the beginning of Radio Budapest. This would suggest that World of Radio will still be on at the same local time (and same UT time) this coming Saturday (Kevin Kelly,

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-042 has been posted March 26.

DX PROGRAMS new revision posted March 26 with lots and lots of seasonal changes.

AIRCHECK of gh on the air in Thailand, 1969: first time we`ve tried to put an mp3 file here. Please let us know if it plays for you. Thanks to Jerry Reed. It`s at the bottom of OUR CURRENT AUDIO.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-041 has been posted March 25.

How (not) to pronounce ``Chocolat``: ODDIBLE ATROCITIES

RFPI: 21815-USB was still on the air, and propagating when we checked March 25 at 0609 UT, as WOR 1073 was starting late. Ah, spring!

SHORTWAVE ONLY MASTER SCHEDULE and MASTER SCHEDULE have been updated for the Week of Confusion, as of 0430 UT March 25.

COM 01-03 March DOWNLOAD [not yet available] STREAM available from 2300 UT March 24 - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-040 has been posted March 24.

WOR on World Radio Network: New A-01 schedules have been posted March 24, effective March 25, showing both our times shift one UT hour earlier: NAm Sat 1400 UT; Eu/Af/As/Pac Sat 0800 UT. This probably means that on March 31 we will be one hour earlier than usual local time in NAm, a day before we get back in sync with DST.

DX PROGRAMS revision March 23 for transitional period posted at 2025 UT Friday.

RFPI: WOR 1073 confirmed starting 1930 UT Fri March 23 on 21815-USB.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-039 has been posted March 22.

DST schedule changes. As of March 22, we still have nothing definite but anticipate the following: from April 1, all WWCR and WBCQ times shift one UT hour earlier on same frequencies (as well as WPKN, WSUI). RFPI stays at same UT all year, but frequency usage varies depending on breakdowns, etc. WRN1 changes are usually not available until the last minute. Since WOR is currently on Saturdays only, the new timings would not go into effect until March 31, while the new schedules should be availble by March 25 or 26.

RFPI: 15049 noted back on the air Thu March 22 at +1300-1600, and at 0220 UT Friday check all three were on and audible, including 7450, 21815-USB.

Posted 0052 UT March 22: WOR 1073 March 21 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-038 has been posted March 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-037 has been posted March 18.

RFPI: 7450 noted opening around 0000 instead of 0200 in the absence of 15049 March 19.

DX PROGRAMS, new edition available March 18 anticipating some A-01 changes; for the time being, the previous mid-February edition remains available below it.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-036 has been posted March 16.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-03 SUMMARY and the program confirmed started on RFPI Friday March 16 at 1900. We also expect to have quicker access to audio files; stand by.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-035 has been posted March 15.

Disponible desde el 15 de marzo: MUNDO RADIAL mar-abr - CORRIENTE - TEXTO

Audio posted 0130 UT Thursday March 15: WOR 1072 March 14 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-034 has been posted March 13.

Extra, extra. RFPI puts WOR Extra 40 at additional unscheduled fill-in time of Monday 1700 UT March 12, on 21815-USB. So repeats at 2300 and Tuesday 0500.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-033 has been posted March 11.

WBCQ2: once again this week, WOR (Extra 40) must have started about 0308 UT Sunday March 11, since it ended at 0337 on 9335-CUSB.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-032 has been posted March 7.


DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-031 has been posted March 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-030 has been posted March 4.

WBCQ2: hope you stayed tuned for the late start again this week of 0307 UT Sunday March 4 on 9335-CUSB.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-029 has been posted March 2.

WRN: WOR 1071 is already ondemand by 1525 UT Fri March 2; however, 1070 is (for the moment?) not on the menu.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-028 has been posted March 1.

PREVIOUSLY OWNED RADIO MARKET March update has been posted March 1 atop RECEPTION TIPS.

NETS TO YOU March 1 update by John Norfolk has now been posted.

WOR 1071 Feb 28 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY. Audio available by 0124 UT March 1; WOR 1067 has been removed here, but it and previous two months still available from WRN.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-027 has been posted February 27.

Finally available from Feb 27 at, CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-02 February DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-026 has been posted February 25.

WPKN: UPDATE 2/14/2001: Due to computer glitches, our online broadcast stream is not available. We are in the process of resolving the technical difficulties and hope to have service restored soon. We regret the inconvenience to you and we appreciate your patience. Thanks!

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-025 has been posted February 23.

WWCR frequency change: tho we neglected to mention it on WOR 1070, according to traditional WWCR seasonal usage, our Thursday 2130 (April-October 2030) UT broadcast has its final airing on 9475 Feb 22. From March 1 through November, it is on 15685 instead.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-024 has been posted February 21.

WOR 1070 Feb 21 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY. Audio available by 0141 UT Feb 22; WOR 1066 has been removed here, but it and previous two months still available from WRN.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-023 has been posted February 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-022 has been posted February 18. Tidied-up version reposted at 2040 UT Feb 19.

RFPI: 15049 is back on the air when checked at 0100 UT Feb 18, but 7450 was not. That is explained by the nominal new RFPI Frequency Schedule: (Hours subject to change)-- 40 meters: 7.450 MHz (AM): 0200-0800; 19 meters: 15.050 MHz (AM): 2200-0400; 13 meters: 21.815 MHz (USB): 1200-0400 [sic]

WOR on WBCQ2: the nominal new time of 0300 UT Sunday on 9335: Feb 18 started at 0309 after dead air, and it was 1068 instead of 1069. For good measure 1067 (recorded Jan 31) started at 0341, after the closing for a pre-Xmas VOA Comms World which must have been on the tail of the WOR 1068 tape.

WOR on WWCR: The Thu Feb 15 2130 airing on 9475 started with last week`s 1068 by mistake; in less than two minutes we had phoned and got them to restart with correct 1069 which played to conclusion just before 2200. We then heard from one listener who had already tuned out and given up before the correct edition started. But he says the Fri 1030 airing on 7435 went back to 1068 when we were not awake to prevent it. We have confirmed that they do have 1069 on hand for the remaining airings.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-021 has been posted February 16. A corrected version appeared at 0454 UT Feb 17.

DX PROGRAMS revised edition has been posted February 15.

WBCQ advised us Thursday (after WOR 1069 was produced) that effective Feb 17 they have changed our repeat time again on Saturday evenings, to another hour later at 0300 UT Sunday on 9335-CUSB.

RFPI unscheduled times: Will Martin wonders why times he heard WOR and COM on RFPI at least twice in January have not appeared on our schedules, i.e UT Thursday 0500-0600? These were fill-ins for missing programs still on the official schedule, one of which was Mailbag, which was not produced for several weeks. We never know in advance when WOR or COM will fill in for something else; if we hear an early airing sometimes we can warn listeners of repeats here at Anomaly Alert. Just enjoy the bonuses if you run across them, but don`t rely on them the followintg week. (Presumably this will not be happening Feb. 15 as there was a new Mailbag last week which should have aired at 1700, repeating at 0500).

WOR 1069 Feb 14 DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY. Audio available by 0100 UT Feb 15; WOR 1065 has been removed here, but it and previous two months still available from WRN.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-020 has been posted February 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-019 has been posted February 11.

WWCR: our Sunday evening broadcast started at 0130 instead of 0100 UT Monday Feb 12 on 3215, mistake or change? Later: the former; we are still supposed to be heard at 0100.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-018 has been posted February 10.

WBCQ: a windstorm knocked power out in Monticello Saturday afternoon. We heard WBCQ3 17495 cut off the air around 2050 UT. See DXLD 1-018. Was back on 7415 by 0045 check, but not yet 9335. Our new time of 0200 was delayed until 0207 as the previous show presumably started late but WOR was allowed to play out until 0236, after which the frequency closed.

RFPI: power outage prevented UT Sat Feb 10 0100-0200 broadcasts, and probably also six hours earlier. Try for new COM and WOR Sat 0700-0800 on 7450, 1300-1400 on 21815-USB.

DISPONIBLE a las 0230 del sabado universal 10 de febrero: MUNDO RADIAL feb-mar - BAJABLE - CORRIENTE - TEXTO. Comenzo a difundirse en WWCR el viernes 9 a las 2215 en 9475.

WBCQ: schedule at now shows WOR on 9335-CUSB UT Sunday 0200 instead of 0030, where we heard it last week. Allan Weiner confirms the change.

WRN: WOR 1068 confirmed ondemand Fri Feb 9 at 2350, probably much earlier.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-02 was produced Feb 8 and RFPI may start airing it Friday Feb 9 at 1900. SUMMARY with lots of URLs including some not mentioned on the show. Later available via

WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY has dropped WRN including WOR as of Feb 7. For a campaign to get WRN back on the station, see DXLD 1-017 under USA

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-017 has been posted February 8.


DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-016 has been posted February 5.

RFPI now schedules 7450 test at 0000-0800, and 15050 is off. Check 7450 for our [suspended] broadcasts in the 0600-0800 period.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-015 has been posted February 3.

OUR CURRENT AUDIO has finally been rounded up into one convenient link page.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-014 has been posted February 2. The only important correxion to the original version is GREECE 1500-1650, not 1500-1600.

RFPI TRIES DIFFERENT FREQUENCY, REPORTS WANTED! Dear Friends, RFPI has received numerous reports of moderate to severe interference on our 7480 frequency. For this reason, we will be testing on a new frequency tonight: 7450 from UTC Saturday 0200 - 0600. We would appreciate and encourage reception reports from all regions of the world for this test broadcast. Our temporary e-mail is: QSL verifications will be issued. Thank you in advance for your feedback (The team at RFPI, Costa Rica, Feb 2)

RECEPTION TIPS has news of the Grundig Classic radio being heavily discounted, posted Feb 2.

WRN: WOR 1067 confirmed ondemand by 1930 UT Fri Feb 2; it was not yet there at previous check 1700.

RFPI: WOR 1067 confirmed starting at 1930 UT Fri Feb 2 on 15049.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-013 has been posted February 1. A corrected version replaced it here at 1715 UT Fri Feb 2. If you received direct or downloaded before then, please replace with this version. No frequencies, but a number of typos, syntax, etc., roughly 55 minor changes. You may ask, why don`t I do this before the original distribution? My printing facilities are limited and slow, and I only want to make one hard copy of each issue. For me, it is much easier to proofread from that than from the screen. Too, after many hours of working on an issue, lately finishing around midnight, I am eager to dispatch it without further delay. Depending on the number of correxions, I also provide with the corrected copy, certainly the case with 12 and 13.

DX PROGRAMS revised listing posted February 1.

WORLD OF RADIO 1067 DOWNLOAD and WORLD OF RADIO 1067 STREAM are available here as of 0210 UT Thu Feb 1. WORLD OF RADIO 1067 SUMMARY

NETS TO YOU February revision, has been posted at 0230 UT Feb 1.

RECEPTION TIPS now is topped by a new revision of MARE`s Previously Owned Receiver Market for Feb.

RFPI: 7480 is back! First noted at 0137 UT Jan 31, but 15049 was better. Look for transmission hours of both to be adjusted. 15049 was still on Wednesday at 1300 for WOR, 1400 for COM.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-012 has been posted January 30. About 35 minor correxions were entered on our archive copy at 1425 UT Jan 31, only one of them involving a frequency. If you received direct or downloaded before then, please replace with the corrected version.

WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 39 is released the week starting January 24. Please disregard the 10-second pause near the start of the version available here: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-01 STREAM is available from starting January 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-011 has been posted Jan 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-010 has been posted Jan 21.

Current programs of DXing with Cumbre and also World of Radio (1066) are now being heard at the dxers calling site via or you can access the site through the following URL addresses: or -- Also you may access dxers calling by inserting this url into your winamp player: -- When listening at, I suggest you use Winamp 2.7 or similar as it is very stable with these streams. When viewing the dxers calling pop up window at, please ensure you choose Winamp under the "choose a player" function, as the others don't seem to be as stable! South Pacific DX report (SPDXR) with Paul Ormandy will return in the near future, so don't panic the maestro of SPDXR will be back! Many thanks for all the feedback, it is appreciated, and many thanks to Marie Lamb and the Cumbre DX Team, Glenn Hauser and Paul Ormandy for their continued support of dxers calling, and we are still looking for more programs....anyone! Best regards (Tim Gaynor) 73

RFPI: 15049 was back loud and clear by 1400 UT Sat Jan 20 (and we hope, an hour earlier), along with 21815-USB. We hope 15049 will again be on the air mornings as a rule, not just after 2200.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-009 has been posted January 20. A corrected version was posted at 1523 Jan 20. If downloaded or received previously, please replace with this one, to which has been added a revised Inauguration VOA schedule.

RFPI: appeared to be off the air all day Friday, but around 0145 UT Saturday Jan 20 we could confirm WOR 1066 via modulation spikes around 15050 (no carrier, no SSB), so something is out of adjustment.

MUNDO RADIAL ENERO-FEBRERO. Edicion ampliada de 17:45 minutos disponible el 19 de enero en: BAJABLE - CORRIENTE - TEXTO

WOR 1066 confirmed available ondemand from WRN by 1645 UT Fri Jan 19.

WORLD OF RADIO 1066 DOWNLOAD and WORLD OF RADIO 1066 STREAM are available here as of 0105 UT Thu Jan 18. SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-008 has been posted January 17.

Advance info from DXLD 1-008 regarding El Salvador monitoring: try the SATERN net on 14265-USB which nominally meets at 1500 UT, and Hondurans have an aid net on 7090, says ARRL via Norfolk, Escoto. There has been no SWBC from here for decades, and not much webcasting, but on International Radio Report, Sheldon Harvey suggests: - TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT EL SALVADOR EARTHQUAKE TRY THESE SITES:; Has some live local stations for limited periods of time; Listings of TV, radio and related sites worldwide (via Ricky Leong, IRR Jan 14 summary)

RFPI: 15049, not 7480, was on until 0600+ UT Tue Jan 16; no frequencies audible in the 1900-2100 period Jan 16. Probably caused by antenna work for 7480. We have received no word about any damage at RFPI caused by El Salvador earthquake, tho expect it was felt. Also on UT Wed Jan 17 15049 was on late instead of 7480.


DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-007 has been posted January 14.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-006 has been posted January 12.

RFPI: WOR 1065 confirmed Fri Jan 12 at 1930 (and in all probability new COM 01-01 at 1900, tho we tuned in too late). RFPI`s antenna for 7480 is now being raised to its proper height for a much stronger signal, Joe Bernard said at 2000 UT Jan 12. UT Sat Jan 13, 15049 went off around 0100 when COM would have aired, but by 0130 it was back, and so was 7480 on early for WOR 1065, with the antenna up now? See if the signal be better for you, especially beyond southern NAm.

WOR 1065 via WRN ondemand confirmed available by 1845 UT Fri Jan 12.


DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-005 has been posted January 10.

WORLD OF RADIO 1065 DOWNLOAD and WORLD OF RADIO 1065 STREAM are available here as of 0350 UT Thu Jan 11. SUMMARY was delayed but available by 0510 UT Jan 12.

It appears that our backup website, which was established only because this one went down for extended periods, is no longer available.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-01 has been produced Jan 9 and sent to RFPI; should start Jan 12 at 1900 or earlier as substitute; later via SUMMARY is posted.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-004 has been posted January 8.

2000 -- THE SHORTWAVE YEAR IN REVIEW script has now been posted, including a couple of parenthetical updates.

DX PROGRAMS has already been updated January 7, and will be updated as needed rather than once a month like NETS TO YOU.

VOA CW via WWCR 5070: UT-Sun Jan. 7, at 0300 I heard what really was last week's edition of VOA's Communications World, not this week's with your SW year in review feature... guess WWCR didn't get the download from WRN yet? (Joe Hanlon in Philadelphia) Same thing happened UT Monday 0630 on 3215 (gh)

WBCQ2: The Bible-readers ran over again this week, so start of WOR 1064 was delayed until 0036:47 UT Sunday Jan 7 -- but this time we got to finish late too at 0105, with Pagan Potpourri`s belated NYE show also starting late.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-003 has been posted January 6.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 1-002 has been posted January 5. If you received it directly or downloaded it before 1517 UT Jan 6, please replace with the corrected version posted here at that moment: about 44 changes were made, many minor in punxuation, spelling or syntax, but parenthetical remarx were added under BANGLADESH, CARIBBEAN, TAIWAN, USA WAFN.

2000, THE SHORTWAVE YEAR IN REVIEW, by gh, appears in the January 6 VOA Communications World, UT Saturday 0132, 0532, 0932, 1332, 1732, 2132. Full schedule: see next item. Or listen to expanded version: STREAM or DOWNLOAD

NEW! SWL AND DX PROGRAMS SCHEDULE compiled by John Norfolk posted January 5.

ANOMALY ALERT!! And What's New! Watch this space for latest info on WOR airings, DXLD postings, etc.

RFPI: WOR 1064 got an unexpected early broadcast, Thursday Jan 4 at 2002 on 21815-USB; so it will repeat UT Friday 0202 on 7480, 15049 (and presumably 1402 on 21815-USB)

WORLD OF RADIO 1064 stream and download are available from 0245 UT Thursday