WORLD OF RADIO #1111, produced December 26, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *In the new year, look for more and more of the newest info we have to offer at our new site and bookmark it but don`t delete our old site yet, which has served us well for several years, *One new addition to soon is a /calendar.html page, outgrowth of /holiday.html page, broadened *My Shortwave Year in Review appears again on VOA Communications World this week, first airing UT Saturday 0133 on 9455, repeated 4-hourly *Kim will also do two special VOA CW call-outs on New Year`s Day, Tuesday at 1433 and 1833 *America`s newest SW station heard testing Dec. 24-25, WWRB, Worldwide Radio Broadcasting, Manchester TN (recording, with address) *WWCR has been running holiday specials, including one thru Saturday 29th, Twelve Days of Christmas *WWCR has two specials on Islam airing January 1-6, schedule; see *Owner of WSM-AM and two other Nashville stations considering changes in format; listen to Grand Old Opry Saturday nights while you can *Public radio in Nashville, WPLN, paying $3 million for AM station to add news and talk *KRLD in Dallas going (almost) all-news January 7 *Cherokee-language show Saturday mornings on Tahlequah stations *CBC technicians reach agreement to end strike/lockout; see DXLD 1-204 for terms; if ratified, back to work December 31 *XERMX blocked on fundamental, heard on distorted spurs, including DX programs in English, Spanish; we update their program schedule for them *R. Maya de Barillas, Guatemala, on late Xmas eve; NY Eve too? *unID on 4470 may be third harmonic from Colombia *Explanation of R. Marias being heard via La Voz del Napo, Ecuador *R. Maranyon, Peru, active again on 60m and several reports of it, including classification of its musical format *Radiodifusora Comercial, new Peruvian, location unknown *R. Nacional, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina heard on 120m *BBC America Latina relay in Buenos Aires X-band missing, but a new one on 1710, Radio Mec, Caseros, Argentina *In decimal notation, this is the 1111th edition of World of Radio; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Thanks this week for financial support go to: John Babbis *A new clandestine for Zimbabwe called SW Radio Africa on 49m, based in UK, transmitter site unknown but unseems Madagascar, maybe South Africa; also on demand via website (recording) *R. Voice of Ethiopian Unity starts broadcasts via WZHF Arlington VA *Only two Somali SW stations reported active, R. Hargeisa, R. Banaadir *Strange as it seems, Yemen thinks Aden is most likely base for new US (television) satellite news channel in Arabic *R. Asia, new MW station believed from UAE heard in Punjab *R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus has two-minute window for DXing it in North America *R. Afghanistan reported getting new transmitter to cover 75% of the country *R. Voice of Afghanistan changed from London street address to: Afghanistan Broadcasting Company, P O Box 36467, London, UK EC2A 2YF; or P O Box 5459, Kabul *Congress OKs $19.2 million to set up R. Free Afghanistan by late Jan, to originate from RFE/RL Prague; moving three transmitters from Spain to Kuwait *R. Japan plans two special broadcasts: Dec. 29 Global Radio; and Dec. 31, Year-End Hit Parade, on many special frequencies; see DXLD 1-206 *Cambodia active again sporadically on 25 meters, no English heard *R. Reading Service, New Zealand, heard in USA on 75m, \\ RNZI *BBCWS Discovery Dec 28-Jan 1 on the Marconi Centenary; see DXLD 1-204 *Iceland again heard on shortwave, 13 MHz USB *R. Norway announced its foreign service closes at yearend, but from Jan 1 broadcasting all-news and first program home services; see *Fun, asocial way to spend New Year`s Eve is monitoring arrival of 2002, timezone by timezone on SW; or by websurfing, courtesy Media Network: *Eike Bierwirth`s Comprehensive B-01 shortwave schedule available at or *Propagation outlook from Boulder December 26; flux range 260-220-240 *Let us hope the New Year will be better for all of us *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1111 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1110, produced December 19, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Thanks for all the feedback on our battery-powered WOR last week; I identified it wrongly as 1108 instead of 1109; please listen now to the expanded and fixed-up version via the World Radio Network archive or the archive *WOR added to Radio Lavalamp schedule, webcast only station in Osaka, four times each weekend; quick links via or direct URL *Best wishes to William A. Matthews, stepping down from his DX reporting on Adventist World Radio, R. Korea International; replacing him are Victor Goonetilleke and Paul Ormandy *Iran, Pakistan, Denmark, Holland, and BBC offering aid in setting up broadcast facilities for Afghanistan; see recent DXLDs *V. of Mezopotamia, clandestine to Kurdistan, expands to 12 hours per day, same frequency, but switching sites from original Samara *Kol Yisrael made midwinter change from 11 to 6 MHz; also new 7 MHz channel for English *R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, confirmed testing again on 6 MHz band *Congo DR about to start broadcasting on SW via Africa No. One, Gabon instead of activating its own SW transmitter, long in storage *Algerian longwave outlet reactivated on same frequency as Ireland *V. of Greece suddenly changes from 11 to 9 MHz via Delano, worse *AWR, Forli, Italy, missing lately, and plans to close after December 31; special QSLs for last two days; what about Argenta replacement? *R. Yugoslavia`s SW transmitter in Bosnia suspended for failing to pay electricity bill; in danger of damage with power off; confirmed? *DW`s English to Pacific and Asia via Antigua moves from 6 to 9 MHz *Special Xmas broadcast to North America from R. Tsentr, Russia, Dec. 23-24-25 UT; reports to or .net *BBC World Service times for HM the Queen`s Xmas Message to the Commonwealth *Just A Minute, zany panel game, back with new series replacing Brain of Britain; available on demand? *BBC On Air magazine moves program grids to separate folio insert *``I Want My BBC`` petition campaign to restore North American and Australian service as a New Year`s boon by The Queen; send name, full address, postal code, E-mail address to Americans too as supporting petitioners; deadline Dec. 28. Or to I Want My BBC, c/o Mark Coady, 1038 Ward St., Bridgenorth, Ont., Canada K0L 1H0 *BBC Radio 3, webcast, repeating some Prom Concerts from last summer, starting Dec. 20 into January; see *WOR 1110, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; our websites: or *Many thanks this week for financial support go to: James D. Strader *R. Denmark broadcast news in English, by computer mistake *Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, has special Xmas broadcast for 24 hours from 2200 UT Dec 24; complex schedule of frequencies via as well as coverage maps *Technicians` CEP union strike against CBC continues; see recent DXLDs; another union, CMG offers them financial support *Pacifica dispute settled at last; see DXLD 1-196, 1-197 but a WBAI program host was just suspended for discussing settlement *FCC authorizes hams to experiment on longwave frequencies as WC2XSR, but no contacts *Condolences to Allan Weiner of WBCQ whose father, Samuel S. Weiner, died last week *R. Pueblo, Dominican Republic, with classical music on 5 MHz *R. Maria de Colombia/Ecuador on 90 meters appears to be new user of La Voz del Napo transmitter; *Congratulations to HCJB on its 70th anniversary December 25 *HCJB DX Partyline updates website and now stores program audio on demand via: -- also Ham Radio Today *R. Maranyon, Peru, reactivated on 60 meters *Annual reminder that Xmas eve, New Year`s eve and vicinity are very good times to look for rare Latin American, African stations on later than usual or even reactivated for holidays *Weekly Antarctic traffic net on 15 meters also a DX opportunity *Bob Padula criticises Digital Radio Mondiale tests, excessive interference to analog broadcasters *Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 18; flux range 175-235 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1110 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1109, produced December 12, 2001 by Glenn Hauser [Note: the versions heard on WBCQ and WWCR are slightly different] *This week`s show almost didn`t make it because of a local power failure; most of the following program recorded on a battery- powered cassette *WWCR has cancelled our Tue 1200 and Sat 1230 broadcasts on 15685 *Metropolitan Opera delayed to Sunday on two webcasting Alaska stations, KUAC and KTOO. Links at *Links to holiday special schedules at many US public radio stations, and our selection, in DXLD 1-194; soon also at *WFMT Chicago celebrating its 50th anniversary Dec 13 with special programming all day; *KYW Newsradio 1060, Philadelphia, running sesquihour concert Friday night! But will the news ticker soundeffect continue? *Strike against CBC damages long-planned Marconi specials, but some segments still aired; much coverage in recent DXLDs *See our special Marconi site *Did Marconi fake it, or was it really shortwave he heard?,3858,4317198,00.html *R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on numerous harmonics up to eleventh *R. Pueblo, Dominican Republic, just above WWV 5 MHz *New Ecuadorian on 90m, Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura, Ibarra *Exhaustive survey of Peruvian tropical band sign-on times and evening activity, by E. P. Povrzenic, in DXLD 1-192 *LRA36, Antarctica, off in November, is again being heard *New UN network in Congo DR is to be called R. Okapi, starting in January *Eritrean clandestine on 13m is not V. of the Horn, but of the Millennium, in translation mixup *R. Norway closing down shortwave at yearend, plus megawatt mediumwave but still obligated to relay Denmark *Concern about powerline communications blocking radio reception in Sweden; see DXLD 1-191 and 1-193 *The sun has set and now we`re reading our notes by flashlight *Croatian Radio, Zagreb`s peculiar timing of English segments; never activated invasion of 40m hamband to North America *Past the midpoint of WOR 1109 [NOT 1108, as I said!]; our address, -- not yahoo; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our two websites and *V. of Greece shifted 2 kHz for North America to avoid Norway *R. Oman`s English broadcasts replaced by Arabic; will they be back shortly after Ramadan? *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan`s English schedule *R. V. of Afghanistan, from London via CIS, thought to have switched site early from Moldova to Samara, perhaps Irkutsk; also doubled output to half and hour in each language, rather than a quarter hour each, repeated *Information Radio, Commando Solo, still heard, and added Arabic *China Radio International workers urged to follow the party line; full text in DXLD 1-194 *Yushu PBS, new provincial station in Qinghai, started this month *AC power finally came back on during above item *Everest Radio, non Nepal, new schedule; *FCC denies Samoa`s 2AP permission to operate in American Samoa *International Reply Coupons get new upgraded design from January *Last minute items: R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, confirmed back on 6 MHz *Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, heard on new 60m frequency *Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec. 11; flux range 210-175-235 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1109 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1108, produced December 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Frequent updates to our schedule as RFPI adjusts its usage; see especially *Now on are updates of DX and Media programs, and Nets to You; quick links at homepage *Also under construction is a special temporary page on special programs and transmissions for the Marconi centennial around Dec. 12, *WRMI`s long-publicized EDXC special UT December 12 is now in doubt, with posting of a new program and frequency schedule at as it greatly expanded Christian programming *KPH and K6KPH plan another special for Marconi centennial; see *W1AA/CC, Marconi Radio Club Dec 11-16 from Cape Cod; see *Italians using special calls during December *German LF special from weather station, DDH47 *Royal Navy Thunder Squadron re-enacts Marconi`s DX from Cornwall to Newfoundland, 1606-1800 kHz spark gap: and GB100GM on hambands: or specifically *VE3BBN in Ontario plans spark gap special on 80 meters *The Great Eastern comes back for a Marconi special *Part of Tuning the World interactive special on CBC: and Planet Radio on This Morning, Cross Country Checkup *R. New Zealand has Marconi special on Sounds Historical *ABC has special day combining all its networks; commemorative CD *KAIM, Hawaii`s only 50 kW AM station, from Molokai, going dark at yearend to protect KRLA in California *V. of Korea using bands no higher than 11 MHz this winter; see *Ramzan specials alter Kashmiri SW schedule *Adrian Peterson background on all Pakistani SW transmitters in DXLD 1-190: *Interview with founder of R. Voice of Afghanistan: hopes to operate from Afghanistan itself, add English and Arabic; has English PR person. Listen: *Russia wants to revive megawatt MW in Tajikistan, for Afghanistan *Commando Solo still heard, but no SW direct from Kabul *The suspicious Wolfgang Bueschel suggests US secret services behind many clandestines in propaganda wars *Can Afghan language find speakers in US? Miami Herald, Nov. 26 *Standard disclaimer *WOR 1108, -- please do not use our yahoo address. *Thanks this time for financial support go to: Bill Flynn *Yemen appears to have two different SW transmitters on slightly different frequencies, one weak, one strong *Bayrak Radio, Turkish Cyprus, resumed testing on 6 MHz band, more from Dec 10; reports wanted to *Nobel Week in Sweden with special coverage culminating December 10 *R. Polonia wants to stay on SW, but get better coverage, lower costs via Germany or Slovakia *Deutsche Welle Intendant foresees cutback from 29 to only five major languages: ``We cannot serve the whole world.`` *Salama Radio, Christian from UK to Nigeria, still heard, on 12 MHz; website found extremely uninformative *RTNC, DR Congo in exchange agreement with Africa Number One, Gabon *Argentine DXer can no longer hear LRA36, Antarctica, nor do they answer their phone; so is it closed down for good? When to listen *New Chilean appears on same frequency as new Uruguayan, Radio Parinacota, 24 hours from Putre, address Casilla 82, Arica, and relays Cooperativa for four hours *R. Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia, expanded hours, both morning and evening *R. San Antonio, new Peruvian from Villa Atalaya, now monitored on 60m *Two Colombian MW harmonics within 10 Hz of each other, Radio Garzon and Emisora Punto Cinco *Intriguing unID near 2380 relaying VOA and Spain in Spanish *RFPI`s latest known frequency schedule on 15 and 7 MHz *R. Liberacion, CIA clandestine for Guatemala in 1954, subject of 25- minute report on Dec 1 This American Life; see DXLD 1-187 and hear: *Radio Free Texas, micropower FM, *All Things Considered feature on KDKA and Frank Conrad`s garage: *1710 kHz Jewish station heard by many is Lubavitcher Radio, probably in Brooklyn; check or *Look out for Weirdly Cool, special from Firesign Theatre this month, as PBS pledge special; extensive list of outlets in DXLD 1-188 *26 MHz French TV link comes from CKTM, Trois Rivieres, Quebec *Strike threatened against CBC, deadline postponed to noon December 6 *World Radio TV Handbook 2002 published December 7; publisher admits past inaccuracies, and promises a great improvement from now on; please report any mistakes to *Thomas Giella says high solar flux depresses MW and tropical band propagation with greater D-layer absorption *He has also started posting a weekly mediumwave propagation outlook at *Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 4; flux range 225-185-225 *And so concludes another World of Radio, #1108; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1107, produced Nov. 28, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *RFPI resumed using 7445, but on USB, not AM, late at night *WWCR frequency plans affecting us: staying on 15685 Thu at 2130, and on 3210 2200-1100, including WOR Friday 1030, and Mundo Radial Friday 2215 [then we heard that 9475 may come back after all...] *WINB reported testing on 9475 after Egypt is off *WWCR added another program directed at Muslims, by a convert to Christianity, ``Jihad in Light of the Koran and Hadith`` *December 12th is Marconi 100th anniversary; lots of specials, to be covered next week *W1AW has specials before then honoring 80th anniversary of trans- Atlantic tests; 40th anniversary of Oscar I *WLW 700 monitored on numerous harmonics up to 8th *unID on 1710 with Jewish programming, micropower from Brooklyn? *Special MW DX test, Sunday morning Dec. 2, WPRI268, Lancaster, MA on 1620 kHz; or 25 Blodgett St., Orange, MA 01364 *Progress in Pacifica dispute, formation of new compromise board *MeasureCast says classical WQXR is top-rated webcaster; the rest of the top 5 including KING *Chicago`s classical, fine arts station WFMT celebrating 50th anniversary with special programming through December 13th; check *Antenna seminar on a MARS net UT Sundays, AAR2BV moderator *RCI has a new director-general, a low-key change, Jean Larin, expected to promote news coverage, replacing Denis Doucet *RFI`s director Jean-Paul Cluzel gets a second 5-year term as labor unions strike to preserve arrangements in face of shift to digital *David Page promotes a blooper show on Dec. 2 Club 95-16, RFI *Computed coverage maps, including back radiation, for RFI in English: *French 25 MHz signals from La Rochelle now identified by Stephane Veron, DX Listening Digest reader from info in Journal Officiel, -- one watt each from 37 different sites on five frequencies with tourist info. If you have Quicktime, see and *Unsolicited testimonial: if it were not for DXLD, this may never have been identified *Via SW, MW, FM, cable, satellite, internet, WOR 1106 [sic! I mean 1107], (not or fax 1-580-233-2948 attention Hauser; website *Catering company signs 150 megapound deal to feed 20 kilostaff at BBC London, Scotland *Another monthly DX special from Scandinavian Weekend Radio starts UT Friday November 30 at 2200 for 24 hours: *R. Finland explains situation of English broadcasts; no immediate plans to cut; see DXLD 1-178 *SRI died some years ago when it gutted its English production staff *DW`s expensive new website gets more negative reviews *R. Polonia considering using external relays, e.g. to Kazakhstan *R. Minsk, Belarus` now has English and German broadcasts on demand at website *Best frequencies for V. of Greece in eastern North America *Blocked in NAm by supersignal from Chile, but audible in Europe: new clandestine for Eritrea, Voice of the Horn; audio clips at sound like Sawt al-Qarn, Malahi Voice. See with confused political position *New SW station reported at Boorama, Somalia on ``5.5 MHz`` *Somalia`s internet link with rest of world cut off, causing anxiety *Radio Comoros, formerly on SW, starting webcasting via *R. Jordan stronger than usual, overpowering teletype; English notes *R. Georgia in English monitored in Alberta *Iran started new Arabic ``V. of Al Aqsa Intifadah from Teheran`` instead of ``Hebrew`` service *Much more about R. Voice of Afghanistan, first heard here last week; see all recent issues of DX Listening Digest. BBCM got press release with phone number, and it started announcing as from London. Founder Said Jalal Karim gives background, plans, transmitter site; website not yet up will be Afghan Broadcasting Company, 21 Worship St., London, UK EC2A 2DW; QSLs planned; *Commando Solo still being heard; IDs caught in Dari and Pashtu: Radyo-e Ma'ulumat, Ma'ulumat-i Radio *China Radio International celebrating 60th birthday December 3 *Taiwan`s exhaustive SW schedule in DXLD 1-183 *RNZI running shows on Maori music, band programme *Also in DXLD 1-183: an exhaustive study of varying sign-on times of Bolivian tropical-band stations *Bolivia also unlikely site for a new Globe Wireless CW coastal station, CPK, with frequencies 17 thru 26 MHz *Stereo Carrizal, Ecuador, reactivated for tests on 90m *Split MW frequency from Guantanamo, Cuba with fuzzy audio *R. Liberte, Haiti is programmed from NY by Serge Beaulieu at the UN, and streaming planned via [corrected URL] *Long-discontinued Yaesu FRG-100 still available, on sale at Universal *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 27; flux range 220-175 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1107 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1106, produced November 20, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI has started streaming live from studios, including WOR and COM; see or directly via *RFPI resumed 7445 kHz, at least for tests on USB *WWCR had to juggle Brother Stair frequencies, but also impacting #1 carrying us. Mundo Radial Fri 2215 may be able to resume 9475 [but less likely for WOR Friday 1030, still on 3210] *Spain missing from 90mb this season, so WWCR need not shift 5 kHz *WRN1 and hence WOR no longer audible via C-SPAN satellite and cable *Second broadcast of WOR on WBCQ 7415, UT Thursday 0600 started late last week, so stay tuned *WBCQ reports large increase in listenership; Smithsonian Magazine has full-page ad for Grundig 800 *WBCQ has new Jewish program, Spiritual Dimensions, Tuesday nights *Grunding says SW radio sales soared after Sept. 11 by 500 percent *Help for new SWLs: links to international broadcasters via *Nagoya DX Circle has English schedules page: *Bro. Stair says another 24h SW transmitter is under construction for him, but where? WBCQ? *Homefront Radio Network launched, for armed forces abroad; but it`s really just another program on See *Mexican listener tipped us on new R. V. of Afghanistan on 9 MHz; we taped the hour and present clips: includes IDs in at least two languages, Pashtu, Dari; dramatic poem. Not a Taleban outlet, but exact ID, studio and transmitter location, and sponsors yet to be determined; most likely from outside Afghanistan; much more info forthcoming in latest DX Listening Digests *R. Afghanistan, Kabul, reported back on MW frequencies locally, via mobile transmitter; NPR had report about this including ID, but not the same as on 9 MHz band: *NY Times reports on resumed Jalalabad station with poetry, music: *R. Free Afghanistan, US-sponsored, still not ready. See *Proposal to move closed SW transmitters from Spain to Kuwait for this *High Adventure will broadcast to Allied Forces in SW Asia, and Urdu *HCJB announced plans to broadcast in Dari to Afghanistan, via relay? *UAE Radio, Dubai, off-frequency on three different bands *Live from Turkey weekly call-in moved to earlier time on Tuesday, but on only one frequency, to Europe; try webstream if you dare *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1106, recorded one day early because of an intrusive holiday which doesn`t really have to be on Thursday *Tnx this week for financial support go to: Chuck Ermatinger *Read much more at *Contribute directly to this program via *Ramadan is underway until mid-December, so Islamic stations extend broadcasts, even to all-night *R. Kashmir, Srinagar, has special early-morning Ramzan broadcast *China putting more SW transmitters on, including 60mb from Tibet *V. of Tibet, clandestine on two nearby 15 MHz frequencies, unjammed *Falun Dafa, clandestine to China, observed schedule, jammed *New Star Broadcasting Station, numbers station in Chinese from Taiwan as observed *North Korea, P5, currently active on hambands thanks to visiting Georgian; see *Ducie Island ham DX-pedition called off due to heavy seas *Micronesian MW station discovered on new frequency, V6AJ, Kosrae *VNG, Australian timesignal station was three seconds off *Uruguayan monitored in daytime on variable 6 MHz frequency *Radiodifusoras Huancabamba, Peru, changed outofband 6 MHz frequency *Sunday, November 25, everything stops in Ecuador for census, and radio stations expected to operate overtime *Idea Radio, Colombia, is run by Italian immigrant; looking for clearer frequency, tried WBCQ`s one night *New SW station in Guatemala is R. Amistad, Baptist at San Pedro La Laguna, off-frequency, vertical incidence antenna *Retraction of previous assumption that La Voz de Nahuala was source of spy numbers: heard next day on a different frequency *SW radios fix-tuned to KVOH? being airdropped on remote Zacatecas tribe who have yet to be Christianized *CMHW, Santa Clara, Cuba, became super-power after hurricane *Reflections Europe, Ireland, back on three SW frequencies; see but with completely wrong schedule *Greg Dyke, head of BBC, warns staff that public criticism of BBC will not be tolerated:,7493,596135,00.html *BBC WS has decided not to describe attacks on the US as `terrorism`, a term which is too subjective *Mystery French signal on 11m mentions La Rochelle, apparently from a museum, but unconfirmable *Correxion to last week: for Liechtenstein *Croatian Radio via Germany moved one frequency from 9 to 7 MHz, avoiding VOA and AWR but now in 40m hamband; has DTK no shame? *Orientations programs in English from Greece as monitored; but how about brief newscasts in English? *V. of Russia clashes with CHU on unannounced frequency *V. of Russia testing via transmitters in Ukraine, to chagrin of RUI *R. Norway is another SW station in financial danger; but should we care, since they dropped English several years ago? *R. Finland thinking about following example of BBC, dropping English to North America; not in its mandate, anyway [follow-up: DXLD 1-178] *R. Solidarity, clandestine to Ethiopia on new schedule *V. of Freedom, Sudan clandestine from Eritrea on new frequency, once a week only *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 20; flux range 160-200 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio, 1106 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1105, produced November 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *HFCC belatedly posted B-01 frequency schedule November 9, a very useful reference, help with unIDs, but large file, via: *Radio Studio X, Italy, added a repeat of WOR, Sundays 1730 UT on 1584 kHz and FM *RFPI grid shows one more airing for WOR, Mondays 1730, but no repeats *RFPI`s 21 MHz channel audible all day in New Zealand *WBCQ has new programs until 1 am EST, so repeat of WOR is latened to 0600 UT Thursdays on 7415, 5.5 hours after first broadcast; how is this in Europe? *We suddenly have a new frequency for WOR on WWCR, Fridays at 1030 on 3210 instead of 9475; and Mundo Radial, Fridays 2215 on 3215 ex-9475 *USAF calls back 7460 from WWCR, forcing it to adjust schedule for Bro. Scare service, now on 9475 and 2390; thus, transmitter #1 can no longer use 9475 at shoulder periods, so 90m extended 2200-1100 *No USAF usage of 7460 heard yet, but several other broadcsters including Polisario clandestine *Hmmm, WWCR extension on 9475 is very bad news for R. Cairo listeners *WRNO heard relaying New Orleans religious station; clashes with WYFR on 7 MHz *William Cooper, Hour of the Time, killed Nov 6 in a shootout with a deputy sheriff in Arizona, who was in critical condition; Cooper was a favorite of Timothy McVeigh. Warrant for Cooper`s arrest. Turned out to be a dangerous lunatic *United Patriot Militia Bingo recording: ``Steve Anderson, man on the run`` *Jeff White on why Cuban exile programs are in decline *R. Habana Cuba`s major frequencies were missing for a week following Hurricane Michelle, but SSB back sooner *Spy numbers heard on exact frequency of R. La Voz de Nahuala, Guatemalan evangelical station, and on 2nd, 3rd harmonics *unID on 4840 correlates with reactivated XERTA, Mexico City, on a different frequency every night *Mexican harmonic on 2 MHz popped up in Vermont, XERLK, Atlacomulco *Something suspicious about Idea Radio, new Colombian on 7 MHz; music and accent are not Colombian. Same name and frequency for former pirate in Genova, Italy, whose manager fled to Colombia *R. Landell, Brazilian pirate, announces broadcast for UT November 18 *R. Altura, Cerro de Pasco, Peru on new 5 MHz frequency *Both Argentina`s frequencies in English have heavy interference, but 11 MHz channel no longer offset *This is the non-government, non-communist, non comercial, non- corporate, non-religious, non musical DX program, World of Radio, edition 1105; address or fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Much more info to be found at *Lubumbashi, Congo DR has new 1 kW SW transmitter *Sudan National Alliance clandestine verifies from Eritrea; postal address and *Radio UNMEE broadcasts in Eritrea suspended *V. of Unity, Abuja, Nigeria, replaces Kaduna on 7 MHz channel *Salama Radio gives new schedule, including English portions *More French TV sound heard on 26 MHz band, but maybe not from France *Deutsche Welle relaunching website November 15 *Webcast DXing Radio L, Liechtenstein, [not as in original report quoted] *Radio Polonia may close down shortwave due to poor reception (recording) *Merlin Communications sold to Vosper Thornycroft Holdings, distanced further from BBC *Progress report on new MF, HF transmitters for BBC on Omani mainland, and another transmitter for Thailand *UAE Radio, Dubai, 21 MHz channel has been off-frequency *Turkmenistan`s lost English newscast refound at new time *US aircrew support frequency 9022, coincidentally vacated by Iran, which used it for broadcasting *Swaziland using former Afghanistan frequency, so don`t be fooled *Single-frequency windup radios not dropped into Afghanistan *Commando Solo HQ cannot authenticate receptions yet *Sole Taleban station, MW from Mazar-e Sharif, taken over by Northern Alliance, renamed Radio Balkh Province *Radio back on the air in liberated Kabul, no frequencies mentioned, but hams against resumption of 40m band broadcasts *R. Free Afghanistan legislation may be outpaced by events *China National Radio testing numerous new SW transmitters, especially in Xinjiang; see DXLD 1-171 *V. of Vietnam has new relay to Europe via Austria, plus England *VNG, Australian timesignals, may close down mid-2002, but will try to get out some QSLs this year *Ducie Island ham DXpedition Nov. 16-25 or so, multi-band; rare IOTA and probable new DXCC entity; QSL via VE3HO *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 13: flux range 240-210 *So concludes with a Standard Disclaimer, yet another WOR, 1105; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed it and will tune in again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1104, produced November 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *To read much more about many of the stories on WOR, check DX Listening Digest via and look thru the menu; also *Contact us at or fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *New Zealand TV video and audio received by Jeff Kadet, Illinois *Jonathan Schier, very unpopular head of Australia`s ABC, finally resigned, causing Schier bliss; see *Fifth harmonic from China heard on 25 MHz band *Perpetual mistake in CRI`s own schedule re morning English to WNAm *BBS, Bhutan, changed timezone and English broadcast schedule, mostly in daytime; new programs include one about Internet; see and full schedule in DXLD 1-166 *All India Radio`s full GOS schedule in English *BBC Monitoring still hears only one of three Commando Solo MW frequencies; why? Ground conductivity poor, or does it matter with an airborne MW transmitter not using radials; and does altitude really have any effect on MW coverage? *US military is jamming GPS signals in Afghanistan so Taliban cannot use them either; for links see *A BBC soap opera to Afghanistan remains extremely popular; why that is, and a translated script at *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new B-01 frequencies in English to Europe *Kyrgyzstan wants more Asian broadcasts in Kyrgyz, such as from Iran *Standard disclaimer *The 1,104th more or less consecutive edition of World of Radio *Thanks this time for financial support go to: Bill Flynn *Eastern Radio, pro-Israeli, anti-Syrian MW station, expands schedule, also via *ZBC, Zimbabwe to be commercialised, but fully owned by government, per *Eric Beauchemin`s report on visit to V. of Nigeria, station being revitalised, also at with links *New VON English broadcast heard well in Victoria *R. Ghana heard in French, new language for them? *V. of Greece new schedule shows only one frequency for North America in our evenings; times confirmed for weekend English hours, Hellenes Around the World, and It`s All Greek to Me *Romania signs deal with Harris to upgrade broadcast infrastructure, $85 million over 3-5 years; hope it includes new SW transmitters *V. of Russia`s new English schedule to North America *33 MHz signal from Russia believed to be over the horizon radar *Polish Radio`s new English schedule, mainly for Europe *R. Slovakia International`s new English schedule; see website for a contest to win two weeks in a Slovakian spa: *Argentine pirate heard on 12 MHz band *Bolivian reactivated, R. La Voz del Campesino, Sipe Sipe *HCJB has demoted some programs to segments within Studio 9, including Ham Radio Today, Musica del Ecuador *New Colombian station appeared out of nowhere on 7 MHz band, sounds like Idea Radio, all-music with two English and Spanish IDs per hour (recording at 1101 UT); frequency clashes with Moscu in evening *R. Habana off the air as hurricane went thru; for protection? *New DX program from USA, but in Portuguese from Voz Crista, Miami, via Chile to Brasil *Fugitive Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio still missing; Posse Comitatus website about to close down as webmaster going to work fulltime for Aryan Nation *MW harmonics on 2 MHz band, from Georgia, New York, and New York *In major TV markets, St. Louis, ABC affiliate quit doing news, due to very low ratings, poor UHF signal *Why does auroral activity seem to peak in October and March? See *This World of Radio has been 1104; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1103, produced October 31, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Since the start of Standard Time, all our WOR times are one UT hour later except on RFPI, at the same Universal Times *New WOR time on WWCR: Saturday 1230 UT on 15685 *RFPI about to revive 7445 kHz with highest power, new antenna, in 0300-0700 UT period; reports will be wanted; keeping 15040 21 to 22 hours per day, and 21815-USB daytime *Congratulations to the Benelux DX Club, celebrating 40th anniversary November 5; see *Encontro DX, Portuguese DX progrma on R. Aparecida, Brazil, marks 15th anniversary November 1 *R. Cultural Amauta, Brazil, has 41st anniversary special UT Wed Nov 7 0000-0100 on 4955 *R. Union, Peru, jumping around 6.3 MHz area, latest landing *R. Nacional, Paraguay, settles on a split frequency close to nominal *RAE, Argentina, now on two frequencies each for English broadcasts *New times for shrunken DX Partyline on HCJB, included in *HCJB has interference from BBC Albanian in the morning *DXLD 1-158, 159 and 160 have reports on strike by workers at GBC, Guyana, never mentioning SW; check whether they are on, relaying? *Caribbean stations keep moving off 830 kHz, the lastest R. Paradise, St. Kitts & Nevis; relays Trinity evenings; when to hear own shows *RCI reception in Europe now a `disaster` with clashes, no relays *Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio, fugitive, told his listeners the story of Joe Patriot, then fulfilled it in shootout *Check UPR`s former frequencies for possible activity *Including spoof of UPR, United Patriot Militia Bingo Radio *Complete confusion at Pacifica over firing of Executive Director Bessie Wash; see *Proposals for replacing WTC with new broadcast tower for NYC, on Governor`s Island or Staten Island *VOA mailroom contaminated by anthrax, hoped not to have spread *New SW station on Kenai Peninsula, KACI visited last summer, but construction not going well, and no FCC permit *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1103 or fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our websites and where most info still resides *R. Africa International, Methodist via Germany, new schedule *Tigrean International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy, new clandestine via Germany *V. of Nigeria has commissioned three new 250 kW SW transmitters at Ikorodu; but only one heard so far on 15 MHz *DW`s English to British Isles moves one band down instead of up this winter; continuous English direct from Germany on 49m well heard *DW back on 11m for at least one more winter, joining France *NBFM broadcasts in French on 11m sounds like TV audio from France *European VHF reception peaks after local sunrise in NAm, 32-36 MHz *Spain`s new English schedule *Portugal`s new 300 kW SW will serve Europe and Brazil, and two more planned by 2003 *BBC merging its news and info divisions, BBC WS, BBC World (TV), online services, and domestic BBC news; competitors unhappy *BBCWS has 3-way clash with itself on one 6 MHz frequency *Clashes which could have been avoided at A-01 and B-01 seasonal overlaps, such as Vietnam via Canada, BBC via Florida on same frequency for two hours *BBC`s morning frequency from Antigua not getting good reviews *Former Swiss Radio International listeners now hear Croatia on same frequency, along with a parallel *R. Yugoslavia`s new English schedule; one clash with DW *Romania`s winter frequencies include clash with Cuba *Lithuania moves to 7 MHz for one English, 9 for the other *Most R. Ukraine International transmitters off due to unpaid bills, except for one megawatt(?) which clashes with Gene Scott, Costa Rica *Hunting for V. of Greece frequencies, some found; where`s English? *New schedule for Macedonian station, Thessaloniki *WRMI drops nightly relays of Israel, for Sunday afternoon only *Iran`s new schedule in English has blanks maybe meaning 9022; the rest undated from website *R. Tashkent has another English broadcast audible here *US bombed old transmitters in Kabul Oct 26; Commando Solo confirmed on only one of three reported MW frequencies; Al Jazeera says C.S. laughed at and BBC, VOA no longer trusted *New V. of Afghanistan to start soon from Feyzabad, Northern Alliance *Plans to broadcast from Pakistan into Afghanistan, Baltic-based *Bad Aibling base in Germany has new lease on life for Afghanistan operations; specualtion Commando Solo from Germany or Turkey *Goonetilleke in Sri Lanka thinks 8070 is from the tropics, D.G. *Report that aircraft are fed programming from Pakistan *V. of Mongolia schedule shows only two English broadcasts now *China`s ``massive invasion`` of new American-made transmitters, including 21 MHz band for first time *Australian video buzz on 46 MHz heard in Illinois, England *Propagation outlook from Boulder, October 30; flux range 205-180-240 *Concluding World of Radio 1103, I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1102, produced Oct. 24, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *On Sunday, Oct. 28 most SW broacasters change frequencies and/or times; see last few weeks of DX Listening Digests for new schedules *Not all of our outlets have confirmed new times and frequencies yet but tentative timeshifted schedules for WOR, COM and MR are at *WBCQ, WWCR, WRN, and our AM and FM outlets shift us one UT hour later *WBCQ: UT Thursdays 0030 and 0515 on 7415 *WWCR: Thu 2130 15685, Fri 1030 9475, Sat 0300 3215, Sun 0330 5070, Sun 0730 3210, Mon 0100 3215, 0600 3210, Tue 1200 15685 *WRN: Sat 1500 to NAm, 0900 to elsewhere (tentatively) *RFPI keeps us at same UT all year, but seems one hour earlier by local clock in areas going off DST; still awaiing revival of 7445 with a new antenna; reports wanted for current 24h test on 15040 *DX Program list by John Norfolk updated frequently: *BBC WS changes affecting North America are contradictory; Antigua changes in mornings from 17 to one or two 15 MHz *Antigua`s 300 degree heading listed by Merlin actually crosses Miami, Crawford and Los Angeles, in reality to southern NAm! *WYFR and Delano relays for ``Mexico`` leave 11 MHz for 9 and 6 *BBC decides to let Alistair Cooke continue Letters from America *RVi Belgium new English schedule, all from relays *R. France Internationale complete new schedule in English *RDP International, Portugal orders new 300 kW SW transmitter and antennas for next year, from Thales, new conglomerate in France which has consumed many electronics firms *Austrian Radio new B-01 schedule to North America *R. Budapest, complete new English schedule *R. Prague, English to North America again in morning, several times in evening and via WRMI one hour later *R. Ukraine International new English schedule including which frequency carries the megmawatt *R. Bulgaria complete new English schedule all in xxx00 kHz *Azerbaijan has new website including audio streaming, *V. of Turkey dedicating its Oct. 27 DX Corner to Gigi Lytle, who died about a year ago, Sat 2210 on 11845, but repeat could be at 0310 on 9655 or 0410 on new 6020 *Thanks to Tom McLaughlin, in memoriam Gigi Lytle, for financial support to World of Radio *V. of Turkey English schedule, complete *WOR 1102, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: and website *Israel Radio winter frequencies in English, including 6 instead of 11 MHz from mid-December to end of February *DX Listening Digest appearing almost every day, taxing my time and resources; refer to all recent issues for extensive coverage of the Afghanistan situation *Pronouncing Tal`ban and Al Qa`ida with glottal stops *Information Radio, the US PsyOps transmission on 8700-USB: missing occasionally, perhaps due to weather; speculation about its location; could be two separate sites morning and evening; CRW has evidence that it is Turkmenistan. Professionals and/or amateurs should have triangulated actual location by now *Why strange frequency 8700? PsyOps may have relied on mistaken Afghan report last July showing 8700 instead of 7080 for V. of Shariah *QSL address for Commando Solo: Lt. Edward E. Shank, 193rd Special Operations Wing, 81 Constellation Court, Middletown PA 17057; tapes accepted *Info Radio MW frequencies confirmed, but never reported by DXers; third airborne MW frequency is relaying VOA and RFE/RL *Balkh Province MW outlet, only Taliban station, monitored by BBCM *But report says Taliban have set up five temporary stations; and another report from Taliban claims 1 kW mobile transmitter on the air one hour per day in afternoons (no frequencies) *For another perspective on this, differing from mainstream media, listen to Freespeech Radio News via RFPI, UT 0000, 0600 and 1200 *Cambodia reported reactivated on 11 MHz band *RKI relays via Canada will be one hour not only during new evening broadcast, but morning too *Five technicians fired from RCI Sackville site, making it more dangerous for those left, around high voltage, no buddy system; see -- And four RCI staff in Montreal reassigned to CBC Domestic *Steve Anderson of UPR: see Loren Cox`s story in DXLD 1-154; police car he allegedly tried to cut in half with gunfire held offduty cop`s girlfriend who was injured; $5000 reward *Rush Limbaugh accuses liberals of infecting selves with anthrax; where`s the outrage against him? *Iowa City X-bander heard on 4th harmonic clashing with Pyongyang *V. of Nigeria heard erratically on 15 MHz outlet *Mauritania has been running all night on 60m, even before Ramadan *Channel Africa, South Africa, complete new English schedule *LRA36, Antarctica, still on air, per report from Russia *Colombian broadcaster studio-transmitter links on 300 MHz relayed to Europe by mistake 50 MHz lower over US military Fleetcom satellites *RFPI invites participants to four 10-week study courses in Costa Rica, starting January 6; details at *And RFPI does interactive workshops on racism in the media at North American universities, community groups *R. Miskut, Nicaragua, still low power on SW, but also has X-bander *Australian media site refers to Christian Voice instead as ``Voice International`` *Grove Enterprises says SW receiver sales have doubled or tripled *Universal also selling more, and Ten-Tec RX-350 coming in December *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 23; flux range 220-170-245 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding with a Standard disclaimer, World of Radio 1102 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1101, produced October 17, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Jonathan Shier, ABC Managing Director loses confidence of ABC Board in Australia, but refuses to resign *V. of the Lord, Philippines via Germany, moving from 15 to 9 MHz *Earth One, long-planned new SW service appears in B-01 Merlin sked via Singapore, but don`t hold your breath *V. of Indonesia, English hour audible in eastern North America *V. of Vietnam via Canada moving from 9 MHz to ex-BBC 6 MHz channel *R. Thailand`s new English schedule from October 28 = B-01 *R. Nepal active on 7 MHz only, including English news *R. Korea Int`l new evening relay at last via Canada on 9 MHz band *RKI expands webcast schedule, retimes and adds English hours *Arirang TV launching NAm service from Korea via Echostar Dish network *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English frequencies *R. Bangladesh schedule from Oct 29 shows expanded English *R. Pakistan, Peshawar has new broadcast to Afghanistan, MW and SW *PTV English TV news available from *Coverage maps available for stations in Finland, Norway, and also R. Pakistan in English: and R. Oman: *R. Baghdad monitored in English and Arabic *Kurdish clandestine monitoring reveals new communist stations: V. of Kudilara a.k.a. V. of Komala and R. Azadi Kurdistana Irana, one pro-Soviet, another pro-Maoist *V. of Shariah, Kabul still off the air, but Taliban MW station in Balkh province still on the air and monitored; lyrics of Uzbek ode to Afghanistan *The midpoint of WOR 1101; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA: and under construction *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bill Flynn *Standard disclaimer *New FM station in northern Afghanistan, R. Solh *Commando Solo, US psychological operations broadcasts to Afghanistan from aircraft, heard all over world on 8700-USB, probably feed from nearby US base to aircraft for relay. Recording by Wolfgang Bueschel *TV news report shows a SW frequency on a Taliban transceiver *Kabul airport frequencies, active and inactive *More background on the history of broadcasting in Afghanistan on current AWR Wavescans 354, 355, 356, via and transcripts in DX Listening Digest *Uruguay MW station R. Montecarlo heard with USB relay on 22 MHz band *Radio P-1, Brazilian pirate heard on 7 MHz *Terrorist center in Brazil reported operating clandestine 2-way station contacting Mideast *Russia closing down its electronic spy base in Lourdes, Cuba *Armchair quality jazz in the morning from R. Educacion, Mexico *Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio shoots at police, flees to the Kentucky mountains; extensive coverage in DXLD 1-149, 150, 151 *Exceptional new pirate Radio Forty, professional quality and good music *Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air Oct 20-21, QSY on 7 MHz avoiding AM *RCI B-01 schedule on website; feature schedule lineup inferred *Europeans feel abandoned by RCI, moving 5 MHz from Sweden back to Canada; ``they sneak away hoping nobody will notice`` but also via Russia *Swiss Radio International about to drop broadcasts to Europe and North America after Oct. 27; then try S. American service in English *Czech Republic increasingly jittery about threat of terrorism to RFE/RL building in downtown Prague; may move to outskirts *Polish Radio starting R. Parliament on longwave in daytime *R. Ukraine International missing from high-power 12 MHz frequency *So much more to report, especially winter schedules for many stations will surely be included next week *Good opening from Europe to Tennessee on VHF low-band above 30 MHz *Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 16; flux range 230-170 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1101 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1100, produced October 10, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *The eleven hundredth World of Radio, not counting extras and doubles, 2+ years since our one thousandth. Thanks to those congratulating *Celebrating by introducing our new website, or even storing our larger audio files at first, so our original will continue as well * made possible by a generous grant from Clayton Stapleton *Our new monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial starts Oct 12 on WWCR; script and audio also on our website; see *No scripts for World of Radio *Acceding to demand, our new page on monitoring SWBC from Afghanistan and vicinity, for North American monitors updated as necessary: *Terrorist attacks spurring scanner and shortwave radio sales *VOA increased broadcasts to Afghanistan again Oct 7 *DXLD 1-145 has schedule of VOA and R. Liberty specials to there *WWFV announces suspension of daylight broadcasts Oct 23 for repairs and move of some transmitters to WWCV *EWTN (and WEWN) survival in doubt since Catholics are not generous tithers and M. Angelica is ill *WWCR uninterested in webcasting, but some programs produced there may be heard via WRVU Nashville: Ken Berryhill, Keen on Jazz, at *See all the recent issues of DX Listening Digest for news in depth on broadcasting aspects of the Afghanistan situation *Taliban`s Voice of Shariah knocked off the air October 8 *Psychological operations from US planes, ``Commando Solo``, no frequencies given, but probably on or near missing Taliban channels; with 10 kW, DXable elsewhere, so reports are wanted *Besides food packets, windup radios also being airdropped *Calls in US Congress to restart R. Free Afghanistan, despite VOA, RL *New unnamed exile station in the works for national reconciliation *R. Damascus, Syria, tends to be overlooked, but has two hour-long English broadcasts (recording; 6 seconds of dead air removed) *R. Tajikistan has opened website, spelt with O`s: in Tajik with Cyrillic alphabet *Quetta, Pakistan, has 5 MHz frequency *V. of Freedom of Jammu & Kashmir monitored including English, from Pakistani transmitter *Don`t You Believe, All India Radio`s own website, which has some wrong times in IST instead of UT for GOS in English *The non-commercial, non-corporate, non-government, non-communist, non-religious media magazine, World of Radio 1100; addresses: or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *New schedule for Radio Banaadir, Somalia, until local midnight *Daughter of Ethiopia`s new leader runs clandestine V. of Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity *V. of Nigeria external service revival plans by early next year *Eurosonor Radio last-minute frequency change via Bulgaria *B-01 frequency season starts October 28; R. Sweden to North America *New site for news in English, from ORT, Russian public TV; *Tom McNiff recommends British over American news coverage: and *BBC World Service asking for 3 megapounds more to cover war on terrorism *October, the anniversary of cancellation of Media Network; Jonathan Marks is back on air Oct 11 for special on 40th annviversary of RN`s own building *RTBF to continue using SW from Belgium itself, but not RVi *Same price gets 500 kW from Merlin, 100 kW from Juelich *Some SW stations only work four days a week, delaying Friday news until Monday: Sweden, Belgium; so listen to Switzerland *France again heard well on 11 meters *R. Austria International to stay on the air another year despite ORF budget cuts, thanks to listener support *DST in Brazil starts October 14, helpful for morning DX on tropical bands, UT minus 2 until February 17 *HCJB reducing length of programs, such as DX Partyline from 50 to 30 minutes; and no more news on weekends *RN Bonaire harmonic heard on 43 MHz *Puerto Rican arrested for spying for Cuba: affidavit of charges against her: and the numbers frequency she was monitoring from Cuba *Thomas Jefferson Hour station last week URL was wrong; really *KPFA, Pacifica in Berkeley, may have to close in a month, since Pacifica HQ is keeping all donations for legal bills; see *KVMR, Nevada City, CA, broadcasting BBCWS news hourly since Sept 11 *KKOB, Albuquerque heard on 25 MHz band; KTKA, Topeka on 26 *The season for tracking migrating burrowing owls from Saskatchewan to Texas on 172 MHz band; DXLD 1-140, *Nets to You at *XM Satellite Radio is also webcasting some programs: and a comparison with Sirius is at *CFRX Toronto back on 6 MHz after an absence *RCI resuming weekend news later in month; but integration into a subsidiary of CBC French domestic service continues. Four new thematic programs start this weekend on RCI *Q&A with Digital Radio Mondiale in DXLD 1-135 *A grand old man of SW, Roger Legge, died a sesquiyear ago *Hank Bennett, of WPE fame, alive and well *Auroral conditions expected Oct 11 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued October 9; flux range 165- 270-170 *From Glenn Hauser concluding Number 1100 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1099, produced October 3, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI plans change from 15050 to 15045 Oct 8; until then, 15045 in morning, 15050 elsewhen; 7445 also off for antenna upgrade; affects many broadcasts of WOR and COM *WOR transmitted from Sackville, WRN feed by mistake, and RVi too *New Zealand begins daylight shifting Oct. 7; new RNZI schedule *V. of Indonesia, English, well heard in Wisconsin *House commission rejects plan to privatize RRI, TVRI, Antara *Macao radio station on FM in Cantonese, also webcast via *DXLD 1-135: China temporarily unblocks some major American news websites, but not for long *Chengde, China, radio website admits a jammer among its assets: *V. of Mongolia said to provide daily English audio on web *Democratic Voice of Burma, clandestine from Norway, changes a Madagascar frequency *Tips for hearing All India Radio in North America or on the net via *V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, SW recordings in English, Arabic *Lots more about monitoring Afghanistan and non in almost every recent issue of DX Listening Digest *Tiny TV station broadcasts in defiance of Taliban rules; China supplying Northern Alliance two shortwave transmitters *Taliban HQ installs satellite TV reception dishes for own use *Iran`s English broadcasts stored a week on their website at 8 kbps *And one included an interview with an American anti-Semitic ''professor'' Dr. Edward R. Fields (recording) *Iranian transmitter on 15 MHz produces strong symmetrical spurs *Iran also broadcasts Palestine clandestines, V. of Islamic Palestine; V. of Palestine, V. of Palestinian Islamic Revolution, on MW as well as SW *Israel`s English schedule, valid a few more weeks *Standard disclaimer *World of Radio 1099, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; by fax if really necessary, marked Attention: Hauser; 1-580-233-2948 *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard *Jordan off summer time four days after Israel; English one hour later *Syrian SW quite unreliable, and poor audio; schedule *R. Baghdad, Iraq on another new frequency ending in ---7, as decreed *Sign-on times for four Kurdish/Iraqi clandestines *Kamo relay site in Armenia should be called Gavar, since town renamed *R. Bulgaria changes a frequency, affecting English to Europe *Bulgaria confirmed site for Germany`s Eurosonor Radio, new schedule *Mixing product between MW and SW produces strange out-of-band frequency from Croatia *Ukraine would like to use frequency below 9.4 MHz again this winter but some receivers won`t tune it *New V. of Russia schedule, some of the English frequencies *R. Netherlands B-01 schedule posted; moving eastern North America morning broadcast via Canada one hour later by UT, not the western *BBCWS has weekly program of Afghan music on Fridays *Two more opposition radios for Ethiopia: Dejen Radio, replacing V. of Tigrayans from North America; and R. Solidarity *Five Somali SW stations currently monitored active; R. Baidoa; R. Gaalkacyo; R. Mogadishu; R. Hargeisa; R. Banaadir *Central African Republic heard on 6 MHz band with strong signal *Guinea-Bissau has started website with audio: *HCJB`s B-01 schedule shows realignment of English broadcasts *Mexico City has gone off DST already, so XERMX English one hour later *Dispatches from CBC Radio expanded to one hour; recommended. A problem for RCI to carry all, but hear it on the web *Meeting with CBC and RCI leaders indicates RCI still in trouble; write to CBC Board of Directors: *Thomas Jefferson Hour now webcast via Norfolk`s WHRV [not at as I said, but: ] *No more new Chicago Symphony Orchestra broadcasts, out of funding *New VOA Director chosen by Bush: Robert R. Reilly *FCC website has B-01 schedules for private US SW broadcasters; no mention oif WWFV or WWCV, just WGTG; WMLK with higher power *Propagation wild lately, K=7 this week; outlook from Boulder Oct. 2: flux range 180-270 *World of Radio 1099; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me every week on this and other stations ### WORLD OF RADIO #1098, produced Sept. 26, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *A bit late this month, but a new Continent of Media, 01-09 starts the last Friday in Sept on RFPI, subsequently at and now via our website: *Last week we added a second upload of WOR 1097 to our site, smaller file, lower audio quality; Comments? *World Radio Network starts Telstar 5 Ku-band DVB digital satellite to North America Oct 1, duplicating Galaxy 5 C-band for 3 months only *For much more: *More reports of (non) reception of V. of Shariah, Afghanistan on SW; monitored schedule; little info about provincial stations; Takhar radio, of Northern Alliance used to be on 7 MHz *Major broadcasters have expanded Pashto, Dari: BBC WS, RFI, VOA, DW, VOR *News by loudspeaker in Northern Alliance area; one service on internet *BBC WS self-promotion as only source of news for Afghans *Air National Guard 193rd Special Operations Wing in Pennsylvania mobilized again, for psywar airborne broadcasts to Afghanistan with tapes from PsyOps, Fort Bragg, NC; expected tactics *Clandestine Radio Watch wants recordings of English broadcasts from V. of Shariah, for historical archive *Media Network has a brief recording on site as an example *Saudi Arabian radio expands to 24 hours *Besides 5-minute English newscast from Pakistan, there is a 15-minute one at 1600; frequencies *BBC adds a MW frequency to Mideast, without specifying site; we know it`s Abu Dhabi; frequency clashes with another relay site in Armenia *Nice gesture from Kuwaiti hams: special call for all, 9K2USA *Israel has gone off summer time, so English one UT hour later; all broadcasts silent for Yom Kippur until 1700 UT Sept 27 *R. Netherlands has standby schedule of expanded Dutch should forces be involved in hostilities *R. France International reported to have greatly increased profit; from what? Hardly sells ads or dish subscriptions *UKE-Senderen, Norway, student special on 41m may start tests Oct 1 and 24 hours from Oct 11; see *Radio Ezra back for a new run the last quarter, via Vladivostok to Australasia *The non-commercial, non-government, non-communist, non-religious, non-musical DX program, World of Radio, 1098; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Much needed comic relief: parody site of BBC news: *Last week`s item on UN Radio in Congo DR confirmed by UN in Nairobi but says eleven stations instead of six *100 kW shortwave transmitter has arrived in Kinshasa after 21-year wait! (no relation to UN plans?) *Kenya off shortwave because did not pay electricity bills *Kaduna, Nigeria regional heard on 7 as well as 4 MHz; and the latter runs late for football, expected again Thursday Sept 27 *V. of Nigeria keeps promoting refurbished external service, on 15 and 11 MHz as well as 7, but we are not hearing it. A vague report from Brazil for 15, however *R. Ghana putting lots of spurs on 90m, every plus/minus 80.3 kHz *With extremely high solar flux, check for Argentine feeder on 29 MHz *Brazil about to start summer time Oct 14, UT minus 2 along the coast *New Peruvian, R. Americana, on 5 MHz outofband *La Voz del Upano, Ecuador, briefly back on 3 MHz *Dominican Republic X-bander was heard in Finland, testing in April; relayed R. Taina, but is actually R. Planeta *Special anniversary show of Mexican music on XERMX, Friday Sept 28 at 1900 local, which should be UT Sat 0000, not 0100 as reported *La Voz de la Fundacion has quit SW via WHRI and WRMI; WRMI looking for replacement soon and will revise sked portfolio: *Senior analyst Ana Belen Montes at DIA arrested for spying for Cuba; communicated via SW numbers stations: see DXLD 1-132 *WRMI new schedule shows WRN for an hour on Sundays; Jeff says it`s VOA Communications World, and RVI *Big flap at VOA over interview with Taliban leader, nixed by State Department; but eventually aired in defiance of State *AIR T`puram, India, on 5 MHz, operates local mornings only *Laos seems to have resumed external service on 7 MHz instead of 6 *Very unusual propagation at 0930: Australia to Tennessee on both 13 and 120m *Sept 30 is deadline for returning surveys to WWV *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 25: major storm, and very high flux range all above 200: 270-220-270 *Apologies if I have been a bit disjointed this week; check our website for much more organized info in DXLD as above or via *Our address: P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1098 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1097, produced September 19, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *We concentrate on some items relating to the attack on NY and Washington you may not have heard about, and refer you to the past week`s DX Listening Digests 1-125 to 1-130 and onward for much more info at *Special issues of HF Radio Internet newsletter on this subject from *British ham was monitoring NYC 10-meter repeater as attack happened *Almost daily updates in DXLD on NY TV and FM stations returning from backup sites *Some hams and TV station engineers were lost in the WTC attack *See last week for Grove`s attack frequency list site *Well-known USAF HF channels *AFRTS USB relays increasing activity, reactivated frequency; including Diego Garcia, no longer being decommissioned *Pres. Bush says ``crusade``, leading to misinterpretation into Arabic, with two different words, overreaction *Some ABC-owned radio stations have resumed internet streaming says including and WBAP, WABC *DXLD 1-130 includes introspective item about how sensational journalists should be in covering the disaster, and *Discussion of not activating and not testing Emergency Activation System *Clear Channel employees draw up list of too-sensitive songs to be supressed; see DXLD 1-130, and *US based opposition Azadi Afghan is active at and via stations in DC, Bay Area *Monitoring of V. of Shar`iah, Afghanistan on 7 MHz including English *Also audible on MW in Eurasia *V. of Iraqi Kurdistan on almost same 7 MHz frequency, confusing *Main Taliban websites disabled, but official Afghanistan site is with nothing in English *R. Pakistan`s English broadcasts on SW, *Pakistan Observer: *Iran`s World Service website in English has link to BBC TV report *Iran`s best times and frequencies here *John Figliozzi has been monitoring content of English newscasts from Egypt, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE; see DXLDs *Dubai continues running anti-Zionist history feature *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1097; our address, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Israel changed from 21 to 17 MHz Sept 1; end of summer time Sept 24 shifts all broadcasts one UT hour later *Morning Israeli news is from External Service, evening from domestic network, with different crafting *WRMI starts temporary relay of Israel in prime time; delayed from 1900 UT? *UN Radio setting up Peacekeeping radio network in six Congo DR cities, including SW at Kinshasa HQ; see DXLD 1-129 *R. Nacional Angola again heard on 25 meters *V. of Tigrayans in North America continues on WWCR after Thursday`s WOR, along with new Saturday broadcast via Russia? *BBC suddenly changed IP address to: *Government approves 5 additional BBC digital radio networks, but not BBC-3 TV *BBC announces plans for new state of the art centre at White City, London *BBC TV Newsnight carried evenings on C-SPAN network, while the other has been carrying CBC`s The National *New chairman of BBC chosen: Gavyn Davies, Labour economist *Maps showing reception quality worldwide of YLE R. Finland, DXLD 1-130: September: October: *V. of Russia new frequency to northern Europe *V. of Orthodoxy, via Kazakhstan schedule two days a week *R. Omegapolis, Crimea, heard relayed on 17 MHz maritime band *Panel absolves Vatican Radio of causing leukemia from Sta. Maria di Galeria site *Guangxi Foreign Radio Station, China, schedule to Vietnam *V. of Khmer Kampuchea Krom schedule, website: *Vanuatu heard in the European morning on 7 MHz *Solomon Islands on 5 MHz signed off, but stayed on with BBCWS *R. Australia trying different 21 MHz frequency this weekend *RFPI has been broadcasting Amy Goodman`s Democracy Now in Exile, from ground zero in NY; ad-hoc, times varying *Tijuana MW station XEJAZZ reverts to classical format, XEBACH? *Dominican Republic Indotel website lists AM and FM but not SW stations, including a not yet heard X-bander, Circuito Telesonido, SA, San Francisco de Macoris *KUNI, public radio in Iowa has beautiful coverage maps on site KUNI has something for everybody so check out their schedule and webcast *Source and cost of such maps, but not so accurate *Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 18; flux range 190-240-200 *Remember the WOR website *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1097 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1096, produced September 12, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Why do they hate us so? ... What a waste of lives *VOA Communications World has been collecting lots of audio clips from the very first minutes of the tragedy *Thanks to all our friends around the world who sent condolences, either in general or directly to us *Most New York TV stations knocked off air; some came back on other channels; only WCBS still had transmitter on Empire State Building *Became obvious which cable companies owned by others, as many relayed CBS or ABC; HSN carried Newsworld; TLC carried BBC World *Nice to have major networks on additional cable channels, as local affiliates kept cutting away for local coverage *We hardly turned on SW for this *Hard to keep internet connexion going from BBC, but Mark Byford could not be persuaded to resume SW; in all-news mode for now *Special edition of Talking Point on BBCWS Thursday at 1800 [NOT 1600 as first reported) *VOA also in all-news mode, instead of Border Crossings, etc. *R. Netherlands with rolling news special via *Pop Comm sent mailing list out-of-date times and frequencies for English SW broadcasts from Mideast *R. Iraq International, when to monitor in English, but frustrating *ARRL has lots of emergency ham radio info: *Grove enterprises has dynamic website with active frequencies: *Earlier, FBI denied bias as terrorism raid [temporarily] shut Arabic websites at Texas based InfoCom, which hosted Arab World`s leading independent news channel, Qatar`s Al-Jazeera, and Al-Sharq newspaper *Israeli TV channel about to be added to EchoStar for US viewers *WWCR updated specialty program listing, including Into the Blue *Johnny Lightning extols SW on WBCQ, but trying to secure space on satellite radio, the future; see DXLD 1-124 *Sept 15-16 special ham event, replica of Karl Jansky`s first radio telescope antenna, W9GFZ, 21320v *EWTN trying to set up illegal translator network in Wisconsin, disguised as local lowpower FM, blanketing the dial *CHNX, Nova Scotia, transmitter died, and no budget to resume *Defective RCI transmitters at Sackville provide new frequencies instead, mixing product between 15 and 17 MHz on 20 MHz *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1096, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or Check our website for lots of additional info, *We have a new MW affiliate in Europe, Radio Studio X, between Florence and Bologna on 1584 kHz, should be heard widely, plus FM in Tuscany, UT Fridays 2230; see *Tip for Rational Living: including Deepak Chopra *Brazilian 120m frequency has MW harmonics from Brazil, Radio Mineira do Sul, and from Argentina, LRA15, Radio Nacional San Miguel de Tucuman *R. Union, Peru, continues varying, around 6.35 MHz *Rdif. Nacional, Colombia in very sad state: many MW off the air, SW off for a sesquimonth; and wants to quit high school courses, close down MW network: *Venezuelan timesignal YVTO trying two frequencies off 5000 kHz *Our good friends at Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica, 14th annual Fiesta, UT Mon Sept 17 0000-0400; special QSL, door prizes to callers; 7445, 15049, maybe 21815-USB *RFPI has lots of interference in mornings from China/Taiwan 15050 *La Voz de Nahuala, Guatemala, heard not only on 2nd harmonic but 3rd *One of the PNG stations reported off last week, is heard but weak and intermittent, R. Southern Highlands *`KBBN` gospel SW planned for PNG has raised 30% of transmitter cost; carrier already heard on planned frequency, but likely a utility *FEBC hopes to turn Cambodians into Christians with authorization of 50 kW MW transmitters within country *R. Taibei International now repeats evening English in following hour, not 25 hours later; program more appealing to youth, but still old favorite Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes *V. of Tibet complains of heavy Chinese jamming; schedule. See *Confusion lately between two SW sites in UAE; the one relaying lots of other foreign broadcasters for Merlin is Abu Dhabi, not Dubai, 127 km away *English service from R. Tajikistan finally reconfirmed on tenth anniversary of independence *Be careful on 6985: Jordan spur; V. of Freedom and Renewal, clandestine for Sudan, with E-mail QSL, schedule; and R. Galcaio, Puntland, reactivated from Somalia *Lots of reports of new V. of Biafra International; recording shows address is 733 15 St NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005, not as given last week; see almost all recent DX Listening Digests *Site for new R. Ghana webcast corrected from last week: but you have to register *R. Chad heard again on 6 MHz *RTNC, DR Congo, getting new 100 kW SW transmitter *BBC relays on 11835 in our evenings reconfirmed as Delano after 0300, WYFR before that hour *Northern Star about to start English longwave service from Norway with 1200 kW; needs observations already of co- and adjacent-channel interference. Website under construction: Isle of Man broadcasting owns 10 percent *Another new Norwegian LW already on: *R. Chechnya Svobodna has great LW signal in England nightly *No propagation outlook this week; Boulder late with new info *My condolences and best wishes to everyone affected directly or indirectly by the terrorist attack on America *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1096 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1095, produced September 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *At least three versions of our latest schedules and much more at including the new Sept edition of Nets to You, adding nets2you.html and extensive file of DX Listening Digests, with much more detail on many but not all the stories mentioned here on WOR *Mozambqique, Malawi inactive on SW *R. Tanzania on two 5 MHz frequencies; Zanzibar on 6 MHz mornings only *None of Kenya`s SW frequencies currently heard by Chris Greenway there, tho one now reported from Germany *V. of Tigrayans from North America starting new transmission this Saturday, from Russia? Was on WWCR *New Eritrean opposition website, along with *V. of Hope QSL designed by NY DXer`s wife, clandestine to Sudan; reports with $ or IRC to Jane Namadi, R. Voice of Hope, P.O. Box 33829, Kampala, Uganda *Sudan heard on new MW frequency; is it a harmonic of a lower one? *V. of Africa, Libya, heard with new language, Hausa *Central African Republic still plans to resume SW, with new transmitter next year *Congo DR stations confirmed active: Candip, Bukavu *Burundi`s reactivated SW frequency is slightly off, erratic, and undermodulated *R. Rwanda adds webcast via *R. Ghana to webcast via [sic -- does not work] *V. of Biafra International, clandestine, heard in Europe and South America, but not Oklahoma; next weekly broadcast this Saturday moves 5 kHz up; Russian site believed. has feedback form, and address monitored: 733 15th (or 16th?) St., NW, 3700, Washington, DC 20005, USA; e-QSL via *Off air recordings of Wolfman Jack on XERF, et al.: *Nicaraguan TV DXed on Cape Cod last year by double-hop sporadic E *La Voz del Guaviare, Colombia, had fine romantic songs of 60s *Banda Oriental, Uruguay, getting reports from Europe, USA; 28th anniversary Sept. 7 *Argentina confused over whether Antarctic bases will be closed, so LRA-36 in limbo; GIB thinks it may stay till early next year *With a Standard Disclaimer, you have heard one half of WOR 1095; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard *New spring schedule for RNZI *Four PNG Highland stations reported off for technical, financial problems: 3275, 3355, 3375, 3395; 2410 still on *New Pacific Asian Log of all known MW, LW stations from Afghanistan to Alaska, free PDF via thanks Bruce Portzer *Adrian Peterson visited Sabah, see DXLD 1-118, including 5020.4 unID *Singapore and Malaysia get independent news on FM from Indonesia *V. of Khmer Krom changes frequency; Que Huong not on former frequency; and High Adventure`s New Horizon via Palau, Chan Troi Moi *R. Taibei International hints it may face cuts; government needs to know if anyone be listening *RCI issues revised schedule of relays via Sackville, including CRI changes of English hours from morning to evening *Abu Dhabi relay site used more and more as backup, now by R. Japan *Other UAE station renamed ``Emirates Radio from Dubai`` *R. Baghdad off-frequency heard 200.0 kHz higher *Al-Quds Radio, anti-Arafat Palestinian, closes down MW frequencies *V. of Turkey drops one English, refrequencies another to NAm *Ukraine remains on 12 MHz [still megawatt?] *Best new V. of Russia frequencies, afternoons and evenings in NAm *R. Gardarika, St. Pete, excellent in England on new frequency *RVi, Belgium, closing down its own Wavre site at Octoberend, but will continue SW via elsewhere, such as Russia, Germany *CKCX confirmed as onetime call of 15190 *CBC programs begin new season, including Quirks & Quarks, about time *Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio, said he was quitting his militia hour, but we doubt it *UPR subject of Far Right Radio Review this week on RFPI, and already archived at *Man behind Sirius Satellite Radio plans to emigrate to Israel; see:¤t_row=1&start_row=1&num_rows=1 *World For Christ Radio plans 500 kW from USA to Latin America; WFCR calls already in use by Massachusetts public radio station. See *The Powells have thrown in the towel: WJCR sold to Louisville`s Evangel Tabernacle *World Beacon, back on UAE site, and South Africa *World Radio TV Handbook 2002 to get the update it has desperately needed, and delay printing to include winter schedules *New book about radio stations getting rave reviews, by Fi Glover: I`m an Oil Tanker, Travels with My Radio; see DXLD 1-119 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, September 4; flux range 190-160-190 *So concludes antoher WOR, 1095; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to listen again next week, and check our website, ### WORLD OF RADIO #1094, produced August 29, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Get-well quick wishes to Allan Weiner, WBCQ, who had cancer surgery; says he is doing fine *WEVD, New York, becomes ESPN outlet for Disney, Sept 1 *WNYE, New York, losing foreign-language and BBC relays, but some think it will improve under management of WNYC; see DXLD 1-116 *Personal Public Radio abandoned by KOSU, along with side-streams of other music formats; was an obstacle and too commercial *Sackville using up to eleven frequencies at once for RCI and relays, so must not have trashed an old transmitter *CRTC license renewal of RCI Sackville until 2008 is referred to as CKCX, so RCI has a never-used callsign *BBC Radio 4 has tribute to Douglas Adams, replay of Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy series; and best comedy program Dead Ringers *BBC decides it would be logistically impossible to charge web user fees *Ralph Brandi`s (im)pertinent comments on BBC WS finances *Dutch pirate R. Enterprise/Bandonica heard in Pacific Northeast *MW DRM digital test in Berlin from one transmitter spoils 162 kHz *Ostankino broadcast tower in Moscow still far from repaired after fire a year ago; maybe by 2004 *V. of Russia confident of its future; has new Commonwealth service for former Soviet republics; SW can`t be cut off like Mayak, tho could be jammed like VOA *Vatican complying with Italian RF radiation regulations, including MW via France to Germany *Portugal`s national radio stations required to go 24 hours *Big pirate radio expansion in Greece above MW into SW; Yugoslavia too *Turkey cancels its great music frequency to North America, 9445 *V. of the Free Socialist Iranian Kurdistan, Radio Liberty; and Radio Kurdistan monitored *Arutz Sheva, Channel 7 in Israel heard back on MW *Reshet Dalet, Israel in Arabic frequency change; summer time to end Sept 24, latening all its SW broadcasts *The middle of WOR 1094; thanks this week for financial support go to Bruce Berr; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; *Our UT Mon 0000 on WWCR is now scheduled on 3215 instead of 9475 *Latest Spanish DX report is not on the WOR site but linked from there to *Continent of Media 01-08 now available at *KRVM 1280 Eugene OR no longer carries WRN 7/24, nor WOR *WRN satellite info for European listeners, including WOR Sat 0800 UT; see DXLD 1-115 or our website *English from UAE Radio Dubai is still heard at 0330, contrary to 1093 *Taleban website hacked and no longer available: *R. Voice of Shariyah, Kabul, changes morning schedule again *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new English frequency *CRI new relay frequencies at 0100: one is Cuba shifted 10 kHz; the other a new time for CRI via Canada *Laos again using 7 MHz, perhaps into evening and DXable *Website with some info on Dusit Palace Station, Bangkok, Or Sor: *V. of Malaysia monitored in English including 3 hours V. of Islam *R. Kuwait`s Tagalog program R. Pinoy as heard in Philippines *V. of the Lord, Philippines via Germany, from KAF = Kol Adonai Foundation; see DXLD 1-116 i.a. *Rumors of another strike this weekend at R. New Zealand; BBC relay fill not extended to SW *R. Baidoa, Somalia, reactivated on 6 MHz, mostly in local language *V. of Africa, Libya, on two parallel frequencies, both with a lot of co-channel from Sa'udi Arabia, Jordan, China, Russia, Okeechobee *V. of Biafra International starts weekly broadcasts Sat. Sept. 1; see *R. St. Helena E-mail says QSLs still be prepared; *LRA36 Antarctica still heard in Europe; about to close down *Schedules of four active Uruguay SW stations *R. Imperio, Peru heard on 8 MHz harmonic; R. Tropicana, Ecuador on 5 MHz, 4th harmonic of MW *Live interview with R. Moscow`s Joe Adamov, Aug 31 at 1400 UT, *Radio Shack discounting DX-398 during September to $150, the clone of Sangean ATS-909; info about it: *Becker Mexico SW car radio discontinued and disappearing; see LeRoy Long`s comments: *URL change for David Kernick`s site: *PDF version of VHF-UHF Digest available free at {NOTE CHANGE}: *Sweepers interfere with other SW signals, studying ocean currents and waves; operators and FCC don`t care [a.k.a. windshield wipers] *Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 28; flux range 205-150-175 *You`ve been listening to World of Radio #1094 *With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear me again, next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1093, produced August 22, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *My monthly Spanish DX report for August may be heard via [not the WOR site] *Single file on our website contains summary for all WORs and COMs this year, easy to search for subjects: *WWCR makes schedule changes Sept 1: 9475 to 3215 one hour earlier at 0000, including WOR UT Monday 0000 *Change from 15685 to 9475 one hour earlier at 1000, since from Sept 3 new Arabic Baptist Church M-F 1000-1100; URL TBA *New SW station permitted in Tennessee is close to Morrison, with geo coordinates, street address; supposed call WWCV, not per FCC yet *Both WJCR transmitters damaged by water into power supplies; off the air a while, need new final power amplifier tube *MT article on WJCR confirms they built an antenna aimed west toward China, wrong direction by consulting Mercator instead of Great Circle *R. Africa International, Methodist program now has QSL cards printed *National Association of SW Broadcasters concerned with issues such as on-air announcements about license renewal; frequency-hour fees *High Frequency Coordination Conference B-01 in Montreal Aug 27-31 *WRC-2003 agenda includes digital SW bands, or all-SSB, opposed by US *New associate members of NASB include Harris Corp., HCJB *United Patriot Radio announced new website, which is virulently anti- Semitic: *Three new articles on UPR and RFPI`s investigation of Far Right radio in DXLD 1-112 *Kirk Trummel, pirate radio person, died of cancer at 37; personal website may still be available: *Off the Hook site has news of WBAI situation, *Story about Pacifica and Democracy Now`s fate: *Not from WBAI, but from WBAI In Exile, *Thomas Jefferson Hour now produced by High Plains Public Radio; webcast only via and which we hope will change Webradio to rm or wm; *Check for latest info on stations carrying this and hundreds of other public radio programs *WUNC in North Carolina replacing classical music with NPR talk, BBC *WCPE in same market reaffirms commitment to classical *NPR`s Talk of the Nation looking for new host to replace Juan Williams; Bostonians advocate Christopher Lydon, ex-The Connection *La Voz de la Fundacion still airing on WHRI, without Ninoska Perez C. *Habana Radio, cultural FM station, increases power *R. Mexico International plans 32nd anniversary observation throughout September; but Fox administration reduced resources for improvement *LRA36, Antarctica due to close with Base Esperanza in September; half its airtime is already blocked by Salama Radio *Strike at R. New Zealand by Public Service Association staffers, affecting some RNZI programming; BBC programmes filled in *RNZI had Media Watch twice on Sunday August 19; every Sunday? *You`re about to listen to the second half or WOR 1093; our address or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if really necessary is still available, 1-580-233-2948, attn Hauser *V. of the Lord heard on frequency via Germany listed as V. of Hope; from Philippines for immigrants in Mideast, also IDs as KAS (KAF?); another frequency it mentions may be KHBN Palau *Two RRI stations reactivated, Sorong and Jakarta on 60m *Nagoya DXers Circle website includes page showing Russia and CIS relays of foreign, clandestine stations: *V. of Khmer Krom listed as from Alma Ata *Why China objects so strongly to R. Free Asia, article from left- wing journal, in DXLD 1-111 *Severe jamming damaging RKI via Canada confirmed as China vs Taiwan (recording) *V. of Armenia English schedule *Far out-of-band 9 MHz frequency reminiscent of Baku, Azerbaijan now sounds like clandestine in ``bad Arabic`` *V. of Turkey`s live call in reception too poor on SW, but webcast messes up computer with special embedded player to be avoided; even encrypts underlying code for player page *V. of Mesopotamia, clandestine was via Samara, now seems Armenia *Iraqi National Conference has started satellite TV clandestine to Iraq financed by US: DXLD 1-111 and DXLD 1-112 *KRSI [R. Seday-e Iran] clandestine switching errors point to France *Contradictory schedules of English from UAE Radio, Dubai in mornings; transmitters burn oil all through the night *Pres. Putin decreed re-establishment of federal government control over all Russian broadcast transmitting stations: DXLD 1-113 *V. of Russia frequency changes expected Sept. 2; Ukraine too *R. Prague 65th anniversary special program on Sunday, Sept. 2; send reception reports Aug. 31-Sept. 9 for special QSL *Audio file of R. Borderhunter QRP test heard by David Hodgson at *WRN1 and WRN2 will be on Telstar 5 Ku band digital satellite from Oct 1, and cease Galaxy 5 C-band Dec 31; $350 for new reception system *Congo [Brazzaville] recording as heard via Worldspace satellite *R. Guinee, Conakry, announced new high-power MW transmitters *R. ELWA, and R. Liberia International SW schedules *Propagation outlook from Boulder August 21; flux range 180-145 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1093 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1092, produced August 15, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *New August edition of Continent of Media 01-08 starts Aug 17 on RFPI; also via and linked from our website (STREAM) (SUMMARY when available) *New Mundo Radial starts Aug 17 on WWCR, Fri 2114 on 15685 *DXers Calling provides WOR, Marie Lamb and Paul Ormandy in rotation: and also ham Q-News; see DXLD 1-107 *New high-power transmitters being shipped to China, Greece *Mexican DX Meeting report on Viva Miami, WRMI, Aug 19-22 *WBCQ ship project delayed for fund raising; R. Caroline relay starts Aug. 16 on 7, not 17 MHz; which BBCWS programmes should WBCQ relay? *Tigray exiles in Indiana try broadcasting via WWCR to Ethiopia; see for background in English, audio *Radio UNMEE broadcasts to Ethiopia, Eritrea *Monitoring Somalia from Kenya; few SW stations active. See DXLD 1-106 and various station websites: *R. Mogadishu heard in UK; and R. Omdurman, Sudan, not in evenings *R. Burundi`s reactivated SW still not heard; mostly blocked *V. of Africa, Libya, back on 17 MHz instead of 15; address heard by Mocanu, Cumbre DX: *Sporadic English from Algeria heard again *NPR Weekend Edition Saturday had 17-minute report from Sealand: *David Dimbleby leading applicant to head BBC, but opposed by unions *BBC Learning English no longer on SW to Europe, but MW *Film on the web of early 1938 trans-Atlantic TVDX from London to New York: *David Hodgson, Nashville, DXed QRP test from R. Borderhunter, Belgian pirate on 15 MHz, down to 1/10 watt; congratulations *Standard disclaimer *Midpoint of WOR 1092, Addresses or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bill Flynn in Oregon *Deutsche Welle`s monthly DX sub-program in English gets lost in the shuffle; to Asia only, last Saturday of each month with Mailbag Asia. Webcast schedule at *Let`s vote for R. Austria; make your support known against another 50% budget cut: via webform at *R. Budapest, Hungary, may also be in trouble, as EDXC Conference is about to happen there August 24 *V. of Armenia`s Sunday English schedule varies, but excellent reception in UK *V. of Mesopotamia, clandestine, new frequency *V. of Kurdistan Toilers at new time; R. Kurdistan, V. of the Kurdish Socialist Democratic Party also monitored *Iranian clandestine on 17 MHz appears to be Seday-e Iran, formerly too close to WWCR on 15 *Experimental Japanese station JG2XA studies Doppler effect near former JJY frequencies; see *QSL from BPM, Chinese timesignal station gives schedule *Keith Perron has media show Wavelength on CRI`s domestic morning show in English, Friday; via *Excellent article on Falun Dong: *R. Australia temporarily switched an Indonesian broadcast from Tinian to Abu Dhabi, same frequency until August 24 *RCI spur on 15 MHz interferes with CFB Trenton, Ontario *R. Habana Cuba supposed to have started webcasting August 13, see or -- but neither audio nor video working for us *R. Apintie, Suriname, active again on 60 meters; also has webcast: mms:// *Two MW harmonics from Colombia heard in Ecuador, R. Viva, R. Super *R. Impacto Cristiano, Bolivia, is unlicensed, and no mail *Two stations in Independencia, Ayopaya, Bolivia; the SW station is cultural and not the one supported by German Catholics *AM and FM stations in Mexico City with formats in DXLD 1-101 *Story about Samoan broadcasts in Silicon Valley: *R. Oman, SW schedule in Arabic *Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 14: flux range 140-165 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1092 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1091, produced August 8, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Unexpected change in second broadcast of WOR on WBCQ to UT Thursdays 0415 on 7415, ex 0400v on 9330 *DX Programs list updated at *New Dimensions missing from UK and WSHB relays, so listen via RFPI or R. Australia *Useful websites for hurricane season: including links to live radio feeds; Nets to You at WOR site includes amateur emergency frequencies for each state; and Bill Snyder`s *Hurricane Watch primary frequency is 14325 *Clovis, California station may stay on 790 instead of 1630 kHz *New Hampshire station 0.5 kHz off-frequency, making it DXable, WKBR *ESPN taking over onetime Socialist station WEVD in NYC; see *WNYE-FM NYC to be turned over to WNYC and change format losing ethnic shows and BBC overnight relays; *Contrary to BBCWS, less rather than more BBC relaying in NY and LA *WHYY Philadelphia replaces some WRN overnight with BBC due to SW loss *New Brain of Britain season has just started on BBC Radio 4 *Mark Byford, responsible for BBCWS dropping SW to NAm, criticised by The Independent: ``contemptible stooge``, ``villainous...cretin`` *Greg Dyke, BBC head, got his teeth capped, so that`s why he banned cookies = biscuits *R. Caroline relay via WBCQ starts August 16 on 7, not 17 MHz *Radio Authority website in UK erroneously listed R. Caroline as licenced for SW; removed; see DXLD 1-104 for controversy over no SW in Britain for anyone but BBC, Merlin *Sussex Surrey Radio Group, ``Susy Radio`` low power RSL in August on mediumwave; see *DTK broadcasting digitally 24h on German MW frequency for DRM *Euro Sonor make-up broadcast and different test frequencies next two weekends, via Bulgaria? *R. Austria International budget cut in half; to keep English, French, Spanish, but not its own German shows? *Latin News missing from R. Finland; off the air, or on vacation? *The non-commerical, non-governmental, non-corporate, non-musical, non-religious, non-communist media program, WOR 1091, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or Check our website *RFE/RL temporarily doubles airtime to Belarus` in run-up to election September 9; accused of trying to ``brainwash`` citizens [note: due to a production problem only, there may be a 13-second gap within this item, such as in the audio version on our website] *V. of Mesopotamia clandestine heard again with morning broadcasts *V. of Iraqi Kurdistan heard in Ukraine on FM by sporadic E *R. Barabari, Iranian clandestine, followed by Israeli broadcast, apparently revealing site {from Anker, not Adrian Petersen!} *R. Payem-e Dost, another Iranian clandestine, followed via Moldova *Iranian clandestine called ``GHI`` on 17 MHz, maybe Seday-e Iran *Abu Dhabians cool with evangelical Christians using their Islamic facilities now brokered by Merlin, starting with WYFR, AWR, skeds *Has UAE Radio, Abu Dhabi, abandoned its own SW broadcasting? *FEBC Philippines, experimenting with German relay this week *The new Radio Free Vietnam shifted frequency 5 kHz; Democratic V. of Burma heard on same frequency by mistake, same site or same feed? *Gansu, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Chinese regional SW schedules *Christian Voice, Australia, produces spurs on 21 MHz, one in hamband *Radio Reading Service, NZ, believed heard in Tennessee on 75m *RNZI mentioned a strike and broadcast BBCWS programming instead *ZJB, Montserrat, too weak in case of volcanic emergency, on FM and internet only, not back on MW *Alo Presidente, Venezuela via Cuba moved from Sunday to Saturday morning *R. Cultura de Sao Paulo not heard on its three SW frequencies, but announced a limited SW schedule to save energy *Bolivian mystery on 90m identified as R. Ayopaya, supported by Catholics in Germany. See *R. Burundi reactivated on SW, 6 MHz after months of absence *SNBC, Sudan heard on 7 MHz, with Russian interference *R. Kahuzi, DR Congo, heard on 6 MHz by BBCM; Christian station controlled by Rally for Democracy rebels *See DXLD 1-104 for Jornal de Angola accusing R. Ecclesia of being political opposition, not just Catholic; relays via Germany still heard *Propagation outlook from Boulder August 7; flux range 165-140-165 *Standard disclaimer *That`s World of Radio 1091; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1090, produced August 1, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Benefits of visiting the WOR website include amateur Nets to You, new edition just posted at and our new info in Oklahoma Broadcasting News *Continent of Media 01-07 now available via *COM and WOR are broadcast frequently on R. for Peace Interntional; 7445 changed from USB to AM, conflicting schedules; 21815-USB silent; 15049 24 hours on AM *Far Right Radio Review on hate radio, this week or next with the Top 10 most hateful people on SW, Sats and Weds 2030 UT plus repeats; and via website archive, *New SW station planned for Manchester TN is WWCV, Worldwide Christian Voice; antenna and transmitter plans *Radio Caroline about to be carried by WBCQ on 17 and 7 MHz *Seldom Heard Radio half an hour earlier on WRMI; tribute to Douglas Adams, new season in September *VOA Delano visited, and John Vodenik will QSL this site only directly: c/o VOA Delano, 11015 Melcher, Delano, CA 93215 *WWV caught putting out matching spurs above and below 10 and 15 MHz *ARRL petitions FCC for new ``60m`` domestic hamband 5250-5400; full story in DXLD 1-103, as are most of the stories in this edition *New X-band stations planned, researched by Pat Martin; no NH *New host for WBUR`s The Connection is Dick Gordon, ex-CBC *Larry Shewchuk, Canadian DXer and broadcaster, died of cancer at 43 *Colombian network Todelar has remodeled webpage, added audio: *R. Amazonas, Venezuela, QSL reports with 3 IRCs may be sent via Sr. Jorge Garcia Rangel, Calle Roma, Qta. Costa Rica No. A-16, Urbanizacion Alto Barinas, Barinas 5201, Venezuela *R. Nuevo Horizonte [not Horizante as I pronounced], Retamas, Peru, new on 5 MHz; owner has website *Another Peruvian on 6 MHz, R. La Voz de Andahuaylas *R. Tropico, Bolivia, heard on new 6 MHz frequency *Bolivian on 6054.5 is Radio Juan XXIII, not R. Mauro Nunez, but the latter has bought that frequency *Another Bolivian has bought a 6 MHz channel, R. Patuju *Via USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, and Internet, WOR 1090, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or *ZNBC Radio 1, Zambia schedule *R. Uganda staying back on 4 MHz frequency instead of 7 *Netsanet Radio, Ethiopian clandestine, site bearing on Russia *Egypt confirms experimental broadcasts of new directional SW transmitters at Abu Zaabal; worn out transmitters still a problem, blamed on Ublisht, Russian firm which made the most terrible transmitters of the ages *Voice of Nigeria establishing more bureaux, adding more languages, ``re-engineered for quality external broadcasting`` *``Best Sellers`` on early comedy of Peter Sellers through August 14 on BBC Radio 4. He and Kingsley Amis did SW imitations; see *BBC has appointed an agnostic as head of religious programmes, Alan Bookbinder; we approve *R. Ukraine International had Ukrainian instead of English two nights by mistake; testing new extra-narrow beam to NAm, a monster- size curtain? *R. Gardarika tested to NAm July 30-August 2, some on former R. Free Chechnya service; see DXLD 1-103 *R. Kavkaz, Chechnyan clandestine heard on two 7 MHz frequencies; claims Russians will jam it, but has three different sites; Georgia to close down one of them *R. Varna, Bulgaria, still broadcasting Sundays only *Proposed VOA MW relay on Cyprus considering two sites, with another ruled out due to protests; Greens still oppose, and government approval pending *Merlin signs agreement to operate SW site in UAE, for relays, including BBC WS, RCI, NHK; transmitter and antenna details *Myanmar Defence Forces schedule; a break in it matches schedule of minority language service on another frequency *Laos reactivated 7 MHz frequency, test? *R. Free Vietnam, based in Louisiana, starts broadcasts from unknown site; not same as station of same name from California. This one: *Top 10 promotional ideas for WWV, presented by Bill Westenhaver and Sheldon Harvey, International Radio Report *Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 31; flux range 120-145-120 *And that`s WOR 1090; I`m Glenn Hauser, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1089, produced July 24, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *New frequency for us Fri 0930 UT on WWCR: 9475; also on same UT Mon 0000, but from September plans switch to 3215 *DXLD 1-102 and previous issues have discussion about freedom in China, Singapore and the US; see Toronto Star articles about China`s control of the internet: *Proposal that Thailand should change from UT+7 to UT+8 timezone *R. Shalom, Iran`s service to Israel, had nothing but music *R. Sana`a, Yemen confirmed with one English broadcast, not other *Egypt testing two new transmitters on new SW frequencies *More monitoring of Malian SW frequencies in Europe *Salama Radio answers listeners; accused of being clandestine to Nigeria *France`s longwave power cut in half at night, only one megawatt *Love Radio from Berlin special: never mind, no SW last week *Poland`s SW transmitters have warble, low modulation; English as heard in France *R. Ukraine International transmitter sites discussed; power and azimuth changes; megawatt may not last through August *R. Samorodinka, Moscow 75m heard in Finland, is a pirate *World of Radio 1089 has now exceeded its midpoint; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702; *Standard disclaimer *Thanks this week for financial support go to: LeRoy Long *Chechen rebels reported operating SW station from Azerbaijan or Georgia; ``Independent Ichkeria``in Pankissi Gorge, near Duisi village, Georgia. Believed to be R. Kavkaz (Caucasus) on 40m, jammed *BBC reported to charge US public radio stations about $16K for rights to carry any programs; cutting SW may be to earn more this way; and anticipating charging for internet access *FCC cannot force public radio and TV stations to compete in auctions with commercial broadcasters over non-reserved frequencies: see 1-102 *FCC website redesigned, easier to use: *Ninoska Perez resigns from Cuban American National Foundation over cancellation of La Voz de la Fundacion on WHRI *Colombia`s La Voz de los Centauros found off-frequency *Dispute over identity of Bolivian on 49m *R. Tropico, Bolivia, changed frequency to inside 49m band *R. Sao Carlos, Brazil, reactivated on 120m band, 24 hours *US high-power MW transmitter manufacturers are shipping to China, Middle East, Florida *``Non-direxional`` antenna at Delano is a 250-kW dipole *Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 24; flux range 140-130-145 *That concludes WOR 1089; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you back again, next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1088, produced July 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New edition of Continent of Media 01-07 available on our website from July 18; on RFPI from July 20; subsequently on *WWCR made frequency changes July 18 dropping 7435 completely, so WOR Friday 0930 UT now on 9475; also Brother Stair 7460 usage greatly expanded *Last week, WOR on WBCQ-2 9330 started much later than 0400; so if not heard on time, stay tuned *No confirmation yet that WBCQ will carry BBC WS; but R. Caroline says it will be on 7 and 17 MHz WBCQ for 9 hours per week *VOA frequency changes in English to 5 MHz out-of-band via Botswana, Greenville *Format change at VOA News Now delayed until September or later *R. Cadillac X-band talking billboards QSLed by ad agency, v/s Sarah Maggetti, Account Executive, D`Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, 3310 West Big Beaver, Troy MI 48084 *One of first LPFMs, KLGB in Enid is equipment-testing, on air most of the time; and Enid has second LPFM on air, ``Classic Rock, KUAL 104.7, Enid`` -- hardly Public Radio as in licensee name *WCLV`s explanation of 7-way station switceroo in Cleveland also says another AM station relays its classical most of the time; *New COM 01-07 has segment about consolidation in US broadcasting industry; accompanying item on Sen. Hollings` Commerce Committee trying to restrain Republican-controlled FCC from deregulating even further *Sackville frequencies abandoned by BBC and RN heard carrying RCI and R. Japan relays *RCI on 15170, 13670 and 17875 put out huge interference over entire bands *CBC summer programs include Connexions on Mondays, Despatches, Radio Donair in last half hours of As It Happens, M/W/F; and Charles Lawther`s ``hilarious`` standup documentaries in last half hour of This Morning, Sunday *Carole Taylor appointed new chairwoman of CBC, non-francophone. See: *In the midst of WOR 1088; P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA: and our hotmail accounts are also working again *Thanks for financial support this week go to: Bill Flynn *7th annual meeting of Mexican DX clubs and SWLs, Aug 9-11 in Guanajuato; info from or ask Jeff White, WRMI *XERTA`s latest frequency, trying to get back on nominal *Arbitron just moving into rating Mexico City radio networks, first market outside US *New Director of OCB, R. Marti is Salvador Lew, ex-classmate of Castro; plans to revitalize with better programming and Belize MW relays; and TV Marti to move to prime time on 3 UHF channels at once *Rolando Borges, Cuban exile broadcaster, died July 9; see DXLD 1-097 *Cuban exile news site: *OAS urges Colombia to investigate killings of journalists, including one with La Voz de la Selva, formerly on SW *La Voz del Napo, Ecuador, reactivated on 90m *Ecuadorian harmonics heard in Quito: R. Panorama; Ecos del Portete; Ondas de Caluma; see DXLD 1-099 *Peruvian harmonics IDed: Radio La Mejor; Radio San Lorenzo; and non- harmonic R. Cielo *Peruvian 5 MHz stations heard in New Zealand: Radio Reina de la Selva; R. Bolivar *R. Union, Peru, varying around 6.3 MHz is unintentional, since ID still mentions 6115; so when QSLing, don`t make an issue of clear out-of-band off-frequency *3343-3344 variable unID, Radio Cuarto Centenario, seems Bolivian *Banda Oriental, Uruguay, weak but readable for an hour in Europe; QSLs on the way from Calle Sarandi 328, Sarandi del Yi, Durazno *V. of Africa, Libya, moves back to 15 MHz from 17 *R. Cairo, Egypt, heard on new 50m frequency, ex-30m? *R. Netherlands made morning transmissions to North America permanent via Sackville, 4 hours per day at times inconvenient for CDT, MDT *Love Parade plans SW special again this year, July 20-22, but no details by July 18; see *Discussion of poor audio quality of SWBC from Poland in DXLD 1-091, 1-098 *Visit to Cyprus, including Cape Greco and feasibility of more broadcast relays there, in DXLD 1-099 *V6AH, Pohnpei, QSLed on MW in Australia; plans automated 24h soon *New Peace Radio Website on stations promoting peace in troubled areas: *Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 17; flux range 160-125-155 *And so concludes yet another WOR, 1088; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve found useful info in the program and inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1087, produced July 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Can`t receive Hotmail for two days, so please resend, and use only until further notice *``Sweltering`` at 30 degrees in Holland, so what am I doing in Oklahoma where it is 41 degrees, only slightly cooler inside, as I have to turn off my noisy air conditioner while recording? *I do a Spanish DX report for Radio Enlace on Radio Nederland; hear entire program via 96.5 kbps stéreo: *Mundo Radial, a different version, July-August edition starts July 13 on WWCR 15685, Fridays at 2112 UT; script and audio accessible via WOR website including Our Current Audio *Brunei Radio & TV has officially started webcasting five radio networks: *V. of Pujiang schedule, from Shanghai to Taiwan *Mongolian SW to be ``revitalized`` in three cities with Japanese aid; hope they don`t mean USW *QSLing India thread in DXLD 1-094 and 1-096; no return postage necessary to AIR, and don`t send cash; AIR QSL address, or *Jose Jacob receives E-QSL from AIR Jeypore *More on strife in Cyprus over RF radiation: anti-antenna riots at British bases; not BBC/Merlin site *V. of Democratic Eritrea modified schedule via Germany *Radio Rainbow, Ethiopian clandestine schedule *Netsanet Radio, Ethiopian clandestine schedule via E Europe or CIS *R. Congo, Brazzaville, keeps switching betwen 4 and 5 MHz; times for Spanish and English *R. Ecclesia, Angola, suspends programming for reorganization; impact on SW relay? *Libyan newspapers now on internet including one in English: Al-Mua'sasah al-ammah li-Sahafa: Al-Fajr al-Jadid newspaper: Al-Shames newspaper: Al-Jamahiriyah newspaper: Al-Fajr al-Jadid in English: Al-Zahf al-Akhdar: *UTAN, United Tribes of Africa News Television, plans to start satellite broadcasts to Americas, later Africa; HQ in New York *KPM556, Portland, OR increased power but antenna replacement delayed *Museum Ships special ham event July 21-22; see *New July schedule of WRMI in DXLD 1-093, minus the chaff; R. Prague relay schedule in Spanish, English *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1087, -- P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard *US Government directed Bob Padula to remove from website story on Playa de Pals; refused *Spain has Latin American jazz program, ``Manteca`` *BBC`s new frequencies to Mexico in English switiched from Delano to Okeechobee *Time-Warner cable in Rochester, NY has BBCWS on SAP of TBS 24 hours, but that is anomalous; most cable systems will not do this *Reports that BBC plans to charge for online usage *Top BBC staff handed lavish bonuses and payoffs; see DXLD 1-094 *New Salama Radio International from Britain to Africa opposes Islam, clashes with Antarctica; see *R. Ezra was not from Wavre, Belgium, says RVi; all QSLs issued were incorrect; we still suspect Bulgaria *R. Austria International will be at mercy of ORF from next January; see DXLD 1-095 *R. Ukraine International says power on 12 MHz is 1000 kW, the rest 100 kW *R. Donair is new summer series on CBC and RCI, funny stories from around the World *R. Union, Peru, back outofband on 6 and 12 MHz *R. Banda Oriental, Uruguay, heard in Sweden thanks to absence of Bolivian *SODRE, Uruguay, running all night, and DXable once Spain off frequency *WWKB reported last week to be reviving music format, has not happened, still preachers or business talk *New X-bander from California, KAXW in Spanish *One of first Low Power FM stations is equipment-testing from Enid, KLGB * articles con and pro-NPR: *Introducing youngsters to shortwave hobby *2001 National Scout Jamboree in Virginia, includes special ham station K2BSA, July 21-August 1 *Philips launching internet radio system in the US, FW-i1000; see *Counterpunch: movie chain moratorium on trailers, adding cartoons *Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 10; flux range 140-170-125 *WOR 1087; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ll join me again next week and *Reminding you that every World of Radio should be accompanied by a standard disclaimer ### WORLD OF RADIO #1086, produced July 3, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Wojtek Gwiazda calls for an International Shortwave Coalition; see and comment to *WGN Extension 720 and BBC Up All Night simulcast July 4th, Give Me Liberty; webcast via *WWKB 1520 Buffalo changed back to music format June 30 to `Best Music of the 70s`. See *WEVD NY listeners group picketed offices to save it from Disney *KKWY 1630 Wyoming still doesn`t have proper antenna; pictures via *R. Belle Haiti heard on 1700 kHz in Boston area *Pirate Cat Radio on 87.9 in Los Angeles; see *Film Week from KPCC is on only one other station, which webcasts, WOR affiliate WSUI, and provides transcripts *United Patriot Radio not raided, still on air; see Loren Cox`s take on it in DXLD 1-088, 1-090 *FCC authorized sale of KAIJ, Dallas shortwave *North American SW Broadcasters Association now headed by C. Ed Evans and Jeff White *Historic coast station in California KPH returning to air UT July 13 for commemorative Morse transmissions; see DXLD 1-087 or *CSIC ready to broadcast again; long list of possible frequencies in DXLD 1-091; Marie Lamb still waiting for her rubber chicken *CBC Radio on summer vacation schedule, with different shows weekdays at 8 pm local, including Quirks & Quarks on Thursdays *Bahamas FM DXed in Kansas, Cool 96 FM. Thread about such in DXLD 1-088, 1-089, 1-090, 1-091 with links *BBC Technology, commercial division, about to digitalise Cuba`s aging broadcast infrastructure *Another Peruvian website of help to DXers by Ministry of Education; see DXLD 1-091 and *Another Peruvian 3 MHz station, R. San Lorenzo *R. Guarani, Brazil, had American music show in English *Standard disclaimer *WOR 1086, -- P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bruce Berr *Channel Africa, South Africa, has special broadcast Sunday July 8 *Congo Brazzaville returned from 4 to 5 MHz band *Ghana putting out spurs on 3 MHz band *Voice of Hope, Sudanese clandestine via Madagascar, gets official protest from Khartoum government to Netherlands *WWCR`s new 7460 clashes with Polisario clandestine *V. of Africa, Libya, English times as monitored June 23 *Director of Radio Espanya Independiente, long-running communist clandestine, has died *El Dial, Spanish DX magazine, latest issue available free in PDF via *BBCWS cuts to North America went through, so harder to hear in our mornings, but surprisingly added new evening frequencies to `Mexico` *Coalition fights on, including posts from Arbitron that internet is not replacing radio *BBC Chairman Sir Christopher Bland taking questions in live chat session, July 5 at 1700 UT via *R. Netherlands takes over former BBC to North America frequencies temporarily, with Showcase program featuring Jonathan Marks; and regular RN English programming from July 4; via Sackville, Delano *Alfa Lima International, Dutch pirate, plans regular weekly broadcasts on another former BBCWS frequency, Saturdays and maybe Friday evenings *MediaScan, successor to Sweden Calling DXers, final broadcast July 17, but e-newsletter to continue *Scandinavian Weekend Radio has another monthly broadcast July 7; see *One of R. Bulgaria`s two 500 kW transmitters at Plovdiv is down for rest of A-01 season, so only one frequency for many broadcasts, including English *Now it`s Cyprus with movement against radiation fears from British transmitters; and how about new IBB MW 600 kW about to be built? *Lengthy joint monitoring sessions to determine actual frequency usage of Jordan and Mali, in DXLD 1-091 *R. Oman heard in Tennessee on two 19 MHz harmonics *Iraqi National Congress getting $6 million more from State Department -- so more clandestine broadcasting? *RKI relay via Canada suddenly has Chinese-style jamming; should move *R. New Ireland, Papua New Guinea rivals Port Moresby reception *Australia proposes digital technology for outback broadcasting *Outback SW transmitters should replace 2 MHz with 3 at night *Royal Flying Doctor Service frequencies might clash with out of band broadcasters *More articles about history of rare Pacific stations including WXLG Kwaljalein and KMTH Midway: *Propagation outlook from Boulder July 3; flux range 140-195-140 *World of Radio 1086; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1085, produced June 27, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *This is final airing of WOR Sat 1130 on 15685; something else from July; but plenty of other airings still on WWCR, WBCQ, RFPI, WRN, WSUI, WPKN, C-SPAN, etc. For complete schedule see *Pressure increases on BBC WS not to cut shortwave, especially by with interviews, press including AP story published worldwide; see DXLDs 1-085, 1-086, 1-087, 1-088 *BBC frequencies to be cut, and which remain from July 1 *Cuts opposed by former BBC audience researcher Graham Mytton; *MPs react favorably to objections, early day motion *Merlin figures on SW listeners show fewest in North America, Pacific but 2.42 gigapeople worldwide with SW sets *Former BBC head John Tusa also opposes cuts *Ham DXpedition to Svalbard July 12: see *RTVE Spain, major cut in workforce; affecting English service? *The rest of Italy`s new English schedule, with contradictions *Another version of Iran`s English schedule *Piston aircraft at full rev noise on 15 MHz, from Iran? *V. of Mesopotamia, clandestine frequency change *V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, clandestine frequency change *R. Iraq International in English clear only with synchronous AM *Iraq inaugurates new homemade 300 kW MW transmitter; self-reliant *IBB plans 600 kW MW relay on Cyprus by early next year, ex-Rhodes *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1085; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Chuck Ermatinger *R. Korea International plans evening relay via Canada next year *R. Sweden and DW mixing product from Sackville on 90 meters *RCI polluting entire 19mb and beyond with 15170 transmitter *RCI website was hacked for hours on weekend *KNOM, Alaska plans to run higher daytime power also at night *Still no progress in Enid`s x-bander on 1640, but KBJA, 1640, now on air from Utah in Spanish *WWL on 6 MHz explained as mixing product with WRNO on 7 MHz *Multi-station switcheroo in Cleveland OH market first few days in July prompted by WCLV selling off prime FM frequency *KUCA, Conway, Arkansas, closed down after 35 years; carried BBC, WRN *Capitol Steps holiday special for 4th of July on NPR stations *WBCQ has new PD Michael Ketter, hopes to start relaying BBC WS by August, and make other program changes; his new program UT Wednesdays 0100 on 7415, The Planet *WGTG licensee applied for new SW station near Manchester, TN *Check for pirates on 25820 USB or NBFM 2300-0400 UT *XERTA Mexico moved to new 60m frequency *Peruvian earthquake with quick news from Henrik Klemetz on -- Bolivian internet links down; news from Peru at *Peruvian hams quickly formed net for quake victims *Tacna 9 MHz station on air with quake aftermath *Voz Cristiana greeted, not relayed, Lima station, contrary to last week *Argentina decides to stay on UT minus 3, not 4 *Strike over pay looming at NBC Namibia *UN Security Council urged to accept Morocco`s annexation of Western Sahara; end of Polisario clandestine? See DXLD 1-086 *Uganda using 7 instead of 4 MHz evenings *R. Morobe, Papua New Guinea, was already back on air by last week *United Patriot Radio called it quits, came back for more, and heard UT June 27, but ``credible but unconfirmed`` report says finally raided a few hours later {false alarum: still on following night} *NPR reporters to be fined for opening any stories with soft lead (spoof) *Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 26: flux range 155-205 *That`s World of Radio 1085; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1084, produced June 20, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *New Continent of Media 01-06 now available at our website, from June 22 on RFPI, and soon via *New Mundo Radial now running on WWCR, Fridays 2115 (or 2110) on 15685 *Our Sat 1130 broadcast on WWCR 15685 disappears early in July *R. Morobe, Papua New Guinea, off the air with guy wires cut *ABC getting $75 million to revive TV service to Asia, Pacific *Thai military defies constitution in maintaining control over many radio stations; see DXLD 1-085 *R. Taibei International improves website with news and audio archives [says will be down for upgrade June 26/29 to July 2] *Tyva is new name for Tannu Tuva; when local programs air on SW *All India Radio heard in Michigan on 4 frequencies at 1000 English *AIR Jeypore back on SW after two years, schedule; reports to All India Radio, Jeypore 764005, Orissa, India *SLBC Sri Lanka still using several 60m frequencies evenings *Iran`s clandestine programs in Arabic, V. of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq, and V. of the Islamic Palestinian Revolution; Radio Shalom and complete English schedule *Live video and audio from Iraqi TV via via Samoan domain actually in Lebanon *R. Bopeshowa, Kurdistan clandestine, as now scheduled *QSL in English received from Yemen; address update: P O Box 2371, Sana`a; v/s Mohammed H. Bather *R. Tanzania audible in Europe on 50m *R. San Marino not on SW, but 24h via *Vatican Radio resumed 4 MHz broadcasts *Rai, Italy, shifted English and French 5 minutes later *Via SW, MW, FM, cable, satellite, internet, WOR 1084, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; check our website *Promo by Jim Cutler for -- BBC has not responded to pleas to reverse decision to cut SW to NAm July 1 *SAQ, Sweden plans another VLF test July 1, with ham specials too See *CFVP, Alberta, in the clear Sunday night with Marti and jammers off; German co-channel also off for an hour allowing European DX window *RCI Executive Director Robert O`Reilly retired suddenly, replaced by CBC insider. Sheldon Harvey`s point of view on this. For latest see *Personnel turnover at VOA; Director Sandy Ungar replaced by acting director Myrna Whitworth; Kelu Chao moves into acting program director position *What has finally become of the old VOA Bethany site: *WOR 1084 and DXLD 1-084 similar numbering now entirely coincidental *John Vodenik, who tried to keep Bethany open, has gone back to work at VOA, now at Delano *RFA Vietnamese transmitted from new unlisted site, Taiwan, as deduced by Olle Alm *Crisis at Radio Marti reports insufficient funds to pay settlement against OCB administrators; OCB director Herminio San Roman forced to resign July 27, in exile politics; two bills pending to abolish Radio and TV Marti: HR 1270, 1646 *At RFPI, Freespeech Radio News extended another month; and new weekly Like It Is, issues confronting African-Americans *Spanish music on 5000 kHz is R. Popular, Venezuela, getting into YVTO *DXLD 1-085 has lots of Peruvian DX from Bjoern Malm, Ecuador, including R. La Mejor; R. Ilucan; R. La Voz de Chiriaco; La Voz de San Juan; R. Bethel *Voz Cristiana, Chile, not only simulcasts its Miami station on 1700 but also heard with R. La Luz, Lima, Peru *R. Marabunta, sounds like Chilean on 48m, but Europirate relay *R. Difusora Taubate', Brasil, has new QSL, IDs in Spanish, English, increasing power, improving antenna *R. Clube Paranaense, Brasil, 77th anniversary June 27th *Propagation outlook from Boulder June 19th; flux range 195-145-205 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1084 [note: two items in headlines were not actually covered this week: ``UPR calls it quits; Clear Channel stations resume webcasts``] ### WORLD OF RADIO #1083, produced June 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Ed Mayberry lost his home in Houston flood, but family OK; so website cannot be updated for some time; contact via work: `Never take things for granted` *WWL heard on 6 MHz band, relay? [no, mixing product with WRNO 7355, not relay/image as I surmised] *SW transmitter site 14 miles south of Fort Worth: whose is it? *Bro. Stair new frequency on 7 MHz is WWCR`s first new frequency in years *Morale declining at RCI as cutbacks proceed, including no more RCI news on weekends despite no reduction in budget. More going on than meets the eye. Listen to Wojtek Gwiazda interview on June 3rd International Radio Report at and also via *Opposition Canadian Alliance party wanted to hear from RCI listeners: or MP Cheryl Gallant, House of Commons, Centre Block, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 *Amended RCI frequency schedule from June 11 in DXLD 1-083 *CHNX Halifax back on air, 41 watts heard in Europe and Australia *Nassau, Bahamas, FM station on 94.9 is called ``More 94`` *R. Barahona, Dominican Republic on 60m relays live VOA call-in *Correxion to WOR 1082: deals in Canadian, not US dollars [and `` I mentioned is not same site!] *R. Oriente Libre, Cuban clandestine on WRMI, changed time *Plans for a new Guatemalan SW station, R. Amistad, San Pedro La Laguna, on 49 or 60m by yearend; more in DXLD 1-083 *R. Autentica, Colombia, 2nd harmonic, and traces of 3rd on 17 MHz *DXLD 1-082 has another Bjoern Malm Peruvian DX report including R. Huarmaca; Radio L.Y.R.; R. Union, Tocache; La Voz de las Huarinjas; Radio L.T.C. *Argentina changing time to UT-4 June 17 *With a standard disclaimer, *We`re in the middle of WOR 1083; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or Check our website for much useful info: *Great deal of opposition continues to BBC dropping SW to North America July 1; see latest DX Listening Digests; comments from John Figliozzi *BBC updated listing of NAm relay stations, but first item was wrong, 24h on VLF in Anchorage *Fritz Groothues at BBC believed to be involved in decision; also helped close BBC German service *New website for Coalition to save BBC World Service, set up by Ralph Brandi; his comments *R. Yugoslavia`s reactivated NAm service often missing *US to close its Echelon eavesdropping post in Bavaria in 2002 *Russian regional station frequency list [in DXLD 1-083] *R. Radonezh, Orthodox station has new MW, SW frequencies *Kamchatka Fisherman`s Station schedule *In WOR Extra 42, story on Samara transmitter site was LW and MW, not SW; see follow-up in DXLD 1-070 *V. of Africa, Libya, English news times all blocked by Moscow, WYFR, except one *Mali heard many mornings on 9 MHz, not inactive *R. Nigeria domestic service testing 7 MHz frequency *V. of Nigeria external service audible on another 7 MHz, not others *Burkina Faso has reactivated 7 MHz days, 4 MHz evenings *UNAMSIL station in Sierra Leone on 6 MHz: no trace of it in Finland *Equatorial Guinea reactivated on 5 MHz; anthem matched the one at *Zimbabwe running very late on 6 MHz frequency *Frequency change time for Galei Zahal, Israel from 6 to 15 MHz *V. of Mesopotamia is on behalf of Kurds in Turkey; schedule *Monitoring Nepal feature at *More Nepal info at and *Jose Jacob says his site has more accurate AIR info than official site *World Falun Dafa Radio renamed in translation to Great Brightness Radio; QSLs received from Fang Guang Ming Inc., P O Box 117, Buford, GA 30518, USA; one site is Novosibirsk *New Cambodian clandestine actually for oppressed Cambodians in south Vietnam, V. of Khmer Kampuchea Kraom; originates in Washington DC *Three 1500 kHz stations, WTOP, KSTP and WLQV agree to change patterns for better local coverage, less skywave *KMJ in Fresno made drastic pattern change to focus on Silicon Valley *Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 6; flux range 155-135 *That`s World of Radio 1083; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear me again next week ### [WOR Extra 42: Extras are separate at the bottom of this file] WORLD OF RADIO #1082, produced May 30, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Remember our new 2nd broadcast on WBCQ-2, UT Thu 0400 on 9330-CUSB *RFPI alternates SSB and AM on 7445 [back to USB mostly lately] *WWCR: we finally are on 9475 ex-3215 UT Mon at 0000; last week the following emission was at 0530 instead of 0500 on 3215; mistake? *Long-range MW reception at midday in Hawaii, Bermuda, propagation mode not understood, `daytime long-range bending` *Christian Vision, Australia schedule shows same frequency as Chile *KHBN, Palau, has new callsign T8BZ, from Babeldaob *R. Western, PNG, heard in Alaska; PNG bandscan in DXLD 1-080 *R. Central, PNG, has been inactive *Kalimantan RRI stations heard in Alaska: Pontianak, Palangkaraya *Troops guarding Jakarta TV stations; government may fall. 2-way frequencies to monitor, and RRI Jakarta *R. Taibei International`s new program grid pattern; see DXLD 1-069; new English transmissions, and frequency changes *V. of Khmer Krom Radio, new clandestine on Fridays, but not heard last week *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, puts two third harmonics on 15 MHz *V. of Mesopotamia, new clandestine for Kurdistan *V. of the People, R. Mogadishu, Somalia *R. Galkaacyo, Somalia, barely heard in Alaska *Central African Republic failed coup attempt disrupts broadcasts *Via AM, FM, USB, SW, MW, satellite, internet, subcarrier at least, WOR 1082, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA. including DX Listening Digest *Morocco heard on 7 MHz and 14 MHz harmonic, jammer vs Polisario *R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, scheduled on 6 MHz band, but ever reported by DXers? P O Box 5, Freetown *Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service schedule, SW portion *Spain phasing out all VHF TV, moving to UHF; what`s going where: *US relay station at Playa de Pals, Spain, abruptly closed down May 25; most transmissions moved to other sites. To be demolished for tourist industry on beach *Mayak starting a 24h all-news channel, Chas Novostiy *New rebel broadcast in Chechnya, R. Kavkaz on 7 MHz *Eurosonor Radio moving from 6 to 9 MHz; not denied by Bulgarians *Scandinavian Weekend Radio`s monthly broadcast this Saturday; has three new 49m band channels authorized along with 25m. See *BBC WS cancellation of World Service on SW to NAm; check all the latest issues of DXLD; and links such as: [listen] pnm:// [listen] *Confusion about how many SW and other-media listeners BBC has here *BBCWS releases which frequencies will be cancelled, including all Sackville, WYFR; some Delano; but Antigua remains *RCI cutbacks go into effect this weekend, no more morning shows, and no RCI news on Saturday or Sunday; see *United Patriot Radio abandoning 90m for the summer, just 42m * new E-commerce site started by Cuba, in US dollars [correxion: site specifies Canadian dollars!] *Colombian MW station intruding with 10th harmonic on 20m, R. Majagual *DX Partyline 40th anniversary celebrated on this week`s show; congratulations! *R. Senado, new Brazilian `C-SPAN` high-power on 50m from Brasilia *Propagation outlook from Boulder May 29: flux range 130-160 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1082 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1081, produced May 23, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Continent of Media, May now available at *WBCQ2 has moved our repeat from UT Sun to UT Thu at 0400 on 9330-CUSB *RFPI has extended 21815-USB until 0200, then 7445-USB, affecting us *WWCR has extended 3215 until 0600, including WOR UT Mon 0500; from June UT Mon 0000 moves from inaudible 3215 to 9475 *WWCR Bro. Stair services now moving 7435 to 2390 at 0500 due to interference complaint from Australia *David Briggs, who built KCBI, has died; was our contact when carrying WOR *Hoover Institution at Stanford has exhibition on RFE/RL; see [tnx Artie Bigley; runs until Dec 28] *Greater Boston is hotbead of pirates above 1600 kHz; Paul McDonough tuned them during a traffic jam; see DXLD 1-074 and 1-063 *Jean Shepherd marathon coming this Sunday night on WBAI, 99.5 NY and *Michael Jackson is back on air in Los Angeles, KLAC, no webcast *Sirius satellite radio raised its price by $3; will XM too? *Impending demise of SW from BBCWS to NAm, Australia continues to be discussed in all recent issues of DXLD: Chuck, Joe Wheller, John Figliozzi, gh, Maryanne Kehoe, Ken Fletcher, Geoff White, Charles Winnington-Ingram, Jim Strader, Joe Buch *BBC On Air, June issue, reveals plans, with inaccurate remaining frequencies for Australia *Los Angeles times on BBC pulling plug on ``1930s technology`` See: or = *Researching how much local relaying of BBC is actually taking place in USA: contact Sheldon Harvey, *Foreign & Commonwealth Office is researching listener reaction; postal strike in London, so communicate elsewise *BBC programs about Iran, including Everywoman, Outlook and Omnibus in late May *Royal Navy plans special transmission from GBR, Rugby, 16 kHz, May 29 *BBC Radio 2 special Goon Evening, May 29 1800-2130 GMT *Reflections Europe, pirate from Ireland *Not on SW, but 5-minute English news from R. Denmark via and Banns Radio International does `News at Noon`, also text via: [Baltic And Nordic News Service] *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1081; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or for much info including DX Listening Digest, DX programs, ham nets, receiver news *Thanks this week for financial support go to: LeRoy Long *Deutsche Welle`s incoming director seems to call for longer broadcasts, not fewer *Operational error confirms Eurosonor and R. Ezra from same site *Weekly strikes on Thursdays may disrupt broadcasts from Spain *Vatican agreement with Italy over electrosmog includes moving transmissions elsewhere, but no details; new government might have different agenda *English broadcasts announced and monitored from R. Iraq International *R. V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, keeps changing sign-on time *Turkmen Radio rearranged transmissions on two 60m channels *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English frequencies at 0100 *R. Mix-Master, Yakutsk, Russia, reactivated *Fifth harmonic from Xinjiang on 27 MHz band *R. Thailand, English to North America, inaudible, but open carrier from Dubai on frequency *Two Papua New Guinea highland provincial stations off air *R. Australia`s complete official schedule via Cox Peninsula/Darwin *CFVP, Calgary, confirmed active, audible in daytime in BC *Mistrust reigns at CBC: employees vent anger at executives. See: *HRET, Honduras, not coming back to SW; studio photo at: *Freespeech Radio News resumes for another month at RFPI, M-F 1700 *Former HCJB staffer and announcer Bob Beukema has died *La Voz del Upano reactivated frequency, from Tena, Ecuador *See DXLD 1-073 for Peruvian DX catches, including La Radio El Sonido Verde *Rdif. Roraima, Brasil, drifting far from its nominal 60m frequency *R. Sarandi del Yi, Uruguay, schedule is only one sesquihour *Brazzaville, Congo, back on 60m with strong signal, heard worldwide *R. Nacional, Angola, also reactivated on 60m *Mali heard on 31m band in Germanistan *V. of Africa, Libya, English times as monitored, vary greatly *Another clandestine for Ethiopia, on 12 MHz, *Universal Radio now selling new Sony portable ICF-SW7600GR which got 5-star review from Tom Sundstrom; and $200 Icom discount on R-75; see *Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 22; flux range 170-135-155 *And so concludes yet another World of Radio, 1081; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me again next week [standard disclaimer] ### WORLD OF RADIO #1080, produced May 16, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New frequency schedule at RFPI, 7445-USB at night, 21815-USB day, 24h on 15049. So new schedule issued for WOR and COM; see *RFPI has new program, Fri 2100 and Mon 1700, Earthspan. See *RFPI Stop Hate on Radio campaign seeks donations; commitment form at Send to P O Box 1094, Eugene OR 97440 *R. Oriental, Tena, Ecuador, back closer to nominal 60m frequency *R. Disney starting a station on FM in Buenos Aires *R. Rwanda staying on later in evening, easy catch in Europe *National Radio of Saharan Arab Democratic Republic measured on 40m *R. Ecclesia, Angola via Germany confirmed; extended [13810] broadcast is on Saturday, not Sunday *Deutsche Welle getting a new Intendant, Erik Betterman, a politician who doubts 30- or 60-minute foreign language broadcasts of much use *R. Yugoslavia returned to SW on May 14 (recording), English schedule; more in DXLD 1-069 and 1-070 *Not on SW, but colorful website, news audio on demand from R. Liechtenstein, *Mike Cooper reviews English from Rai, Italy: subtle charm *R. Nadezhda, women`s station in Russia, forced off the air, now with website and plans webcasts: *R. Sweden never moved to 15 MHz because it is dropping direct frequency since Sackville relay reception is so good at 0330 *Douglas Adams, creator of Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy, died at 49 May 11; many stories and links in DXLD 1-067, 1-068, 1-070, 1-071 under International Vacuum; his own website has tribute section: *Adams described himself as a ``radical atheist`` *BBC Radio 2, evening of Tuesday, May 29, commemorates 50th anniversary of The Goons, including a new Goon Show production *We`re in the midst of WOR 1080; your input always welcome to or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702. Fax still available if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *Discussion continues unabated about BBC WS ending SW to North America in July, in all recent issues of DXLD; comments by Ricky Leong, Andy Sennitt, Bill Bergadano, Ralph Brandi, Nicholas Mead, Kai Ludwig *BCBWS correct fax number: +44 20 7557 1258 *More comments by John Figliozzi, Will Martin *WWFV offers to relay BBC 24/7 for only $219K a year; or to inherit 5975 for it own purposes *Radio Canada International may have to close newsroom on weekends, affecting all languages. See *Talking billboards ``Radio Cadillac`` heard in Chicago, California, Florida on high end of MW band; see *Seldom Heard Radio now weekly on WRMI, 7385, Sundays, 0500 UT *R. Australia finally has resumed broadcasts via Darwin *Visit to Cox Peninsula facility described in DXLD 1-069; 6 x 250 kW *New program on R. Australia, Bush Telegraph *Australian Defence Forces Radio still scheduled via RA [Shepparton] *Two East TImor MW stations monitored from Darwin, R. UNTAET and a Catholic station [``R. Timor``], Bacau *RRI Makassar, Indonesia, monitored on 9 MHz band *R. Thailand plans to add five languages, possible relay to Americas *AFN Diego Garcia may close this year as island to be returned to civilian population *MW transmitter in Afghanistan listed at 1000 kW *New mostly MW bandscan webpage set up by Mark Connelly: [note caps], and in the summary for this WOR at *Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 15; flux range 145-180-130 *And so concludes another WOR, #1080; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1079, produced May 9, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *New May edition of Continent of Media available for listening via World of Radio website, e.g. at Our Current Audio, and also via RFPI from Friday May 11 at 1900 UT, plus usual repeats *RFPI may be leaving 21815-USB on the air 24 hours *Mundo Radial, May Spanish DX report starts Friday May 11 at 2115 on 15685 *Also via our website *From May 13 our Sunday 1900 on 12160 replaced by Ken Berryhill *Dark day in history of SWBC: May 8, when BBC WS announced it would abandon SW to NAm and Australia in July; firestorm of protest in DXLD 1-065; more on this week`s VOA Communications World. BBC WS leaves us with FM relays and internet, but many complain that they can only get it by SW; public address for comments: or fax +44 171 557 1258 *R. Netherlands and Voice of Russia maintain commitment to SWBC; BBC listeners elsewhere are edgy; are they next? *R. Austria International announcer remarks it may no longer exist in two months *Vatican Radio says it will announce electrosmog reduction plans on May 18 *R. Ezra thinks he is transmitted via Belgium, but sounds like Bulgaria; he and Eurosonor bought a pig in a poke, says Kai Ludwig *Besides V. of Croatia via Germany, domestic Hrvatski Radio also on SW direct from Croatia *R. Vilnius adds second English broadcast to North America at original time, heard better *Eurovision Song Contest a big deal on many European radio and TV networks, Saturday May 12 from Copenhagen; webcast also via and see under May 3 *R. Sunshine reported last week is actually in German, from Belgium; many German radio stations have English names *Iceland now putting in good twilight signals on 13 MHz *R. Sweden still not moved to 15 MHz for NAm summer evenings; and RCI put Sweden relay on CBC Northern Quebec frequency by mistake *With a standard disclaimer, this is the *Media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1079, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 *RCI facing new threats of cutbacks in program production and news *Quirks & Quarks on CBC/RCI was about Altzheimer`s last week; terraforming Mars this Saturday after 1500, 2300 on RCI *CHUM, 1050, Toronto, dumping music for sports *Don McNeill`s Breakfast Club reminisced on Extension 720, WGN, Thursday night, May 10 *United Patriot Radio changes daytime frequency; ADL monitoring Steve Anderson for anti-semitism; see DXLD 1-060 for reports on FCC actions involving Steve Anderson *Strife at CNN, fun at *OK Mozart Festival concerts now being webcast on Oklahoma public radio stations; another one plans webcast: KGOU, Norman *WMLK 250 kW transmitter delayed until June *Armed Forces Day, with ham/military crossband contacts, a week early this year due to Dayton Hamvention, May 12. Details in DXLD 1-063, and at *New WRMI programming for May includes R. Oriente Libre *Venezuelan authorities reject Thais and Jeff Whites` application for tropical SW station [R. San Juan Internacional]; Cuban ties involved; see DXLD 1-063 *25m daytime bandscan finds 11 Brazilian stations active; DXLD 1-063 *R. Bosques, South American pirate testing on 14 and 7 MHz *Peru DX news in DXLD 1-062 including: LPC stands for La Peticion Contestada *R. Litoral, Honduras, has English in evenings; frequency varies *Mexico City confirmed on DST since May 6 with XERMX one hour earlier *R. Congo, Brazzaville, heard with English *R. Ecclesia, Angola relay schedule via Germany was incorrect; correct schedule, confirmed *V. of Nigeria has more English in evenings instead of Hausa, Yoruba *New dissident SW to Iran: from Washington, Baha`i faith`s Radio Payem-e Doost (Message from a Friend), *And R. Barabari (Equality), *China Radio International merging with CCTV and CNR domestic services to form gigabuck ``company``; see DXLD 1-065 *Vietnamese clandestine schedule via KWHR Hawai`i *Christian Voice, Australia, tentative schedule to India *Sony has new SW porttable ICF-SW7600GR; see Reception Tips page at WOR website *Propagation outlook from Boulder May 8; flux range 125-180-130 *That`s World of Radio 1079; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you back next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1078, produced May 2, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI shifted nighttime frequency to 7445; 15050 usage expanded *WRN and more and more American stations disappearing from Astra satellite, including WOR *Palau mostly relays R. Free Asia now; only two KHBN broadcasts are in Mandarin by Hong Kong church *Manager of NBC, Papua New Guinea replaced by Prime Minister in political move; may endanger Japanese technical aid *R. Australia usage of Darwin still delayed; one frequency in English planned for mid-May *Christian Voice and HCJB both licensed by Australia; see DXLD 1-057 and 1-059 *R. Eureka International, New Zealand pirate, plans May 4 test *R. New Zealand International new winter schedule effective May 6 *R. TV Malaysia network starts webcast, *R. Taibei International wants official monitors; reward a CD *Esther Li leaving RKI after May 6; native speakers of English get only two-year contracts *CRI claims relays via Brazil, but imaginary *Tannu Tuva active on 6 MHz band; hear a clip at *Kyrgyzstan believed heard on 5th harmonic; easier than fundamental? *V. of Iran was clandestine in 1077 with different frequencies each day, probably random rather than per day of week *Israel moved to 21 MHz for one English broadcast *UAE Radio Dubai back on 4 frequencies each for English broadcasts *V. of the Revolution of Tigre, Eritrea schedule *R. Mogadishu, V. of the People, Somalia, well heard in England *R. Mozambique heard back on SW, 90 meters *R. Bunia, Congo DR clandestine reports staff members killed, ambush *R. Ecclesia, Angola, still not started relay via Germany *R. Sunshine starts May 6 via Germany *V. of Croatia via Germany resumes English, Spanish news, odd times *R. Maryja, Catholic station in Poland, schedule via Russia *The non-commercial, non-communist, non-government, non-religigious, non-musical, non-apolitical program, WOR 1078, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or At our website latest schedules, DX programs, ham nets, Previously Owned Radio Market, plus a very large file of DX Listening Digests with much more about stories on WOR: *Thanks for financial support: James Strader *R. Radonezh, Russia, on new 6 MHz frequency *V. of Russia extends space quiz contest deadline to June 12 *R. Ukraine International moves from 13 to 12 MHz, which is better *R. Sweden did not move to 15 MHz May 1 as planned; Canada relay on 9755 [not 9795 as I said] *Italy and Vatican still fighting over slectrosmog; see DXLD 1-056, 1-058, 1-059 *Digital tests via Bonaire still delayed, but on via Portugal *BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Dawn Chorus around the world, May 6 on the half hour all day from 0430 UT. See *BBC Radio 4 guy wire maintenance at Droitwich 198 kHz longwave put it off the air daytimes through May 16; but Scotland still on *Emerald Radio, Ireland, yearly specials on now via WWCR *United Patriot Radio still heard on 12, 3 MHz, but poorly *Why domestic commercial radio in the US is getting so bad: *Picayune-powered CHNX off lately, but to be back for anniversary special May 11-12, and limited-edition QSLs; 41 watts, G5RV antenna *RCI reclaimed 5960, but transmitter has been down; back in May? QRM on \\ 9755 but reluctant to move *DST in Mexico City supposed to start May 6, so XERMX one hour earlier, from 1200? *Best time to DX Radio Casino, Costa Rica *GBC Guyana back on 90m, off-frequency, all night *R. Rumbos/Torbes, Venezuela, mixing product on 8 MHz band *LPC, Gerillo, Peru, new station not fully identified *unID on 5522 may be from Peru *New Brazilian religious station expected on 6215 *R. Blandengue, South American pirate, reactivating this weekend *R. Piranha Internacional, ditto, also plans comeback May 4-5 *Uruguayan broadcaster relayed by pirate on 7 MHz hamband *LRA36, Antarctica schedule; well heard in Sweden *Propagation outlook from Boulder May 1; flux range 180-130-180 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1,078 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1077, produced April 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Spain via Costa Rica 3210 extended two hours to 0600, clashing with WWCR, including WOR at 0500 UT Monday; may last a while *RFPI has plan for six 100 kW, one dedicated to UN Radio *R. Verdad, Guatemala, puts strong signal into England for Easter *Mexico City FM pirate R. Zapote ceased March 30 *R. Habana Cuba testing new 13 MHz frequency through April 21 *Colombian harmonic on 25m band, R. Autentica *Reactivated Brazilians: R. Difusora Taubate, R. Cancao Nova *Spanish on Antarctica frequency may be R. Marti spur *LRA36, Antarctica has reactivated *AFRTS USB showing up on new or reactivated 13 and 10 MHz frequencies *Monitoring in Ghana finds one of Benin`s SW stations; missing: Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon; Nigerians as usual *R. Rwanda and RT Zanzibar well audible in Europe before QRM hits *Malawi off SW due to expensive transmitter tubes needing replacement *R. Ecclesia, Angola relay via Germany not started yet *BBC WS previews: Heart and Soul: Steaming Through Ephesus, A Sound for the Soul; People and Places: True Lives, with listener participation to or Room 607SE, Bush House *BBC sacks head of Bengali section upon complaints of Bangladesh Awami League government that he supported 1975 coup *Greece puts heavy interference on BBC frequencies in Scandinavia, but BBC no longer targets Scandinavia, so tough luck *R. Vilnius, English to North Anerica, shifted one hour earlier *R. Yugoslavia, not yet back on SW, has registered full schedule; see DXLD 1-053 *Via AM, FM, subcarrier, internet, satellite and shortwave, WOR 1077, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; See including DXLD stash *Vatican Radio reduced MW hours, but not power; extension until monthend to agree on permanent reduction of RF emissions *US Navy and 10 other local FM transmitters in Naples turned off *Rai schedule overhaul has not eventuated; English still at 0050 *Only two chances to hear Club 9516 from RFI on Sundays *Belgian pirate Borderhunter heard in New Zealand; April 21-22 schedule *R. Ezra, presumably via Bulgaria on Sundays, changing to 13 MHz *English newscast from V. of Greece retimed; and Orientations heard *V. of Palestine, V. of the Palestinian Islamic Revolution via Iran *Clandestines to Iran via Moldova: [first one is: Voice of Iran!] with frequencies changing by day of week; and R. Internationale *V. of Kurdistan Toilers, clandestine schedule *QBS, Qatar on three new frequencies, one good, two clashing with other Arabs *V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, announced new morning schedule *Everest Media Services, new via Austria four days a week, for Nepali emigres in Britain via *All India Radio changed 13 MHz frequency in English, avoiding QRM *Democratic Voice of Burma`s new schedule from four sites; see DXLD 1-054 for powers and azimuths too *R. Free Asia added special New Year broadcast in Khmer; how long? *R. Taipei International via WYFR, English to Europe on 11 and 15 MHz *We reconfirm China R. International relays via Cuba in English *Alice Springs finally resumed 120m at night [and daytime too?] *R. Australia really plans to start using Darwin on April 23 *April 21 is International Marconi Day, centenary; see Cornwall Radio Amateur Club: but foot and mouth restrictions curtail some planned activities *Also for IMD, K6KPH operates via former KPH coastal facilities in California; see DXLD 1-053, *Fifth harmonic from China on 25 MHz heard in USA, Guangxi FBS; see Nagoya DXers Circle for China station list; also on 35 MHz *Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 17th; flux 145-230-130 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1077 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1076, produced April 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New edition of Continent of Media, for April started April 10 on RFPI; also via our website *Mundo Radial, monthly Spanish DX report, starts April 13 on WWCR *One WOR time on WWCR has shifted: UT Sat 0200 ex-0230 on 3215 *I`m guesting with media news on VOA Communications World this week *Hary Secombe, originally with Goon Show, has died *Seeing Stars is another BBC WS show cancelled *BBC WS previews: From Where I Stand replaces Waveguide; Mozart is Composer of the Month; Language Steamrollers *Borderhunter, Belgian pirate on 15 MHz, heard in Australia and Tennessee; schedule planned for April 13, 15. Report to *Croatian Radio finally resumes via DTK, Germany to NAm, Australia *R. Tirana, Albania, corrects frequencies to two decimal places *Bulgaria circumstantial site for Eurosonor Radio and Radio Ezra, which claims to be a really different Christian broadcaster *Wish Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation external SW were more interesting, with English IDs; schedule Fri-Sat-Sun only *Vatican Radio vs. Italy situation as of April 11; more details in DXLD 1-051; suspend half of MW, plan to ``de-localize`` SW to relays; compliance deadline April 16 may or may not be enforced *Rome`s other station, Rai, features Qur`an in Arabic service, V. of Arabia, from the ``Islamic Republic of Italy`` *UAE open to broadcasting Christian programming; World Beacon experiment comparing to reception in Africa via England *Jordan Radio-TV sacks over 300 employees *Kurdish clandestine schedules: V. of Iranian Kordestan; V. of the Iraqi People; R. Freedom, V. of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan *V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, heard in Kazakhstan *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new English schedule *AIR Goa found on new frequency in English *The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, WOR 1076; your input always welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or *V. of Vietnam relays via Canada, Moscow; not South Africa or England *Herald Broadcasting Syndicate Far East relay schedule via Taiwan, three Russian sites *Our original SW station, WRNO Worldwide, for sale for years, and now being sold to Good News World Outreach; will they upgrade? *United Patriot Radio never came back after Norm Creek; Steve Anderson was expelled from Kentucky State Militia for defying commander to close it down; see DXLD 1-051 *Colorado Public Radio split into two services April 10, but blocking Colorado Symphony *St. Louis Symphony Orchestra no longer weekly on NPR; but new Symphony Cast includes it and others *AFTRA demands extra fees for union talent appearing in commercials webcast in addition to broadcasts; so Clear Channel suspends all its webcasts, which are not profitable and reach very few *WWVB VLF antenna tower damaged, reducing power and radio-controlled clock service. See and *DST in Mexico two months less this year, May-September *Achtung! Das Deutsches Programm von RFPI, Blickwinkel, ist wieder zu hoeren *HCJB streaming at only two of the DX Partyline times *R. Panamericana harmonic from Quero, Ecuador? *RB, for R. Bagua?, Peruvian harmonic; on 5 MHz band, Ondas del Sur- oriente, another unID, and R. Cajabamba *Rare Uruguayans active in morning: R. Sarandi Sport, and R. Sarandi del Yi *Africa Number One, Gabon heard on 19 MHz harmonic *R. Ecclesia, Angolan opposition station, plans comeback on SW via Germany from April 15; see DXLD 1-051 *Specials for World Amateur Radio Day, April 18-19 from South Africa, including to North America; special QSL info in DXLD 1-048 *`KBBN`, Papua New Guinea missionary, gets SW frequency assignment *Alice Springs still on 4 MHz all-night, causing interference all over 60m band *Christian Voice, Australia with regular 21 MHz broadcasts, IDs as Africa Service; audio problems *Rough propatation lately, great variations day to day due to very high solar activity *Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 10; major geomagnetic storm levels April 11-12; flux range 155-250-165 *Look for auroral activity, blackouts, April 11-12, says NW7US *Hope you`ve been able to hear me one way or another; Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1076 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1075, produced April 4, 2001, by Glenn Hauser *WOR on WWCR, one change: UT Sunday 0630 on 3210 ex-5070 *Entire WOR schedule on WWCR, UT times and days; Thu 2030 15685, Fri 0930 7435, Sat 0230 3215, Sat 1130 15685, Sun 0230 5070, Sun 0630 3210, Mon 0000 3215, [Mon 0500 3210], Tue 1100 15685 *On WBCQ WOR is now: Wed 2330 on 7415; UT Sun 0200 on 9335-USB or as late as 15 minutes past *Check DST-updated website: *Mexico having more than a week of confusion in dispute over DST; DF stations heard still on UT -6 of CST, XEUN; and XERMX still has not shifted one hour *Yucatan`s 49mb station also on CST with anthem at 1200 UT; searching for tubes to upgrade from 500 to 1000 watts *La Voz de Galapagos, long gone from SW, and even MW, verifying old SW follow-up reports *HCJB to India schedule shows UT but local days, so DX Partyline gets its first airing UT Fridays at 2310 on 17660; back to full length *HCJB live webcast runs audio-visual commercial first *DRM tests from Bonire not yet heard; critique of DRM obsoleting AM *Lots of unusual DX lately due to extremely high solar activity; Argentine harmonic R. Armonia on 3.2 MHz heard in Tennessee *China relay in Mali new schedule in English for somewhere *High Adventure Ministries plans SW and FM from Jos, Nigeria, instead of Liberia; holy radio war against Islam; see *Tunisia putting out mixing products on 7 MHz band *New SW station on 41, 49 meterband from southern Somalia *R. Australia interfering with itself from two transmitter sites on same frequency one second apart, Taiwan and Shepparton *RNZI made two last-minute frequency changes, to 11675; and 15160 *R. Singapore International heard on 90 meter band; mixup or mixing? *R. Thailand, English to Eastern North America on summer 15395 *V. of Justice, Cambodian clandestine: Thailand still blamed in contradictory report; maybe more than weekly, lower than 15 MHz? *World Falun Dafa Radio, jammed by China, back on 12 MHz band *Standard disclaimer *We`re halfway through World of Radio 1075; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or *Thanks this time for financial support go to Tom Welch *R. Korea Int`l confirmed with no DST this summer shift via Canada *R. Pakistan`s new English schedule, all frequencies somewhat off *Iran`s English to North America as monitored at 0030 *Iran`s QSL policy includes newspaper, Islam book, blank QSLs *R. Bopeshawa, clandestine from Bulgaria to Kurdistan moves to 9960 and its second harmonic *R. Jordan still on 11 instead of 17 MHz for English, with RTTY QRM *UAE Radio, Dubai, English at 0330 frequencies, one blocked by Arabic *R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, does not plan to reactivate SW; just MW *Greek government closed down private FM stations causing protest; see *V. of Greece to North America, including English news as monitored *R. Romania International, English at 2300 not on typoed frequency; another English hour for Europe better heard here *Vaticans and Italians still fighting over electrosmog; see last few issues of DXLD; deadline extended until May 12 *REE Spain has new address for DX reports: *R. Slovakia International to NAm changes 40m hamband frequency to 49m broadcast band *R. Studio Nevskaya Volna a.k.a. R. Gardarika new frequency to Europe *Siemens bowed out but German parliament going ahead with another Powerline Communications system, threatening MW and SW reception *France heard well on 11 meters *DTK Germany testing again on 11 meters, multilingual loop tape *Eurosonor Radio, new weekly broadcast on 6900 from secret site; see *Borderhunter, europirate on 15800 or 15810, believed from Belgium *Britain`s gay radio station LBH gave up on MW 1396 via Kaliningrad; VOR replaced it, and then signs off, open for DX in Europe *BBC Radio 4, A World in Your Ear, new times on Fri, Sun *New x-band station in Kansas City testing on 1660, KXTR *KMZT, Mozart classical in San Francisco reverts to Christian format *KHFM, Albuquerque, survives with classical but has to move to a new frequency off Sandia Crest, 95.5; also losing translators *VOA retooling its Arabic service to attract more listeners, persuade Middle Easterners to hate America less. See *WWCR heard day and night in Minnesota relayed? on 103.7 *Kentucky State Militia Radio renamed United Patriot Radio, extends schedule, adds daytime 12182; Norm Creek convention imminent *WWBS, Georgia still active 4 hours a week, shifted to 11910 *Universal Radio has second URL easy to remember *High solar activity made for unususal DX *Excellent photos of auroras at *Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 3; flux range 210-160-250 *That`s World of Radio 1075; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1074, produced March 28, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Continent of Media is on RFPI several times a week, and via two different audio sources, my website, and *Because of DST, WOR one hour earlier by UT from April 1 on WWCR and WBCQ; same UT on RFPI. Via WRN1 to North America stays 9 am Saturdays CST/CDT *Summer and winter differences between UT and Eastern, Central time *New Saturday afternoon programs on WBCQ, 17495 *KNLS, Alaska, English at 1300 now masked by WEWN *United Nations Radio, English news to Africa schedule *Channel Africa, South Africa, English schedule *Two Nigerian regionals active on 49mb, one reactivated *Big internal dispute at Rai, Italy on overhauling international schedule; srike threatened; new schedule supposedly from April 9. See DXLD 1-039, 1-040, 1-041 via *Spain up to 15 MHz band this summer for English to North America *R. France International adds SW frequencies for morning English to Africa; and even 11 meters for English at 1200; 1400 and 1600 frequencies; on Sunday 1400 lasted a full hour *RVi kept English at 2230, ``RVi, Flanders International Radio``; Radio World ondemand now via Abbreviation is now RVi, not RVI *BBC Radio 4, not dumbed down, has intellectual program which is quite popular, In Our Time, Thursdays 0800-0845, 2030-2115 UT *R. Sweden`s direct frequencies in English to North America *R. Finland has only two English broadcasts on SW *Austria`s diminished schedule in English *R. Budapest, Hungary, new English schedule; one frequency clashes with China via Cuba; why not stay on clear 9835? *Serbia giving priority to reactivating domestic relay on 7200 *Romania`s actual summer English schedule, in part *V. of Greece, new relay schedule via USA; English programs *UAE Radio, Dubai, monitored English schedule [except 0330] *Iran clashes with one of them; 4-page single-spaced frequency schedule in DXLD 1-042, to be checked for unIDs *VOIR of Iran in English very good in New York on 13730 at 1930 *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1074, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard *All India Radio Kohima drifts to clearer frequency unlike Leh and Port Blair *Chinese on 25 MHz is a fifth harmonic *Canada adds three hours of morning relays of China to USA *R. Korea International plans to keep morning relay via Canada at same UT, so one hour later by local clocks; a direct option *V. of Vietnam schedule shows new relays via South Africa, England *A few remaining RRIndonesians on 90, 75, 60 meters *Alice Springs, Australia staying on 4835 all night, not 2310 *R. Australia panic to replace satellite feeds to Asia *R. Australia frequency schedule shows four Darwin transmissions, none via Taiwan *CHNX, Halifax, Nova Scotia, reactivated on 6130 with 50 watts (recording); 75th anniversary special ID planned for May 12 *Changes in RCI to Africa at 1800 from four sites, including new Dhabayya, UAE; Abu Dhabi may also relay others such as RFA *Check DRM digital interference against RCI 17870 at 1930-2000 from Bonaire 17880 *R. Corsario Internacional, pirate in Maracaibo, Venezuela, QSL via *Two Venezuelans commonly owned, and Ecos del Torbes ID heard on frequency of R. Tachira *Brazil`s R. Filadelfia excited about listeners in Sweden *Blob around 6304 is R. Union, Peru, reported by Nicolas Eramo in Argentina [not Venezuela as I said], i.a. *HCJB`s India broadcast contains DX Partyline Saturday 2310 on 17660 *XERTA heard again, off-frequency *Kentucky State Militia Radio not heard since last week, regrouping *Kevin Mitnick, former computer hacker, co-hosting Dark Side of the Internet on KFI, *Amigos de la Madrugada program during KRLD silent hour was Cuba *Unusual propagation the past week; sun getting active again with flares, large sunspot, very high solar flux reaching 263 *Propagation outlook from Boulder issued March 27: flux 240-140-235 *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1074 with a standard disclaimer ### WORLD OF RADIO #1073, produced March 21, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *The annual Week of Confusion in international broadcasting March 25- 31, with Europe on DST a week ahead of us, most stations already on summer schedules *On RFPI, all programs including WOR and COM stay at same UT all year; 15049 down now, and 7450 expanded, plus 21815-USB *All our times on WWCR shift one UT hour earlier but not until Sunday April 1; no frequency changes until June *On WRN we probably shift one UT hour earlier, but other permanent time changes are possible *Check our website for latest schedule changes, plus DX Listening Digest for much more detail on many WOR stories: *WOR times on WBCQ also shift one UT hour earlier from April *BBCM calculates the top ten SW stations in terms of program-hours per week; WWCR is #9 *Combined summer schedules of US private SW stations from FCC; *WWCR cuts 2390 to only one hour; WGTG still listed instead of WWFV; and WMLK again registered on 15265 *VOA Director Sandy Ungar going to a new job July 1 as president of Goucher College; successor at VOA unknown *GBGM of UMC finally gets less polysyllabic name, Radio Africa International; summer schedule *RCI hard hit by Week of Confusion with separate schedule for that week only; some new times and frequencies, programs from April 1 *R. Sweden expanding relays via Canada *RVI gives conflicting info on time for English, and new name for station: Flanders International Radio, or Flanders Radio International? *R. Nederland new transmission schedule including other stations it relays: *Alfa Lima International, Dutch pirate heard in North America on 6935-6936v *Merlin schedule includes RTE Ireland for midyear *Wales Radio International as timeshifted for midyear, [via England] *AWR`s new English broadcasts via Austria *Negative reaction to SRI phasing out SW, from Larry Nebron; Mike Cooper says their French broadcast is better than English *Big fight between Italy and Vatican over electrosmog; see last four issues of DXLD 35-36-37-38; easy way out; overlooked point: Santa Maria power output has increased greatly over the years *Past the midpoint of WOR 1073: Standard disclaimer *Invitation to contribute to or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *New schedule for R. Ukraine International includes 15135, 13590 toward us in English *V. of Turkey`s weekly Live from Turkey: UT Tuesdays 2212-2255 on 11845, 7190 [also webcast via] *Israel does not go on DST until April 9, but new frequency schedule, little change in English *R. Oman A-01 schedule shows no change in English, still HCJB clash *R. Djibouti plans to resume SW thanks to UNESCO aid; was on 4780 *R. Galkayo, Somalia at low power on 6985; *HCJB installed new SW transmitter for R. Kahuzi, Bukavu, Congo DR *Buea, Cameroon was only SW there last Oct, but blocked in Europe *R. Nederland, Bonaire, starting M-F DRM to Europe, NAm, digital *HCJB`s new schedule includes English to India *R. Corsario Internacional, South American pirate on 14540 *Christian Voice heard with music tests via Darwin, Australia *V. of Justice, Cambodian clandestine, confirmed again Sat March 17 *Anti-Castro broadcaster Emilio Milian has died, ex-WQBA, WWFE *The Midnight Cowboy retiring from WBAP after March 29 *New identity for WNIB Chicago is: WDRV-FM, The Drive *NOAA Weather Radio auditioning new less inhuman computer voices; reviews invited: *Independent Film Channel has ``Short Wave`` program, on animation *Reconditioned Grundig Satellit 800s sold by Heartland America; see *Boing-boing intruder evicted from 12m hamband, but still on 12 MHz? It`s CODAR from Honduras, explained at *Kentucky State Militia Radio still not busted; had coded messages [later: but not heard UT March 22 or 23; fate unknown yet] *We`ve had auroral conditions; see *Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 20; flux range 155-140-160 *That`s World of Radio 1073; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1072, produced March 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New March edition of Continent of Media 01-03 should start March 16 on RFPI, Fridays 1900 plus usual repeats *New edition of Mundo Radial starts March 16 on WWCR, Fridays 2215 on 9475 *WWCR carrying Public Radio International program Dialogue; lobby for other public radio programs to get SW exposure *New Mexico to get its second SW station, at Pinon, two 50 kW by same missionary organization as HRMI Honduras, IMF *Other DX programs will be featuring coverage of SW Winterfest of last weekend; including Viva Miami on WRMI, UT Sundays 0330 on 7385; see for other possible airtimes *HAARP says it was not on the air when some believed they were receiving it on 3390; so what was it? *Excellent wrapup by Harry Helms about mysterious signals on 1136 from restricted areas in Nevada, tho inconclusive: the Newsroom at *Coordinated downtime of 1080 stations KRLD and WTIC postponed from March 4 to March 18, early Sunday morning *FCC relaxing requirements on directional AM stations to measure radials ensuring correct operation *Kentucky State Militia Radio, SW clandestine on 3260-USB, operating regular schedule, an hour every night (recording); possibly facing armed resistance, will the FCC rush to bust it as it did relatively insignificant FM pirates? *New calls and format for ex-classical WNIB 97.1 Chicago revealed March 15 at 7 am *R. Vancouver International never reported by any known DXer, and now seems to have given up on SW *Another Canadian ethnic programmer seeking investors for a SW station, Dimple Seth with Indian film music in Montreal *Allan Weiner attended SW Winterfest this year for the first time, and announced at banquet that the M/V Katie will be outfitted with SW transmitter, and go to Belize this summer where licensing is assured, ``radio fun`` promoting SW; WBCQ had a stretch limo standing by at Kulpsville *HRMI, Honduras, back after a year on new 5010; same organization planning SW in New Mexico *Cesar Objio writing a book on history of radio in the Dominican Republic, and wants copies of any verifications to illustrate; send to him at Calle Enrique Henriques 69, Ensanche Lugo, Gazcue, Santo Domingo *Alo, Presidente, Venezuelan call-in via Cuba back after hiatus, and better frequency for North America, 9820, Sundays 1400-1800 *You`re listening to the winner of the 2001 Fessenden Award, WOR. This is edition 1072, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; website including recent audio files, DX Listening Digest, WOR, COM summaries: *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn *R. Estacion X, out-of-band Peruvian on 5544.7 with romantic music *R. Sarandi del Yi, new Uruguayan on the air, 6154 (recording) *Site with articles about African media including Liberia: *ORTM, Bamako, Mali heard with weekly English news magazine *R. Cameroon, Buea provincial station scheduled with English on 6005 *V. of Turkey trying live call-in; set up via -- and VOT`s summer frequencies to North America [later: call-in is UT Tue 2315 on 9655; not UT Monday: DXLD 1-035] *BSKSA, Sa`udi Arabia heard with English on SW; by mistake? *Arabic and Kurdish language schedule on R. Bopeshawa clandestine *Sedaye Mojahed, Iranian clandestine does not have home frequencies ending in XX20 *All India Radio, Goa, in the clear with English news *Bill Flynn, Oregon celebrating his 54th year of DXing *Tirth Raj Prayag proposed new name for Allahabad, India *R. Thailand frequency change for North America now in effect: 13695 *V. of Justice, clandestine for Cambodia, missing alternate weeks, and the week in between at wrong time *R. Korea International monthly tourism specials on Thursdays, but varying month to month; in March on the 22nd *Christian Voice, frequency schedule via Darwin for A-01 season *R. New Zealand International new frequency schedule from March 18, with the end of DST *BBC WS previews: final edition of Waveguide from March 23; Counterpoint; Essential Guide on global warming, genetic manipulation. Times may change from March 25 *R. Nova International, UK pirate on 9290, heard in Pennsylvania *March 18th is 25th anniversary of death of Eddie Startz, original Happy Station host *R. France International halved English at 12 and 14, adding morning English to Africa, but not on SW *Swiss Radio International phasing out SW by end of 2004; but to NAm ending this year; plans to be internet-only, English-only *YLE R. Finland staying with English in morning this summer to NAm *President of Yugoslavia promotes RY resuming SW via Bosnia *R. Bulgaria`s summer English schedule, all on `even` frequencies *R. Tirana, Albania`s summer English schedule *R. Prague stays on 21745 in our mornings, but not to NAm *Russians have invented ``bioresonance pictographic modulator`` to protect us against radiation from TV, computers, cellphones *Propagation outlook from Boulder March 13: flux range 150-140-165 *That`s WOR 1072; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1071, produced Feb. 28, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Our first broadcast on WWCR is back on 15685 through November, Thursdays at 2130 (April-October at 2030); see World of Radio website: *RFPI has been running 15049 in the morning lately, around 1300-1500 *February Continent of Media 01-02 is now available at *Earth One still plans new SW service, by autumn this year *Laser Hot Hits, Europirate, shifts two of three 24h SW frequencies *BBC World Service early March previews: Adventures in the Tourist Trade; The Musician`s Composer; Warm World; Adventures in Poetry; Kremlin Women; Childen of the Clouds; Commonwealth Day Special *BBC Radio 2 including webcast: It`ll Never Last, the Story of 70 Years of British Television *Adventist World Radio switches from Slovakia to Austria from A-01 season; special QSLs for last, first weeks of each; see DXLD 1-028 *Swiss Radio International won`t play Swiss country music; and replaced excellent business coverage with sports *American Forces via Sicily frequency measured precisely as shifted *V. of Greece swapped sites and frequencies on 7 MHz; DXLD 1-025 has more including translated program schedule, such as Thread of Ariadne, for diaspora? *R. Vilnius, Lithuania, quitting relay via Germany March 5; direct also heard well in Kolkata; fortnightly mailbag on UT Thursdays *R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, Russia, shifted 5 kHz up; power and azimuth; recording of English ID, also as Nevskaya Volna, Radio Studio *The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, WOR 1071; P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; or *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY *Two musical programs from Voice of Russia *Georgia has electricity only 12 hours per day, so broadcasts irregular *R. Georgia external service in English heard again *Sedaye Mojahed`s frequency-hopping patterns; starts on frequencies ending in -20; much more detail of this and other Iraq/Iran/Kurdish clandestine monitoring in DXLD 1-026, 1-027 *Visit to transmitter site of Polisario clandestine in Algeria; see DXLD 1-026 *Freeplay moving production of wind-up radios from South Africa, where handicapped workers were employed, to China, in PR disaster *World Falun Dafa Radio transmitter hopping patterns from Bulgaria *V. of Justice, Cambodian clandestine, failed to appear the following Saturday; but transmitter site revealed as Taiwan *Lang Son, Vietnam provincial station identified, near same frequency as Houa Phan, Lao *R. Oriental, Uruguay, heard on 15 MHz, feeder/special for cycling *R. Centenario La Nueva, Bolivia, moved up 10 kHz on 60m band *R. Independencia, Chiclayo, new Peruvian, or pirate on the move *R. Corsario Internacional, South American pirate on 14 MHz *RFPI resuming Global Community Forum hour-long call-ins, UT Thu and Sun at 0230 *WGIT, Puerto Rican x-bander, as recorded in Germany; it`s all-music while the other Spanish speaker on the frequency, in NJ, is talk *Two major 1080 stations, WTIC Hartford and KRLD Dallas coordinating down time March 3-4 to give DXers a chance at each other or something else, but conflicting info on times [LATER: Never mind; both have postponed for a couple of weeks] *Winter SWL Fest, weekend of March 9, topic on Cybershortwave Live March 4; see *The Shortwave Report, on KZYX, California, twice a month, also webcast and via *Christopher Lydon`s show on WBUR is called The Connection; more about conflict with station over ownership at *Ken Berryhill honored as Father of WRVU, Vanderbilt University; see and his shows are webcast via *R. Vancouver International, via Taiwan, also a no-show Feb. 25; frequency choice bad, anyway *Sony XRC-5120 SW car radio a good deal via Jacky`s in Dubai; see entire review at *Superpower HAARP tests from Alaska not heard here; webpage about it [not HAARP`s own] had gross error in distance, calling into question all other data and conclusions: *Olle Alm on alarming prospects for DRM versus analog SW *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 27; flux range 135-155-135 *WOR website: *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1071 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1070, produced Feb. 21, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI has reactivated 15049, 2200-0400; 7450 now at 0200-0800 *WBCQ2 timechange again for WOR repeat: UT Sunday 0300 on 9335-CUSB *V. of Justice, new opposition Cambodian weekly on SW; 49 Street 214, Phnom Penh. Transmitter site not yet known. (Recording) Content of first broadcast. ``Vitthayu Samleng Yuttethoar`` may start 10-minute English summary segment; *R. Taibei Internacional running a contest: draw or paint a portrait of yourself, deadline April 30; had nothing about it in English *R. Pyongyang changed to V. of Korea Feb 16 on Kim Jong-Il`s birthday *AFN Diego Garcia as logged in Canada *R. New Zealand International closes for maintenance on the third Thursday of each month, 2230-0255, sometimes also 0310-0800. Mailbox can be downloaded from website, and another airtime soon, Mondays 0705 fortnightly *R. Madagascar nice source of hi-fi music on 5 MHz *Mozambican internet station, not the official one, on see: *Somali shortwave activity of three stations; Hargeisa schedule *Standard disclaimer *Edition MLXX of World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or *Thanks this time for financial support go to William T. Hassig, IL *Argentine MW station R. Luz del Mundo deliberately harmonicizes on 6 MHz (recording); offers to QSL from Catamarca 2560, 1847 Rafael Calzada, BA, Argentina *R. Nacional del Paraguay reactivated on 9 MHz *Summertime in Brazil ended Feb 18; states now back on UT -3; website about time in Brazil: with seconds signals *La Voz del Llano, Colombia, varies even further from nominal *More on Puerto Rico`s new X-bander *Strange signal aside 1140 in Nevada, Las Vegas off-frequency or strange military test? See DXLD 1-021, 22, 24 *[The Connection] host Christopher Lydon and producer at WBUR Boston locked out in salary/ownership dispute; see *Boston`s public TV WGBH uneasy about production future with PBS cuts *New R. Vancouver International on and SW via Taiwan *Iceland longwave easy in North America; ex-resident of Iceland David Hodgson enjoys it in Nashville *Another media program bites the dust: BBC WS Waveguide ends after March edition *Another good frequency for The Story of Africa on BBC; expect it to be archived on web *Who needs the BBC? in March Atlantic Monthly: *BBC staff vote to take industrial action, strike, or work-to-rule *R. Nova International testing on 9 MHz band *R. Garadrika, Russia, a.k.a. R. Studio Doma, on 6 MHz marine band, shifting frequency *R. Iraq International pounding in to Quebec on 11 MHz band *Sedaye Mojahed, clandestine for Iran, has news in English ondemand, not shortwave: *R. Oman still with a second hour in English *HAARP transmitter in Alaska heard with greatly increased strength *160 meter SWL and ham DX contest Feb 23-25; details in DXLD 1-023 *Sun flipping magnetic field, a sure time solar max has arrived: *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 20; flux range 145-165-135 *And that`s WOR 1070; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1069, produced Feb 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI`s main frequency continues to be 7450, at least 0000-0800 UT *New on RFPI is Live Wire Independent News, M-Th 1730 plus repeats 6 and 12 [not 18] hours later. *WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY dropped WRN and WOR for automated music; see DXLD 1-017 for campaign to get WRN back *New WOR time on WBCQ-2, UT Sunday 0200 on 9335-CUSB; late last week due to power failure which also interrupted debut of Saturday afternoon entertainment *Marion`s Attic also supposed to be UT Sundays 0000 on 17495 as well as UT Sundays 0200 on 7415 *Brother Scare interfered with 17495 from 17490 via Germany to NAm *Christian Science Monitor Feb 8: Cutbacks at VOA Prompt Critical Chorus: *Unidentifed pirate heard on 19 MHz *New Puerto Rican on 1660 is WGIT, Canovanas, better heard in Europe *R. Casino, Costa Rica, reactivated *We monitored Venezuela`s ``Alo Presidente`` via Cuba Sunday morning; see DXLD 1-019 *Venezuelan MW harmonic R. San Felipe *Colombian MW harmonics R. Microfono Civico, and listed R. Bohemia *Rdif. Nacional, Colombia, running year-long contest on Club de Oyentes; see DXLD 1-021, which if you are hearing an early airing of this program, has not yet been published *HCJB testing live streaming UT Feb 14-16, but not working when we checked; try -- We would prefer ondemand programs at our convenience *R. Nuevo Amanecer is latest name for frequently-changing Peruvian *R. San Juan, Peru, frequency keeps changing *R. El Libertador, Utcubamba province, Peru new one on 48 m band *Voz Cristiana, Chile, transmitter site name is Calera de Tango *Miami Springs 1700 confirmed now parallel to Voz Cristiana on SW *Two Falkland Islands MW frequencies active, heard on cruise *Less than half the time for WOR 1069 has now expired, and it seems I have covered less than a third of the material I want to; read more in DXLDs via the WOR website *But we always want more info to or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Alan Roycroft, Hawaii, legendary engineer and a great friend of DXers, died Feb 12 at age 80 *R. Australia updated complete English program schedule may not be on their website, but is in DXLD 1-018 *This week`s Feedback deals with RA schedule problems *R. Western Highlands, Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea, is back *R. Republik Indonesia is finally constructing website also with an overseas service page *First internet TV station for [not from] Vietnam, based in Switzerland; see DXLD 1-021 *R. Thailand original SW transmitters inactive; just using IBB Udorn *John Bryant has compiled updated list of Japanese MW stations, pdf: *China and Armenia clash on same frequency to Europe *Azerbaijan again being heard on 32 meter band *V. of Turkey changing a frequency to North America Feb 18, odd date *R. Bopeshawa, Kurdish clandestine, believed coming from Bulgaria; address announced is P O Box 22266, London SE5, UK *Abkhaz Radio, Georgia schedule *Former Serbian broadcast chief in custody, charged with not evacuating broadcasting headquarters after notifed of NATO bombers coming; Slobodan Miloshevich also knew; see DXLD 1-013 as well *R. Liberty will start broadcasts in Chechen and other North Caucasian languages, and Russians complain; see DXLD 17, 18 and 21 *RFE/RL has just started publishing Media Matters, free by E-mail or website *Estonia not on SW, but English programs on demand via *Three Vatican Radio officials, one a cardinal, to be tried for violating Italy`s EMF standards; could go to prison for a year *VOA Director Sandy Ungar staying in job, believing he is insulated from political control by the new ``president`` *But Deutsche Welle Intendant Dieter Weirich will step down March 31 due to political changes; see DXLD 1-021 *Greg Dyke plans to axe 750 more BBC jobs this year, after 250 in his first year, saving a great many megapounds, total to exceed a gigapound saved over six years *BBCWS website sidelined links to entertainment streams, in favor of news at the top *Waveguide on BBCWS airs Feb 16-19 instead of Write On *Blues World on BBCWS Music Mix for six weeks *Somaliland complains that BBC Somali news is not accurate and unbiased *CHNX Halifax off the air again; may not come back *CBC Northern Quebec has English from Rankin Inlet studio weekdays *New Hampshire Public Radio converts format from classical to news- talk; see *WNIB, Chicago classical is gone; Bonneville took over Feb 12, with one-artist-per-day stunts; real new format early spring a closely guarded secret. WFMT changes slogan from Fine Arts to Classical *New Republic story on how NPR worked to limit or kill lowpower FM: *WRN1 to NAm replaced Caribbean program with YLE Radio Finland *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 13; flux range 140-165-145 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1069 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1068, produced February 7, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *RFPI testing new 7450 instead of 7480; reports wanted, at 0000-0800 including resumption of our [suspended] broadcasts; 15049 off but may return on 15065; see *See our new page linking to all our audio storage sites, summaries: *Excellent new portal heartily recommended for easy listening to webcasts, station sites *W-BACH adding in April a classical FM station for Bar Harbor, Maine *PBS stations in Long Island, NY plan merger *Public TV via cable may not be multi-channel once digital, thanks to FCC regulation *DirecTV wipes out bootleggers` smart H-cards, ``GAME OVER``; see *SCTV time on NBC an hour later than given last week; feel guilty while watching as cast members get no residuals from NBC *WBCQ starts regular service on 17495, including music, merriment and fun on Saturday afternoons only from Complex Variables Studio *WWCR promoting service to Japan on 7435 thanks to rhombic sidelobe; why WWCR likes rhombics. Usage of 2390 reduced from next season *You have now heard at least half of WOR 1068, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or Website for our schedules, DX Listening Digest, Nets to You, DX program schedule, much more: *Paul Harvey News and Comment gets early airing on WFLA 25 MHz *CBC and RCI special week: Troubled Waters, Feb 11-17 on several different programs; *R. Sweden well heard via Sackville, but gap with direct frequency varies, so must be playing pre-recorded tapes; WRN feed used, and Swedish has priority once feed for it established *Juelich, Germany, experimental relays of WYFR Feb 12-25 to Africa *BBCWS website redesigned; to get program schedule displayed you have to enter your ``nearest city``; no good on lynx text-based browsers, so old format still available: see DXLD 1-013; review by Richard Cuff in DXLD 1-014 *BBCWS preview: Essential Guide to the XXI Century: Goodbye Village, Hello City for five weeks *BBCWS to Africa, Story of Africa, best chance for North America *Another go at Israel`s English schedule, not including alternates *R. Hurriah about to launch clandestine programming into Iraq from Kurdistan, overtly US-supported; see DXLD 1-013; Kuwait MW otherwise occupied *Kurdistan SW target list: *R. Bopeshawa clandestine to Kurdistan very amateurish so far *R. Pakistan`s new frequencies at 0800 including a bit of English *All India Radio sent E-mail referring to earthquake special Internet Helpline via *Jeff Kadet reports on his month visiting Lao; see DXLD 1-017 soon *South Korea still has numbers station to the North *From the primary backers of WorldSpace finally identified as Sa`udi billionaires; ramifications for US satellite broadcasting. See DXLD 1-016 *V. of Hope, Sudanese clandestine somehow heard via Bonaire *R. Nacional del Paraguay missing from 9 MHz *Yucatan SW station back on air, Grupo RASA, relaying different stations *V. of Guyana Hindu broadcast wiped out by Christians at WYFR *RFI on 2m AM [not FM as I said] in Venezuela computed to be external mixing between TV video channel and SW from France; see DXLDs 1-013 through 017 under France [non] *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 6; flux range 180-155-170 *You have now heard over 99% of WOR 1068; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1067, produced January 31, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI back on 7480, and 15049, longer hours? Also daytime 21815-USB *R. Amanecer Internacional, Dominican Republic reactivated *Venezuelan President`s show relayed by Cuba found on two frequencies *FARC clandestine broadcasts from Colombia on FM spill over into Venezuela, causing concern, Onda Caribe Rebelde; see DXLD 1-013 *RFI heard in Venezuela on 2 meters; could be 12th harmonic of 12 MHz *HCJB confirmed with higher power on 21 MHz; running open carrier *New 21 MHz site: *R. Interoceanica, Ecuador, reactivated on 60m *R. San Juan, de Sallique, Jaen, Peru varies on 4 MHz band *R. Nacional da Amazonia resumed on 6 MHz, relaying Rio *Africa Number One, Gabon, has started webcasting via France: http://www.comfm/com/live/radio/africa/playerw.html *R. Lusofonia turns into US gospel relay in English *Swaziland stations bought by Brazilian cult *Baidoa, Somalia, station seized by rival militia group, moved *Aydid refurbishes V. of the People of the Somali Republic *R. Hargeisa has audio via website *V. of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq starting new broadcast on 9 MHz; see R. Bopeshawa, i.a. spellings, means Forward; see DXLD 1-012 [time omitted, 1500-1600 UT] *The media magazine you monitor with hour mind, WOR 1067. Address: or or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax 1-580-233-2946 attn Hauser; see our website for text and audio *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Jim Wishner *R. Jordan hopes to resume 17 MHz, but 11 MHz has mailbag show *Israel`s new English schedule includes new 7, 13 MHz frequencies *QSL from V. of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Movement with schedule, goodies; Post Box 102, Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan *All India Radio Leh, Ladakh, heard on changed 60m frequency; see DXLD 1-012 *Hams working emergency traffic after earthquake in India ask for clear frequencies; see DXLD 1-012 *Thomcast selling high-power SW and MW transmitters to India *JJY, Japan`s timesignal station to be decommissioned March 31 see timesignal websites: and *North Korea suspended SW broadcast of code matrix numbers for spies *Bob Padula publishes China Shortwave Guide, free on request from or small charge for hard copy *CNR-5 from China to Taiwan, SW schedule, mostly out of band *New English from China on 17 MHz, believed another Cuban relay test *R. Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, is not inactive on 90m *R. Australia starts, then reduces relays via Saipan, Tinian *New series on BBC WS start this week: Plain English; Health Matters; The Story of Africa from Feb 9 *R. Sweden just started relay swap with Canada; at last audible in North American evenings on 31m; ahead of direct frequency *RCI starting new service to South Asia via Holland *SCTV, tremendous Canadian comedy series is back on NBC, replacing Later, original feed 0635 UT Tue-Fri [not 0535 as I said] *WGSR, Florida, special MW DX test February 3 *WILM, Delaware, special MW DX test February 4 *Cybershortwave Live guest Feb 4 is John Figliozzi on Winter SWL Fest -- details via *Sandy Ungar, Clinton appointee, not yet resigned as VOA Director; more languages to be cut this year; see DXLD 1-012 *WWFV new frequencies announced including 14 MHz band! *19 MHz area might be used by US pirates *Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 30: flux range 150-175-155 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1067 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1066, produced January 17, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *New Jan-Feb edition of Mundo Radial starts Jan 17 on WWCR, Fridays 2215 on 9475, repeated weekly *Spanish translation of my 2000 SW Year in Review at *The disadvantages of SSB for broadcasting; example: Turkmenistan *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English broadcasts monitored *All India Radio, Ranchi making it into North America on 60m *Bangladesh Betar in English as heard in Denmark *R. Thailand changed English frequency to Europe; see DXLD 1-008 *R. P`yongyang complete English schedule, includes spurs? *V. of Tibet, clandestine, latest frequencies for two broadcasts *VOT not mentioned in survey of most popular stations among exile Tibetans; VOA leads all the others, VOA says; see DXLD 1-007 *Why does China bother to participate in frequency coordination meetings, since it put two transmitters on longtime VOA outlets? *Iran reports its schedule, but does not take part in discussions *Iranian paper claims CIA was backing National Iranian TV from LA *V. of the Communist Party of Iran, monitored on 80m in Britain *R. Station Freedom, V. of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan heard on 80m in Lithuania *Clinton administration approves plan to help Iraqi opposition thru Iraqi National Congress, including TV and radio, says Jan 14 Washington Post, from inside northern Iraq *R. Jordan announces English will be on 11 instead of 17 MHz *Standard disclaimer *WOR 1066, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; for schedule, DXLD stash and much more *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley *Tip for Rational Living: Einstein on cats *New catalog from Universal Radio, pennants on the cover, 104 pages free by 4th class, $3 for priority, 5 IRCs outside North America, from 6830 Americana Pkwy, Reynoldsburg OH 43068-4113 USA, or or and tell them Glenn Hauser sent you *Israel`s first web TV about to launch, *IBA TV news in English on demand via *Angola foreign language schedule monitored, differs from awful WRTH *R. Lusofonia from South Africa is in English, not Portuguese *RCD rebel station from Congo DR believed heard again *RVI Belgium expands broadcasts to Congo DR *V. of Greece may have started testing new transmitters; schedule changes *La Mejor Musica de Nuestro Sello, fine music program from Spain *Quote, Unquote, back on BBCWS for six weeks *No SW from El Salvador, so try webcasts or or *Honduran net to assist El Salvador on 7090 *Colombian MW harmonics: La Basica 1040; R. Uno; Armonias del Palmar *Ecuadorian MW harmonic: La Voz de la Juventud, Canyar; R. Monumental *HCJB seems using high power AM on 21 MHz instead of ham SSB unit *Argentine ISB feeder with broadcasters heard as LTA with traffic *LRA36 Antarctica plans return to SW on Jan 20 *Venezuelan president`s Sunday morning call-in via and also on SW via R. Habana Cuba, R. Rebelde, but which frequencies? *Analyis of Terion SW frequency usage, 4486-23515; see DXLD 1-006 *KCFM, classical for Tulsa, converts to KTSO, Tulsa`s Soft Oldies *Special public radio program from Jan 20, The Struggle for Iran, *For owners of Sony ICF-2010: *WWV asking listeners to write for questionnaire from *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 16; flux range 150-180 *Time to appreciate your favourite WOR affiliate; please E-mail or P-mail them thanking them for carrying WOR *This was WOR 1066; me? I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1065, produced January 10, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *My annual Shortwave Year in Review was on VOA Communications World last week; read and hear expanded version via the WOR website: *New Continent of Media for January, 01-01 starts Jan 12 on RFPI; see summary at *WWFV has started RTTY broadcasts; details at and (and in DXLD 1-005) *Judy Massa is retiring from VOA; last Border Crossings Jan 26; sked *Complex Variables Studio realigns music programs on WBCQ Jan 13: new on Saturday nights, Magic Radio, Big Kaboom *WWCR has new Keen on Jazz show thrice weekends; latest times for Ken Berryhill`s Country Classics, Old Record Shop, Profiles *Terion system for tracking trucks uses many fixed shortwave frequencies (DXLD 1-005, 1-006); see and huge ftp file: *EOSS, Edge of Space Sciences balloon flight from Colorado Jan 13 or 14 includes ham radio communications, amateur TV; see DXLD 1-005 and *John Gambling coming back this Saturday morning in NY on WABC *Art Bell resuming Coast to Coast AM February 5 *Correxion to last week: Oklahoma`s X-band station is on 1650 *Dispatches is new on CBC and RCI, last half hour of As It Happens on Wednesday nights *Newfoundland celebrating Marconi Centenary, ``Receiving the World`` spending $3 million for the arts *HRPC, Radio Luz y Vida, 90m in Honduras has a bit of English: recording by Mark Mohrmann of sign-off *This is the 1,065th almost consecutive WOR broadcast; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Our website has added schedule of selected DX programs on SW; and John Norfolk also has updated Nets To You; see *Another rare Honduran, Radio Litoral, heard Xmas day and since *Costa Rican mediumwave third harmonic heard in Ecuador, Japan: Radio Pampa, Nicoya *La Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine heard morn and eve *See DXLD 1-005 for excellent long article on Colombian clandestines *R. La Voz de Anta, Peru, heard on 5 MHz out-of-band *Brazilian DXers get lots of goodies from Radio Difusora Taubate' *Rudolf Grimm DXed lots of Caribbean FM in southern Brazil by TE; see the report in DXLD 1-002 *R. Lusofonia is new service in Portuguese from South Africa *Two of three African SW countries missing last week are back: Christian Voice, Zambia; Kaduna, Nigeria *But Malawi is still missing from both known frequencies *Mauritania holding up on 60 meters almost until 0900; should be possible to hear all continents at the same time on 60m at 0830; see item at end of DXLD 1-003 *National R. of Saharan ADR put out questionnaire for reception reports, clear frequencies; see DXLD 1-002. Still heard on a different frequency; language schedule *Radio Baydhabo (Baidoa), Somalia, pro-Rahanwein Resistance Army, heard on 6 MHz out of band *DTK relay schedule from Germany still shows Croatian Information Center; and in fact is about to resume with a new contract *Well-known Russian DXer Nikolay Pashkevich killed in auto accident; see eulogies in DXLD 1-004 *Radio Radonezh, Russian Orthodox station, resumed SW on 6 MHz; see *Radio Jordan missing from its English frequency on 17 MHz *R. Sana`a, Yemen about to go 24 hours; English unchanged *V. of the Republic of Tajikistan`s English quarter-hour DXed from Australia *All India Radio Kurseong reactivated after a year, including English *Burmese Defense Forces Station reactivated on 6 MHz out of band *Singapore`s SW frequencies relay different FM stations depending on day of week; English rotation schedule as monitored *Taiwan quickly moved broadcast station out of 40m hamband *Continental Electronics selling 4 SW transmitters to China *China licences BBC to broadcast again in China, via cable TV *Papua New Guinea`s proposed religious SW station, `KBBN`, is to be a feeder to FM network, inaudible to DXers; see DXLD 1-002 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 10; flux range 175-200-170 *That`s World of Radio 1065; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1064, produced January 3, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Time change for us on WWCR Friday evenings: from 0130 to 0330 UT Saturdays on 3215 effective this week *Iceland`s new SW schedule shows only one frequency at a time; also audio on the net *BBC WS previews: World Play (also on CBC Radio One and Two); Omnibus; Meridian Screen; Focus on Faith; Meridian Writing; The Story of Africa for 6 months on SW only; Discovery; Essential Guide to the XXI Century; Agenda with Arthur C. Clarke; Assignment *Radioropa, longwave off air in Germany; Luxembourg MW changes programming; see DXLD 0-166 and 0-167 *Iglesia del Pueblo in Sweden testing in Spanish on SW Jan 7-8, 14-15 *R. Vilnius, Lithuania changed direct frequency to NAm; but poorly heard compared to German relay. They should use WBCQ instead *R. Retro, St. Petersburg, heard via Belarus` on 60m *Herbert A. Kuhnle, former frequency manager of Austrian Radio, died December 26; remained active in EDXC *Another time for Greek lessons in English from VOG *RFI gets six megafrancs to build a (SW, MW?) transmitter on Cyprus *The DRM test we heard on 13m came from Portugal; DRM plans to tell DXers what they are doing *Morocco longwaves heard in Alberta *V. of the People, Madagascar to Zimbabwe, heard in the QCI *African stations missing from 60, 90m: Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia *V. of the People, R. Mogadishu, Somalia, audible in Arizona *Turkish Meteorological Radio also heard, just Turkish music *MW frequency Experimental Radio from Mediterranean Basin, pro- Israel, anti-Syria, for Lebanon *The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, WOR 1064; P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or -- by fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *Thanks this week to Bill Flynn for regular financial support *DX Listening Digest includes quite a bit of amateur DX news; it is available to everyone by computer from where most but not all WOR stories may be read in much greater detail *Kolkata is the new spelling for Calcutta *V. of Tibet monitoring shows latest frequencies around 15685, spurs *China National Radio began a new ethnic minority service, Program 8 on a totally new SW schedule; see DXLD 1-001 *CBS Taiwan put powerful new transmitter within the 40m hamband; (recording) [from referred by Renato Bruni, hard-core-dx] *Thailand and Vietnam are using the same 7 MHz frequency *VOA Thailand megawatt MW relay audible in Florida around sunrise, and as transpolar, should be even better further north *Vatican relay from Siberia heard in Pennsylvania *V. of Russia running 7 MHz to western North America for 4 hours; another frequency audible then *Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk reactivated on 11 MHz *Mount Hagen, PNG, getting new Christian FM station ``KBBN`` which also plans shortwave *R. Australia has started relays via Singapore; soon more Taiwan *Bjoern Malm, Ecuador, reports three unID Peruvian frequencies to check *R. Cristal, Dominican Republic, reactivated on 5 MHz, a.k.a. Radio Pueblo on MW *Prime Time Radio, AM740, CHWO, Toronto, officially begins Monday January 8 at: 740 AM! Gets an announcer from CJRT *CJRT Toronto made a surprise switch to all-jazz format *WNSC-FM, South Carolina also switched to jazz *WNOP, Newport KY/Cincinnati OH, confirmed Catholic ex-jazz; hear NPR story: *Oklahoma has its first X-band station, KWHN Fort Smith AR [1650, not 1690 as I said!]; Enid`s 1640 construction permit not expected on soon *Format and language change from WAFN 1700, Miami *Hopi Nation gets first radio station, KUYI-FM; *Among low-power FM applications still with a chance to be authorized are: Tom & Darryl, Macomb IL; Gary Bourgois, Marquette MI; Bruce Elving, Esko MN (or so it seems) *WWFV plans second 90mb frequency *Stratospheric warming alerts explained *Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Dec 27 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 2; flux range 145-190 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1064 ### |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #42, produced May 12, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Modest proposal for popularizing SW among youth: make it illegal! *World Radiocommunication Conference 2003: proposals to deintermix ham and SWBC on 7 MHz *Trends in tropical SWBC, by Anker Peterson: steady decline *Domestic [SW] Broadcasting Survey published. See 44-page printed: US$10, GBP 6, DEM 20, DKK 75 or IRC 14, by airmail By E-mail: US$3, GBP 2, DEM 8, DKK 35 or IRC 14. Cash preferred to: DSWCI, c/o Bent Nielsen, Egekrogen 14, DK 3500 Vaerloese, Denmark *Regional stations in India (Goa) and Pakistan (Quetta) won`t QSL direct or forward to HQ *Russian TV visits the Samara SW transmitter site and its dark past *Allover Shortwave Schedule, comprehensive by Eike Bierwirth: or MS Word: *WOR Extra 42 is halfover; P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; *Pirate TV station in China popular with masses, avoids bust *Time Signal Station CD project on WWV station history almost complete; Needs good recordings of foreign TS stations for another one. Contact Myke Weiskopf, *Claude Shannon, who developed math of comms theory which led to packet switching and hence to Internet, died *Reporters Without Borders discusses enemies of the Internet, and of free speech *Global media giants are lobbying for the most sinister privatisation of all: the spectrum. See entire Guardian article:,3604,479815,00.html *Los Angeles MW station has roof antenna; more common in Latin America *Why radio hobbyists are called anoraks in the UK *Glenn Hauser concluding WOR Extra 42 ### WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 41, produced April 16, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *DXing Earth from the Moon; how VHF and UHF reception would work; comments to or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA *DXing Jupiter from Earth; see Radio Jove: [in Spanish; has links to English sites] *SETI League offers proxy QSLs for ET reception, natural or otherwise See and *Article on meteor burst communications: *Correlation between solar maxima and influenza pandemics *Computer-mad generation has a memory crash *Tom Roche reviews Sony Car Shortwave Radios; see which contains: Sony XRC5600X $145.80 Sony XR4900 $115.02 Sony XRS888 $114.75 On Sale *New radio receiver doubles number of FM stations, unexplained how: *Antique Soviet radio site: *Short-circuiting grey market products with chips to use GPS or identify national broadcasters *CIA `Data Mining` technology *Out of time, cannot get to three more stories in billboard [internet inventor and enemies; how to promote SW] *Standard disclaimer; Glenn Hauser concluding WOR X 41 ## WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #40, produced Feb. 13, 2001 by Glenn Hauser; released the week of March 7, 2001 *Cancer near powerlines found higher downwind, linked to ionized carcinogens *Bob Tomalski, British ``gadget guru``, Media Network contributor, died; see and *William I. Orr, W6SAI, technical author, died *Is R. Austria International a Sinking Ship? The director replies: *Voice of Russia quiz for the 40th anniversary of manned space flight April 12; see and DXLD 1-019, 1-020 *Radio Miks-Master, Yakutsk, is an official, not private SW station *Olle Alm on the drawbacks of SSB broadcasting, Turkmenistan example *Now in progress, the 40th Extra of World of Radio, addresses or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Standard disclaimer *V. of Turkey English program list is at *Visitor to Yemen reports on SW and FM usage *V. of Nigeria admitted as first African station to Digital Radio Mondiale; hope they do better with digital than analog *CNN World Report reviewed as disappointing; CNN cutting staff *48.25 MHz TV from Spain often received by K1SIX in New Hampshire by non sporadic-E; see *WWV asking for participants in users` survey; for hardcopy questionnaire to be sent in May, send postal address to NIST Radio Users Survey, 2000 E County Road 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524 or *Monitoring the `national windshield wiper synchronization signal` and the ping-pong sounds *Site for postal rates from anywhere to anywhere: *``Reactions``: artistic impression of numbers stations: *International Spy Museum to open in Washington DC, spring 2002 *Tasmanian radio played the only musical instrument which sounds the same backwards as forwards, mystifying musical experts *If you missed any URLs, or for more information, check our website *WOR Extra 40 now concluding; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to listen next week for a World of Radio in our normal numerical sequence, well over 1000 ### WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 39, produced Jan 15, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Official limits of SW broadcasting bands as of 2007, already used *Uruguay plans two new 49mb stations: R. Universo, see DXLD 0-140, and R. Sarandi del Yi, DXLD 0-143, *R. Mozambique installing more transmitters and equipment *Maoris entitled to affirmative action in NZ spectrum grant *The controversy over public broadcasting in Australia; read at *Three Angels Broadcasting Network, American 7DA moving into PNG *Set-top NTSC/PAL conversion units allow N and S Korea TV interchange via satellite *This is the middle of World of Radio Extra 39; our website Addresses: or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, where your contributions are always welcome *The horizontal zarya directional MW transmitting antenna in the CIS; see WRTH 1995 p. 579 *Mikhail Gorbachev now owns Good Radio, Moscow; to expand nationally *World Radio Network on MW in St. Petersburg, plans more cities *BBC WS to move out of Bush House to join other BBC branches in new facility at Portland Place *RTE, Ireland, 75th anniversary this year; special programs all year; see (Flash) or html only at *North Americans should look for European FM DX on 87.5 to 88.0 MHz *US government saves Iridium low-earth-orbit satellite system *Al Gross, W8PAL, inventor of walkie-talkie et al., died Dec. 21 *This has been the 39th Extra edition of World of Radio; Glenn Hauser here inviting you to hear a regular edition next week ### |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-10, November 2, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *COM 01-10, brought to you on shortwave exclusively by Radio for Peace International *And on the Internet at sponsored by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942. For information or a catalog call them toll free at 1-800-431-3939 or visit *COM on RFPI: Fridays 1900, Saturdays 1730, Tuesdays 2000 plus repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later on some of: 21815-USB, 15040, 7445 *Check our new website or for accessing our audio files, *First a few items peripherally related to our concerns since Sept. 11 *Emergency E-mail signup, of particular use to the blind; select your state and county, at which forwards to [not any more] *Repeal Electronic Communications Privacy Act so citizens may intercept terrorists using cellphone frequencies *The Conglomerates of Congestion: Westwood One controls most of the traffic-reporting market, and the reporters heard are not likely local nor even in the air with helicopters now restricted over cities *Will anthrax scare mean the end of letter art (decorating envelopes)? *New corridos in Mexico based on Sept. 11, heard on XEG *Rock en espa¤ol, brief overview by David Gleason; lists at and streaming at and FM 97.7 via *New Panda TV sets imported from China with UHF amputated, rationed in Cuba; only good Commies and certain others may qualify to purchase *Recession in Colombian radio: *In the midst of COM 01-10; your input welcome at or fax 1-580-233-2948 attention Hauser *Words of Wisdom and Tip for Rational Living by Loren Cox *4VEH, ex-SW station in Haiti, expands facilities on anniversary *Six low-power Haitian AM stations in Boston, mostly X-band *Rewind show on public radio from Seattle doubling to an hour in Feb, but more than needed, and ulterior motive? *KCCU reveals tier system in public radio programming costs, and why it adds more markets, but not too much more *Car-sharing business in San Francisco depends on SW communications *Radio Shack panned by ex-employee, but what else have we got locally? *Modest proposal to consolidate, rename USG external broadcasting *Latest Star Trek series ``Enterprise`` bad guys resemble Taliban, has impressive non-Spock character and titles; a UPN show but carried on WB affiliate in St Louis out of prime time *I, Glenn Hauser, invite you to listen every week to my other program World of Radio; meanwhile, this has been the tenth 2001 edition of Continent of Media ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-09, produced Sept. 25, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *COM 01-09, recorded in late September, but heard mostly in October *Brought to you by RFPI and Universal Radio, about which more in the middle *Thanks to Oscar, Cuban exile in Florida, who was imprisoned for contacting Radio Marti, for following items *Cuba imports a million Panda TV sets from China, removes UHF tuners to prevent reception of TV Marti and US TV DX; and sales limited to those in good standing, employed by the state *Cubavision Internacional expanding to Varadero tourist beach, as well as satellite, and later this year 24h on internet *The fourth channel of Cuban Radio, without propaganda, indoctrination and censorship, intended only for tourists, being accessed by Cubans who modify FM receivers to pick it up *Comites de Defensa de la Revolucion, neighborhood spy network, now has a website *Conventional and new cellular phones available only to cederistas, revolutionaries; even phone installation is a political matter *BBC involved in helping Cuba to digitalise telecommunications; why don`t they in Spanish call cell-phones, which are really walkie- talkies, ``hablandas``, or as a verb, ``hablandar``? So I lay claim to this coinage. Please inform the Royal Academy *Internet access strictly controlled in Cuba; allowing E-mail only, US dollars only for 15 minutes *R. Marti is promoting importance of internet *ETECSA, The Queen of Deficiencies, Cuban phone company *See DXLDs 1-113, 114, 116, 117, 126 for above stories in detail *Mexican emergency ham network schedule *Spanish language radio in the US becoming more sexually explicit, crude content and jokes *FCC commissioner says radio and TV stations should voluntarily keep transcripts, recordings, of entire broadcasts, to lessen burden on complainants *Criticism of Michael K. Powell, chairman of FCC, travels paid for by lobbyists *FCC rules on X-band stations loophole allows original owner to re- apply for surrendered frequency and continue to operate both *How weather affects 160m and MW band propagation; see E.S. Kazimirovsky and V.D. Kokourov, Geomagnetism And Aeronomy Vol 35, No 3, 12/95, page 305. And *This is Continent of Media 01-09, sponsored by Radio for Peace International; and by *Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939, *ARRL Amateur Radio Interference Assessment project, above 400 MHz; see ARRL Letter of August 17 *NOAA Weather Radio will soon have a new voice, following evaluation and survey; Siemens gets $633K contract for voice improvement *300 Hz radio waves destroy pest zebra mussels: New Scientist, Aug 28 *Marconi centennial year: lots at *Several SW stations feature Marconi on QSLs this year, including Italy, Vatican, Canada, AWR *WRMI plans multilingual Marconi special UT December 12, in cooperation with EDXC, special QSL; see DXLD 1-127, and remind us *Pacifica network board has five new directors; hopes to get Democracy Now back, settle with host Amy Goodman; but RFPI has been carrying it M-F 1600 UT, plus 6, 12, 18 hours later *James Latham article in Fall 2001 Intelligence Report of SPLC: From America with Hate: powerful US-based SW radio stations are broadcasting extremist propaganda around the world *Terrorist attack on US covered in great detail, especially communications aspects, starting with DXLD 1-125; some links to visual and audio sites: *Background music users request more patriotic music, but not SSB *Multicultural America; new Berber TV program on cable in Los Angeles *DRRI -- Digital Radio Rollout, Inc., laying groundwork for major Canadian population corridors *Hardly anybody has digital radios in Canada; won`t it be a complete mess for North America, with incompatible Canadian and US systems? *Canadian broadcasters abandoning AM like rats leaving sinking ship, especially in southern Ontario *See our stash of DX Listening Digests at Comments and contributions: P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding Continent of Media 01-09. Do join me each week for a new edition of my other program, World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-08, produced August 15, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *COM 01-08 for August into September, 2001 *Sponsored by RFPI, and by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942. For info or catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or visit them on the web at or *Classical music also used to keep away loiterers at mall in Oshawa, subway/bus station in Toronto *Ottawa website webcasts conversations to show lack of privacy *CBC Radio 3, non-network, gets no respect, *One reason CBL left AM for FM: trolley line noise *Star Ray TV, ch 15 pirate in Toronto ex-VX9AMK, subject of Sept. 19 CRTC cease & desist hearing in Hull; *Cleveland OH FM pirate Grid Radio 96.9 busted, appeals court upholds *FM pirate in remote part of Oregon, R. Free Takilma *Remote FM translators targets of organized theft ring *New Low Power FM Station database: *San Diego media site with links: *The late John Doremus, ``Patterns in Music``, still heard on KNXR, 97.5, Rochester MN; 66 readings on 3-cassette or 2-CD album; [recording, one on TV commercials]; [the website we mentioned, is still not set up, nor can we find one for KNXR itself]. Info: Tom Jones, KNXR, 1620 Greenview Drive SW, Rochester, MN 55902; 507-288-7700 *WTKM, Hartford WI, has mostly-polka format, *KCCU, Lawton OK, starts new Mantovani Hour in September, Friday afternoons, and webcast via KCCU also will bring public radio to Wichita Falls TX by yearend, replacing KERA *University of Oklahoma public radio stations plan to start streaming by Sept. 1: Their relay we used to hear on 105.7, KROU, is blocked by new station in Alva, OK, KTTL *Exaggerated figures on church attendance, belief, radio listening: *Clip of WRNO when it had to reinstate Radio Earth, (ra 2.0 plug-in): *Mexican equivalent of ARRL for ham info, FMRE *Two long articles on clandestine radio in Colombia via BBCM at and *Emilio Pedro Povrzenic, Argentina, monitors tropical bands daily, analyzes data in Latinoamerica DX; not on web, but send some IRCs to him at Primero de Mayo 1071, Villa Diego, SF, Argentina *Microwaves the answer to removing CO2 and CO from automotive exhaust *Modern TV site includes page about Indian Head testpatterns: *Demand for Sitcom Reparations to four generations of Americans from *Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason object to KCRW cancelling drama, but still audible on KQED, WETA, VOA *Concluding COM 01-08; our address P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; In the meantime, do listen out for my other program, a new one every week, World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-07, produced July 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *There may be a WOR every week, but every month there is a COM; this is 01-07. Me? I`m Glenn Hauser. COM is SW broadcast exclusively by Radio for Peace International, and on the internet at sponsored by Universal Radio *Hickham Radio, Hawaii, closes down HF aeronautical communications *Too many general aviation airports use too few UNICOM frequencies, increasing risks *ARRL specifies new hamband wanted at 5150-5450 kHz, so no problem for 60m tropical broadcast band; Stig Hartvig Nielsen says not hams, but SW broadcasters should get more spectrum, for DRM *People who just died you didn`t know were hams department: the late Chet Atkins, Certified Guitar Picker, W4CGP. See DXLD 1-092 *Loren Cox reviews Don Imus, not to be taken seriously; see DXLD 1-096 *Mano-a-mano talk host in New York, Gerson Borrero, fired by WADO *US DJ gives Lagos a breath of fresh air, Dan Foster on 96.9 Cool FM *Midpoint of COM 01-07; our address: -- website: and click on COM; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *Lawsuit over slogan ``Kiss FM`` between Los Angeles and Bakersfield stations *3-letter callsign mystique: -- part of site on early radio 1897-1927 *Joe Costello tried to cancel Radio Earth from WRNO before contract was up, lost court case *WAMU, Washington, plans to time-out web listeners to keep costs down -- a precursor to charging for access? *Eric Bueneman denounces consolidation in American broadcasting brought on by unconstitutional Telecommunications Act of 1996; see and [Ernest Hollings is a current Senator, not former as I said! -gh] *Television Azteca, Mexican network, plans move into US market, but deal off in Dallas, El Paso where courted channel 4 CBS affiliate *Very useful program or service about media in this continent, the National Radio Club`s DX Audio Service by cassette, and sample on the web at *CBC unable to find buyer at the right price for all its towers and transmitters *Classical music drives away criminals, loiterers in West Palm Beach *I, Glenn Hauser, hope you`ve enjoyed listening to this Continent of Media, 01-07 ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-06, produced June 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *This is COM 01-06 for June into July 2001, the monthly supplement to my weekly program World of Radio *Brought to you on SW by Radio for Peace International and on the internet by sponsored by Universal Radio. Please let these entities know you appreciate this service *German pay-TV coming to North America next summer; another starting this summer in addition to DW-TV *Croatia started satellite TV to North America this spring *The long story of new channel 2 for San Antonio, KBEJ, can be read at Pat Dyer`s site *Old Tonight Show tapes being marketed on video from underground storage in Kansas; see and Here`s (vintage) Johnny, in Los Angeles Times May 13: *Jeff Kadet reports on maximum normal range for DTV reception *Net pirates nab TV episodes from the sky in TVrip *Northern Canada used to have pirate TV networks playing tapes *More on naked news at and [without the /01.html for first page as I read previous link] (but beware, the latter illustrated with full frontal nudity) *Naked news from Norway on radio station but see website *Azeri program on CFRO Vancouver promoted by Azerbaijan. See sked at *Toronto`s multicultural CHIN applies to move into Ottawa on FM 97.9 *CKUA 580 and FM Alberta finally going 24 hours; unique format relies on vinyl; see/hear: *COM 01-06; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or includes COM summaries, audio links and much more *WVRU, Radford University in Virginia goes 24h with BBC overnight see/hear at *KOSU, Stillwater OK, refuses to carry BBCWS overnight, but converted from jazz to classical *WJHU, Baltimore being sold off by Johns Hopkins, but WAMU and WBUR back out, leaving Maryland Public Radio, new community group to buy it for $5 million *KWAB, Boulder CO, sold by Working Assets to Colorado Public Radio *KUNC, Greely CO, bought by Friends, fending off CPR *Two new classical streams from KCME Colorado Springs and KBPS Portland OR *CPR adds second station in Pueblo as statewide dual network expands *Student station in Flagstaff AZ on 1680, `K-JACK` and on internet [confirmed webcast June 19] *Interamerican Telecommunication Commission met in San Salvador; huge file reports on it, mainly digital at See DXLD 1-085 *Final closing of Mexican news channel ECO (Spanish) *Site for detailed geographical info on Peru of use to DXers: -- details on use in DXLD 1-073 [neither the above nor the more specific below worked June 19...] *Schedule of Argentine timesignal station LOL; more in DXLD 1-084 [but nothing specific on LOL found here] *Extremely well done site also links to other Cuban radio station sites *Radio ZJF, Anguilla, back on FM, DXable in SE USA *Great new site for scannists, local listings: *And so concludes COM 01-06 for June into July 2001; Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you for listening, and inviting you to hear my other program weekly, World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-05, produced May 8, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *COM 01-05, SW broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace International and webcast by, sponsored by Universal Radio, *Private FM station at Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas on 89.9, Splash FM; see Radio World April 25, [Yes, I know, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos are in Atlantic, not Carib] *Best bets for Puerto Rican MW DX on the mainland *Cuba`s Radio Reloj has website with some historical audio, song about timesignal stations, but no stream: *Swan Island DX Association mainly about ham radio, but island radio history too: *Only one MW station left active on Aruba; see DXLD 1-062 *Ronnie Bowers, missionary shot down in Peru was a ham, KD4CKM *Fred Waterer thinks HCJB is a cut above other Christian stations *Managua, Nicaragua has new MW station, La Poderosa 560 *Guatemala reserves 1440 and 107.5 for Asociacion Nacional para la Comunicacion, la Cultura, el Arte y el Desarrollo [but this is denounced by El Consejo Guatemalteco de Comunicacion Comunitaria which says it blocks indigenous groups from getting radio] *Fred Cantu`s site links to many Mexican stations, including audio: *Mexico`s TV Azteca plans to do naked news like Canada, Russia *Its rival Televisa cancels ECO news network, lays off 2500 *R. Mexico International asks listeners to fill out pdf questionnaire via [XERMX is the first button on the left; hard to navigate. The questionnaire direct is: ] *Who killed micro radio? ZDNet article on Low Power FM: *It`s not really dead: one LPFM in OK, Enid, has construction permit, and 8 more are on track for CP; see Oklahoma Broadcasting News *FCC Chairman Powell promises even more de-regulation; outgoing commissioner Gloria Tristani objects to trend *In the midst of COM 01-05; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; *FCC chairman hints schedule for digital TV may be delayed *Crash course in DTV at and lots about it via [beware of finding your own PBS station at the pbs site; once you do that, cookie prevents you from going to the national site!] *WETA Washington has lots of other stuff besides main channel; List of US AM and FM stations testing IBOC (inband onchannel) digital *Blake Lawrence of XM Satellite Radio makes its case for diverse, not very commercial programming *The Future of Radio, article in Radio World, ``It`s Radio, Jim, But Not as We Know It`` at *Commercial radio hates seniors, example WGAY format change in Washington; see Frank Ahrens column in Washington Post, April 17 *Top O' Texas public radio project mentioned last month: WTFK? 89.5 near Perryton, stinky town due to feedlots *The Shack, FM 92.7 pirate in Jackson, WY busted, but sparks community radio movement *In rock heyday, WABC had deal with PAMS for exclusive jingles for loads of WAV files *Article on our favorite broadcast humorist Harry Shearer: *Chicago has at least two talking billboards, `Radio Cadillac` *KPM556, 25950 in Portland OR, improving antenna, power *AgroMedicine Institute being developed at abandoned VOA Greenville-C site; HCJB wants the antenna towers *Origins of radio-speak: *That`s COM 01-05; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my other program weekly, World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-04, produced April 9, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *COM 01-04 for April into May 2001, made possible by RFPI, and by Universal Radio`s including audio access, now via new URL *See our website from COM summaries and much more: *Many Canadians favour ``jamming cellphones`` in public areas *Leslie Nielsen stars in Liography, parody on Biography, from April 21 on Canada`s Comedy Channel, *[music], Moe Koffman died, composer of As It Happens theme *CHNX Halifax 6130 plans special ID May 12th, semisesquicentennial *The saga of Furman, South Carolina, WSHB`s obscure site *Robert Hanssen, charged with espionage, holds ham call K9QVL *Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2001 before Congress: S. 549 = H.R. 817; provides for frequency compensation. See: *FCC may take away Instructional Television Fixed Service band *FCC publishes examples of what`s indecent and what`s not. See,1283,42892,00.html?tw=wn20010407 *FCC had been uninterested in responding to indecency complaints *COM 01-04 semi-defunct, halfway over: or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA *Robert B. Cooper writes that DAB is a dead issue; analog to stay *Pay for Play: record companies pay stations to play music through independent record promoters; see *Emergency Alert System patent holder Quad Dimension plans to claim royalties for use by ham repeaters, broadcasters *Ch 6 in Arizona becomes satellite of 12; New channel 4 WSKY-TV is coming at Manteo, North Carolina Outer Banks *Ryan Grabow has updated his Logo Gallery of channel 2-6 US TV stations, DX ID aid, links: *Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page helps with unIDs, links to FCC sunrise/sunset times for any station, and more: *Article on wacky town of Bolinas, California does not mention CW intermittent RF from KPH which may have caused this: *Top o`Texas Radio Project to bring 100 kW public radio near Perryton in a year, by High Plains Public Radio: *KKOB, Albuquerque NM, now has `pre-profanity` unit on 25910; also for other stations in Citadel group *R. Habana Cuba issues info on its transmitters, but numbers are not consecutive; some others for China, jamming? *Venezuelan Pres. Chavez undermines and insults the local media, says Venezuela Online News; his show via Cuba not so innocent *Provo, Turks & Caicos, has several low-power FM stations, DX targets *Glenn Hauser concluding COM 01-04 ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-03, produced March 13, 2001 by Glenn Hauser *Continent of Media 01-03 for March into April 2001; the monthly supplement to World of Radio; about media around the American continent, not necessarily SW; but exclusively on SW via RFPI, and on the internet via sponsored by Universal Radio -- please let these institutions know you appreciate their making this program possible *Scottish bagpipe music 24h, originates from, of all places, Montevideo, Uruguay *``The Day Silence Died``, movie about Bolivian loudspeaker- broadcaster; three star rating, See NY Post Dec 8, 2000: *Pedro F. Arrunategui visits R. Imperio [4389v] and R. Horizonte [4535v], Chiclayo, Peru *Dispute over whether to observe DST and on what dates in Mexico City and elsewhere in Mexico *R. Bemba, community radio pirate in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, threatened with closure; what`s the frequency, Kenneth? *Bill Tanner, Anglo, successful Spanish music programmer *Get current station info including slogan and talent names from Arbitron: *Radio sucks, with exception of stations such as KNON and KGNU, both of which are internet-audible, and See Washington City Paper: *Pax has scheme to vacate UHF channels 60-69 early for a price *Vintage 1952 article on interpreting test patterns: *Worldwide TV-FM DX Association convention July 27-29 in Boise, ID; details at *URLs you miss are in the summary for this COM 01-03 at the WOR site: * radio program delayed until early April, so Beyond Computers gets a few weeks more. See *Eyebrows raised over NPR accepting news underwriting from Kuwait and outdoor advertising on its building facing Capitol *Reviewing Chicago`s music radio stations, especially jazz: WNUR, WDCB, WBEE *World Radio Communication conference 2003 to deal with SWBC/ham allocations; plans underway. See *Winegard recalling myriads of oscillating UHF TV preamps on antennas mostly on RVs, which cause interference. Info: 319-754-0600 *Mondegreens, fun sites about misunderstood lyrics: and *That concludes COM 01-03 for March into April 2001; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear every week: World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-02, produced by Glenn Hauser February 8, 2001 *COM is a listener-supported public service program about media around the continent, not especially shortwave *COM is SW broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica; webcast by sponsored by Universal Radio *Nova Scotia RCMP installing Integrated Wide Area Network, putting an end to scanning *FEMA has emergency antennas at Lakewood, Colorado bunker *Digital-only Florida TV station wins carriage rights on cable *Doug Smith explains how major and minor virtual channel numbers will work with DTV *Eureka 147 digital radio system outperforms all in-band systems! *Court rules against FCC minority hiring rules *Pro-LPFM sites: *Mike Dorrough`s SW station for the blind project in Wisconsin halted by public officials including Gov. Thompson. See *Korean radio station in Federal Way, Washington, in zoning fight *Hopi radio station KUYI-FM article, and other Indian radios: *Flagstaff has new TV stations on channels 4, 9 *Forstmann Little acquiring Citadel radio stations in $2giga deal, including Albuquerque`s KHFM, KKOB; classical format in danger? *WBT Charlotte has a post-nuclear bunker studio under the transmitter *Big Voices of the Air: The Battle over Clear Channel Radio, new book on the concept, not the corporation, by Dr. James Foust, Iowa State University press [back-ordered at, ISBN: 081382804X] *Recording of CHWO`s debut on 740 from Toronto, January 8 *WEVD 1050 New York has store of last remaining Yiddish program audio: *WBAI Fights Management`s Move to Turn the Station into NPR Lite: See also: *WFUV 90.7 New York cancels Polka Party, Barrel Stops Rolling: *For Hire Phony Talk Radio Calls: *Gadgets to identify songs heard on the radio: and *Classic Stars Radio Online presents old time radio: * Radio weekly show launches on PRI March 1 *NPR and PBS announce ``strategic alliance`` *NBC runs master control and sales traffic of WVTM Birmingham from Miami, eliminating jobs at WVTM *That`s COM 01-02; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my weekly program, World of Radio ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-01, JANUARY 2001 produced by Glenn Hauser, January 9, 2001 *COM 01-01, the first for 2000, shortwaved exclusively by RFPI, Costa Rica; webcast exclusively by, sponsored by Universal Radio. Thanks to both for making this program possible *David Gleason on Latin American radio, as modern, or more so than US radio, in the larger cities. See his photos of Radio 10 in Bs. As. and, for contrast, 60's era snapshots of stations in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico at *The Self-Resonant Folded Unipole AM broadcast antenna, invented in Brazil; see also the EH Antenna (via Patrick Griffith, NRC): *John Callarman`s ``rules`` for DXing Mexican AM stations *Univision buying USA Network`s TV stations *WTFDA Memorabilia site on early TV, FM, DX: *Concerns about birds crashing into tall broadcast towers; see and *John Broomall predicts there will yet be 1000 lowpower FM stations *KTRU Houston dispute settled between students and admin (follow-up) *KVOD Denver no longer classical but still see listeners` forum at -- and a poem in memoriam Or try and *Hopi Nation has first radio station, KUYI-FM, *WFIU has weekly music quiz, Ether Game, also webcast Tuesday nights; see *KNX nixes Amos `n` Andy as politically incorrect Oldtime Radio *New book on KMOX St. Louis, ``The Mighty `MOX...`` by Sally and Rob Rains; see *Disney rumored to want to buy NY Socialist station WEVD to head ESPN radio network *Omaha market FM non-commercials may be sold and turned commercial *Gary Dunford column in Toronto Sun on the late Allan McFee *That`s COM 01-01 for January; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my other program weekly, World of Radio ###