CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-03, produced March 13, 2001
        by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media 01-03 for March into April 2001; the monthly
 supplement to World of Radio; about media around the American
 continent, not necessarily SW; but exclusively on SW via RFPI, and
 on the internet via sponsored by Universal
 Radio --  please let these institutions know you appreciate their
 making this program possible
*Scottish bagpipe music 24h,
 originates from, of all places, Montevideo, Uruguay
*``The Day Silence Died``, movie about Bolivian loudspeaker-
 broadcaster; three star rating, See NY Post Dec 8, 2000:
*Pedro F. Arrunategui visits R. Imperio [4389v] and R. Horizonte
 [4535v], Chiclayo, Peru
*Dispute over whether to observe DST and on what dates in Mexico
 City and elsewhere in Mexico  
*R. Bemba, community radio pirate in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico,
 threatened with closure; what`s the frequency, Kenneth? 
*Bill Tanner, Anglo, successful Spanish music programmer  
*Get current station info including slogan and talent names
 from Arbitron:
*Radio sucks, with exception of stations such as KNON and KGNU,
 both of which are internet-audible, and  See Washington City Paper:
*Pax has scheme to vacate UHF channels 60-69 early for a price
*Vintage 1952 article on interpreting test patterns:
*Worldwide TV-FM DX Association convention July 27-29 in Boise, ID;
 details at
*URLs you miss are in the summary for this COM 01-03 at the WOR site:
* radio program delayed until early April, so Beyond
 Computers gets a few weeks more. See
*Eyebrows raised over NPR accepting news underwriting from Kuwait and outdoor advertising on its
 building facing Capitol
*Reviewing Chicago`s music radio stations, especially jazz: WNUR,
*World Radio Communication conference 2003 to deal with SWBC/ham
 allocations; plans underway. See 
*Winegard recalling myriads of oscillating UHF TV preamps on antennas
 mostly on RVs, which cause interference. Info: 319-754-0600
*Mondegreens, fun sites about misunderstood lyrics: and
*That concludes COM 01-03 for March into April 2001; Glenn Hauser
 inviting you also to hear every week: World of Radio     ###