WORLD OF RADIO #1111, produced December 26, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*In the new year, look for more and more of the newest info we have
 to offer at our new site and bookmark it
 but don`t delete our old site yet, which has served us well for
 several years,
*One new addition to soon is a /calendar.html page,
 outgrowth of /holiday.html page, broadened
*My Shortwave Year in Review appears again on VOA Communications World
 this week, first airing UT Saturday 0133 on 9455, repeated 4-hourly
*Kim will also do two special VOA CW call-outs on New Year`s Day,
 Tuesday at 1433 and 1833
*America`s newest SW station heard testing Dec. 24-25, WWRB, Worldwide
 Radio Broadcasting, Manchester TN (recording, with address)
*WWCR has been running holiday specials, including one thru Saturday
 29th, Twelve Days of Christmas
*WWCR has two specials on Islam airing January 1-6, schedule; see
*Owner of WSM-AM and two other Nashville stations considering changes
 in format; listen to Grand Old Opry Saturday nights while you can
*Public radio in Nashville, WPLN, paying $3 million for AM station to
 add news and talk
*KRLD in Dallas going (almost) all-news January 7
*Cherokee-language show Saturday mornings on Tahlequah stations
*CBC technicians reach agreement to end strike/lockout; see DXLD 1-204
 for terms; if ratified, back to work December 31
*XERMX blocked on fundamental, heard on distorted spurs, including DX
 programs in English, Spanish; we update their program schedule for
*R. Maya de Barillas, Guatemala, on late Xmas eve; NY Eve too?
*unID on 4470 may be third harmonic from Colombia
*Explanation of R. Marias being heard via La Voz del Napo, Ecuador
*R. Maranyon, Peru, active again on 60m and several reports of it,
 including classification of its musical format
*Radiodifusora Comercial, new Peruvian, location unknown
*R. Nacional, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina heard on 120m
*BBC America Latina relay in Buenos Aires X-band missing, but a new
 one on 1710, Radio Mec, Caseros, Argentina
*In decimal notation, this is the 1111th edition of World of Radio; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: John Babbis
*A new clandestine for Zimbabwe called SW Radio Africa on 49m, based
 in UK, transmitter site unknown but unseems Madagascar, maybe South
 Africa; also on demand via website
*R. Voice of Ethiopian Unity starts broadcasts via WZHF Arlington VA
*Only two Somali SW stations reported active, R. Hargeisa, R. Banaadir
*Strange as it seems, Yemen thinks Aden is most likely base for new
 US (television) satellite news channel in Arabic
*R. Asia, new MW station believed from UAE heard in Punjab
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus has two-minute window for DXing it in North
*R. Afghanistan reported getting new transmitter to cover 75% of the
*R. Voice of Afghanistan changed from London street address to:
 Afghanistan Broadcasting Company, P O Box 36467, London, UK EC2A 2YF;
 or P O Box 5459, Kabul
*Congress OKs $19.2 million to set up R. Free Afghanistan by late Jan,
 to originate from RFE/RL Prague; moving three transmitters from Spain
 to Kuwait
*R. Japan plans two special broadcasts: Dec. 29 Global Radio; and Dec.
 31, Year-End Hit Parade, on many special frequencies; see DXLD 1-206
*Cambodia active again sporadically on 25 meters, no English heard
*R. Reading Service, New Zealand, heard in USA on 75m, \\ RNZI
*BBCWS Discovery Dec 28-Jan 1 on the Marconi Centenary; see DXLD 1-204
*Iceland again heard on shortwave, 13 MHz USB
*R. Norway announced its foreign service closes at yearend, but from
 Jan 1 broadcasting all-news and first program home services; see
*Fun, asocial way to spend New Year`s Eve is monitoring arrival of
 2002, timezone by timezone on SW; or by websurfing, courtesy Media
*Eike Bierwirth`s Comprehensive B-01 shortwave schedule available at or
*Propagation outlook from Boulder December 26; flux range 260-220-240
*Let us hope the New Year will be better for all of us
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1111            ###