produced by Glenn Hauser, January 9, 2001

*COM 01-01, the first for 2000, shortwaved exclusively by RFPI,
 Costa Rica; webcast exclusively by, sponsored by Universal
 Radio. Thanks to both for making this program possible
*David Gleason on Latin American radio, as modern, or more so than US
 radio, in the larger cities. See his photos of Radio 10 in Bs. As.
 and, for contrast, 60's era snapshots of stations in Colombia,
 Guatemala and Mexico at
*The Self-Resonant Folded Unipole AM broadcast antenna, invented in
 Brazil; see also the EH Antenna (via Patrick Griffith, NRC):
*John Callarman`s ``rules`` for DXing Mexican AM stations
*Univision buying USA Network`s TV stations
*WTFDA Memorabilia site on early TV, FM, DX:
*Concerns about birds crashing into tall broadcast towers; see and
*John Broomall predicts there will yet be 1000 lowpower FM stations
*KTRU Houston dispute settled between students and admin (follow-up)
*KVOD Denver no longer classical but still see listeners` forum at -- and a poem in memoriam Or try and
*Hopi Nation has first radio station, KUYI-FM,
*WFIU has weekly music quiz, Ether Game, also webcast Tuesday nights;
*KNX nixes Amos `n` Andy as politically incorrect Oldtime Radio
*New book on KMOX St. Louis, ``The Mighty `MOX...`` by Sally and Rob
 Rains; see
*Disney rumored to want to buy NY Socialist station WEVD to head
 ESPN radio network
*Omaha market FM non-commercials may be sold and turned commercial
*Gary Dunford column in Toronto Sun on the late Allan McFee
*That`s COM 01-01 for January; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear
 my other program weekly, World of Radio                  ###