CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-10, November 2, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

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*First a few items peripherally related to our concerns since Sept. 11
*Emergency E-mail signup, of particular use to the blind; select
 your state and county, at
 which forwards to [not any more]
*Repeal Electronic Communications Privacy Act so citizens may
 intercept terrorists using cellphone frequencies
*The Conglomerates of Congestion: Westwood One controls most of the
 traffic-reporting market, and the reporters heard are not likely
 local nor even in the air with helicopters now restricted over cities
*Will anthrax scare mean the end of letter art (decorating envelopes)?
*New corridos in Mexico based on Sept. 11, heard on XEG
*Rock en espa¤ol, brief overview by David Gleason; lists at and streaming at
 and FM 97.7 via
*New Panda TV sets imported from China with UHF amputated, rationed in
 Cuba; only good Commies and certain others may qualify to purchase
*Recession in Colombian radio:
*In the midst of COM 01-10; your input welcome at
 or fax 1-580-233-2948 attention Hauser
*Words of Wisdom and Tip for Rational Living by Loren Cox
*4VEH, ex-SW station in Haiti, expands facilities on anniversary
*Six low-power Haitian AM stations in Boston, mostly X-band
*Rewind show on public radio from Seattle doubling to an hour in Feb,
 but more than needed, and ulterior motive?
*KCCU reveals tier system in public radio programming costs, and
 why it adds more markets, but not too much more
*Car-sharing business in San Francisco depends on SW communications
*Radio Shack panned by ex-employee, but what else have we got locally?
*Modest proposal to consolidate, rename USG external broadcasting
*Latest Star Trek series ``Enterprise`` bad guys resemble Taliban,
 has impressive non-Spock character and titles; a UPN show but carried
 on WB affiliate in St Louis out of prime time
*I, Glenn Hauser, invite you to listen every week to my other program
 World of Radio; meanwhile, this has been the tenth 2001 edition of
 Continent of Media                           ###