CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-02, produced by Glenn Hauser
        February 8, 2001

*COM is a listener-supported public service program about media
 around the continent, not especially shortwave
*COM is SW broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace International,
 Costa Rica; webcast by sponsored by Universal Radio
*Nova Scotia RCMP installing Integrated Wide Area Network, putting
 an end to scanning
*FEMA has emergency antennas at Lakewood, Colorado bunker
*Digital-only Florida TV station wins carriage rights on cable
*Doug Smith explains how major and minor virtual channel numbers
 will work with DTV
*Eureka 147 digital radio system outperforms all in-band systems!
*Court rules against FCC minority hiring rules
*Pro-LPFM sites:
*Mike Dorrough`s SW station for the blind project in Wisconsin
 halted by public officials including Gov. Thompson. See
*Korean radio station in Federal Way, Washington, in zoning fight
*Hopi radio station KUYI-FM article, and other Indian radios:
*Flagstaff has new TV stations on channels 4, 9
*Forstmann Little acquiring Citadel radio stations in $2giga deal,
 including Albuquerque`s KHFM, KKOB; classical format in danger?
*WBT Charlotte has a post-nuclear bunker studio under the transmitter
*Big Voices of the Air: The Battle over Clear Channel Radio, new
 book on the concept, not the corporation, by Dr. James Foust,
 Iowa State University press [back-ordered at, ISBN:
*Recording of CHWO`s debut on 740 from Toronto, January 8
*WEVD 1050 New York has store of last remaining Yiddish program
*WBAI Fights Management`s Move to Turn the Station into NPR Lite:  See also:
*WFUV 90.7 New York cancels Polka Party, Barrel Stops Rolling:
*For Hire Phony Talk Radio Calls:
*Gadgets to identify songs heard on the radio:
*Classic Stars Radio Online presents old time radio:
* Radio weekly show launches on PRI March 1
*NPR and PBS announce ``strategic alliance``
*NBC runs master control and sales traffic of WVTM Birmingham from
 Miami, eliminating jobs at WVTM
*That`s COM 01-02; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my weekly
 program, World of Radio                      ###