WORLD OF RADIO #1110, produced December 19, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Thanks for all the feedback on our battery-powered WOR last week;
 I identified it wrongly as 1108 instead of 1109; please listen now
 to the expanded and fixed-up version via the World Radio Network
 archive or the archive
*WOR added to Radio Lavalamp schedule, webcast only station in Osaka,
 four times each weekend; quick links via or direct
*Best wishes to William A. Matthews, stepping down from his DX
 reporting on Adventist World Radio, R. Korea International; replacing
 him are Victor Goonetilleke and Paul Ormandy
*Iran, Pakistan, Denmark, Holland, and BBC offering aid in setting
 up broadcast facilities for Afghanistan; see recent DXLDs
*V. of Mezopotamia, clandestine to Kurdistan, expands to 12 hours per
 day, same frequency, but switching sites from original Samara
*Kol Yisrael made midwinter change from 11 to 6 MHz; also new 7 MHz
 channel for English
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, confirmed testing again on 6 MHz band
*Congo DR about to start broadcasting on SW via Africa No. One, Gabon
 instead of activating its own SW transmitter, long in storage
*Algerian longwave outlet reactivated on same frequency as Ireland
*V. of Greece suddenly changes from 11 to 9 MHz via Delano, worse
*AWR, Forli, Italy, missing lately, and plans to close after December
 31; special QSLs for last two days; what about Argenta replacement?
*R. Yugoslavia`s SW transmitter in Bosnia suspended for failing to
 pay electricity bill; in danger of damage with power off; confirmed?
*DW`s English to Pacific and Asia via Antigua moves from 6 to 9 MHz
*Special Xmas broadcast to North America from R. Tsentr, Russia,
 Dec. 23-24-25 UT; reports to or .net
*BBC World Service times for HM the Queen`s Xmas Message to the
*Just A Minute, zany panel game, back with new series replacing
 Brain of Britain; available on demand?
*BBC On Air magazine moves program grids to separate folio insert
*``I Want My BBC`` petition campaign to restore North American and
 Australian service as a New Year`s boon by The Queen; send name,
 full address, postal code, E-mail address to
 Americans too as supporting petitioners; deadline Dec. 28. Or to
 I Want My BBC, c/o Mark Coady, 1038 Ward St., Bridgenorth, Ont.,
 Canada K0L 1H0
*BBC Radio 3, webcast, repeating some Prom Concerts from last summer,
 starting Dec. 20 into January; see
*WOR 1110, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 our websites: or
*Many thanks this week for financial support go to: James D. Strader
*R. Denmark broadcast news in English, by computer mistake
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, has special Xmas broadcast for
 24 hours from 2200 UT Dec 24; complex schedule of frequencies via as well as coverage maps
*Technicians` CEP union strike against CBC continues; see recent
 DXLDs; another union, CMG offers them financial support
*Pacifica dispute settled at last; see DXLD 1-196, 1-197 but a WBAI
 program host was just suspended for discussing settlement
*FCC authorizes hams to experiment on longwave frequencies as
 WC2XSR, but no contacts
*Condolences to Allan Weiner of WBCQ whose father, Samuel S. Weiner,
 died last week
*R. Pueblo, Dominican Republic, with classical music on 5 MHz
*R. Maria de Colombia/Ecuador on 90 meters appears to be new user
 of La Voz del Napo transmitter;
*Congratulations to HCJB on its 70th anniversary December 25
*HCJB DX Partyline updates website and now stores program audio on
 demand via: -- also Ham Radio Today
*R. Maranyon, Peru, reactivated on 60 meters
*Annual reminder that Xmas eve, New Year`s eve and vicinity are very
 good times to look for rare Latin American, African stations on later
 than usual or even reactivated for holidays
*Weekly Antarctic traffic net on 15 meters also a DX opportunity
*Bob Padula criticises Digital Radio Mondiale tests, excessive
 interference to analog broadcasters
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 18; flux range 175-235
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1110     ###