WORLD OF RADIO #1065, produced January 10, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*My annual Shortwave Year in Review was on VOA Communications World
 last week; read and hear expanded version via the WOR website:
*New Continent of Media for January, 01-01 starts Jan 12 on RFPI;
 see summary at
*WWFV has started RTTY broadcasts; details at and (and in DXLD 1-005)
*Judy Massa is retiring from VOA; last Border Crossings Jan 26; sked
*Complex Variables Studio realigns music programs on WBCQ Jan 13:
 new on Saturday nights, Magic Radio, Big Kaboom
*WWCR has new Keen on Jazz show thrice weekends; latest times for
 Ken Berryhill`s Country Classics, Old Record Shop, Profiles
*Terion system for tracking trucks uses many fixed shortwave
 frequencies (DXLD 1-005, 1-006); see
 and huge ftp file:
*EOSS, Edge of Space Sciences balloon flight from Colorado Jan 13
 or 14 includes ham radio communications, amateur TV; see DXLD 1-005
*John Gambling coming back this Saturday morning in NY on WABC
*Art Bell resuming Coast to Coast AM February 5
*Correxion to last week: Oklahoma`s X-band station is on 1650
*Dispatches is new on CBC and RCI, last half hour of As It Happens
 on Wednesday nights
*Newfoundland celebrating Marconi Centenary, ``Receiving the World``
 spending $3 million for the arts
*HRPC, Radio Luz y Vida, 90m in Honduras has a bit of English:
 recording by Mark Mohrmann of sign-off
*This is the 1,065th almost consecutive WOR broadcast; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Our website has added schedule of selected DX programs on SW; and
 John Norfolk also has updated Nets To You; see
*Another rare Honduran, Radio Litoral, heard Xmas day and since
*Costa Rican mediumwave third harmonic heard in Ecuador, Japan:
 Radio Pampa, Nicoya
*La Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine heard morn and eve
*See DXLD 1-005 for excellent long article on Colombian clandestines
*R. La Voz de Anta, Peru, heard on 5 MHz out-of-band
*Brazilian DXers get lots of goodies from Radio Difusora Taubate'
*Rudolf Grimm DXed lots of Caribbean FM in southern Brazil by TE;
 see the report in DXLD 1-002
*R. Lusofonia is new service in Portuguese from South Africa
*Two of three African SW countries missing last week are back:
 Christian Voice, Zambia; Kaduna, Nigeria
*But Malawi is still missing from both known frequencies
*Mauritania holding up on 60 meters almost until 0900; should be
 possible to hear all continents at the same time on 60m at 0830;
 see item at end of DXLD 1-003
*National R. of Saharan ADR put out questionnaire for reception
 reports, clear frequencies; see DXLD 1-002. Still heard on a
 different frequency; language schedule
*Radio Baydhabo (Baidoa), Somalia, pro-Rahanwein Resistance Army,
 heard on 6 MHz out of band
*DTK relay schedule from Germany still shows Croatian Information
 Center; and in fact is about to resume with a new contract
*Well-known Russian DXer Nikolay Pashkevich killed in auto accident;
 see eulogies in DXLD 1-004
*Radio Radonezh, Russian Orthodox station, resumed SW on 6 MHz;
*Radio Jordan missing from its English frequency on 17 MHz
*R. Sana`a, Yemen about to go 24 hours; English unchanged
*V. of the Republic of Tajikistan`s English quarter-hour DXed from
*All India Radio Kurseong reactivated after a year, including English
*Burmese Defense Forces Station reactivated on 6 MHz out of band
*Singapore`s SW frequencies relay different FM stations depending on
 day of week; English rotation schedule as monitored
*Taiwan quickly moved broadcast station out of 40m hamband
*Continental Electronics selling 4 SW tranmsitters to China
*China licences BBC to broadcast again in China, via cable TV
*Papua New Guinea`s proposed religious SW station, `KBBN`, is to be
 a feeder to FM network, inaudible to DXers; see DXLD 1-002
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 10; flux range 175-200-170
*That`s World of Radio 1065; I`m Glenn Hauser              ###