CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-04, produced April 9, 2001
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM 01-04 for April into May 2001, made possible by RFPI, and by Universal Radio`s including
 audio access, now via new URL
*See our website from COM summaries and much more:
*Many Canadians favour ``jamming cellphones`` in public areas
*Leslie Nielsen stars in Liography, parody on Biography, from
 April 21 on Canada`s Comedy Channel,
*[music], Moe Koffman died, composer of As It Happens theme
*CHNX Halifax 6130 plans special ID May 12th, semisesquicentennial
*The saga of Furman, South Carolina, WSHB`s obscure site
*Robert Hanssen, charged with espionage, holds ham call K9QVL
*Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2001 before Congress:
 S. 549 = H.R. 817; provides for frequency compensation. See:
*FCC may take away Instructional Television Fixed Service band
*FCC publishes examples of what`s indecent and what`s not. See,1283,42892,00.html?tw=wn20010407
*FCC had been uninterested in responding to indecency complaints
*COM 01-04 semi-defunct, halfway over: or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA
*Robert B. Cooper writes that DAB is a dead issue; analog to stay
*Pay for Play: record companies pay stations to play music through
 independent record promoters; see
*Emergency Alert System patent holder Quad Dimension plans to claim
 royalties for use by ham repeaters, broadcasters
*Ch 6 in Arizona becomes satellite of 12; New channel 4 WSKY-TV is
 coming at Manteo, North Carolina Outer Banks
*Ryan Grabow has updated his Logo Gallery of channel 2-6 US TV
 stations, DX ID aid, links:
*Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page helps with unIDs, links to
 FCC sunrise/sunset times for any station, and more:
*Article on wacky town of Bolinas, California does not mention CW
 intermittent RF from KPH which may have caused this:
*Top o`Texas Radio Project to bring 100 kW public radio near Perryton
 in a year, by High Plains Public Radio:
*KKOB, Albuquerque NM, now has `pre-profanity` unit on 25910; also
 for other stations in Citadel group
*R. Habana Cuba issues info on its transmitters, but numbers are not
 consecutive; some others for China, jamming?
*Venezuelan Pres. Chavez undermines and insults the local media, says
 Venezuela Online News; his show via Cuba not so innocent
*Provo, Turks & Caicos, has several low-power FM stations, DX targets
*Glenn Hauser concluding COM 01-04                     ###