CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-07, produced July 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*There may be a WOR every week, but every month there is a COM; this
 is 01-07. Me? I`m Glenn Hauser. COM is SW broadcast exclusively by
 Radio for Peace International, and on the internet at
 sponsored by Universal Radio
*Hickham Radio, Hawaii, closes down HF aeronautical communications
*Too many general aviation airports use too few UNICOM frequencies,
 increasing risks
*ARRL specifies new hamband wanted at 5150-5450 kHz, so no problem
 for 60m tropical broadcast band; Stig Hartvig Nielsen says not
 hams, but SW broadcasters should get more spectrum, for DRM
*People who just died you didn`t know were hams department: the late
 Chet Atkins, Certified Guitar Picker, W4CGP. See DXLD 1-092
*Loren Cox reviews Don Imus, not to be taken seriously; see DXLD 1-096
*Mano-a-mano talk host in New York, Gerson Borrero, fired by WADO
*US DJ gives Lagos a breath of fresh air, Dan Foster on 96.9 Cool FM
*Midpoint of COM 01-07; our address: -- website: and click on COM; P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Lawsuit over slogan ``Kiss FM`` between Los Angeles and Bakersfield
*3-letter callsign mystique:
 -- part of site on early radio 1897-1927
*Joe Costello tried to cancel Radio Earth from WRNO before contract
 was up, lost court case
*WAMU, Washington, plans to time-out web listeners to keep costs down
 -- a precursor to charging for access?
*Eric Bueneman denounces consolidation in American broadcasting
 brought on by unconstitutional Telecommunications Act of 1996; see and
 [Ernest Hollings is a current Senator, not former as I said! -gh]
*Television Azteca, Mexican network, plans move into US market, but
 deal off in Dallas, El Paso where courted channel 4 CBS affiliate
*Very useful program or service about media in this continent, the
 National Radio Club`s DX Audio Service by cassette, and sample on
 the web at
*CBC unable to find buyer at the right price for all its towers and
*Classical music drives away criminals, loiterers in West Palm Beach
*I, Glenn Hauser, hope you`ve enjoyed listening to this Continent of
 Media, 01-07                                  ###