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Vacuity and Movie Reviews

"Three times big woo-woo-woo at myself!! I made it! I said no! LOL, I was just sleeping still, and again this assurance guy called up and bothered me. So this time I took the receiver in my still sleepy head and said hello. And when I recognized him again I said straight away without even thinking with my still sleepy head that - I do NOT want his assurances and that I do NOT want that he calls up again because of this.
But believe it or not, he wanted to go on persuading me!!!!!!! It's UN-believable!!!! He started saying in a super nice tone - Aha... aha, so you didn't understand the PRINCIPLE of all that?!"

VASpider's Web

"Went to sleep on the couch last night at 11:30. Woke up once or twice after that and insisted I'd be getting up for good 'any time now, as soon as Tiny calls.' Woke up at 4:30 going, "Wasn't I supposed to get a phone call?" Went around practically sleepwalking for half an hour after that; I do wonder sometimes if I'm capable of sleeping for more than a few hours at a time anymore."


"And thirdly, these two have about as much chance of maintaining a long-distance relationship as I do of winning an Oscar. He’s desperate and needy, she’s uncommunicative and manipulative. And this is when they’re in the same room. Can you imagine phone conversations between these two?
He: I’m glad your presentation went well.
He: I knew they’d like you.
He: So, did anybody, like, especially like you?
He: Anybody who might be, say, sexing you up in your hotel Jacuzzi right now and infusing your hoo-hah with a deadly payload of groin cooties to bring back to me at the end of the week?
He: You know what? I can’t do this any more.
She: I miss you."


"I thought I would die laughing when I saw the Gettysburg Address on PowerPoint. Even though I am a PowerPoint afficionado, I enjoy a good satire. But John Naughton, writing in The Guardian, is serious in his disdain for the software: "As an addiction of the white-collar classes, PowerPoint ranks second only in perniciousness to cocaine. Some executives appear to be -- literally -- incapable of public utterance unless they have their bullet-pointed security blanket on a screen behind them." This is, of course, the well-worn complaint that PowerPoint is a "substitute for thought." (Pardon my directness, Mr. Naughton, but your column is a substitute for thought. "


"However, given that I am generally fucked over every corner I turn, it occurs to me that trouble would arise if I actually dared to do nothing to ensure my being a valid member of society – y’know, the mundane things that keep us all in check with reality, and remind us that what we’re about means squat, really, in the larger scheme of things."

Verbal Jam (Dutch)

"gut wat snel!
Gut wat gaat de tijd toch snel. Een jaar geleden zaten we nog lekker voor de tv te zwijmelen bij Het Huwelijk. Vandaag, op deze saaigrijze zondag, is er eigenlijk helemaal niks te beleven. Het kwakkelt.
In huize Oranje wordt vast de videoband weer even opgezet en in het fotoalbum teruggebladerd."

Virulent Memes

"A couple of interesting points raised in the comments yesterday, in my by-the-way remarks about the differences between Australian and American leaders' influence on policy and implementation of such. I still think that we have a pretty robust system of government, both in the way that executive and legislative power is exercised, and the way that we elect those who exercise that power."

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