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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - M

Maaaahhh reeee naaaahhh

"My uncles/aunts/cousins have a tendency to walk in, say hi to my mother (who's usually the person they're dropping by to see), then ask "where's Marina?". No matter which answer my mother gives to this, they start banging on my bedroom door ('no, don't do that. She's asleep!'), calling out "maaaaahhh reeeee naaaaaahhhhhhh".
I HATE IT when people bang on my bedroom door. But not as much as I hate it when they just KEEP ON BANGING until they wake me up/force me to acknowledge them with an annoyed "WHAT?". I would never EVER go to my uncle's house and bang on his bedroom door if my aunt told me he was sleeping. I mean, WTF?"

Mad Kane

"Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many BushFoolery Alerts. As you know, I frequently post oddball, quirky, funny, and/or horrifying Dubya related items. Well, now I've decided to be more organized about it. (Let's see how long that lasts.)"

Media Dragon

"Explaining The Younger Generation
The young-20s attitude is something of a puzzle to older people. As media stories became more and more ridiculous and commercialism became more and more oppressive, this construct seemed to work. But, now, we are at war..." And we're paralyzed."

the Mighty Geek

"Why is it so hard for women to understand that men pee standing up? Don’t they realize that if the seat is down that a man must make the effort to pick the seat up before he can relieve himself? The extra 3 seconds that takes can be crucial to proper bladder release. The basic law of gravity makes it clear that it takes less energy to put something down than pick it up, so I can only conclude that women are selfish and unreasonable when it comes to toilet etiquette."

Minimum Rage

"Hey, Bush Administration, I have a great idea to keep people from getting smallpox! Why don't we offer an inoculation that causes anyone who takes it to become totally contagious and can potentially infect and/or kill the 60 million Americans whose immune systems can't handle the vaccine? Oh, wait, you're miles ahead of me."

1001 Mirrors

"Today has been an upside-down sort of day. Y'see, I have this Japanese translation class... my sensei is this brilliant scholarly woman who nevertheless has a small, meandering mean streak - so today she pulls on us the "let's-translate-something-no-one's-prepared!-mwahahaha!-" routine and it was chaos. I don't remember what we read, except that it had to do with Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask, and being gay and closeted in 1950's Japan. Pretty cool stuff, actually."

Mom's Journal

"I was selected for jury duty this week. Some of you know, some of you may not know that I was a victim of Attempted Murder and Attempted Carjacking several years ago in Atlanta. The trial I got stuck with this week was, in a nutshell, Armed Robbery and Carjacking, amongst numerous other charges. Was I a happy camper? HELL NO!! But you know what? I decided that I was not going to try to get out of it. Sure it opened up a lot of old wounds, stirred up a lot of old emotions that I didn't want to deal with. But I decided that after almost ten years, it was time I dealt with this."

the Mousetrap... (continued)

"A lot of people think PETA is just a bunch of weirdos who go ballistic over every little animal abuse situation they can find. Well, Duh! Granted, I have to admit they sometimes do go over the bend with silly stuff, like don't eat turkey or, drink milk instead of beer (can't a person have both?). But the good things they do to enlighten the unwashed public about the unbelievable tortures animals suffer because of callous people far outweigh their occasional strange positions on animal welfare."

a Moveable Beast

"So now we make our way through the wreckage that surrounds us, into the city and up the stairs and elevators that take us to Mr. S's bedside, where we sit and look at him, in ruins. He's 82, dying of Parkinson's, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Except hold his hand, fix his blanket, and wonder where he goes when he lies there, softly singing hymns to himself."


"When I was a college I used to collect and listen to music. OK I wouldn't say I became a big ardent fan boy of anything in particular, though there was much stuff I listened to. There was however much stuff I listened to once or twice maybe, and then never again, it was part of the process of having lots of copies of all these new groups.
Anyway, yesterday I decided to change the tape in my car, a compilation of Del Amitri has been playing for the last two months because the tape stuck and I couldn't be bothered to take it out. So much so that even my three year old son (well, 3 in February) knows the opening lyrics to a Bside called 'Scared to live', which is sort of impressive"

Musings By Mercy

"So... yet again we have issues with computers, DSL service and phone lines Sorry for yet another absence. Here's hoping my luck will be better this time around and things will behave.
What's new..... I've been doing some reading. Finished Kellerman's book and zipped through Taken by Thomas Cook. Enjoyed them both. Must see if the SCI FI Channel has released Taken on video or DVD yet."

My Blue House

"Apparently, somewhere between the 70s to the present, some exec in Wham-O's product development area sat in a meeting room with a bunch of underlings and said, 'People, the Slip 'n Slide should be more than a painfully thin strip of lonely yellow plastic running down one's asphalt driveway and made slippery only through the trickle of water provided by the garden hose. Yes, it's fun. But it's also a surefire way to obtain skinned palms and sore tailbones. Make it more. Make it fancy. Make the old Slip 'n Slide as it was known to Becky when she was growing up look like crap. Give it asteroids. Give it big splashes. Make it surf-worthy. Do it!'"

My Life After Near Death Experiences

"well lets see now....last night i went in spirit to a afterlife place.
There was this large building with Murals all aound the walls, murals that i only had a minute to look at as my Guide took me inside.
My guide then introduced me to other Teachers, of this building and then they told me, these teachers, that this place was a

My Life As A Fischer

"Gah. I hate it when baseball and football interrupt normal ID10T Box programming.
Face it, not all men like sports.
I don't need to be able to spout off the latest football or baseball stats to prove my masculinity/manhood. I can do that in other ways. Ways that the female of the species is likely to appreciate more than my asking for the sports section from the morning paper, so I can keep up with the latest boring, pointless W-L record and other statistics."

My So Called Online Life

"I think I'm going to do it this week. Something I have never done before. Go to the movies alone. I want to go see Real Women Have Curves, but can't get anyone to go with me. I should not be missing out on movies because of anyone else's intellectual shortcomings or lack of taste in cinema. Maybe Thursday night."

My Thoughts Ideas And Experiences

"So that will be my first New Year's resolution find better hosting to host my images without feeling like I am hotlinking! The second is to double my income online! The third is to quit smoking, I am down to about 5 or 6 cigarettes a day if I ever smoke that much. Anyhow here is a repost of Britney Spears in thongs with her friends, you probably have seen this photo, but this one is perhaps the best quality one I have seen around! "

My Trailer Is Bigger Than Your Trailer

"It surely is one happy day down here to the trailer park! We got us our Thanksgivin' turkey! Course we didn't plan on havin it yet, but sometimes the Lord werks in misteryous ways. Bosephus was out joy ridin' in Bubba J's pickup and, y'all gots to remember that Bosephus don't got hisself no driver's license and he ain't used to the pickup. Anyhow, Bosephus and Festus Jr. was out in the back woods somewhere and somethin ran right in front of the pickup. Bosephus couldn't put on the brakes fast enuff and he hit it. Festus Jr. went out to see what it was that done got hit. It was a turkey! We figger it was a gift from heaven. Now we just gots to figger out how to get taters and punkin pie and other fixin's fer our Thanksgivin feast."

My 2 Cents

"Catherine Wiley
I went to the Knoxville Museum of Art this morning for an exhibit of glass sculpture, and one of 20th century Tennessee painting. What moved me were three paintings by Catherine Wiley - one from the permanent collection and two in the exhibit. Catherine Wiley (1879-1958) was a local Knoxville artist who was one of the first women art teachers at the University of Tennessee. She was an Impressionist who sadly had a breakdown in 1926 and remained hospitalized until her death in 1958."

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