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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - S

Sal: a complaint

"Having spent almost an hour in the attempt to fend off, it is now much to late to submit the data today. This makes three projects to be completed over the weekend. (I stand tall on the position that if something is due on a Friday, the real meaning, if no time is given, is that it is due on Monday by 9AM. Do not quarrel with this stance, as I will get nasty.)
So now I have a grant to write, reporting to do, and politicians to call. All before 9AM on Monday.
This is not what Friday is supposed to feel like."


"dear universe,
why you gotta be all, "dude. i'm gonna make life really hard and difficult and stinky and make you hurt people you love who don't deserve the pain at all, yo." ?
that's really shitty of you. i'm sick of it.
yours forever,


"Take one sceptical but easily spooked camera crew and stir in a spiritualist medium, a parapsychologist and a PVC-clad Yvette Fielding. Mix in plenty of orbs, some strange noises and a few self-opening doors, then add a large dose of screaming, a pinch of mild possession and spirits to taste.
Leave to stew overnight in a haunted building and, voila, there you have Most Haunted (Living TV, Tuesday and Sunday)."

Scribble Scrabble

"After dinner, my mouth started watering for the peanut butter cup ice cream. There was a couple of scoops left after the girls and I ate almost all the half gallon. I was going to sit down and watch Gangs of New York and have my ice cream. After the fact, I would not recommend watching that movie with any kind of food!

I took the ice cream out of the freezer, frowning because it felt so light. I opened it and nearly blew a gasket. Someone had put a virtually empty carton back in the freezer. Someone sneaked the ice cream either last night or early this morning. I was so pissed off and had a royal fit. Of course, all three of the kids said 'I didn't do it". I went to the store and bought a pint of Edy's peanut butter fudge."

Script Furnace

"Earlier this evening Erin and I were discussing what qualities we look for in potential partners. Acutally the conversation went a little something like this:
Jen: So what traits do you look for in a potential mate?
Erin: Um, I'm not sure.
Jen: Cause I think I look for this, this, and this. But maybe that's just me taking my feelings for (a certain individual) and making their traits into what would be perfect for me.
So, how about it guys (that was a collective term, by the way, not just a man thing), do you think there are certain traits that you look for in a person or do you adapt your expectations in order to fit someone you have feelings for?

Serendipity Reflections

"green and gold are gone. the only leaves left are the rougher russet hues of brown and darker reds. it'd been warm, shockingly so, for the last several days (over 70f/22c). that wasn't the case at all today. its not much above freezing, and raining again. today we decided to work inside. when we cleared up the run for the puppies, i took the opportunity to drop all seven on my lap, in my arms, and down my legs. though i realize its both a hopelessly dorky and painfully sentimental photo, my pride in delivering six of these seven outweighs my good sense, and i'm going to post it here."

Serenity Quest

"I had weird dreams last night, but not about Johnny Cash. WHEW! I was getting worried about these Johnny Cash dreams. This was not much better, it was about dogs that could talk, similar to Planet of the Apes, but dogs. Also, dogs blogged. I'm not making that up, blogging was in my dream. That's when you know you're addicted, I guess. Blogging dogs."

Shadow Runes

"When MWS started playing just the piano part of "Awesome God" it really got to me. He wasn't singing, the band wasn't singing, just the piano. From the audience very softly came the words, "Our God is an awesome God, he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom power and glory, our God is an awesome God." The voices gradually got louder and louder til MWS and Third Day joined in. The entire field house was on their feet and singing, hands raised in the air to praise the Lord. Amazing."

She's Lump

"The fair brings back many memories. I have two favorites, though. One was when I was in middle school. My best friend, her mother and her mom's current boyfriend, along with his daughter who was our age, went to the fair. My friend snuck in some of her mother's liqour. We added it to some fruit slushies then proceeded to ride the rides. If you've ever seen a double ferris wheel, you know that as the one wheel is at the bottom letting people off, the wheel at the top is steadily spinning. Everytime you reach the top, your stomache heaves."

Show World

"But probably the grossest aspect of the party (aside from the several instances of barebacking I witnessed later) was the presence of two seemingly prepubescent boys who were wandering around wearing white towels and clear plastic flip-flops and nothing else. When they first appeared in the jammed bar upstairs, it was like Moses parting the sea: almost everyone turned to stare, with all the older (read: anyone over 25) guys ogling them like mad, practically drooling. It was so sick, I thought I was going to throw up. Marvelous was equally appalled. And then you wonder why people sometimes lump gay men together with pedophiles... For the record, while the boys were standing near us at the bar, I leaned over and asked one of them how old he was, and he told me 21, although he admitted he looked younger."


"it's coming up on that time of the month , for recovering women, this is a time to watch very carefully. i have been kinda stepping back and taking a good look at how my mind just goes way out in left field during this time. i am capable of really making some irrational and regrettable decisions. my mind roars with madness and if I allow it to become reality, i could really say and do things that I would be sorry for afterwards. It's been sort of an experiment this month, observing, allowing my mind to run, but also in a weird 3rd person sort of way, allowing myself to calm myself down."

Silflay Hraka

"The Shroud of Turin has been declared a medieval fake, again. The new study didn't address the pollen study that indicated that the shroud had a pre-8th century origin in the Middle East, so it seems a bit far fetched to declare it a a fake based on a re-interpretation of the data from a carbon-dating test*. Not that anyone noticed. We'd care if the "real or fake" discussion centered around some Hollywood cleavage, but when it comes to actual proof of the physical existence of Jesus, the whole debate is....tired."

Simply Sarcastic

"In more randomness, my hairdryer now doubles as a fucking FLAME THROWER. I was drying my hair off earlier and I thought I'd burnt my hair but when I looked into the hair dryer it was glowing all evil and red at me. That's 3 hairdryers this year. Our house is cursed with bad electrical stuff, it's becoming a mass grave for broken appliances, I swear."

Skittish Girl

"Guess what I got in the mail the other day? Another version of the beta test for The Sims Online! Yaay! I'm supposed to give this to a friend so they can play, too. Problem is...I've got a ton of friends who play the Sims, so I though the best way would be to take names and throw them all into a hat. (unless only one of you asks for it, then it's a no-brainer)"

Small Business Trends

"Many small businesses that consider their markets to be local are unable to take full advantage of Internet search and pay-per-click advertising. Up to now Internet search sites have not been very good at enabling users to find local information -- i.e., local retailers and local service providers."

Software Marketing Resource Blog

"I really wish that affiliates would be more courteous to those that promote their software. I can't tell you the number of times I've received notices "immediately" discontinuing an affiliate program, meaning the links will still work but the affiliate will not be credited for the referral. An affiliate relationship should be beneficial to both the vendor and the partner, this lack of courtesy means that the partner will not receive compensation for any referrals from the previous month that had not yet resulted in a sale."

Sometimes I...

"I went downstairs to get a package of paper - I swear I did. But there it was, sitting right on the kitchen table just waiting to be nibbled:
a dragon cake!
So, of course, I had to hack off a piece of his cute little butt and have a dragon cake snack...
Yum!! He's lemon! So glad that one of my co-worker's wife is going to a cake class - 'cause last Friday, it was a loverly Chocolate wedding cake with yummy pink roses..."

Sorry Excuse For A Blog

"There seems to be a developing breakthrough in the treatment of autistic children. It was accomplished not by scientists, not by psychologists, not by educators, not by all the king's horses nor all the king's men, but by a devoted and tireless mother. Her name is Soma Mukhopadhyay and she's originally from India. Her autistic son Tito is 14 now and has full contact with the world around him and even writes poetry. She is now applying her method to helping other children and they too are making contact."

Southern California Real Estate Blog

"70% of home sales were to repeat homebuyers and 30% of home sales were to first-time homebuyers. (In the mid-1990s, repeat homebuyers and first-time homebuyers were equal at 50% of the real estate market.)"

Stratford Upon Avon - The Truth

"One of the more recent additions to Stratford’s traffic problems is a horse and trap. Nicely presented complete with costumed driver, this latest tourist attraction will clip-clop you and your family around the town (for a fee), taking in all the sights whilst at the same time providing the local peasants with much amusement.
Actually it’s all very picturesque and would be a nice idea if it wasn’t for every automobile stuck behind the damn thing being reduced to a one horsepower crawl. Let’s face it the past and the present don’t mix, although I must admit to being very impressed by what I presume is a recent invention and what I can only call the ‘shit-chute’. Attached to the unfortunate animal’s arse (for my American friends…ass) and with the sole intention of catching the horse’s excrement before it hits the road, it’s a brilliant idea and for my money and obvious reasons must have come from the mind of an Englishman."

Sudden Nothing

"There are few better feelings than hitting your personal goal for the day and dashing off an extra 1200 words just because they happen to be in your head. One of the better feelings, however, is finishing a seventeen page chapter you've been neglecting for two days. All of the backstory is written, except what I'll be including in visions/dreams. The main body of it is there. Done. Finished. Wow.
I'm feeling good. Oh yes.
Total word count at present: 39,210"


"okay, so i have written precisely no words in the last two days as i have been carrying my godchildren around. hence every muscle in my body is screaming in agony, and i have to write 5,392 words today to catch up with my target... what to do, what to do...? ah yes. i have three major sex scenes to write; should be able to do them in a day. mmm... i'll see you later..."

Surreally (group blog)

"I'm feeling all holiday seasonal from the recent snowfall here. This song makes me think of late christmas eve nights as a young child. Over at my grandmas house in my pajamas playing with a one piece toy as to not 'lose any pieces to the cousins'. Smelling cigarettes and watching family members ive never seen talk before get drunk and scream about things I've never heard spoken about before."

Surreally Dreaming

"I am sipping a coke in a cafe when the panelist who "has other plan for me" comes up beside me and asks if I am free. I answer yes but confess to not being very sane for anything because of the valium effect. She takes out her Day-Timer, runs her fingers through it and asks if I can play the guitar in such a state. "Only acoustic", I answer. She says it is good enough. The soundtracks that they are recording for some movies are almost done except a guitar part, as their appointed guitarist is ill and not able to fullfill his duty. If I may, I can substitute him, but I will not be credited."

Sweeties, Pies and Ginger

"What a way to wake up, puke and shit all over the living room floor, just what I wanted first thing on a Monday morning. So now all we have to do is determine which one of the three little darlings it was so I can book a vets appointment."

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