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"I never really thought of the word obconic as being a useful adjective. Or that it could be used as an ironical descriptive. Perhaps I'm the last to know that as a word it is synonymous with "pearshaped" which could describe how some of my posts turn out - set out with the best intentions, before going "pearshaped.""

Occasional Thoughts

"I have increasingly believed that we are doing massive damage to our society by our incompetent child rearing. Incompetent parents rear incompetent parents for the next generation and it cascades down the generations and spreads throughout society, eating at the basic decencies which hold a society together."

Om Malik

" - The Spitzer-Weill Stock Trade :: Okay so here we are - a huge $1.4 billion dollar settlement and all the hoopla around it. It is one more incident when Spitzer decided to let the Wall Street off the hook. Okay so Citigroup was made to pay $400 million - does Mr. Spitzer really know how much CitiBank made in profits during the bubble and how many people were decimated by the telecom bust and Jack Grubman's compromised recommendations."

On A Path

"Belinda just called. Some fucking crazy old woman just hit her car in a parking lot and when Belinda got out of her car and asked the woman for insurance information the woman said 'I didn't hit you' and quickly drove away. What the fuck? Who the fuck behaves that way? Can you believe this shit."

One Year To Live

"Once, i read, in a spirtual book, of a man's journey to 1925 China.
this writer was an old soul, versed in the spiritualist religion and Guides and mediumship and the afterlife metaphysics. On his travels he met an old man with a *very* unusual karma! this old man knew that, from a young man, that he was Chosen by spirit to do a certain afterlife mission. In oldchina, the afterlife tradition is..."


"I do not fully understand the male fascination with sex. Honestly, I'd rather play Nintendo. Get over it."

Ordinary Morning

"I made it to Houston Friday night with a couple of hours to spare before we had to be at the recital. I met Clayton downtown at his office, which is full of boxes and has a flying pig with wings (cute, no?). He also has a rock garden. No wonder he gets so depressed at work. Just looking at those three sad rocks sitting in that bit of sand made me want to burst into tears and start going at my wrists with a plastic knife."

Oregon Conservative News

"It looks like it could either be another legislative session of getting nothing done, or even worse, the republicans giving the new governer everything he wants. Governor Ted Kulongoski just proposed an ecanomic plan that included more cuts than Kevin Mannox's plan did, and everybody's praising him (and rightly so). My fear is that the republicans will have even less spine this time around than last."


"I was in the bedroom getting dressed and Stan popped in to get a CD to take with him while he ran errands and gassed up the car before our trip tomorrow. He grabbed "Dark Side of the Moon" and looked back at me and sort of grinned and cringed simultaneously. I'm not sure what the cringe meant, perhaps it was saying, 'yes, I know I just listened to this the other day...'"

the Other Cheek

"Physicians who are not leaving the area, especially surgeons, are choosing to limit surgeries that are risky and often flagged by the legal system as prime territory for malpractice suits. In the very near future, many invasive cardiac and neurosurgical procedures may be performed ONLY at "big city" hospitals and not at your community hospital. Think about it. Dad needs open heart surgery and must travel from N.E.Pennsylvania to Philadelphia."

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