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Qtopia: Byte Me Where?

I would hope they everyone masturbates. What better way to truly know your body & explore how to fulfill yourself? Besides, those who know their bodies well, make for better lovers. Now I know there are some people, who believe masturbation is sinful, however, I do not. I think it's perfectly natural and healthy. We are sexual beings, why shouldn't we pleasure ourselves"


"In other news, tonight Girl At Work and I wound up slightly inebriated sitting on a street curb, a steady stream of water running underfoot toward the sewer drain, cars whizzing by a few feet away, the nearly full moon above. We sat there for a good 20 minutes that would make Beckett proud. How we got there has to be the longest story ever. It's a good story, a funny story. Perhaps some day when I have enough time to do it justice, I'll write about today and our street curb. For now, I'm going to do as Mr. Foster suggests. Slumber that is. Goodnight kids"

the Questions To Your Answers

"I also had another dream about the girl next door. This was the first one in a while. She was angry at me for not talking to her anymore. I tried to explain to her that I couldn't be her friend without hurting her. I wasn't strong enough to control my jealousy, and I didn't want to come between her and her boyfriend. Even in the dream I wanted to spend time with her still. In real life of course, she still doesn't know. It was just a dream. I'm not sure she even cares, or knows I went away. She has her life, and I have mine. It gets sad like that sometimes. People are a mystery."


"Lula Dog has been humping my legs with gusto, usually when we're on the floor playing or on the couch napping (and she attempted to hump my head while I was doing yoga one morning). Carl is the uber-disciplinarian Alpha Male and she doesn't do it to him. We couldn't decide whether she is doing it to me as a sign of comfort and affection, much like a human infant's pelvic thrusting, or if she is punking me."


"Je décide d'aller faire un tour au Herndon Festival pour découvrir de quoi il retourne exactement... Pas grand chose de très intéressant à vrai dire, il ne s'agit ni plus ni moins que d'une foire accolée à une petite fête foraine. Outre des marchants vendant un nombre incalculable de conneries en tout genre, j'ai été écoeuré par les stands de bouffe et plus particulièrement par les effluves de graillon qu'ils émettaient. En rentrant, je me suis rendu compte de mon impossibilité de téléphoner en dehors de la zone locale (703-XXX-XXXX)."

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