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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - C


"I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry. To be completely honest, it's the nicest car I've ever had the pleasure of owning, though I sometimes wax nostalgic about the 1981 Chevy Malibu station wagon I used to drive. The Camry even came with a CD player! So I have yet to say I've really experienced any problems with it, because I really haven't. However, I do have a complaint. While this car was manufactured in 1997, it appears that the CD player technology used was circa ten years earlier."

the Capital Speculator

"Any one looking at the unemployment report this morning has to be wondering what it’ll take to get job growth humming again. No matter the statistic you consider, without a substantial reduction in unemployment from current levels, making the case that there’s an economic recovery afoot will be an uphill battle."


"so every other year, we spend a week at christmas with charles' family. the year before last, we stayed at a cabin in ouray, colorado. this year, charles' brother and wife are in charge of planning the trip. they want to go to napa, so we'll be in northern california from dec 25th - jan 4th. we're putting our own twist on it though."

Cerebral Moloko

"I'm getting to that point again where I don't have a whole lot to say. Wait. That's not exactly true. I do have things I want to talk about, but they're of a personal nature. "What's that?" you say. "Isn't talking about mechanical boyfriends something of a very personal nature?!" you ask. Well, sure. But what I have on my mind right now... what's going through my head... what I can't seem to stop thinking about... all of it... everything... I'm not so sure I want to share it."

Chains Of Daisies

"I can't help it.
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind and I don't see why I shouldn't do anything but follow the job description of a woman.
Having said that Mark's changed his mind too and he's not a woman. Well, he's in touch with his feminine side as much as he's able to without having had a sex change but apart from that he's all man. And if you want proof...well I checked. In fact I check regularly when it's on my "to do" list."

Cheshire Cat Correspondence

"I'm in the midst of reading the complete Canon of Sherlock Holmes short stories and novellas by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle via the two volume Annotated Sherlock Holmes edited by William Baring-Gould. This week I received two dvds from the Sherlock Holmes series of the mid 80s, The Sign of Four and The Hound of the Baskervilles, featuring the incomparable Jeremy Brett as Holmes and Edward Hardwicke as Doctor Watson. For a Holmesian, this week has been sheer bliss."

Chronicles of a Suburban Skatemom

"Skatemom was in fine form today, let me tell you! The team had a fundraiser at our local Sonic Drive-In (right in front of our rink) to raise money for the skaters' accounts today. Of course, today is a practice day, so while the kids were in skating, we parents were out at the Sonic carhopping. Of all the jobs I've had in my life, I've never done retail or food service. I did a few summers behind a cash register at the grocery store (pre-scanning days, thank you very much! "I'm sorry ma'am, this is an express lane. Ten items or less. They can help you over on register 7. Thanks!"), but nothing like what I did today."

Cinners (Dutch)

"Vandaag heeft het gesneeuwd. Meen je dat nou? Ja ja, werkelijk waar. Niet een beetje sneeuw, nee een echt dik pak sneeuw waar je wat mee kan. Dus webcamera, hond en vriend mee naar buiten, leuk doen in de sneeuw! Niet te ver, hondje is bejaard namelijk en het moet wel leuk blijven."

Cluttered Life

"Let the holiday season begin! Jack brought me home a present yesterday: two adorable moose on ice skates. The mommy moose is holding a baby moose and the daddy moose is holding a sign that says, "Merry Chrismoose!" (Yes, Cheryl, I immediately thought of you!) Soooooo cute. I have them up in the living room right now, and it's making me all holiday-giddy."

ColdMarble Musings

"I've traded the less than delightful environment of living in the city for some measure of convenience in getting to work and school. We've been looking forward to finally completing degree requirements and graduation next spring and getting the house in shape for dumping on some unsuspecting fool marketing it to a discerning new home owner in the fall."

Color Me Pink

"I have a couple of errands to run, a couple of meetings at T's school (one with the director of development about a logo, a conference with his teacher and a
casual meeting with the woman who heads the technology committee), but other than that, the day is mine! I think I'm going to make sure that I get to Barnes and Noble. I swear there is nothing more nourishing to me than going there, getting a Cafe Breve and just browsing the books. I love that store. Books A Million is cheaper, sure, but it just doesn't feel like B&N."

Common-Place Book

"Someone like George Steiner can casually dismiss science as the measure of human achievement, but now that racism can no longer cling to Christ or Biology, it is reduced to hugging up on the history of science. I rather feel I've graduated from earnest response to eye-rolling dismissal, but I have a soft spot for the list-making young, and thought it worthwhile to edit and preserve this list that I found splayed on a message board."

Corset Log

"I slipped on a pretty, and tight, angora sweater and my jeans and then went for a walk. A nice, cool West Coast winter's day. The corset gently adjusted itself as I moved and, while I was delighted to take it off a few minutes ago - and switch into my pretty white waspie - I am absolutely certain this corset will be worn a lot."


"My wife is hungover, and I would like to blame the following people: Cheyenne, Cheyenne, and Cheyenne. Hoopty and I were innocent bystanders. We don't believe in imbibing the booze to have a good time. Nay, we'd much rather geek out in front of the screen. I showed him Knoppix and he was muy impressed. I tried to put make-up on him, too - but he wasn't about to do that without his matching handbag (which he conveniently forgot to bring)."


"Seems to me we need to have a national "Kick the bums out of office" day at least a couple of times a year or more.

Seems to me that instead of worrying about who we ought to invade next our president and his cabinet ought to be worrying about how to bring our industry back home and make America the great industial nation it once was.

And he ought to be worrying about how to make America the technological center of the world instead of how to make America conquer of the world."

Creepy Lesbo

"The wife moaned today that she really shouldn't read my blog. I didn't realise she still did. Whoops.
Now I'm in for it. She hasn't instant messaged me since she said it. This means trouble.
I am expecting full blown war when I get home tonight - which isn't good for 2 reasons:
1) girlfriend is a brown belt in karate whereas I don't even know how to tie my belt properly yet
2) Buffy is on tonight and I'm hoping it's the Willow and Kennedy snog - if we fight, chances are I'm gonna miss it.


"It was 11.00 am and my stomach had been hurting something awful all day from something bad I ate for breakfast, and as much as I loathed doing No. 2s in public places, I know we don’t always get to do the things we like. So I sat myself down on the cold toilet seat and who should come into the work loos while I was making wartime noises in the porcelain--but a fellow employee. I sit quietly hoping she’ll do her business quickly and then go away to leave me alone with my business, but seems another war had also broken out in the other cubicle with apparently bigger guns and grenades. While I marvel at the idea of synchronised dumping schedules in the workplace, I hear a voice speak out from the next cubicle and it echoes throughout the otherwise empty lavatory:
“Hello! What’s your name again?” "

the Critical 'I'

"Those Brits sure know how to have fun! The results of the latest census count turn up some 390,000 royal subjects citing Jedi as their religion of choice. Yes, that's "Jedi" as in Star Wars/Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader etc. The big showing was thanks to an Internet campaign, and was done very much tongue-in-cheek. (A somewhat more complete look at the census results shows that these fledgling Jedi knights are very much a minority, as Christianity still holds sway with the vast majority of Britons.)"

the Crucible Of My Heart

"the other day when we got to pray for some friends who are pastors, they both started praying in tounges, it was great to hear an anglican vicar. . . i remember thinking ahhh, that sounds so beautiful to hear him speaking in tounges. . .. it was such a gift, it was wonderful, sort of his way of response, his way of getting his attenna up to listen to the spirirt. it was encouraging to see and a powerful reminder of the spirit we all have access to"

Cup and Saucer

"Right now, this minute, I'm in a training session, and am being forced to listen to disco music. Ack!!!!! The frightening bit, is that I know the words and the artists on waaaaay too many of these songs. Heaven help me.
Update: I knew so many songs, that I won a T-shirt. I'm afraid of myself. Ha."

Cuppa Tea

"Every now and then a song hits me in just the right way, at the right time. The CSI soundtrack is really doing it for me, in particular Curve's Hell Above Water. The drums and guitars - oh yes, very good, definitely. Very good to play loudly and drive fast over dark roads. Sometimes I have a need for loud. With lots of drums."

the Cyberactivist

""Domestic terrorism"
This is a term that realy bothers me. This is a new term that the law and anti-AR people are using to justify stepped-up campaigns against groups of people who are trying to promote changes in society."

"Damn! Now that's what I call good television. Last night was the first episode of "Gold Diggin' Whores" on Fox. Oh wait sorry, I see it's actually called "Joe Millionaire" but it is on Fox. I've never watched a reality TV show before because I have nothing but contempt for stupid TV and people trying to find "true love" on a game show. This one is awesome though."

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