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The Octopus Files, by Benway

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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - D

Dae's Demesne

"This tickles me to no end because it has the potential to cause total chaos. Big business wants to use the net for commerce but they haven't really thought out the implications of trafficking in digital music. A whole new world of questions on digital property rights and transfer of ownership is opened before our very eyes. George pays $0.99 for a song at the iTunes music store. Since he now owns the mp3 of the song just as legally as he would own a CD, will he be allowed to sell it used? To get the answer to that question, George posts an eBay auction for the mp3. Follow the story as it unfolds."


"There have been times when I was so desperate for something to read the label on the shampoo bottle started looking good, but today I am blessed with being able to connect to the internet where there is a neverending supply of material. And I do believe, out of it all, blogs and journals are my favorites."


"I've noticed that there are people who park (illegally) in no parking zones, but turn on their hazard lights, as if that somehow makes them immune to the law. The funny part is, hazard lights attract parking meter attendants like moths.

Today I saw nine people do this in front of Starbucks so they could run in and grab a latté before zipping along. Seven out of nine were ticketed within one minute of parking. Heh."


"Men's Fashion: Part 1, Suits
Unfortunately the majority of suits you see look awful. This isn't necessary. Even if you work ten hours with your jacket on, being mindful of your clothing will keep you ready for cocktails after work. Too many men either don't care or don't know how to wear a suit, and, suitably, look like shit. This is worth avoiding."

Demented and Sad, but Social

"I'm a bit of a history buff, so I'm always proud to learn new and interesting things about this little bit o' land we call America. I thought I knew a great deal about our young nation, but I never had heard of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FVZA)! Please, take a moment to remember the past American heroes who served our country so bravely in protecting us from the undead."

Den Of Iniquity

"As some of you may remember I was babbling incoherently just over a week ago about this guy. Well, babbling and enjoying. And apparently jinxing. All that crap I was talking about the bad boy thing being a left over from high school? Not so my friends. Apparently he is still very high school in many ways. He had to go out and "rescue" one of his friends who was drunk and, I'm not kidding here, walking down some street during a snow storm breaking car windows. Hi, can we say immature? And, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he is like his friends, but they do reflect him, don't they?"

Developers' Support System

"Everything is optional in your own personal accountability log, which liberates you from the pressure of reporting specific details for control or tabulation; the only important rule is to fill it up somehow, showing details that later could [at least] help as reference points to focus your memory on the sequence of events."

Diary Of A Porn Publisher

Note by Benway: This blog contains adult images

"The slave and I tried to sleep together last night. It wasn't pretty. I thought she was as sleepy as I, but she fucked around reprogramming the TIVO while I was trying to fall asleep. Finally, she was finished and turned out the lights. Every time I drifted off, I started farting. She kept throwing the covers over me to keep things contained and I'd wake up again. I'm always too warm at night. It seems there may be some social penalties to be paid with the Atkins Diet."

the Dim Sum Diaries

"After inhaling two Long Island Ice Teas, I felt at peace with the world. I had a low tolerance for alcohol (Asian-Americans are notorious for this), usually turning red after only half a beer. So when I did get truly snookered, I was a happy, sleepy, red-faced drunk. I rested my head in my hands and started to drift a bit.
“My God, your hair is on fire!” Jack cried out suddenly.
An acrid smell assaulted my nose. Indeed, in my drunken haze, I had leaned too far forward and my now flaming bangs had been ignited by the candle at the table."

Ditch The Logical

"G wants me to go to the hospital Christmas party. I am not really sure how I feel about that. I don't like these formal gatherings of the pretentious. This Sat. night I had dinner with people who dressed in ties to eat at a persons home. I just feel that it is not important to impress people with what you have on, but by words. I remained rather silent as I was intimidated."

the Doctor Is In

"I suppose you must think that being on vacation and after having a few drinks I have nothing sensible to discuss. Well, what the hell? This is a blog! Posting under the influence can open up one's creativity and result in some very thought provoking writing. I can't say that this necessarily is one such post, but right now, I really don't care. Are you at all concerned about the presence/absence of greys in your pubes?? Don't be bashful now, no babes come to this site as far as I'm aware and I'm on holiday, so anything goes."

Dogs Don't Purr

" when we bought the tickets to the Stones, we decided to make a real deal of it and also get a hotel room near the stadium where they were playing. (Yes, I know, we have a house only 15 miles from the stadium....but that does not mean we are can actually take up to two hours to drive that far during peak traffic)! We thought by getting a hotel, we could go early and avoid all the traffic and parking woes......and have a luxurious time of it.....since that is my whole goal in life!"


" Adventures in Babysitting
Once, at a wedding, I was put in charge of a hotel room filled with about seven or eight children. I was fifteen or sixteen and had no experience as a babysitter. Some parent (a complete flake, if you ask me), left an infant in my care. When the baby wouldn't stop crying, I eventually realized that I needed to change its diaper. Based on absolutely no experience with poop and diapers, I just sort of put the baby's butt under running water and dried it with a paper towel -- all the while I was gagging uncontrollably."


"just a few of the very important things i learned while living in los angeles
- There are two types of orgasms: wasabi orgasms and warm French fry orgasms. While there may be several sub categories, like the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese Supersized™ orgasm, they all fall under those two types..."


"Unbelievable. The best man for Steves stag do to amsterdam organised a
stretch limo. 10 miles from home, and it breaks down. Currently in limo #2.
superb. Champoo is a flowing, frenzy factor 9.2. near pool bank in rush
hour. Ho hum living large!. 8 of us, loving it all ! ! fingers crossed that
we get to the airport on time."

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