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The Octopus Files, by Benway

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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - K


"talk about loss of memory or even amnesia: i've forgotten that there's a wishlist of mine at (i really can't remember when i created that thingie...) - i thought the only existing (and always updated *hint*) wishlist is at the german branch of amazon - ("de" is for deutschland, just in case you don't know...)!"


"I woke up after 8 1/2 hours of sleep. The ambien doesn’t promise it’ll give you 10 hours of sleep like I’d like ;) But I’ll go back to bed soon - as soon as I get rid of these freakin' hiccups that decided to plague me!!! I hate them. And yes, I tried drinking a lot of water. Now I’ll just have to pee a lot when I wake up again ;)"

kd: A Blog

"amazing how learning that cutbacks are in the air has failed to cause me to buckle down and be useful. i suppose i'm more than prepared to get on with it and embrace whatever the next phase of my life is. and it explains why i'm sitting here with this ghostzilla window open, reading wonderful blogs. which brings me to the reason this is in the rant category..."


"I used to believe that the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas Valley were made of plastic, that if I bit my fingernails I would get moles on my face like my Aunt Sally, and that the people in the television could see me as well as I could see them. I was also terrified of the Cookie Monster and would run out of the room whenever he was on."

Kids Korner

"I need to try and keep the fat intake to 30 grams a day.

I suppose I'm doomed to eat cardboard for the rest of my life. However, on the bright side of things, I will be a skinny little thing if I can do this. (dreaming)"

Kitty's World

"I was trying to make my way into the shop and as he wouldn’t move I was like “Erm, will you excuse me sir … am trying to go in!” ….. silence from above …….. “woohooo … hello ?!?” ……… silence again (by then I was really getting angry I can tell you) … what have I done ? Well … I kind of raised my voice to make sure he’d hear me “ Hey you up there …. Mister “I’m as tall as a tower” … ah ha ….. a look from above ……… “didn’t you notice there’s a dwarf trying to make her way through THAT door you are standing in front of ?!?!” ………… he looked at me with a puzzled look and out of the blue started to laugh his head off ……. Well, obviously I couldn’t resist and started laughing as well."

Kleiman - Mark A. R.

"Henry Kissinger's resignation from the 9-11 panel, occasioned by the demand that he reveal his list of consulting clients, will be mourned only by William Safire and others who would prefer not to know what went wrong, plus the Saudis and their friends, who will have to hope that the Bush Administration can find another chairman who will agree in advance not to mention the elephant in the living room."

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