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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - E

Eagle Eye View

"I have let some issues get to me a little to much, things I would have, under normal circumstances overlooked, have upset me more than I should have let them, and stuff I would have normally played "devils advocate" on and tried to get others to see things in a different light, I've instead gotten right in the middle of, even though I'm not certain how it all got started to begin with."

Eat The Poor

"Despite all my bitching and moaning about ghetto chicks at this hospital, the gal in question doesn't fit into that category at all. In fact, she's actually rather uppity. And that, my friends, is the problem. The moment I and the airheaded bleach-blonde phlebotomist met, this chick decided that she and I were spiritual twins and subesquently latched onto me in traditional parasitic fashion.

the Eejit's Blog

"Well holy mother of nature, what a fantastically cushty weekend out on the cusp of the San Blas Kuna Yana Region, at Nusagandi and the Pemaskey Nature Reserve. Where to start... Getting there and getting back was an adventure. I got the van stuck in the thickest gloopiest pile of mud at a surprisingly obtuse angle. we couldn't drive the whole way because the track deteriorated from barely drivable and dangerous to holy jaysus insane, so we left the the cars and hiked the rest of the way in the dark.. piled high with food, guitars, candles and copious alcohol we passed through steamy jungle down monkey valleys and literally right over a deadly poisonous snake..."

Electric Bugaloo

"Did you ever... when you were in a boring class, just fall asleep right in the middle of class? Like, right in the middle of taking notes? Like, right in the middle of a sentence? You know, the words at the beginning of the sentence are regular sized and legible... and the letters get smaller... and smaller... and start trailing down the page... well, I've got that right now."


"its only now that I remember my comments about blogging being analogous to punk rock - blog software allowing people to build sites without having to acquire too much in the way of technical skills first, thus dissolving the boundaries between performer and audience... I can't be the first person to have made this analogy, surely?"


"Last night I went out for a walk in the park and when I came back I saw my mom sitting in her favourite bar around the corner. So I went in and had a couple of drinks with her. We talked to the funniest punk I´ve ever seen. He had those typical Ramones and Sex Pistols patches on his jacket but he was also totally into this fucked up band called "The Guano Apes". I spent hours talking about music and watching all the people getting terribly drunk. Somewhen my mom and the punk started to argue about politics and I just laughed my ass off because they were so funny and drunk."

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

".....The thought that 99% of all art is based on copying someone elses work - that's more than I can stomach. It would mean that the ethics of art is at an all time low. It would mean that artists are finding nothing new under the sun, and that they are only pale reflections of their predecessors.

And that is simply not true....."

Eyes In The Dark

"I have probably mentioned this before but I am going to mention it again. There is a staggering difference between waiter/ess' in Canada and in the US. It would seem in my travels that those who serve in restaurants and bars in the US constantly hover nearby checking they everything is a-ok, usually when I am busy chewing and have to communicate via hand gestures.
In Canada it seems the totally opposite, as in ALL the waiters/bar staff keep themselves in the opposite side of the building to where you are. Once you are served you will be lucky to see them again. Trying to get another drink or the check is an ordeal especially when they are staring at a screen with their back to you. I wonder if this the French 'don't give a damn' attitude."


"It occurred to me tonight, around 3 AM (and was it Fitzgerald who said that in the long dark night of the soul it's always 3 in the morning? Might have been. I don't remember and I don't feel like looking it up) that the worst kind of pain is the pain you cause yourself. For instance, the pain I'm causing myself by being entirely too aware of my mortality lately. I've always been death obsessed, always felt death the way others feel their own lives...of course, I only assume that others feel their own lives coursing through them, their own vigor, their own vitality in their flesh, I really don't know."

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