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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - R

Rabbit Blog

"When I refer to warm, accepting, non-judging people, below, I'm not talking about repressed, pandering pushovers. Warm, accepting, non-judging people are still opinionated, entertaining, garrulous, and even obnoxious, because they accept themselves and are, therefore, not holding anything back or denying their feelings. They don't let you walk all over them, because they respect themselves and know where to draw the line. Repressed, pandering pushovers, on the other hand, give you what you want and tell you what you want to hear, to the point of being really boring and lame. They're boring and lame because they're repressing half of their personality along with all those negative thoughts and judgments that they've deemed unacceptable."


"On holiday read "ten poems to change your life" by Roger Housden (published by Hodder Mobius). Found a review copy by chance in the bookshop and bought it on impulse. It is wonderfully reassuring to find stuff about the same territory as my inner life, other people have been here, I am not alone."

the Ramblings Of An Abnormal Teenager

"I've been 14 for 3 days now. It's basicly just the same as being 13 except I suppose people treat you a little more grown up. I got some good presents. I've already finished reading "Last Chance to see" By Douglas Adams. I should probably try harder to read the Dirk Gently books but I just can't get into them, I get through 3 pages and talking to a wall seems to be more interesting."

Random Rumination

"Wow. I started a blog entry, but it's turning into a huge story about my journey from a teenage basement-band guitar beater to a nearly fifty-year-old guitar player. I think it will take some time to write so I'm going to continue working on it. But right now, I need another cup of coffee and some time outside."

Random Thoughts From A Large Head

"I hate those tiny bike seats. This one even had a pad on it, but it didn't make the seat any wider. My pelvic bones hit the seat at just the right spot that sitting now is painful. And my legs are so mushy that I can't really control the rate at which I sit. So I ended up falling into a chair, then shouting expletives because of the pain in my butt. Good times."

the Raven

"You've met these folks. They think that aliens crash-landed at Roswell, and that the government is covering it up. The problem with conspiracy theorists is that every time something is unknown, they think it's evidence of deliberate obfuscation. Which leads us to a story at CNN this morning about NASA's difficulty in responding to those who maintain that we never went to the moon."

Raw Thought

"So I'm at this gas station right - trying to pump gas for my car - and this guy in this big - truck - drives up to me and says to me: "I saw you from the road and had to come talk to you. I think your really pretty. Do you work out?" (Me says: "No." with a blank stare) "Wow you look great - are you sure you don't work out? I work at a gym and could get you in free - if you want to come by some time! (Me says - uh, I'm not really a gym kind of a person.) "Oh, well, I just saw your beautiful hair, and I just had to talk to you. You really are beautiful."
Then he drives away."

Reading In The Dark

"So. This morning I’m dreaming, about? Nothing. Well, it was a sitcom of a dream. I seemed to be talking to someone or listening to other people talk, but it wasn’t quality talking. The reason behind the cosmos was not being explained. A total waste of time. I was more awake then I thought, because when I think I must have turned over to look at the clock earlier in the morning and being satisfied that the alarm was about to go off, turned it off."

Reality Remixed

"at the end of a very long week and an extremely long day, I'm almost exhausted enough to fall asleep over the din caused by the party in our fucking rude neighbors' apartment next door. Yes, the same neighbors who blocked in our cars and made us late for work this morning. Yes, the same neighbors who've done it before and annoyed the hell out of us. Yes, the same neighbors who had screamingly loud sex with a high-pitched nasal-sounding woman last night (probably just one of them, not both)."

Receptacle (for the respectable)

"Every morning I get up, shower, brush my teeth, eat some children's cereal, download and install Microsoft Security Update #819696, and head off to work. Recently, I decided this was too many steps and that I should trim down my morning routine. The teeth thing seemed important and I've been known to skip the shower anyways... that pretty much left the Golden Grahams or the MS Update and I think we know who's gonna win out there.

Reconstructed: Mind

"i'm off my rant now i think. Wherein i feel full of buzz and irritation, rage and noise. And hopeless exhaustion. Last night even my ears were ringing so, when we went to dinner, i had to ask if this was a too-noisy place. i could hear little other than the insects in my interior. Now i am tired. That kind of tired when you have finished being crazed and are starting to settle down again. i don't think i am mentally unhealthy. Sometimes i just have too much to DO."

the Red Carpet

"When I enrolled at Boston University, I had not yet picked a major, but I knew that BU, with its superior liberal arts program, would provide great opportunities in any field. So what did I do? Did I go pre-med, pre-law, or pre-anything? No. I majored in Film... But wait! I was smart enough to have a back-up! I minored in Philosophy. Doh."

Red Cricket

"A friend of mine has a pretty good idea on how to reduce car accidents. He told me instead of putting an air bag in the steering wheel...they should mount a giant spike there instead. Just think of how courteous people would be to each other on the road when they're threaten with instant impalement at the slightest jarring."

Repair Manual For Self Destructive People

"If the world were a village of 1000 persons, there would be five soldiers, seven teachers, one doctor. Of the village's total annual expenditures of just over $3 million per year, $181,000 would go for weapons and warfare, $159,000 for education, $132,000 for health care."

Riba Rambles

"I'll confess that one thing blocking me from a career in politics is my concern about what one can find by Googling me. I've been on Usenet since I was 18 years old (I know, that's trivial now, but that was 1988). All the usual bullshitting college conversations one has with friends, I had online, and many of them are still accessible. I'm sure I expressed lots of outrageous and idiotic opinions that I don't hold now or don't hold as strongly (for two dramatic examples, my opinions on gun control and censorship of pornography are just about the opposite of the ones I held when I was a freshman) and it would be trivially easy for someone to pull those forth and either try to pin them on me now or accuse me of flip-flopping."

Right Wing Slayer

"Last week I reported how obvious it is that reversing the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling that recognized a woman's fundamental right to make her own reproductive decisions is Mr. Bush's primary mission. Of course, abortion is not Bush's only target. Now, the unelected dumbass is weighing in on two other issues that will adversely effect women and minorities in this country."

the Road To Surfdom

"I don't really know if women blog differently to men or if there is more variation between women than there is between men and women bloggers. I know I generally blog about political stuff rather than personal stuff, though readers will know I don't mind mentioning my son whenever I get the chance and in fact, my reaction to the Washington sniper, through a long series of posts, was often filtered through my concern about my son's safety."

Roaming Redhead

"After Brian ordered fried eggs I made him nervous with talk of Salmonella and other undercooked egg treats. When his eggs arrived, they were liquidy and still somewhat clear on top. I was trying to keep from laughing as he timidly scraped at the glistening goo and finally found the nerve to ask the waiter to put them back on the burner a few more minutes. I very smugly ate my well-cooked scrambled eggs while he waited."

Round The Bend

"I once bought a mold for soap from an online company. They didn't give me an upfront shipping cost or even an estimate. When I finally got the email with the total price I was absolutely stunned. The mold cost $1.99, the shipping, 2nd day air, cost $10! I called the company and we arranged to have it sent via First Class mail. I'm likely to go back to them because they worked with me on it."

The Rowan Identity

"Many people I talk (complain!) to about being a "road warrior" assume it's a bit of a jolly. It's fucking not! You've got the hours sat in traffic on the motorways of Britain. You've got the hours sat in airport lounges and in aircraft cabins, breathing other people's air and assimilating other people's virii. Then there are the hours you spend alone in hotel rooms. No wonder some travelling people turn to paid companions to relieve the bordom. I've never done this and never would actually even if single. But I can see why they would"


"Chicks are strange. I went out with this girl last year who was from Philly. She was pretty cool but she had certain annoying qualities that I could not get past. Now known as Stoufer girl because of the dinner she cooked me. Things did not work out but we were still kind of friends and e-mailed back and forth occasionally. I sent her an e-mail to wish her a merry Christmas and congratulate her on the Eagles success. What do I get back, she taunts me that she got engaged over Christmas. It is not like I really care but I thought it was funny that she thought enough of me to taunt me."

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