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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - I


"And the Catholic News site has another link to a BBC article about the "Rev" Parry, titled Sex-change pastor sues Christian centre. In this article besides the suit, we also learn that the journalist are also struggling with their PCness..."

I Can't Even Float In Water This Deep

"I got up reluctantly this morning, already dreading the inevitable stand-off between myself and the Costco box of Snickers in the freezer. Brushing my teeth, I stared myself down in the mirror.

"You are in control of your own breakfast foods," I told myself. "Eat the cottage cheese. You love cottage cheese! If you don't eat the cottage cheese it will go bad. Don't be a cottage cheese waster.""

I Dream, Therefore I Am

"Well it seems I didn't learn from my previous incident involving my cat Isaac, and a mean little mistress known as Karma.
Today I found a new way to torment my cat. While typing away on the computer I happen to glance over to see my cat sitting on the treadmill. Actually laying on the conveyer belt/tread part of this piece of exercise equipment, practically begging to me to do something about it. How could I not sneak up and turn it on?? So I did. I turned it on. Now keep in mind, this treadmill is new, and his exposure to it is limited...I don't even know if he's seen it in motion before.... but he sure has now. }:-) That boy shot straight up in the air. Bwah ha ha!!! And then he tried to work up the courage to come back and investigate it afterwards (because of course I shut it off immediately, so he wasn't too sure what the hell happened). So after a few fright aftershocks (stretching to look, having it turn on, him pulling back. repeat.) he finally just decided it was best that he walk away. I once again scooped him up in my arms like a doting mother and told him I loved him and all that good stuff"

I'll Think About That Tomorrow

"I spent many weekends getting my informational website up for prospective employers to use. This site contains a page with my CV, a page linking all of my syllabi, a page with my writing sample abstract and a link to its PDF, and a page about my teaching philosophy. The site would not win any awards for creativity or flair, but it is a clean-looking site and provides quite a bit of information."


"Had a talk this morning with a gal who I knew while growing up. We're polar opposites -- I finished college, live with my BF and we are discussing getting a dog. She didn't make it past junior year of high school and is married with three kids. Honestly, the conversation this morning re-affirmed all the reasons I'm on birth control. After spending half an hour going on about how she hates not having a life and how much time and energy the kids suck up and that her husband doesn't lift a finger to help her, she suggests that I should start thinking about having kids. After a description like that, why would I want to?"

I'm A Dad

"Liam is getting teeth. Such a short and simple sentence for such an awful, screaming experience. I'm not sure whether to give him a teething ring or call a priest. He wakes up in the middle of the night and his poor little gums are sore and he's bound and determined to let everyone else in the house know it. And a couple times I think he even tried to reach the people two doors down."


"Firstly, if someone wants to wear a damned bit of cloth over their hair, so what? By all cultural standards, around the world that I am aware of, this implies nothing offensive, mean, nasty, immoral or corrupt about a person, nothing that is, in comparison to American proclivities to wear basically nothing at all, French habits of wearing berets and other stupid clothes, the British habit of wearing suits that well, really shouldn't be worn and the list could go on. Its just a bit of cloth."

I'm Sorry For The Inconvenience

"Once again, I find myself needing to blog about randomness, in all it's glory. I'm still not quite sure on what subject(s) I'm going to discuss with, well, myself, this time, but here we go. I've had a few ideas lately. One of them is quitting smoking. Not the brightest idea of ever had, but it could really help me out. I have asthma, and chronic bronchitits, and I found myself hovering over the toilet last night, puking up blood, water and sloppy joes; nasty aint it? Anyway, I recognize this idea from somewhere, last year I tried the same thing and I promised myself, and swore on my life that I would quit smoking for good. That didn't work for more than two days (if that, I don't remember)."

I Must

"I'm always thrilled to find out that no matter how shitty my week gets, no matter how much stuff screws up, breaks, falls apart, explodes, implodes, and the dog pisses on it, too... All it takes is for one thing to go right to make me feel better."

In Passing

""Sorry I'm late, I had to wait for my roommate to get out of the shower before I could use it."
"You took a shower? Before coming here? Why, other than to be the first person ever to do so?"
--A girl and a guy in the computer lab in Soda Hall"

Insert Snappy Title Here

"Standing at the cornerhouse, giving thanks to the powers that be for giving such fine booty, I was thinking what I was gonna say on the blog today. but what the hell, its simple: last night was wild. over and above that, I tried blow job jo swooning tactics on another pretty dame. hmmm."

Inside Gretchen's Head

"After a week and a half of wimping out because of back pain/tension, I made it back to the gym today.
I woke up on my own before my alarm went off, which was Difficulty #1: I thought to myself, "Oh just a few more minutes of sleep." Difficulties #2 and #3 were that the bed was too warm, and that my dog was so darn cuddly."

Inside The Lines With Dave Johnson

"Teams fighting for playoff births, rookie quarterbacks taking the field for the first time, and Mother Nature's nasty weather, are just a few of the things that will surely make this a great week #15 in the NFL. "

the Intuitive Life

"This afternoon, after a somewhat disorienting morning, I went to the local Starbucks on Pearl Street for a cup of coffee and a chance to do some homework for my Economics Class, and noticed that my TiBook had found a computer-to-computer network. I connected, knowing it was from another laptop in the café. I was right, and it was weird to be seeing the "My Pictures" folder from another system... "

I Should Have An Abstract

"Ever scan through your CD collection, only to find you're bored with every single CD you have? I'm at that point. I'm flipping through, looking at each CD going "no, no, no, no,". I don't feel like listening to any of them. I hate that. I just want to trash my entire collection, every CD I have and start from scratch."

It's Just Me'n My Bitchin Dolls

"Well i guess i shud follow Beth's lead n write about the Download festival i was lucky to go to...hmmmm...well after finding out the day before that i was going, i didn't get the usual,"its ages away and i wish it was 2mw"sort of anticipation which i was glad for as it drives me MAD when i'm looking forward to summit and the days just drag by, so anyways, on friday night i was well excited, managed to sleep a little before waking up at 8am and avin a bath,Beth turned up at 9:45am and we had to wait for my step dad to come back from town to give me my spending money...."

It's Too Early In The Morning

"Had a wierd, wierd dream about an old female friend. My second really lucid dream in a few days. Back in Israel again and found myself in her neighbourhood. I didn't think she'd be living there anymore but she was. Her mother had died. There was a threatening feeling in the air. She was haggard. I knew I could save her.
Lucid dreams really linger. I am not consuming enough drugs."

I Wish, You Wish

Note by Benway: Not a blog as such, but blog related and worth checking out.

"I Wish, You Wish was a dreamed up by Shelli when she thought how cool it would be to have a centralized location for all of the blogosphere's wishlists. She asked Kymberlie what she thought and the idea took off from there with things like birthdays and possible submission forms being added. While all of these ideas are obviously not in place, the basic idea is now here. We are also now TrackBack enabled."

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