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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - F

"Have you seen all the before and after photos of men and women in their skivvies, for instance the folks who have embarked upon a Body for Life 12-week challenge? Can you believe they let someone take those pictures of them, with their rolls upon rolls of globular gushiness and cellulite smeared on top for good measure, and that they then publish the images in print or on the web for God and everybody to see?"


"Well, I'm ready for some holiday music. Since my gangsta-rap project (Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas) didn't take off, I've decided to try another approach this year. You people better go for this idea,'cause the next project is a cd of women moaning Christmas carols (a la "When Harry Met Sally"), destined to be called "The Jingle Sluts". (cover art pending...)"

Fanatical Apathy

"No, it won't be by jihad, or nuclear war, or yet another "last" season of "Friends." All of these are threats, of course, but today the real, imminent end of the Earth was revealed.
In Japan, according to CNN, the world's fastest computer is now simulating the Earth. That, folks, as innocuous as it appears, is all she wrote. How?
I'm not saying the machine has evil intentions. But it's simulating the entire Earth. And at some point it's going to take a close look at its simulated version of Yokohama, and there it will find... a simulated supercomputer, simulating the entire simulated Earth. And that simulated supercomputer will be at that moment taking close look at its simulated simulated version of Yokohama, and there it will find..."

Feral Living

"Ok. 55k. I'm still hoping to reach 75k before the end of the month, so there will still be a book there after I cut out the crappy parts (at worst, I will end up with a nice haiku...), but I'm taking a break from this. I'll let it sit until the weekend or next week, try to clear my head, waste my time with this time waster that I found here, let the MSS cool off, then read what I have so far and see what makes sense and what doesn't."

"So, to maximize my chances in this area, while still looking for a more managerial (read better paid) position, I am inverting my hair. That is the stuff on top comes off and the stuff underneath gets to show what it can do.
You still clueless?
Or did the picture up there sort of give it away?
Congratulations – apply for University Challenge or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? You win the fun size mars bar. Yes, I am shaving my head and growing a goatee."


"BlogSnob™ is an experimental service for members of the blogging community. It enables you to tell everyone Out There about your blog, thru simple textbased ads. It's FREE, it's fast, and it's downright simple. Besides, it's a great way to get to know about new blogs!"

From Eddy's Notebook

"I'm sick of stupid people that don't even know what the hell bandwidth is and what it's used for, and why you don't always need a lot of it when you're building your first fucking website. Stupid bastards. You also don't need to find a host that doesn't have adds. Why? Because you'll never find one. Just look for one that has adds on the page and simply block them out with a style sheet above it. It's as simple as that. Sure, you may have some scrolling issues if you use iframes then, but iframes are mostly shunned anyway. Sure, I've used them, but you really should be able to create a nice site layout without them. You simply have to be proficient at data organization. It doesn't take a genius."

Front Range Bible Blog

"Many of you may have watched the Super Bowl yesterday (and many of you Raider fans may be identifying with the book of Lamentations this morning). I told my congregation yesterday morning to watch the commercials as evidence of the what the advertising world believes our values to be. The annual exam of Super Bowl commercials was bleak indeed. One needs no x-ray or blood test to tell that at least football fans are beer-swilling, weak-willed, sex-craving, shallow, relationship-impaired, idolaters."


"So I've had all this energy, and I find I'm returning to a state that's very natural and wonderful: a State of Martha. I'm enjoying getting more organized, and doing things for my home. I'm even cooking (tonight: chili-roasted cod drizzled with lime-cumin sauce, and a side of orange sweet potatoes)."

Full Bleed

"Anyway, last night, we were listening to that lullaby CD as we were sort of hanging out. i think I was cleaning up the kitchen and Coley was playing on the floor in the kitchen. When that song came on, Coley stopped what he was doing and looked at me. I sat down on the floor and he crawled into my lap and held me...and SANG TO ME! It was so beautiful, I almost cried. My little hoarse-throated guy. *sniff*"


"You've had everything go wrong, everyone has shouted at you, you feel more and more angry. Perhaps you might even feel violent, the stress building up so much that you can visualise getting a gun and wiping them all out.
Calm my friend, calm.
Try painting by numbers, and remember, it doesn't matter if you get the wrong colours or go over the lines. Its ok. We care."

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