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the Naked Tiny

"I have a new friend on my computer desk. His name is Herman. He's a male wolf spider [See image to the right] about the size of a penny if you include his legs. Herman is surprisingly friendly for a wolf spider. We met when he crawled up my arm -- a thing he continues to enjoy doing when he's not living in my CD rack."

Negative Subspace

"Strange dreams lately, just imagine bumblebees on the size of footballs smoking cigarettes and you'll get the picture. And this is not correct cause I lost my mind long time ago, in other words it's nothing new. By the way, I should not be taken seriously on saturdays. I'm usually too bored that day - unless I drink tequila from womens's shoes. But you people don't take anything I say seriously, do you?"

Negro Please

"Oh, again to the why I'm buzzed...I'm procrastinating and annoyed. Annoyed that an article in URB covers a lot of the same ground that I wanted to cover for an article I'm getting paid to write and procrastinating because I should have written my piece for Get Underground by now and I haven't. Did you know there are 6 pairs of shoes strewn around my desk?"

New Kid On The Blog

"Long, fucked-up story shorty, Sgt. Will's Reservist Chemical Unit was called up to haul ass out to the badlands in case anyone got slimed out there. Well - shit howdy - whaddya ya know? Nary a fartin' dust chemical weapon reared it's ugly ass head during the whole squeamish squirmish. Will's unit was able to utilize their highly technical training by power washing vehicles and equipment to meet safety standards of cargo shipped back to the states."

New York City Anti-Hipster Forum

"It was an extraordinarily beautiful weekend, so there we all were on the roof after dinner. I was with a few friends, and a few more friends of friends, and even more friends of friends of friends, and invariably, more than a few were genuine Grade-A Park Slope hipsters. Slopesters are a laughable breed of hipster, none too threatening either with their salt and pepper hair, whining about working their three-hour shift at the Food Co-op in their North Face fleece zip-ups sidled by screaming toddlers in ballet tutus, their endless piles of sporting goods and big, clear Rubbermaid containers filled with sweaters and Christmas ornaments."

No Boys [dot] Org

"Let me tell you something - there's NO better way to get women worked up than TALK ABOUT PERIODS. I've found that the best way to 'break the ice' with strangers is pull a 'so, how about these new tampons...?' line (LOL! - 'pull' & 'tampons' - LOL!). They either love it or hate it."


"Someone said to me today "Tom, your going to die," and they weren't far wrong. Naturally I'm sure I'm not loved by everyone in the world, I mean, no one has a perfect reputation, and I mean, everyone has someone come up to them now and then to hear that being said to them, right? Well this is a slightly different situation, and the reason that quote was said to me, was certainly not because they don't like me (no I'm not in denial)."

Normalcy Is Coursing Through My Veins

"I left the Zombie Hut after hanging out with Sarah, Liz, and Alissa, and I was thinking about how fantastic my friends are, and then it was snowing. Not this gross, wet, almost-rain snow we've been getting, but actual big white flakes. Alissa and I hugged and screamed "It's snowing!" Just before we left the bar, we were drinking rum punch and Jimmy Eat World was playing (I put that in especially for you, Amy) and a woman came over and told us we were beautiful. I think she was there with her fiance. She gave us cigarettes. She guessed our ages (twenty-five for me, twenty-four for Alissa) and then told us that she was thirty-one, and if there was one thing she had learned, it was that things have a way of working out and that we should have fun."

Nothing Redeeming About It

February 19-March 20
Aquarius will find Pisces' keen emotions and devotion to be addicting. Soon, things unravel as Pisces demands more commitment than Aquarius is able to give.

January 21-February 18
Pisces will find worldly Aquarius inspiring-but will begin to wish for someone closer to home. Aquarius' big plans will leave less time for lonely Pisces"

Not Martha

"I was recently looking for those teensy tiny rare earth magnets, and I found some at Radio Shack of all places. But in my search I came across this variety of magnets at Lee Valley Hardware (they of the many glass topped containers as usually seen for wedding favor containers)."

the Null Device

"For the Melburnians reading this: the 13th Note would be somewhere between the Empress and the Tote, or perhaps like Revolver without the house music and vague miasma of wankerdom subtly permeating everything; it's a funky-yet-too-grungy-to-be-yuppified bar with vegan food, artworks on the walls and flyers everywhere else, and a subterranean cavern where the punters go to see bands make a lot of noise."

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