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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - P

Pancake City

"Fun Calls To Make on February 15th
“Alexandria Floral.”
“I got an emergency. I need a dozen roses, a vase, and a time machine. And I can do without the vase.”

True Artists Suffer
I slept on a pen last night. After I got over the discomfort, I had a strong motivation to write. Tonight, I'm putting a wrench under my roommate's pillow. The hot and cold on our sink is reversed, and I don't feel like fixing it."

Paradise Ali

"He was too big to get with just one blow. He was at least a 5 to 7 whack kind of guy. I swooshed a rolled up newspaper at him. He tried to dive bomb my head. I took another swipe at him. He did another fly by. We ended up calling a truce. I kept my feet up on the chair safely tucked beneath me and he kept to the ground and out of the 'no fly zone.'"

Peace Dividend

"We are having a right proper storm, yessir.
The power went out at about 7:30pm, right when they closed the Richmond/San Rafael bridge. Happy us, I'd just stuck a pizza in the oven (electric ignition, gas oven) and heaven knows I have plenty of candles laying around. It took me an hour to remember that, in a frenzy of emergency preparedness a few months back, I'd bought a snazzy little battery-powered boombox, but by 9pm we were happily ensconced under blankets, in the living room, playing Scrabble by candlelight with KALX as background music."

Pete Holiday

"The other day in Japanese the professor was talking about sending New Year's cards. He said that pretty much everyone sends them to pretty much everyone they know. This conversation ensued:
Professor: If you don't get many New Year's cards then you're not very popular.
Student: Does the suicide rate go up around New Years?
Professor: Yes! Maybe if you get no cards then society doesn't need you.

For the humor-oblivious, this was a joke."

Petulant Scream

"started the new job yesterday, very bloody odd to be back working in an office i worked in for so many years then left, nothing has really changed. mr.lunch, our remaining surviving murderous mouse, has now figured out how to escape his cage, methinks his days are numbered at the chalet."

Pink And Fluffy

"fun saturday night... leah kissed the vendor - yeah for her - he's so cute and nice... i saw my new year's eve friend... he acted somewhat indifferent towards me which is fine... he's still awfully damn cute though... cg and i decided he looks remarkably like the one from two years ago which is only slightly problematic... i just can't help that that's the look i'm attracted to... and there was the blind date at sorts, meeting for coffee... i was definitely significantly taller than him (and hi, i'm only 5' 4") and a whole lot cooler... so that won't be pursued... all in all a fun night though"

Pith and Vinegar

"I hate flying. I really, really do. Tomorrow I'm in the air for less than three hours, yet I've already had a weeks worth of nightmares, a couple of panic attacks, and lots of dread. It's stupid -- normally I'm a rational, tough kinda girl, but something about airplanes turns me into a spineless goober, seeing omens everywhere and nearly ripping my armrest off the seat at the slightest noise during flight."

Pixie Vagabond

"Tomorrow it’s off to the local Goodwill and libraries on the off chance they’re giving away anything decent. This weekend I’ll give garage sales a try. My love of thrift shops is matched only by my aversion to garage sales. Garage sales can be so personal, and when families look hungry I feel guilty walking away. I must be strong."

Pixel Streams

"After the debacle with punch card ballots and the chad variations, we've switched to the kind of ballots where you color in a little circle with a felt tip pen. As prone to problems as the punch ballots were, it's a real pain in the butt to color in those tiny circles at that hour of the morning. Especially when there were as many propositions and offices to be decided. Maybe it was just that my fingers were stiff from the cold, or perhaps it was only a painful reminder of academic testing."

Planet 9

"let it be known that i am the punk rock-good new wave-"fuck Reagan" '80's kid. i remember hearing the news of big "R" getting shot, and lots of kids in my little catholic school were cheering, but i digress. i feel like history is about to repeat itself in that rebellious me that's been subdued over the years. thank the gods that nature has never left, because i'm gonna need it now more than ever. thank you for infesting our government, gee-oh-fucking-pee; you really do bring out the best in me, you know. i'm feeling the need to put sex pistols and ramones on heavy rotation these days."

Platypus HIghway

"I'm secretly hoping no one will come to class today. Actually, I frequently secretly hope that no one will come to class, particularly when I'm feeling less than prepared. I haven't decided exactly what I'm doing in class today, but if almost no one comes, then I'll probably just answer questions about their major project, hand out some candy (I bought Halloween candy yesterday), and let them go. Sounds like a great Friday to me!"

Poker Blog

"Party Poker went down again last night. I had a great evening, winning about $110 by the time all was said and done. I'm ready to make another push for a cashout."

Pop Culture Junk Mail

"You know how when you grow up certain things that seemed large when you were young -- your grade school, your yard, a neighborhood park -- seem much smaller when you return to them years later? The BBC's useful and fun Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy has a name for that -- the Wagon Wheel Effect, named for a British chocolate and marshmallow treat that sounds sort of like Mallomars."

Pristine's Ledge

"Have you ever been in a very crowded place, be it a store, club, concert whatever and got this feeling that someone was watching you? Then to your dismay (or happiness) you turn around and there really is someone watching you? I wonder what it is deep inside of us that can make us feel other people actually watching us? Then there are those people who claim they have never had that experience. Are they just not in touch with their feelings/mind or is it that those who actually have experienced such things are too much in touch with their feelings/minds?"

Prometheus Unleashed

"Surprise, surprise. Hollywood is revolting against the decision to bar the sending of “screener” DVDs for Oscar-nominated films. For all the hype the right-wing commentators heap on Hollywood — saying they’re a bunch of know-nothings whose pontification on political issues is somehow more inappropriate that their own uninformed pontification — it’s nice to have my faith in the intelligence of the movie-making community reinforced."

Punk Princess

"'Famous' people don't intimidate me often, especially ones I've met and know are nice. Nevertheless, because I was having one of those days (weeks, months, lives) it took me most of the day yesterday to get up the courage to call the nice Rock Star back to ask a favor."

the Purple Moose Gazette

"Rubbing my fingers over the keyboard - I have tapped off the rough surface of nearly everyone of these keys - let's see, which ones don't I use as often? The X key is the only one with a rough surface still. The space bar is smooth in the center, rough around the edges. Try it yourselves and see what you come up with.
Oh, and I "left click" more than I "right click" . . . very interesting."

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