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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - G

Galapogos V2.0

"...above is my new fish friend and confidant, Guy. his full name is Guy du Wal Mart, which makes a lot more sense if you say it the French way, like "Gee (hard "g" people) du Wal Mar." this is because i bought him at Wal-Mart and he looked so exotic we needed a better name than "Joe" or "Mr. Fishington." he doesn't live in that cup anymore, he lives in a nice bowl with marbles that match him. :)"


"i feel like a huge white cheddar cheez-it right now. not good, specially since i just ate too many too late at night.
oh well. if i'm not back in a week, you'll know i spontanatiously combusticated."

"Also, HereBoston is a Tuesday Night of gay fun in Boston's own Backbay. Please check site for details. My partner and I have been and it was a room filled of upbeat, well dressed, respectable gay boys. Worth the night out, for sure!"

G'day Cobbers

"In a spare room I have a box filled with battery chargers — chunky black chunks of plastic with a mains plug connected on one side and a tubular connection on the other. They appear to breed by themselves and no two appear alike. Naturally, it is a frustrating process to find the right one at the right time, despite labels and coloured tape."



tonight is the mouth at the bowery ballroom!"

Ginger Girl

"Why do we eat pomegranates? I mean, they look cool, and Persephone and all, but they're quite a bit of work for very little return, practically speaking. The peeling is okay, and picking the individual (what are they called?) would be fun, if you were to pop them into your mouth and have done. But there are these HUGE seeds in there! A ha'penny worth of juice to this intolorablel deal of seed."

Gnome Girl

"I have nothing to say, but I have a mind full of stuff if that makes any sense. I have times where I have moments of clarity and it all seems so clear then times like today where I sit and get overwhelmed because I don't know which way to go. I want to wake up and know where I am headed but then maybe I don't. So today I am a girl, a chick if you will. Given to hormones, fits of tears, laughter and indecisiveness. Today I put on the smell good stuff, spend some extra time with that dang eyeliner, remember to actually powder my nose and let life do what it will. I am happy to just be."

Good Shit

"NEW YORK - One of the three finalists in Fox's hit "Joe Millionaire" has starred in dozens of bondage and fetish films under a pseudonym, a Web site reported Wednesday.
Sarah Kozer, 29, starred in movies such as "Novices in Knots" and "Hogtied," and a foot-fetish film "Dirty Soled Dolls," according to the Web site The Smoking Gun."

Good Shot Kid; I Think You Got It

"So I tried to finish this blasted tale at the computer commons at the U of A library. As I mentioned previously, the damned Mac that I was using decided to wonk out on me at delete my hour’s worth of work. Now I sit at Matt’s computer as I will attempt another stab at conveying my experiences during the latter half of the Portland trip. So without much further ado (and hopefully interruptions), I present to you *whips out a kazoo* PORTLAND: THE LATTER HALF *DOO-DO DOOO!*"


" then as he's putting his personal affects back in his bag (after i layed them all out on a counter... :D ) i calmly tell him "I've got a 4 year old nephew who's into testing limits. he's learned that, with me, it's better to just do what i ask because you're going to wind up doing it anyway. it's just really alot quicker not to argue. :D""

Green Fairy

"But the public must have it's devils to throw stones at to make itself feel better about it's own misdeeds. This wasn't the worst case of serial child murder seen in the UK, or even had the biggest body count. The public don't revile Ian Brady in quite the same fashion, though he was the one who played the biggest part in the crimes. It falls to a woman to take the lion's share of the public hatred because with her, you can have two for the price of one - damn her for her crimes and damn her again for her terrifingly 'unnatural' rejection of the feminine instinct."


"That's right. Our favorite ally France. OK I understand they wanted to keep us out of Iraq because of their billion dollar oil contracts. But the shit in this story went on after the regime had already fallen. What is there for France to gain by helping the Iraqi regime out of the country now?
The only reason I can is they are just doing it to screw us. Like they always do, time and time again. When is enough enough?"

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