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"one really great thing i did manage to fit into my busy schedule this week was that wednesday night i went to see david rees, the creator of get your war on, which is one of the best satirical cartoons out there and certainly one of the best critical pop-culture responses to the war on terror, etc.. he was a good speaker, funny in a casual way, incredibly down to earth and very matter of fact about the comic and the sudden fame/notoriety he's gained over the last year. and a really genuinely good guy, who's donated every penny he's made from his success - a considerable amount - to the de-mining of afghanistan."

Unbillable Hours

"I was in the Superior Court today, down in Monmouth County. That's where the Criminal Division is retrying the State's case against Rabbi Neulander. I only know that because the talking heads from Court TV parked in the Attorney/Jury Parking Lot, rather than that general public lot. They had taped down the power lines for their cameras and transmission vans across the parking lot, which the lawyers, myself included, gleefully ripped up as we drove in for trial call. It's a small bit of passive aggressive revenge for the irritation caused by the court reporters during the Impeachment and 2000 Election cases, back when I was on the Hill."


"I'm sure this comes as no surprise to any of you, but daymn I just love being able to boss people around. I try be nice about it all, but the fun factor is still high. Like just now, I called someone for information that I need put on a CD and now I've messed up his lunch hour. I know, I'm sick and evil, but there's something so good about it."

Unsafe At Many Speeds

"In today's exciting lesson we learn something very important, water is nomadic.
For example, the toilet starts to overflow in a rather nasitly unnoticed way. The water, apparently, will sit on the bathroom floor for a while, but will eventually migrate in a downwards sort of fashion. Overpopulation leads to a rather dire need after a point."


"Me: I wanna merkin. I can use it as an eyepatch.
Laura: Hopefully not a used one.
Me: Sure, it'd look like i had a furry labia on my eye.
Me: But I think it'd be a fashion statement.
Laura: "Gee, there's something fishy about this eye patch..."
Me: *winces* "


"Back in early August, Eric Olsen wrote:

'Say It Loud, I'm Black and Hateful' Aaron really is a nightmare: an intelligent black man who somehow still buys into the 'identify with our suppressed brethren in the Middle East via the American Black Muslim door because they are Muslim and Black Muslims are Muslim [of a sort] and I am black so when they are done with my Palestinian and Iraqi brethren they may come after me.'"

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