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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - J


"I've never thought of trying to write. Sometimes I do what would appear to be writing here because I have some things to say. Sometimes I do what would appear to be writing here because I have nothing to say, but either way, never because "I am a writer", or because some muse has visited, or because I have some point about good and evil or the human condition or beauty or the geopolitical conditions in which we find ourselves. I'm only writing because if I were to just speak to you, you wouldn't hear me over there in Philadelphia or Boston or Calgary."


"Scientists have shown that the moon is moving away at a tiny yet measurable distance from the earth every year. If you do the maths, you can calculate that 85 million years ago the moon was orbiting the earth at a distance of about 35 feet from the earth's surface. This would explain the death of the dinosaurs. The tallest ones, anyway."

Jess: A [Re]Presentation

"To kill a Virgo lesbian, take her CD's and spices out of alphabetical order. Tear a page out of her check register. Remove all the pens and pencils from her purse or briefcase. Speckle paint on several of her T-shirts. Splash water on her medicine cabinet mirror. Make all the pictures on the wall crooked. Tell her she looks sickly and give her a book of medical symptoms. She'll quickly go berserk and off herself."


"Success...there are so many ways for us to be successful. So many degrees of it. No matter what, people will always want to be entertained, to some degree. To be reminded of things that matter in live, or to be gifted with someone who channels or helps them to express their feelings and such. Real life archetypes, diversions, guilty pleasures. So all of us are valuable in our own ways."


"Six months ago, I, literally, had problems cooking rice. Since then me and Maria have been developing our culinary skills, and I must say that we're getting really good at it. Everything's relative, as they say. Anyway, the frying pan, excuse me, the frying pan, was very well received and I'm looking forward to throwing out the old teflon clad one."

Jon Sullivan

"I know, I know..... "speak for yourself", but it just seems like more people are getting tired of the web and those who stay are either attention whores or corporate tools. Of course the "distributed library" nature of the Internet will always remain, and it's great for buying stuff. But most of the fun seems to have faded away, especially the innovation and energy."

Jo Say's No! (Anti-War Photo Blog)

"The BBC wants you to send them your pictures (you can send Joe says No! your pictures too, but it has to be said that more people will see them if you send them to the BBC)...I hope that you do - I hope they get thousand upon thousand, that their servers crash and they go offline...there aren't THAT many causes in this world which are both popular and just, so let's make the most of it."

Journalog (Dutch)

"De volgende dag, omstreeks dezelfde tijd, ging hij weer naar 'zijn' plek en begon te werken Toen ze net als de dag ervoor weer vrij plotseling verscheen, zwijgend en glimlachend, moest hij ineens sterk denken aan een Maria-verschijning. Niet dat hij nu zo gelovig was, maar toch, zo'n sfeer was het die om haar heen hing. Sereen, dat was het juiste woord..."

the Julia Blog

"You know one Disney character that seriously annoys me? Snow bloody White. Like, omg, how high can your voice get? *shudders thinking about the voice* Anyway, back in time, when I was in Yr 6, my best mate used to sing that song Snow White does when she's waiting by the know, the one when she talks to the doves about how "someday my prince will come". Don't ask why my best mate sang it, she just did - and quite frequently! That song is therefore eternally imprinted in my brain against my will."

Julia's Generation Now

"It turns out that Britney, who was suppose to be the main act, only played a 20 min set, with no encore. She ended her performance by just walking off stage and letting her dancers finish. She never said Good Night or Thank You to the concert attenders. I really think this concert is one big ad, but still that is no way for an artist to treat her fans."

Just A Girl

"Well, I went to the house party, and it was okay I guess. There were a few things that struck me as slightly odd. The last time Rhian had a house party was something like two years ago, and I remember the catastrophic results of that one. One guy had all his hair shaved off (he had LONG hair) in the kitchen, Rhian's brother got off with half her mates, riots broke loose half way through the night between so-called best friends, and we found one couple were in the parent's bedroom having sex."

Just Lisa

"Patti thought I should blog about my ob/gyn experience yesterday and how I find it important to keep my socks on while being examined. Luckily, something much funnier has happened this evening and I'll share it instead. Sorry Patti but my kid is much funnier than my uterus."

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