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Tales From The City

"Old Crush actually came to a dead stop and was like, “Damn you’re looking good.” Part of me inside said, “I know and you’re missing out on it,” but I just smiled and gave him a hug and told him he looked good as well since I hadn’t seen him since mid-December. Several other men commented on the weight loss (which as of yesterday morning bordered on about 43 pounds) and I was feeling like the homecoming king."

Talk With Me

"Through the years I have lived here the traffic has multiplied, many are killed on the highway because of speed, people dozing at the wheel, carelessness. Maybe I should go and get a pilots license? Mmmm... nice thought, much less traffic up in the air! (and think how fast I could come and go!) ... right, dream on!"

the Tart Speaks

"It's a beautiful day out...the perfect weather for cleaning up debris and downed power lines scattered across the state. After much weather-dude hoohah, we got a bit of lightening, wind, and horizontal rain. The highlight of the evening was some dipshit calling into Fox8's station to complain about the Pittsburgh game being interrupted in the last seconds. Pardon me, dumbfuck...I think a tornado warning is a wee bit more important that football. If life is fair, this dink has a tree laying across his double-wide."

Terrapin Gardens

"Domesticated Bliss...
Practically since the day we were married a few weeks ago, folks began asking us, "Does it feel any different being married?" And each time I laugh to myself as I am reminded of being asked on every birthday as a child, "So, how does it feel to be a year older? Do you feel any different?""

Tequila Mockingbird

"lately there have been some discussions amongst my friends about my compulsion to always do the “right” thing. i’m aware of my compulsion. heck, i even included it in my list of 100 things about me. it came up during a conversation with my brand-new therapist last week, and we had an interesting discussion about it.
“i tried to treat him with as much kindness as i knew how. i tried very hard to always treat him with dignity. and i tried really hard to respect the commitment we made to one another.”
“what do you mean why?”"


"Make no mistake, my friends! To be called a ‘Bush-hater’ is an evasive ploy very popular among Conservatives, these days. It is a concerted effort to shut down and avoid serious debate on George Bush’s policies and failed presidency. Why? Because, it is an increasingly difficult, if not futile position to defend in open and fair political discourse."


"It seems odd to me that in the fall, the time when the world is drifting off to sleep metaphorically, people seem to feel the most angst and desire for change. It would seem to make more sense in spring, the time for growth and renewal.
Is it the change in the leaves and the weather? Is it a sense of mortality on a very basic level? The trees and plants are dying, animals hibernating, people cacooning indoors to avoid the cold, another year coming to an end."

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

"Droubi's schwarma with Micah for lunch was a blur. I miss my friends when I'm away on business. I think I talked so much he couldn't get a word in edgewise. I wish I had time to play catch-up with everyone before I leave again. While we were eating lunch, this girl walked up to our table and said, "Hi Clayton." I turned to realize I had absolutely no clue this person was... none. She was dressed in a very professional suit ensemble and was wearing nice framed lenses. She said her name and mumbled something incoherent before turning and leaving as abruptly as she arrived. That really bugs me... not that she stopped to say hello, but that I didn't recognize her."


"The last days of every era have been chaotic. The demand for new prophecies has skyrocketed. More greater the chaos more absurd lies will the people be ready to accept as basis for hope.
In their webs the dream weavers, the prophets, catch men who become the forerunners of yet another crusade. They are the men who are remembered as 'heroes'."

Thoughts Interrupted

"google is our friend
i should never have said anything about "marriedbutlonely". i've been Googled 16 times so far today. good lord, people! you think cheating is going to make you happy? talk to your spouse or get a divorce already. freaks."

Time For Your Meds

"When I was a little girl I loved playing "School." I always had to be the teacher and I was always on the lookout for students. I taught the little girl next door how to read. It was just showing her the letters, teaching her how to put them together and say them out loud. Her parents came over one night and told me that they had been told by school psychologists that their daughter would never learn how to read...that she was learning disabled and reading was something she just couldn't grasp."

Times And Seasons

"One of my pet peeves is the comment, often heard in Sunday School, that "the Lord has not asked us to live the law of consecration." Those who have been to the temple should know better. The more pressing question for me is how to implement this relatively simple law. This seems to be the current topic of conversation under the Material Prosperity thread below, which, like the Eveready Bunny, just keeps on going. In this post, I want to propose a practical way of thinking about consecration."

To The Barricades

Unfortunately, the nuke we found was a bit to the east of's in the other rogue state, North Korea. We are making nice with North Korea, remember? So, when we find hard core evidence of nukes in North Korea (like, say, the government of North Korea says they will "resume operating nuclear facilities" we it "regrettable".
But we still have no hard core evidence of nukes in Baghdad or anywhere else in Iraq. Or any evidence that Iraq is currently developing nukes. How about some consistency here?


"I watched as a very frail man walked by me. He was beige. His shirt was beige, his shorts were beige. He had on beige shoes, and little beige ankle socks. I figured his age would be somewhere in the 80's. I chuckled to myself. Gosh, what an outfit. He's all one color. Ha.Ha.
Then, my conscience bitchslapped me. She yelled inside my brain, and made me sit upright. How dare I laugh at this man who probably fought in WWII for my freedom. The freedom to drive a car in any color or brand. To live in a free country.
And, the freedom to vote."


"I hope I just took the cellophane off my last packet of fags. When this pack is finished I won't be buying any more. There's a saying that "Giving up smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times" and that's certainly true for me. I'd like to make this time the last time I give it up!"


"This is where the trouble comes in. Now that I'm all sorted and acting responsibly, about the only vice I have is DVDs, can never pass them up. It's looking like I may have to restrain myself for a while, I managed to get my overdraft down a little, but it's occurred to me that despite a lot going into my account, between petrol for the car (expensive!), phone bills (thankfully not expensive) and my DVDs, it never budges...quite literally."

Turkish Torque

"There is a widely shared perception in the Turkish media that PM Erdogan and his ruling AKP are really not a continuation of Necmettin Erbakan's Islamist Welfare or Virtue Parties and that they are sincere in their support of the secular republic and the Constitutional regime. Mr. Erdogan, who is an ardent supporter of Turkey's EU membership, has confirmed the point in numerous occasions."


"Anyway, back to Harry Potter. Good flick. Lil' Harry's all mine in about 10 years, provided he's into that whole older woman thing. I kinda felt like they might have exploited the fact that Ron Weasley seemed to be going through puberty during the filming of the movie, but it worked for Peter Brady, didn't it?"

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