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Directory of Weblogs, Online Journals and Diaries - L


"today is 6 months. 6 months of NO POT | NO ALCOHOL. DAMMIT. i decided to go the g&l community center and check out a meeting. any meeting. i just wanted to announce my clean time to a group. it helps others to know that it can be done. i decided on marijuana anonymous. i'd never been to a MA meeting before but, hey, recovery is recovery regardless of the substance."

Last Day Of My Life

"Big D is now attached to a woman I once made out with in McDonald's. We started making out when we went outside to smoke cigarettes. She ended up sitting on my lap as we were with a group of other homeless people.
She Devil gave the bitchy comment: "Why don't you two get a room."
I sarcasticly said "are you gonna be in the room with us" just to piss her off.
Suddenly, the woman who was sitting on my lap announced: "This is my boyfriend."

Law Is Fun

"I have determined that my shower hates me. I don’t know what I did to it, but it no longer likes me. Either that, or the ghost of one of my ex-girlfriends is now haunting it. My shower is officially a tease. It starts out nice and hot, but within moments, it turns tepid at best. Factor in the fact that my bedroom is on two outside walls, and that the walk-in closet is cold enough to store food in during the winter, and the bathroom itself (which is attached to both) is cold. Cold bathroom + cold shower = I don’t spend a lot of time primping."

Lean Left

"But charity in this country assumes a kind of paternalistic nature, too often. The people who need our charity are not children, or defective, generally speaking. They are just like us. They work as hard, they dream as big, they have just as much pride. The only difference is that we have been luckier. We haven't had our job NAFTA'd out of existence. We haven't had a rotten marriage. We started with more. We could go to college because someone else was there to put food on the table, or we did not need two or three jobs to support ourselves. We did not have an uncovered medical emergency that bankrupted our family."

Leelee Land

"I've always believed in some sense that people that you have been extremely close to in life maintain some sort of otherwordly connection with you, no matter how far they may be. I have had odd occurrances happen on numerous occasions with just these sorts of people. Many may say they are coincidence, but, after all, I am a romantic, so I choose to believe it is something more."

Left Of West

"As much as I love my audience, it pains me to know that I'm at odds with half of you almost all the time. I wonder what it is that keeps you here. Its certainly not my skill at writing. How exciting can two years of "cheese sandwich" entries be? Is it the commonality of the weblog? (Oh hey, there's someone else who fancies themselves an writer...)"

Life Under The Pear Tree

"I’ve decided that because books drew me towards fencing, I must make sure the rest of my fencing carrier lives up to its quixotic beginning. Therefore in true storybook fashion I simply must name my epee. What kind of fencer would I be if I didn’t develop a deep affectionate bond with it? And in order to cultivate this bond a name is imperative.
I regret to say that the first time I grasped my epee I did not catapult down a hill gasping in awe over it’s singularly wonderful balance.
Instead I thought:
“About time I got the damn thing. Now I can stop dreaming about it.”
My next thought was:
“Shit, I’m suppose to feel it’s balance. How the hell do you do that?”
After that is was simply a lost cause."


"Damn Democrats. First they let Bush take credit for the Homeland Security Department idea, which he resisted for months. Now they seem to have let him have a large amount of influence over the makeup of an independent commission to investigate September 11, another thing he resisted for months. Where the hell did they leave their guts, and more importantly, their political skills? They've now given the impression that they were the roadblock, not the Administration."


"Recent attempts at Manifesto making have ignored the conversational aspects and have proved to be only effective in solidifying the converted toward the cause. Its preachy prose and uncompromising character are easy to criticize. So there's a desperate search to identify Anti-Idiotarian supporters, even if taken posthumously. It doesn't matter if the uncompromisingly pro-war message of the manifesto plainly stands at odds with Bill."

Little Red Boat

"My wet pussy

My kitten fell in the bath yesterday.
It's not a great story, he just hovered around the edge looking curious until, well, until curiousity wet the cat.
He fell in the bath, he got soaked, and then he jumped around looking disgraced and disgusted at his wetness. But that's what cats do...
There's no story, no good story here at all.
I admit it.
I just wanted to write the title."

Living With Mac OS X

"This is better than waiting for Christmas morning! Here we are again time for Apple's new product announcements. For me it means waking up in the early morning to view it live: Here in Seoul we're +17 hours from San Francisco. So the keynote starts at 2am for me!"


"For some reason I find driving through Illinois to be extremely boring. It's like once you get there everyone else on the highway disappears and all you see for miles and miles are trees and cows. It's pretty, just boring. Since I was bored I got out the lomo and snapped some pictures. The leaves were all different colors and really beautiful (something we don't see in Florida)."


"I have four days off this weekend and I plan to revel in it. I have belladonna and poppies to plant (it seems other folks out there also plan their gardens accordingly), holiday presents to shop for, I need to do the winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe switch, and I guess it's time to take down the Halloweenie decor. :("


"We've all seen what I like to call "Stupid Arcade Girlfriend." She's the loud, teenaged blonde girl who's only there because her nerd boyfriend's been playing Time Crisis the last 3 hours to avoid buying her something. She storms in, receives no response when screaming into her partner's face over the general dirge, and trots over to the big machine with the big shiney lights and loud music. She wants to play. It can't be that hard!"


"Couldn’t try out my camera because I couldn’t load the software on my work computer (actually, the IT guy couldn’t load the stuff on my computer…long story) and, get this, I have no USB port on my home computer. Did I bother checking for this before I ordered the thing? Of course not. Because I’m a dodo. And because it didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t have one. I can buy a converter right? There has to be something. I’m gonna try it all again at work later in the week."

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