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Two Years


December 2004

The party had been fantastic. Everyone who meant anything to SG-1 had come; the General had flown in from Washington bringing his granddaughters and Major Davis with him. Sam had brought Pete, and theyíd both basked in the Ďfirst Christmas togetherí glow, Jacob watching over them. Tealíc had even cracked a smile over some of the antics at the party. The best part had been seeing Cassandra laugh again. The girl hadnít had much to laugh about in her short life, and losing Janet as she had had only compounded the tragedy.

Daniel, being Daniel, had even managed to get everyone outside for a snowball fight, he, Sam, the generalís grand children and Cassandra against Jack, Tealíc, Davis and Pete. Danielís side had won, of course, as they employed sneaky underhanded tricks to ensure their victory; Jack couldnít have been prouder of his archeologist and told him so. Tealíc had remarked that Daniel would make a good Tokíra, he had the mindset. The general had merely commented that anyone who knew anything never bet against women or intelligence, and Danielís team had had both in abundance.

The party had finally wound down after presents being exchanged in front of the tree, Christmas carols being sung very badly and a traditional Christmas dinner complete with eggnog of both the spiked and unspiked varieties. It had been a good night.

As they were leaving, Pete and Sam had offered Daniel a ride home, which he declined with the excuse of helping Jack clean up and crashing in the spare bedroom. Sam looked like she didnít quite buy it, but she also knew better than to ask. The truth was that Daniel hadnít used the spare bedroom in a very, very long time, the time of his ascension and the blip on the radar where heíd come back with no memories notwithstanding.

Oh, theyíd had the usual relationship ups and downs, like all couples. They had the same issues that other same sex couples in the military had as well. Then there were the ones theyíd created all on their own, like Jackís pseudo infatuation with Sam and Danielís Ďthingí with Keíra.

However, both Jack and Daniel had been aware that what they had was too precious and too important to give up on entirely. Not even Danielís ascension had managed to make them give up completely. Daniel had found a way to return, and Jack had held off swallowing the barrel of his gun because he knew Daniel would have kicked his ass across the galaxy for giving in like that.

And now here they were, the detritus of time well spent with the friends who had become family surrounding them, the wrapping paper balls littering the floor and a pile of tacky (Jackís) and not so tacky (Danielís) gifts given to them by their loved ones stacked under the tree.

"I canít believe that Tealíc of all people gave you a singing fish," Daniel chuckled, looking at the offensive but hilarious item from where he was currently lying on the couch with his head on Jackís lap. "He nailed you right on the head with that one. And you are not hanging that up here. Your office or the cabin, thatís it, General."

Jack grumbled under his breath. "There are fish up there, dammit. Just because Iíve never caught one doesnít mean that the lake is lacking game. And excuse me, Iím the one with the stars, not you; just who is giving the orders around here?"

"Consider me the power behind the throne," Daniel smirked, turning his head and brushing his lips lightly over Jackís cloth-covered groin. "And if you donít want to find yourself lacking the company of anything but your own hand, I strongly advise you not to hang it here. Well, okay, Iíll concede the garage since itís your workshop but not in the house, got it?"

"Give Ďem an inch and they take everything," Jack sighed in good-natured defeat, his fingers running through Danielís hair in idle patterns. "It was good, wasnít it?" he finally commented after long moments of companionable silence. "The party, I mean. It was...good."

"It was nice having the Ďfamilyí over for Christmas; however, Iím eternally grateful that Sam is hosting the New Yearís bash. And that our CO saw fit not to schedule any off world missions for us until the fourth, barring intergalactic emergencies."

"If Baal or any of the other snakes even think about it, Iím so kicking their collective asses," Jack agreed. And he silently conceded the point of family to Daniel too. It had been the people they considered an integral part of their lives who gathered together to celebrate the season. Hell even Sarah, Jackís ex, and her new husband had stopped by for a glass of wine. It felt... right.

It hadnít hurt that Sarah had taken him aside and given him her blessing. Sheíd always been a little too sharp for Jackís own good, and sheíd suspected for a long time, but something about today had clinched it for her. Sheíd made sure he knew it was okay with her.

Jack had to smile as he thought back on it.

"Itís about time you found someone who can give you what you need, Jack," Sarah grinned, sipping her wine as she stood next to him, the two of them watching Daniel describe one of his more memorable digs to an enraptured Cassandra. "I havenít seen you smile this much since, well, since Charlie died. Iím happy for you, Jack."

Jack stared at his ex-wife askance. "Sarah, weíre just..."

Waving her hand to stop the comment, the blonde woman smiled. "Donít worry, I know nothing. Donít ask, donít tell and all that bullshit. But I wanted you to hear from your ex-wife that sheís very happy for her ex-husband and his new partner. Sheís very happy heís fallen in love again.

"But one little word of advice, Jack? Iím speaking from experience here, so I hope you donít get upset about me saying this, but donít hold on to that desk job for too long. A job wonít keep you warm at night or hold you when youíre sick. I know youíre out there fighting the good fight and all that, but sometimes the best thing you can fight for is your own happiness," Sara continued, pointedly looking at Daniel. "Besides which, heís pretty damn hot; you need to show off your good fortune," she teased, pinching his butt before she wandered off to join her husband.

"Youíre one hell of a woman, Mrs. Brighton," Jack said softly, a smile gracing his face. "I was lucky to have you for as long as I did."

"Have who, Jack?" Daniel asked coming up behind the older man and making him jump slightly.

"Dammit, Daniel, you trying to give me a heart attack or something?"

"Nope, just trying to get the drop on my CO. And you didnít answer the question," Daniel smirked in response.

"Sarah," Jack replied simply. "She... read between the lines, you know? Told me that Iím a lucky man and that I better not ride a desk forever, that Iíve got more important fish to catch."

"I always suspected she was the brains behind the brawn," Daniel teased, moving around Jack and heading towards the door. "So whoís up for a snowball fight?" he yelled, grabbing everyoneís attention as started to bundle up. "Losers do the dishes after dinner!"

Reaching over to the lamp next to him, Jack snapped it off. The room fell into shadow, lit only by the twinkle of the fairy lights on the tree and around the windows. Outside a brisk Colorado snow was whipping up, and Jack sent an idle prayer out for those still traveling tonight. People like Major Davis, who was now in the air making his way home to his own family. Soon there would be minimal visibility and a new, thick blanket of snow would greet people on Christmas morning.

"Sarah was right," Jack said at last, breaking the peaceful silence. "Sometimes you just gotta fight for your own happiness. How do you feel about a two year plan?"

"Two year what?" Daniel rolled easily out of his prone position and swiveled so that he now faced Jack.

"Two years. A year to get things in order, another year to get Ďem used to the idea, and then we retire and do whatever the hell we want. I want to share a house with you, Daniel, a life. I donít want us to have to walk without touching when we go out; I want to be able to hold your hand or wrap an arm around your waist. I want people to know and to see that youíre mine and Iím yours."

"Jack," Daniel said huskily, eyes growing misty as he reached out to caress his loverís face.

"I know Iím presuming a lot. Youíre younger than me, and even if you donít go through the Ďgate, you can work at the SGC until the cows come home. I know they need you and youíre the best of the..." Jack trailed off as one of Danielís fingers came to rest against his lips.

"A year to do what I need to and a year to train someone to be a capable replacement for me at the SGC. Besides, I can still consult, and theyíd have to pay me the really big bucks then," Daniel smiled at his lover.

"So... youíre okay with it?" Jack had to be sure. He might have said it, but there was no way heíd do it without Danielís full consent and approval; after all the crux of this plan rested on their retiring together.

"Two years, and weíre out," Daniel agreed softly, leaning over to brush his lips against Jackís.

"Just no getting yourself killed or snaked or ascended or otherwise dead for the next couple of years, deal?" Jack requested seriously.

"Deal," the archeologist replied, moving to straddle Jackís lap. "I love you, Jack OíNeill, with two Ls. Very much indeed."

"And I love you, Danny," Jack replied, quiet joy reflected in his face as he wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him closer and sealing their lips together.

Daniel moaned into Jackís mouth and squirmed slightly, causing the older man to gasp and react. "Danny, you do that much more and weíre not going to make it to the bedroom," Jack warned hoarsely.

"And this would be a problem why?" Daniel grinned as he continued to grind down on Jack, making him moan and buck underneath the assault.

"You fight dirty. I never taught you that," Jack cursed.

"Yes, I do, and yes, you did. All that combat and survival training? Shoot or be shot? Sound familiar?"

"Do as I say not as I... ah, dammit, Daniel! Iím too old to do this outside of the comfort of my own bed," Jack protested, trying to shove the younger man off of him.

"Youíre actually admitting youíre an old man? You really are taking this retirement seriously, arenít you?" Daniel snickered, knowing full well heíd strike a nerve with his statement and looking forward to the fallout.

Jackís eyes narrowed right on cue, and he snarled softly, shoving them both backwards so that Daniel landed on his ass on the floor and he ended up on the edge of the couch, laughing down at the shocked man. "You were saying?"

"Ow, you know Iím not going to be able to sit on my ass now, right?" Daniel groused, rubbing his bruised tailbone.

"Well, then itís a good thing that youíre not going to be flat on your back, isnít it?" Jack chuckled as he stood up and methodically stripped out of his clothes, piling them on the couch. "Arenít you a little overdressed for going riding, Daniel?" the older man continued, eyeing Daniel up and down.

"Excuse me?" Daniel eyed Jack balefully, all the while knowing that he would give in, that he wanted to give in, but he was damned if he was going to make it easy on his lover. "I thought you wanted the comfort of your bed? That you were too old to Ďdo ití in the living room?"

"I changed my mind." Jack sprawled on the floor next to Daniel and looked over at him. "I repeat, youíre wearing too many clothes. Get naked."

"For a man as old as you are, you have the mentality of a child sometimes," Daniel sighed as he rolled to his feet to Ďgive iní gracefully. "Actually, infantile comes to mind a great deal when dealing with you. You really did deserve that singing fish."

"Keep it up and Iíll slap a cockring on you," Jack threatened without heat as he watched in appreciation as the sweater came off followed by the shirt, the chinos, the socks and the boxers, leaving only naked Daniel in the end. Quite the impressive sight indeed.

"Since youíre down there, wanna reach under the couch and grab the lube? I think weíre going to need it since Iím apparently going to be the one getting fucked, "Daniel said conversationally as he finished laying his clothing on the couch then took his cock in hand and began to stroke it, knowing that Jackís eyes were glued to the motion of his hand.

Fumbling underneath the furniture, Jack reached blindly, hand slapping across the floor until he found the hidden tube of lubricant, pulling it out quickly as Daniel walked over to him and straddled his body before lowering himself into a kneeling position over his hips. "Fuck, youíre gorgeous," Jack admitted freely, his one hand coming up to roam the flattened plane of stomach and chest while the other popped open the container, spilling the cool gel onto his own stomach.

Slicking his fingers up, Jack slid one into Danielís ass, spreading the slick stuff around inside the other man even as Daniel took a handful of the goo and reached back to begin greasing up Jackís cock. Groaning, Jack managed to get a second finger in before he had to yank Danielís hand off of him.

"Fuck, no more or Iíll explode," Jack panted. "I wanna be in you, Danny, not just covering your ass."

"Apparently the staying power goes before the balding begins," Daniel snickered but nonetheless left off, raising his hips instead and wrapping loose fingers around Jack so that he could guide the older man into him. "Move, now," he warned as he maneuvered himself into position and felt Jackís fingers slide out of him just before he pushed onto Jackís cock.

Groaning softly, Daniel let his head fall forward and felt his body shift and loosen. "Damn, you feel good," he gasped as he gave himself time to adjust to Jackís girth and length. It had been a while, what with the long nights and his off-world missions, so he needed those few extra moments to get used to the feeling of fullness yet again.

"Danny," Jack groaned, his fingers biting into the younger manís thighs as he fought the urge to slam himself upwards. "God, Iíve missed you."

"Been sleeping next to you for the past week, General," Daniel pointed out teasingly. "Work with you every day too."

"You know what I mean," Jack snarled, freeing up one hand to wrap around the back of Danielís neck and pulling him down to rape his loverís mouth thoroughly. "Holding you is great, stellar in fact, but dammit, sometimes a man just needs to get laid!"

"Are you implying that Iím not a man?" Daniel asked mildly, an eyebrow cocking as he looked down at Jack, silently amused by the deer in the headlights look of a man who just realized heíd stuck his foot in it.

"NO!" Jack yelped, trying to save his ass. "Youíre definitely male, and I can see youíre male, and Iím well aware that youíve got those same urges and... awh, hell, I stuck my foot in it, okay?"

"Gee, really?" Daniel replied blandly, squeezing his inner muscles around Jackís cock rapidly, making him gasp, moan and beg for mercy. "Good thing I love you, isnít it?"

"Iím a very fortunate man," Jack agreed solemnly, meaning every word as he tugged Daniel down for another kiss.

Daniel sighed and melted, Jackís words making up for any slips of the tongue earlier. Jack always knew how to pull it out of the fire when heíd messed up, even when he wasnít trying. "I love you," he murmured even as he began to move, writhing on Jackís cock and making them both feel really good.

"Love you too, Danny," Jack gasped a hand wrapping around Danielís erection to stroke in time with his hips.

Daniel smiled and began to move faster, wanting to bring them both off. Bracing his hands on the floor next to Jackís shoulders, Daniel stared down at his lover, appreciating the rough hewn features and the way the firelight caught and danced in his salt-and-pepper hair. He could spend hours looking at Jack, awake or asleep. There was something eminently fascinating and undeniably appealing about the man he called his partner.

If Daniel was honest with himself, heíd have to admit to having been drawn to Jack from that very first meeting between the hard-assed colonel and himself in the cover stone room when heíd first been signed on to the Stargate project, and not even his marriage to Shaíre had dampened that ardor. And now he was Jackís, and conversely Jack was his, and in the not too distant future they could let everyone know.

Snapped out of his reverie by the feeling of building pressure, Daniel smiled down at the look of intense focus on Jackís face, signaling that he was close to coming. "Donít wait for me; Iíll be right behind you," Daniel promised, running his fingers along Jackís jawline.

"Daniel," Jack groaned, head tilting back as he let the archeologistís words and voice wash over him. A few more moments of Daniel sinking onto him with that slow, sultry pace heíd set and Jack knew he wouldnít last no matter how much heíd have liked to come with Daniel. Jack sighed in pleasure, his body shuddered almost imperceptibly, and his hips jerked once, twice, before he filled Daniel with his seed.

Daniel moaned quietly, loving the look that passed over Jackís face when he finally found release, loving this man he could call his own. It didnít take too much longer for Daniel to orgasm as Jackís hand continued to stroke him while he watched Danielís face change and express his pleasure. Whimpering softly, Daniel came all over Jackís chest even as he collapsed on top of the older man. "Fuck, Iíve missed you," Daniel finally muttered, raising his head to stare at his lover.

"Iíve missed you too, Danny. But weíre together now, thatís all that counts," Jack countered softly.

Daniel nodded in agreement, snuggling into Jack and ignoring the smears on his stomach for now. The disc changer whirled, a new disc starting and the soft strains of ĎAdeste Fidelesí filling the quiet of the room.

Outside the wind had picked up, and the snow was howling, but inside it was warm and fragrant. And as Jack had said, they were together. All things considered, it was a very good Christmas.


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