The Lords of Heaven:
Chapter 4 - Fallen Angels


The sweat trickled down Obi-Wan's face unheeded as he met Qui-Gon's attack blow for blow. Thrust, parry, dodge, and riposte... in a gravity-defying move he leapt, tumbling in mid-air so that he was behind his master, ready to resume the attack. His blow was barely blocked and his master now on the defensive, Obi-Wan began to press his attack until once more the tides turned and Qui-Gon resumed the upper hand.

On and on this went, first one than the other attacked. Ground was given and conceded, but there was no clear winner - they were too evenly matched. Skin heated and glistened as sweat poured, but neither man called a halt to the bout. Of late these training matches were more of a catharsis for other needs then an actual lesson, allowing them to both to release pent up frustrations unbeknownst to the other.

Over the past two cycles Obi-Wan had moved from adolescence into manhood. He'd long since shed the child-like beauty of youth and was now an elegantly handsome young man. As he'd matured he'd learned about his soul-bond with the Lord of Heaven. It was a humbling thought, to know that he'd always been meant for Master Qui-Gon as Qui-Gon had always been meant for him.

Of late he'd come to feel the pull to complete the soul bound, to join his flesh to his Master, his love's even as their souls took that final step and merged into one entity within two separate persons. However, he didn't know how to approach Qui-Gon and although his Master had seen to it that Obi-Wan was highly trained and educated, the one area the young man was most interested in was the only area that lacked instruction. He was reluctant to ask Qui-Gon since the Lord had told him he must wait until his 19th cycle and he was loathe to ask the servants lest speculation of the Lord began. Obi-Wan did not want a hint of scandal touching his precious Lord. So Obi-Wan waited in frustrated need, ever looking forward to his 19th cycle celebration and the answers to all his unspoken questions.

Little did Obi-Wan know that Qui-Gon too was feeling the need to complete the bonding. His young Adonis had grown into a truly magnificent man - young, strong and beautiful. Obi-Wan still retained a heart as pure as his soul and both were filled with the power of the Light. However, of late it took all of Qui-Gon's considerable strength of will to deny the craving of his flesh. He wanted desperately to claim his other half, to feel his soul co-mingle with his mate's and, in the heat of their physical joining, create a new, single entity that dwelled within the both of them.

For some time now Qui-Gon had been using these training sessions a release of tension and want, but even this was no longer enough. The need was consuming him. Soon he would no longer be able to resist its pull. Soon he would have no choice but to take his soul bonded or go mad from want.

'By the Light, look at him,' Qui-Gon sighed to himself, 'a young god, all golden and glistening - eyes afire with the heat of the moment. However did I merit one such as he in my life, let along have him belong to me as I belong to him?' Qui -Gon felt himself truly blessed. He was given a child of Light to drive away the shadows left behind by a spawn of the dark. And as the child grew, a partner and soul mate emerged, ready to take his rightful place next to the Lord of Heaven - his equal in all things.

The rapping of a cane on the stonework floor brought Qui-Gon out of his thoughts and finally drew their exercise to an end. Both men looked towards the door simultaneously, mirror images of each other and both wearing the same expression of irritated curiosity. Their guests were hard-pressed not to chuckle at such of display of synchronicity and obvious compatibility.

Qui-Gon smiled graciously moving towards his guests as he realized their identities. "Master Yoda, Mace! This is a surprise, what brings you to the Corellias Spire?" he asked his former master and oldest friend as he strode forward to greet them.

"A matter to discuss with you, we have, Qui-Gon," Master of Master's Yoda informed his once student.

"Of course my Master. Shall we adjourn into one of the meditation rooms?" Qui-Gon replied pleasantly even as he sighed inwardly. So much for a quiet day spent with his ahmaté. He had been looking forward to...

"Master," Obi-Wan spoke quietly. Qui-Gon fought to keep his eyes from rolling in exasperation. For the past cycle and a half Obi-Wan had felt comfortable enough to call him by his given name - but only when they were alone or in their chambers, at all other times he was still 'master.' Obi-Wan's deference to Qui-Gon's position as teacher was slowly driving the older man crazy. Though his teacher, Qui-Gon was also his soul bonded and that put an entirely different slant on their relationship - from his point of view.

Through their bond, Qui-Gon sensed the young imp's amusement, though not a shadow of a smile ghosted across Obi-Wan's face. The menace knew how much it irritated Qui-Gon to be called Master - he was doing it deliberately. Obi-Wan was enjoying this game far too much. He needed his bottom paddled.

"Yes my Chosen?" Qui-Gon replied. Keep this up bratling and I may have to teach you a proper lesson in respect for your elders.

"Forgive me Master, but my brother's wedding? You did promise them your blessing and I'm to stand up for Oh-Wen." Promises, promises my Master came the tongue in cheek mental reply.

"Of course my ahmaté. Go and prepare. I will join you shortly," and you will face the consesquences of your actions little love. the Lord of Heaven replied as he led his guests into an ante-chamber, casting a last longing glance over his shoulder.

Obi-Wan waited and waited but the sun was almost directly overhead and his Master still had not emerged from the meeting with the Master of Masters. Oh-Wen's wedding was close at hand and he had promised to be there. Obi-Wan worried his lip for a moment then snapped into action. Dashing of a quick missive to his life-bonded explaining his actions, the young lordling left the safety of the mountain stronghold and made his way to Correlias.

The ride took barely any time at all, and Obi-Wan spent most of it in contemplation. A full cycle remained until he reached his 19th. A full cycle of the torments that had become a nightly thing, of the cries and demands of the bond to be fulfilled, and still no end in sight. Obi-Wan sighed softly. He was not sure if he could hold out for much longer. He needed the other half of his soul with a desperation never before felt, he needed his ahmaté.

Once Qui-Gon had taught him to read and write the ancient tongue, Obi-Wan had begun his own search for the word that brought him such comfort and joy. His Lord had not forbidden him to look for the translation, he had merely said that he would tell Obi-Wan what it meant on his 19th cycle.

So the young man's mind had rationalized the need to find the answers and found them he had, late one night when his eyes were nearly crossing with fatigue while he hunched over an ancient tome on bonding rituals. And had come across the translation in a passage which spoke of life-bonding. Everything written there described the connection between he and his Lord. Did that mean? Obi-Wan could scarce believe his eyes. He was the life-bonded to a Lord of Heaven. He would never again be alone in his mind or his soul. He would never again be alone in life, for his life was now intricately bound to the most wondrous man in the Heavens, for all eternity.

From that night on, Obi-Wan's perceptions of the Lord of Heaven changed, and he began to feel a shift within his heart and mind, one that had him gravitating more and more towards Lord Qui-Gon. He would often crawl into bed with the Lord at night, instinctively seeking the closeness their link provided, comforting him when the strange dreams of the future overtook him.

As Obi-Wan's body had matured and changed he had begun to shy away from sleeping with his Lord because his body would crave closer and more intimate contact with Qui-Gon and he would dream. Oh how he would dream. Of his body writhing against Qui-Gon's of his Lord's taste and scent, of the feeling of possession and completion as the Lord of Heaven finally claimed him as mate and life-bonded, of finally being taken and loved and taught how to pleasure his beloved. Many a morning Obi-Wan would wake up, covered in drying sweat and semen from the dreams that controlled his body at night.

Qui-Gon said nothing, just continued to teach his Chosen, continued to call him ahmaté and continued to wait for his 19th cycle...

Which was still an entire cycle away! Obi-Wan sighed and shifted back into the present as he approached Correllias.

Something was... wrong. The village was strangely quiet on a day when two tribes were gathered in celebration of marriage and bonding. Master, something is not right, Obi-Wan reached out to the Lord of Heaven, sharing with Qui-Gon his perceptions.

Be careful, my ahmaté, I am coming. Be wary, came the response. Too late. A scream rent the air and Obi-Wan did as he would always do. He sought to defend.

Racing break neck into the village he came face to face with destiny, in the form of a creature of the dark called Maul.

A dagger was resting on Beru's breast, above her heart. This creature was obviously prepared to use it. Obi-Wan cast a sidelong glance at his brother, wounded and furious but alive. So too were his parents, in fact none in the village seemed dead, only injured.

Maul allowed Obi-Wan a chance to absorb and to see, then he spoke. "Hello my pet. I've been waiting for you."


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