Lords of Heaven:
Chapter 5 - Deliver Us from Evil


"Hello my pet. I've been waiting for you."

Qui-Gon's equina was lathered and wet by the time he raced into the village of Corellias. What he found sent chills down his spine and made his heart cry out in unholy terror and rage. The village itself was fine but the people... by the light, the people were devastated shells of their happy selves. The ones most shattered were the Chieftain's family - Obi-Wan's family

Oh-Wen drew away from where his betrothed was bandaging his wound and stalked up to Qui-Gon. Defying lifetimes of fear and worship, the young man cocked his fist and slammed it into the Lord of Heaven's jaw, throwing Qui-Gon's head sharply to the side. A gasp of horror went up throughout the throng of people gathering. Someone had dared to strike at a Lord of Heaven.

"Where were you!" Oh-Wen growled. "Where were you when that monster held my beloved hostage and demanded my brother surrender himself willingly or watch as the Sith plunged a knife into her breast. Where were you when that... that Sith made Obi-Wan strip naked before the village and abase himself so that that thing could collar him and lead him off like, like an animal. Like his pet! Why my brother loves you I'll never know, damn you as a Sith!" Oh-Wen howled in anguish.

"What happened," Qui-Gon asked quietly, holding himself tightly in control. Oh-Wen turned to leave, a disgusted look upon his face. "Oh-Wen, please!" The Lord of Heaven caught hold of the young man's arm. "I beg of you, what happened here? What has happened to my ahmaté?"

Oh-Wen, hearing the raw desperation in the Lord's voice, finally relented. "He... that creature had it all planned and had the help of my accursed cousin, Xanatos. The attack was sudden and swift. No one was killed because Maul wanted Obi to surrender willingly. Xanatos struck me down as I tried to defend Beru, but Maul stopped the killing blow and Xanatos fled into the woods, his tail between his legs. Beru was taken and held at knifepoint and we waited. Until Obi arrived and Maul gave him the choice of surrendering himself to the Sith or watching my betrothed die. Obi surrendered. He did manage to whisper a message to me for you. He said, 'Tell Qui-Gon I understand what ahmaté means, and he is mine as well.'"

Qui-Gon's head bent and the chieftan's son heard a sob break from somewhere deep inside the Lord of Heaven. Never had he heard such a painful, soul wracking sound. It was as if the Lord's heart was shattering in his breast. "Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon whispered.

And then a deadly calm settled on the older man and when he looked up, Oh-Wen was struck dumb with terror at the fury and hatred in those eyes. "I will find him and bring him home. Maul and his creature have gone too far. There shall be no mercy for them this day." As if to accentuate his harsh promise, a crack of lightening rent the air and the heavens opened up and it 's tears poured down. The rains had come.

Obi-Wan stumbled behind the dark lord's equina, naked and shivering as the rains lashed at his exposed form. He could no longer draw upon the power of the light thanks to the thrice-damned collar around his neck. Maul chuckled. "Soon my pet. Soon we shall be home and we shall begin your training. I look forward to breaking you."

Inwardly he cursed. A soul-bond. The whelp had a soul-bond with his Master. Maul could feel its sickly presence, a shining beacon of love and hope. His plans would have to change.

The young man's eyes flashed mutinously. He would die before surrendering to this foul creature, he would never betray his ahmaté. IObi-Wan's mind felt naked and vulnerable, more exposed than his body. He was cut off from the warm presence he had grown so dependant upon these last few cycles. He could not feel his Master's proud spirit within him.

The young man fought the bleak despair that threatened his serenity. To give in would be to weaken himself and allow the dark lord a key to his soul. Qui-Gon was out there. Hunting. Of that Obi-Wan had no doubt. All he had to do was find a way to escape from this creature and make his way back to his Lord. Then he would be complete once more. But first he needed to escape. And for now that meant playing along.

Obi-Wan kept track of where they went, deliberately blocking out the horror of his situation and his captor. He memorized landmarks, things he could easily pick up on the run. And he plotted. He would need clothes, a cloak and boots at least. Something in a dark, neutral, color to blend in with the woods. He would need his light sword that even now dangled on that creature's belt...but he could leave it behind if necessary and build a new one. He needed the collar off. That too required a key, or something that could cut through the intricate metal workings. On and on he plotted and planned, trying to bolster his spirits with these thoughts. Trying not to imagine what lay ahead of him.

All too soon the journey was over and Obi-Wan was dragged into a hidden tunnel and through the rock to a well hidden valley. The house was huge, almost as big as his Master's fortress. And the walls were so high. Obi-Wan did not lose heart though. The light would show him a way.

And then his cousin came out to greet them. "All went well I see my Lord, and you have your pretty play toy." Xanatos walked over to Obi and casually ran a hand down his flank. "No more baby fat, cousin. You've become rather impressive. Tell me, what was it like, feeling Qui-Gon's massive cock plunder that sweet little backside of yours?"

"Xanatos!" Maul growled menacingly. "Enough, prepare the training room! I will have him claimed before his wretch of a master comes to try and save him."

"You don't think Qui-Gon would dare..."

"This one has a soul-bond, fool. Even you should be able to see it. But I' ve wanted my pretty pet for many cycles now. And I mean to have him." And then Maul would the whelp and bydoing so kill that pathetic Light Lord as well. Soul-bonds made one so vulnerable and weak, the Sith thought maliciously.

Qui-Gon ghosted through the tempest lashed forest, searching calmly for signs that his love had passed this way. He would find Obi-Wan - and when he did, the heavens would shake with his wrath as he decimated his enemy for daring to touch what was his.

There, a piece of the tie Obi-Wan wore in his braid, and then ... a copper-gold strand of hair. A broken branch and an overturned rock, kicked up by an equina. The trail was there, and Qui-Gon would follow wherever it led.

Maul watched the young man prowl the 'training' room like a caged felinea through the spy hole and laughed. By the dark, he was beautiful. So young and succulent and full of life and light. He would enjoy taking that one, and taking him hard. Every once and a while the pet would reach up and tug at the collar around his throat in irritation. 'So you don't like my collar, hmm pet? Can't have you contacting your...' The thought was cut short when the vague tingling along his spine heralded the arrival of the Lord of Light within his sensing range.

"Nightspawn! Xanatos, to me at once!" Maul shouted. Spinning around, he stalked out, shedding his clothes as he went. It would have to be now, time was too short.

His apprentice came barreling around the corner, anxious to please.

"Your former Master is near. Buy me the time I need to destroy them both!" Maul snarled as his boots impacted on the wall. Taking the knife from his belt sheath he grasped it between decaying teeth as he finished stripping, much to Xanatos's dismay. "Well?" Maul growled. "I have commanded you, now go!"

"Yes Master of my soul," Xanatos replied, slinking away. So his dark love was going to take Obi-Wan. Xanatos railed at the dark gods. Maul was his and he belonged to Maul. How could his master betray him so? Fury raced through his veins. He could lead Qui-Gon here - but no, Maul would die and he would be left alone. Obi-Wan could meet a mysterious fate when he returned... oh yes. His whelp of a cousin must be destroyed, and Xanatos burned with joy at the thought.

Xanatos prowled forward, silent. He would do as his Master bid and delay Qui-Gon. And then Obi-Wan would die.

Qui-Gon sensed he was close. He could feel the roil of the black stench that was Sith as well as the light of his well ahmaté. "Hang on beloved. I am coming for you. And neither the heavens nor all the spawn of the Sith will stand in my way."

The door to the training room was flung open, and Maul stalked in knife in hand. Naked.

Obi-Wan tasted the coppery flavor of fear in his mouth. His time was up.

Maul watched the young man stop his wild pacing, frozen in place like a Denir caught by surprise. Fear flickered over those fine features, then was shoved underneath a placid exterior. Maul licked his lips and grinned, savagely.

Qui-Gon felt his presence before he saw him. Xanatos.

"Where is my Obi-Wan?" he growled springing for the creature's throat.

Xanatos leaped back, barely avoiding his former master's grasp. Never had he seen Qui-Gon like this. Never had he felt the emotions that were seething from the older man.

"I repeat, Sithspawn. Where is my Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon rumbled, drawing his light sword, his eyes black with rage and passion. "Speak now or die silent. Either way I will find him!" With that Qui-Gon attacked, fury and terror for his love burning away all else but the need to find Obi-Wan.

Maul stalked forward and grabbed the young Chosen by the scruff of his neck. The knife slid to Obi's neck as he whirled the younger man around and slammed him into the table. "Now you shall feel the true power of the Sith, boy," the Sith hissed, gloating as he waited for the fear to overwhelm the whelp, before Maul claimed his prize.

Xanatos defended himself as best he could, but never before had Qui-Gon fought with such ferocity, such savagery. He was going to lose, to die at the hands of his former master while his current master, his dark love was raping his brat of a cousin. Even now he could feel Maul's dark glee as he took Obi-Wan. If this was to be his fate, so be it. But he would exact his own brand of vengeance on all of them. Tired. He was so tired.

Qui-Gon was single minded in his intent. He would find and save his beloved. On and on he battered at the dark whelp before him. Xanatos would be the first to fall and then would Maul be destroyed. The Lord of Light's sword flashed fire, reflecting the lightening that ripped through the heavens. His eyes gleamed ferally. Above him the dark clouds gathered bringing thunder and destruction.

A miscalculation and Xanatos was down, sword lost and the killing blow inflicted. But as the once darkling handsome lad from Corellias lay dying, he gasped out his revenge. "Too late - my master has already used him."

Qui-Gon's howl of pain and denial echoed through the forest.

Obi-Wan shivered in terror, he knew what was to come. He could not allow this , could not allow his soul-bond violated and his flesh torn by the foul creature above him. Then the bond took over, fighting for it's survival, instinctively knowing it was threatened. Maul growled and moved closer, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of his victim's shoulder.

Beyond pain, beyond terror, in a place he'd never been before where the mind shuts down and allows the body to defend itself with superhuman abilities and no rationality, Obi-Wan reacted. Grabbing the knife that rested against his throat he found the strength to stop the dark lord's first inward thrust, and at the same time plunged the knife into the foul creature's throat.

And then all was black.

Qui-Gon stumbled through the maze of tunnels, following the weak skein of life force that attached his soul to his beloved Obi-Wan. His soul's mate lived. That was all that mattered. Coming into the clearing he saw the dark lord's domain, gate wide open. Sprinting inside he followed the ever-weakening life thread until he came upon a room that told a grisly tale. Huddled shivering in a corner was his love, naked and in shock. Drenched in blood. On the floor the Sith lay dead, a knife in his throat, also naked. A low growl snarled its way from the Lord of Heaven.

Hearing the noise Obi-Wan looked up and whimpered. "Qui... Qui-Gon?" he whispered, not daring to believe. The collar around his neck had prevented Obi from sensing his Master's approach "Is it truly you?"

"My love!" Qui-Gon choked out, racing to his beloved's side and gathering him up. Wrapping the shivering form in his damp cloak he quickly carried Obi-Wan from the dark building, kicking over a number of candles as he went in order to let the foul den of corruption burn. Soon flames devoured the building, a dark beast feeding upon itself until it was dead. Maul was no more.

"My ahmaté. My most precious and sacred love. I thought I'd lost you my Obi," Qui-Gon whispered, heart-wrenchingly, kissing the young man with quiet desperation.

"Never my life," Obi-Wan vowed, clinging to his heartmate gratefully as the shock of the days events caught up with the young man and his body finally began to shut down, exhausted beyond measure.

"Sleep my Obi. When you wake, we will be home once more," The Lord of Heaven whispered, using the power of the light to send his love into peaceful slumber. Only then did the great lord cry, silent tears of gratitude and relief. His love was safe once more.


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