Tangled Webs: Curtain Call


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The honed silver blade sliced down, severing the cord beneath it. "An Apprentice no longer, but a Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan Kenobi has passed his Trials and now takes his place among us as Knight and Teacher. It has been decided by the Council, and by the generosity of his heart, that Obi-Wan shall assist me in training Anakin Skywalker in the arts of the Jedi," Qui-Gon Jinn informed the assembly as he severed the braid that had denoted his love a student.

Pulling Obi-Wan to his feet, he looked in those beloved sea-green eyes. "No longer made to walk behind me, now I ask you to walk beside me - my equal, my partner in all things."

"I would be honored to walk beside you, Qui-Gon Jinn," Obi-Wan replied, a rare smile spreading across his lips. Now was not the time to announce their life-bond. Oh, the Council knew - they always had known - but it was not public knowledge; there was a protocol to be observed.

Applause swept through the hall, and many came forward to congratulate the new Knight. His choice of assignments was joked about but accepted. It was common knowledge that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were the best field team among the Jedi, and no one believed the Council would mess with a good thing.

The war came swiftly and painfully. Palpatine took no chances. He would rule the galaxy with an iron fist. Or so he thought.

The Jedi fought back, and the battle was hard and bloody. Many planets rallied behind them such as Alderaan and Naboo. Obi-Wan rose quickly through the ranks to become a great General, Qui-Gon ever at his side. Anakin became a Jedi during the conflict and took Amidala as his wife but did not turn to the Dark.

Without another to take his Apprentice's place, Palpatine's darkness was soon extinguished and Coruscant reclaimed by all but the Jedi. Too many of their kind had been slaughtered in the once sacred halls of the Jedi temple. They would rebuild, not on Coruscant, but on Yavin.

Through all the pain and grief and loss there were a few moments of true joy. Luke and Leia Skywalker came into the world - powerful in the Force, with glorious destinies. Equally joyous - Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi declared their bond before the remnants of the once great Jedi Order. Their love for one another plain to see. Their bond a shining example of the will of the Force.

When the time came to rebuild and the Council replenished, it was no surprise that Jedi Master Jinn was named as co-council to Master Yoda. Both Masters still felt the anguish at the loss of their trusted friend Mace Windu, but by taking his seat, Qui-Gon gave him the only honor he could. He continued Mace's legacy of fairness and justice.

Obi-Wan retired from the military and became the Temple Master. To him fell the training of the all those new hopes for the Jedi order. And he did well. Anakin became the Jedi liaison to Coruscant when his wife bowed to the wishes of the New Republic Senate and became President of the New Republic. In time Luke and Leia were sent to the Temple and trained by Obi-Wan, just as their father had been.

They too followed their destinies. Leia took her mother's place as Queen of Naboo and eventually President of the New Republic. Luke became a great Jedi in his own right and eventually a Jedi Master, teaching at Obi-Wan's side. Each of the twins found love in unexpected places, Leia with a roguish starship captain named Han Solo and Luke with the equally roguish Commander of Rogue Squadron - Wedge Antilles, hero of Corellia and servant of the Republic Alliance Star Fleet.

Slowly, balance was restored to the galaxy. There were heartaches and growing pains, yes, but the brush with darkness made everyone grateful for the freedom they were given, so they worked together to create a new, stronger galactic order. One that followed the Jedi Code as a tribute to all those who sacrificed so much to bring about peace.

Steadfast and true throughout all these changes, throughout the years, were life-bond mates Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Always together, always in love and loving. They were the strength and the heart of the new Jedi order.

When at last it was time for them to move on into the Force, they did this as they did everything else in their lives - together. Forever one heart and one soul in two bodies. Forever loved and beloved, merging at last into the very web of life that created them and bonded them each other. Destined to love one another eternally.


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