Alpha & Omega
III. The Claiming



Disclaimer: These two handsome men belong to George Lucas, the events surrounding them are mine *g*

Obi-Wan could feel it, somewhere at the edge of his consciousness. There was a predator hunting him, a wild thing - hungry and out of control. He ran like the wind, making for his hiding place - a hunting lodge that one of the young men of the tribe had shown him a few weeks before. Hopefully by the time he was caught some of the wildness would have been leeched away by the night and the rain. Obi-Wan had no illusions of hiding himself. He would be caught. It was only a matter of time.

Breaking through the undergrowth, the exhausted young man flung himself through the door to the lodge, bolting it behind him and using a bit of the Force to brace it. Leaning back against the door, Obi-Wan sucked in great lungfuls of air, his chest heaving from the exertions of running at Force-enhanced speeds. He had not only been running from his Master but from his own demons. He too felt the hunger of the chase, the wild lust of mate stalking mate. His body hummed with it, desired it - that claiming, the end result of this headlong race into the night. He wanted.

Pushing himself away from the door, Obi-Wan built a fire in the central pit with wood stacked in the corner of the room. Soon a roaring blaze chased away the chill of the night and illuminated the large lodge. It was a one-room structure, with a central fire pit for both cooking and warmth. Surrounding the fire pit were large pallets of soft furs for sleeping and benches for sitting. Cooking utensils and supplies were in easy reach of the fire and the huge wood slab table next to it. The windows were shuttered tightly against the outside weather. Firelight seeped through the cracks into the night, acting like beacons in the dark. Flames painted the walls in a chiaroscuro relief of dark and light, ever shifting and dancing in the primal rhythms of destruction and rebirth.

It was a comfortable, if rough, place, he thought as he stripped off his saturated clothing, laying it close to the fire to dry. Wrapping himself in one of the sleeping furs, Obi-Wan sat down on one of the benches and brought his knees up to his chin, curling into himself to preserve his body heat. Laying his head on his knees, Obi-Wan watched the hypnotic dance of the flames, never realizing that they were lulling him to sleep.

The soft glimmer of firelight led the hunter to his prey just as surely as the pull of mind to mind did. He moved though the inky blackness in total silence - no crack of twig or whisper of movement giving him away. Qui-Gon could almost scent his mate's passage this way in the still night air, and his lust sharpened.

Approaching the structure cautiously, he circled it and used both inner and outer sight to check for weaknesses. Obi-Wan had placed a sort of lock on the door, barricading it with the Force. Any attempt to enter that way or to remove it would alert the younger man of Qui-Gon's exact location, waking him from the sleep that Qui-Gon had teased him into. As it was, Obi-Wan could sense his proximity, although it was a clouded perception due to another suggestion of the Force.

He would have to gain entry a different way. A little more probing of the lodge's integrity and he had his way in. With the skill of a master thief, Qui-Gon worked open one of the shutters, making sure that not a breath of air or hint of sound alerted his mate to his presence. Vaulting the sill lithely, Qui-Gon shut and secured it and all other windows using the same trick Obi-Wan had. Locking them in for the night.

The sight that met his eyes did little to bank the inferno burning within him. Soft, spiky hair glinted copper-gold in the fire's glow, and ivory skin was dusted with the luster of gold where the sleep fur had slipped, exposing the elegant curve of neck and spine to the light. Qui-Gon hungered.

Stripping his clothes from his aroused body, Qui-Gon prowled silently up behind his Obi-Wan and wrapped his long arms around the slumbering man, locking him into place even as he awoke Obi-Wan to his presence. The hard, strong body beneath him stiffened in denial as Obi-Wan's head snapped up in awareness, exposing his throat to the hungry mouth of his hunter.

Teeth sank into the creamy expanse of throat, marking, claiming. A promise kept. Obi-Wan moaned in heat and pain as blood rushed to the abused skin, forming bruises for all to see. It was a sign of possession.

Laving the bite with soothing strokes of his tongue, Qui-Gon gentled his anxious lover with patient touches and soft kisses, only to nip at the delicious flesh once again when he was overwhelmed by the need to taste his mate. "Mine," he whispered hotly into the shell of a perfect ear. "Mine and no one else's. No one else will see you like this, taste you like this, touch and mark you, make you scream in ecstasy. No one but me!"

Hunger was a beast that clawed at him, tore its way free from the fragments of civilization that had tenaciously clung to Qui-Gon. Nothing, not even his precious Jedi training, remained of the Master. The only thing left was the need to claim to possess and penetrate, to brand his mate indelibly with his sign of ownership.

The scent of pheromones filled the air, both his and his mate's. In a quicksilver move Qui-Gon tore away the fur covering, baring Obi-Wan's body to his scorching gaze. Obi-Wan arched his back, exposing more of his chest, thrusting his hips out in an age old sign of submission, displaying his want and need... his willingness to be claimed. Obi-Wan's phallus gleamed red bronze in the light, pearls of ejaculate slipping from its weeping tip.

A feral growl burst forth, and Obi-Wan was captured in powerful arms and pressed face down onto the table. He struggled half-heartedly. He was not about to make this easy or quick. He wanted it long and drawn out, a battle for dominance he ultimately wanted to lose. Once more, the decision was taken from him. A strong hand held him firmly down on the table, only to be replaced with the Force. He heard the rending of fabric then felt with disbelief as first one wrist then the next was brought behind his back and secured with a length of torn fabric, rendering him completely helpless and vulnerable.

Obi-Wan fought back, heaving up and back, trying to shake off the overpowering man above and behind him. A feral snarl was the only warning as teeth once more sank into flesh, this time drawing a drop of blood from his right shoulder. A growl, and then it was licked and soothed. "Mine... say it. MINE!"

"Yours, Master, always and forever yours, no one else's. PLEASE, QUI-GON!" Obi-Wan screamed as lust-fire heat raced through his already aroused body, burning away old perceptions and beliefs, searing away the single soul that once resided in his writhing body, replacing it with an entwined one. One where he was both possessed and possessor. Captive and captor, but nevermore alone in his existence.

Lips and hands began to move over perfect flesh, learning every curve, dip and hollow. Obi-Wan's backbone was delineated with a series of love bites, turning the thin covering of skin a delicate pink. Hands roamed over the broad expanse of shoulder, tracing sinewy muscles before curving underneath to gently abrade aroused nipples, pinching them delicately, adding the sharp spice of pleasure-pain. Every inch of Obi-Wan's back, waist and arms was tasted and learned by touch.

Qui-Gon moved away briefly to retrieve a pillow, then, placing the cushion under Obi-Wan's secured hands and the small of back, his lover was turned over so this too could be claimed. Obi-Wan's collarbone was traced delicately by a mobile tongue, the hollow of his throat teased with sucking kisses as hands pulled at and teased the already aroused nipples. Lips followed the path of hands, tasting what had been only touched before, mapping uncharted territory with taste and scent.

Obi-Wan moaned, low and breathlessly, a primal mating cry. His head tossed restlessly and his phallus wept a constant rain of pre-ejaculate. His muscles involuntarily seized and contracted as he tried to thrust into the embrace, tried to deny his capture. This only drew Qui-Gon's attention downwards to a flat stomach defined by washboard abdominal muscles, each one precisely traced by moist lips, and the erotic indentation of naval that had to be tasted thoroughly.

Moving lower still, Qui-Gon nuzzled the auburn thicket of curls, breathing deeply the musk of his lover. The throbbing erection before him was bathed in long, rough licks, the flavors of salt and semen bursting over his tastebuds. Moaning as thirst overpowered him, Qui-Gon swallowed the tumescent shaft without warning, right down to its base.

Obi-Wan cried out in shocked pleasure as his sensitized penis was engulfed in steamy moistness. Qui-Gon had relaxed his throat so that Obi-Wan's entire length was swallowed all at once. Qui-Gon began to fuck Obi-Wan with his mouth, moving up and down rapidly, all the while applying a strong suction even as he undulated his throat muscles.

Qui-Gon ran his hands up and down Obi-Wan's flanks before playing with the taut, full balls beneath, and lightly tickling a finger across the younger man's perineum and anus. It was too much. Obi-Wan's back arched in a rictus of pleasure, and he howled in his completion, shattering the sex-laden silence of the room.

Qui-Gon swallowed rapidly, drinking down the salty fluid that pulsed down his throat. He licked and suckled his lover's cock until only the last mouthful of Obi-Wan's ejaculate remained. Crawling up over his lover's body, Qui-Gon leaned down and took the panting lush mouth, sharing with Obi-Wan the taste of his own pleasure.

Obi-Wan's tongue lashed the insides of Qui-Gon's mouth, tasting, learning, expressing his needs in the only physical way he could. Qui-Gon pulled back and took in the glittering sea-storm eyes, the flushed perspiring face, the savage look of lust and grinned. Obi-Wan was ready for the claiming.

Looking up into Qui-Gon's blue-black gaze, Obi-Wan's reserve finally gave out. "Sith damn you, Qui-Gon, do it, I want you in me! FUCK ME!"

The coarse, dirty word coming from his elegant and gentlemanly young mate was more than Qui-Gon could take. "You want to be fucked, my love? Very well - you will be!"

Flipping Obi-Wan over, Qui-Gon stuffed the pillow beneath his young lover's hips. Spying what he needed, Qui-Gon snagged the pot of cooking oil even as he knelt behind Obi-Wan and finally separated the firm ass cheeks which had tormented him for years. He groaned at the feast that was now exposed to him.

The perfect arch of hip and spine, the firm, muscled ass cheeks, and the shadowy cleft that framed the puckered entrance to his Obi-Wan's body were laid out before him - his to claim, and his alone. Running his tongue lightly down the cleft, Qui-Gon heard and felt Obi-Wan react with a shocked gasp and the jerking of his body.

Plying his tongue harder, he rimmed the younger man, savoring the dark taste of musk and sweat and arousal that played on his tongue. Making his tongue a spear of flesh, he began to relax the virgin entrance awaiting him, slowly prodding Obi-Wan's anus with ever deepening thrusts. When Obi-Wan began to moan and buck back against the intrusion, Qui-Gon removed his tongue and slipped a well oiled finger inside, feeling the tight ring of muscles clamp down, then relax to allow him entrance.

The finger moved in and out, imitating a more powerful claiming to come, seeking and finding Obi-Wan's prostate. He brushed against the bundle of nerves, causing Obi-Wan to shiver, moan and thrust back harder to recapture the dark pleasure of that touch. Removing his finger, Qui-Gon replaced it with two heavily oiled fingers, repeating the same ritual of twisting and stretching and arousing. As three fingers were slipped inside, Qui-Gon began to masturbate Obi-Wan with his other hand, gently massaging and pulling the once more erect phallus of his love, causing the dual sensation of taking and being taken. Obi-Wan was panting breathlessly, moaning and grinding his hips into the tabletop, silently begging to be taken.

Releasing his grip on Obi-Wan's shaft, Qui-Gon stood, using his now free hand to oil his own massive cock, making sure it was well prepared. Slipping the fingers free of Obi-Wan's body, he quickly pushed the tip of his cock inwards, breaching the tight muscles before Obi-Wan had a chance to contract them. "Yesssss," he growled.

"Gods - Qui-Gon!" Obi-Wan wailed, thrusting backwards, impaling himself even more. Pleasure and pain combined in a star bright conflagration of heat and lust. He bit down on his lip, drawing blood as Qui-Gon continued to sink into him - until, finally, he felt thigh slap against thigh.

Qui-Gon blanketed Obi-Wan, gentling his restive movements with loving bites and kisses, soothing him as he would a skittish animal. He rested inside the tight, heated channel that was his alone, waiting for Obi-Wan to adjust to his presence within him. He had patience. He wanted Obi-Wan to enjoy this, for no other would have him from this moment on, and Qui-Gon needed his mate to enjoy his possession.

Finally, imperceptibly, muscles loosened and relaxed. Qui-Gon withdrew almost entirely, only to slowly penetrate Obi-Wan again. Again and again his love was released and reclaimed, until Obi-Wan began to thrust backwards in tandem to Qui-Gon's lazy movements, but at a much more rapid pace. Taking the hint, Qui-Gon picked up the tempo, moving within Obi-Wan faster and faster until hips slapped against hips and the younger man was all but slammed into the table repeatedly.

At first he thought it was the sound of sex, of bodies slapping together, of sweat running and moans escaping, but slowly the noise grew. "Yes yes yes yes...." Obi-Wan was chanting over and over, each repetition progressively louder than the last until he was screaming his pleasure, bucking and thrusting backwards, impaling himself on his captor, his hunter. "QUI-GONNNNNN!" Obi-Wan heaved off the table, slamming himself back into his Master, muscles clenching and spasming as he came in great pulsing streams.

Roaring as Obi-Wan's muscles squeezed his over-sensitive cock, Qui-Gon came, flooding his lover, marking him forever as Qui-Gon's.

Collapsing on top of Obi-Wan he gently bit the exposed neck underneath him, completing the possession. The alpha had claimed his mate.

The End

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