First Lessons 1
What the Heart Desires


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Night was in its darkest cycle on the planet C'rath. Only the triple moons and the constellations kept vigil upon the inhabitants of the royal city of R'gual, where an intense feud between the two main tribes of the planet was being discussed in the hopes of a settlement. The talks between the C'banians and the N'rathans had ended after yet another grueling day of bickering and argument. The chief mediator and his twenty-one-year-old padawan had retired for the night, to rest and regroup, hoping to find the patience they both needed to deal with a century old argument that started over a slaughtered Joiry steed. However, night brought no solace for at least one sleeper.

In the guest suites of the royal household the handsome young padawan tossed uneasily as long repressed dreams tormented him. The dreams were of his elder, the epitome of everything the padawan yearned to be. As he had grown from a young boy to a young man, he had felt his feelings for his Master begin to change. The love and respect and awe of the elder were still there, but there had come strange longings, the need for a touch, a blush from a particularly intense glance. Unsure of what to do with these new and disquieting feelings, they had been buried deep within the young padawan, almost forgotten save for the phantasms that now haunted him.

In the room next to him, the elder man, elegance and power personified, was jolted awake as the soft sounds of what he perceived as distress reached him. Throwing a robe on to cover his nude body, the Jedi left his room. His student needed him.

Moaning softly in his sleep, Jedi Apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi reached out for the phantasm which had been haunting him for the past year - his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Caught up in the silken web of his dreams, Obi-Wan did not sense the object of his secret desire glide silently into the room, intent on soothing his restless student.

Sitting on the side of the bed Qui-Gon took in the moist, flushed skin, the quick beat of Obi-Wan's heart, the rapidity of his breathing and the heat of his body. Gently he touched his mind to his Padawan's, hoping that his presence would calm his young apprentice.

Instead of the disturbed dreams he'd thought to find, Qui-Gon found a dream filled with heat and desire. He saw himself, or rather his apprentice's dream of himself, pressed up behind Obi-Wan, lips tracing the curve of a graceful neck, Obi-Wan's head thrown back in ecstasy, granting Qui-Gon full access to his throat. Qui-Gon's hands were wrapped around the younger man's waist, pressing them tightly together.

Qui-Gon unconsciously mimicked the dream and pulled Obi-Wan to him, his own body rousing and swelling with the provocative images that raced through both their minds... images of hot flesh, inflamed desire... images of love... then suddenly... nothing.

Coming out of his trance-like state, Qui-Gon looked down to see the confused and apprehensive eyes of his Padawan upon him. Deciding that being direct was the best approach to this situation, Qui-Gon quietly asked, "How long have you been keeping these feelings buried away, Padawan?"

"For-forgive me, master," Obi-Wan stammered as he tried to break out of the embrace. "I did not mean to offend..."

"And why do you think I would be offended, Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon interrupted, holding the struggling man firmly in place. "You are a child no longer, Obi-Wan, but a man. Your dreams, the actions and reactions of your body are normal. Why should this offend me? I also have these reactions. It is part of being human."

"But you do not have dreams about your master," Obi-Wan whispered sorrowfully, his heart heavy with long buried feelings.

Laughing lightly in an attempt to ease the mood, Qui-Gon replied, "I should certainly hope I don't have dreams of Master Yoda!" and observed happily the small, hesitant smile that ghosted over the lips of his student. Turning solemn, Qui-Gon's arms tightened imperceptibly around the now calm man still within their circle. "But, Obi-Wan, I have had such dreams of my Padawan," he breathed softly. "For as I have watched him grow from youth to man, I have found myself becoming more and more attracted to him. He is a truly beautiful man, my Padawan, both in body and in soul. For a long time now I have desired him, but I have been afraid..."

Obi-Wan listened, enraptured, positive he was having phantasms once more. His master desired him, but, "You were afraid master? Of what?"

"The same thing you have feared, Obi-Wan: rejection. Of having my feelings not returned. But I see that this is not the case... Is it, Padawan?" Smiling softly, Qui-Gon bent, at last able to do what he too had dreamed of, exploring thoroughly the lush, trembling lips of his student.

Obi-Wan remained motionless at first, his mind unable to grasp that fantasy and longing had now become reality. However, when Qui-Gon began to move away, Obi-Wan flung his arms around the elder's neck and opened his mouth fully, tasting his master's flavor for the first time.

Qui-Gon's tongue dipped inside the hot cavern beneath it, sampling and savoring. His hands were not idle either, slipping around Obi-Wan's waist, pulling him up so that they were chest to chest, his hands caressing the bare skin laid out like a feast before him.

Obi-Wan followed Qui-Gon's lead. Trembling hands pushed the Jedi cloak from his master's shoulders. The robe pooled around Qui-Gon's waist, revealing the nude form beneath it. The same trembling hands tentatively stroked the hard chest, feeling masculine nipples peak and the muscles of a washboard stomach clench.

Breaking off the kiss, Obi-Wan laid his head on his master's shoulder, gasping in air and trying to calm his spiraling emotions. "Master..." he whispered. "Master, I have never done this before; I do not know the path."

"Be at ease, Obi-Wan," came the rough silk voice in reply. "I shall be most pleased to teach you these lessons as well. I shall show you all that you wish to learn. Together we shall see what awaits us down this path, and the Force shall guide us in this as in all things."

Qui-Gon's hands gently prompted his student to lie back amid the rumpled sheets of the bed. Following his master's wordless instruction, Obi-Wan relaxed against the soft mattress, his eyes half shut as he watched Qui-Gon stand, allowing the robe to fall away from him. Obi-Wan had seen his master's nude body many, many times over the years, but he was struck anew at the grace, power and confidence that the strong well-defined frame exuded.

Obi-Wan's gaze traveled over the beloved leonine face, powerful arms, strong chest, taut stomach, sculpted legs and finally back to the one area his eyes had skirted around. A nest of dark curls surrounded the erect shaft and heavy sac that proclaimed Qui-Gon's desire for him. It was the most erotic sight Obi-Wan had ever seen. The knowledge that he had caused such a reaction in his master, that Qui-Gon so obviously desired him, helped to remove the last traces of uncertainty. Never before had he felt as he did at this moment. He felt... completed somehow, as if this was meant to be. The will of the Force.

Obi-Wan felt a heated flush warm his face but continued to stare in fascination. His breath came in little gasps, his blood heated, and his body responded to the seductive vision of his master, swollen with need, standing above him, watching... waiting.

"Master," he murmured hoarsely, hand held out beseechingly.

Qui-Gon lowered himself to the large bed once more, noting his Padawan's dilated pupils, shallow breathing and aroused state. He smiled gently as he looked down into Obi-Wan's beloved face... for beloved he was indeed. A hand absently traced the rippling abdominal muscles as Qui-Gon bent down to recapture those lush lips. Those same hands deftly stripped the sleep pants from the younger man reclining half beneath him and began to stroke and caress, re-learning the shape and texture of Obi-Wan's body, this time not for healing or practice, but for pleasure. Qui-Gon opened himself fully to the sensations engulfing him. The heat and desire, the scent of musky arousal, the love that caused his heart to beat so strongly.

Beloved one. The thought whispered through Obi-Wan's mind.

"Master," he gasped. "Master, I can feel you in my mind." A strangled moan erupted from Obi-Wan's occupied lips as Qui-Gon's hand gently encircled his Padawan's throbbing erection, stroking it lightly. Ohhhh... Qui-Gon, came the mental moan.

I am here, beloved. Do not be afraid. I will catch you when you fall. Qui-Gon finally released Obi-Wan's now thoroughly ravished lips, swollen and damp. Obi-Wan's tongue flicked over the surface, as if to capture all remaining moisture his master had left behind.

Qui-Gon's eyes darkened as he watched his student, the way Obi-Wan writhed in ecstasy, hips thrusting up to meet the hand that primed his heated erection, the unconscious sensuality of Obi-Wan's movements. He felt his desire for the younger man course through him like a white-hot saber blade. Qui-Gon acknowledged the primal want that seared him but refused to loose his restraint... for now. This time, this first time, sweetness and gentleness were required. He was the elder, the one experienced in the ways of love... the teacher. Lessons of fiery passion and heat that could melt a star would come later, when other lessons had first been mastered.

With this in mind Qui-Gon released Obi-Wan's enflamed cock and twined his mind with his love's, letting the Padawan into places no one else had been before, showing the younger man just how far Qui-Gon's trust and feeling for him extended.

So hot, Master... I *need*... Obi-Wan's head tossed restlessly upon the soft cushions, his body stretched almost to the breaking point, his erection weeping copious amounts of fluid as he strained for completion.

"Patience, Obi-Wan, patience," Qui-Gon rasped heatedly. Obi-Wan's neck, the strong sensual column of his throat, beckoned to Qui-Gon as another wave of need crashed over the handsome man, causing him to throw his head back and arch his chest off the bed in pure desire.

Obi-Wan gasped in delicious surprise as firm masculine lips began to suck and nibble on his exposed throat. Flash-fire lust shot through him, and his hands came up to tangle in his master's silky hair.

"Oh gods... Master!" Obi-Wan couldn't believe the heat that burned through him. The feel of mobile lips devouring the flesh on his neck and throat... it was one of his most frequent fantasies, and it sent him spinning out of control. His hands now held his master's head to him as his body began to writhe sinuously, trying desperately to find release for the overwhelming sensations assaulting him. His skin was feverishly hot, and desire burned through him like a nova; he was being burned alive by his master's heat.

Qui-Gon calmly removed himself from Obi-Wan's clinging grasp, positioning the younger man's arms above his head in silent command. He watched for a moment as his Padawan's hands clenched and unclenched, Obi-Wan's body in constant motion.

The moans coming from the young man's throat were breathy and succulent in their want. Force! he thought I want to ravish him... claim him as mine... Slowly, old man. You must proceed with great care; he is the most precious thing in the galaxy to you. Taking a calming breath, Qui-Gon once more began his campaign to overwhelm all of Obi-Wan's senses and teach him the first lesson of passion.

Qui-Gon returned to the elegant column of his love's throat, nipping his way down to the join between shoulder and neck, worrying the skin slightly with his teeth then laving the small hurt with catlike strokes of his tongue. Lips traveled down to the brown-gold nipples of Obi-Wan's chest, which were peaked in need. Taking one inside his mouth, Qui-Gon licked and sucked, teased and tormented, only to draw away when Obi-Wan's hands once more reached for his mane of hair and wait patiently.

Realizing Qui-Gon would not continue until his hands were once more above his head, Obi-Wan replaced them and grasped the bed sheets tightly in hopes he would be able to restrain his impulses. As a reward, Qui-Gon lapped at the now rosy button then softly blew on it, then repeated his ministrations with its mate. Obi-Wan's hips thrust upwards violently. The pleasure was overwhelming. He was drowning in sensations.

Next Qui-Gon tasted and teased his way over a washboard abdomen, tracing each delineated muscle with his tongue, savoring the whipcord strength of the muscular young body beneath him, then dipping into Obi-Wan's navel to taste the flavor of the younger man in so intimate a place.

Lightening sizzled up and down Obi-Wan's nerves; he felt as if he were a large conductor and Qui-Gon the lightening storm surrounding him. He could scarcely breath, taking in air through gasping sobs. A continuous moan tumbled from lips he chewed on to help alleviate some of the immense pleasure consuming him.

Qui-Gon suddenly changed tactics and, with the quickness of a pouncing great cat, devoured his young love's weeping erection with his steamy mouth. A cry of indescribable pleasure rent the air as the Jedi Master's throat muscles suckled and caressed the entire considerable length throbbing flesh, at last giving Obi-Wan the relief he so desperately craved.

Let go, beloved. Obi-Wan felt the whispered mental touch brush his mind. I will catch you when you fall. A crystalline image suddenly appeared in the center of Obi-Wan's mind's eye... an image of what he looked like at that exact moment. Head thrown back in supreme ecstasy, breathy gasps and moans filling the room, every muscle in his body clenched and hard. It was too much; Obi-Wan tumbled over the edge with a soft scream of completion. His body convulsed as at last he emptied his seed into the hot haven of his love's mouth and felt Qui-Gon's throat muscles milk his shaft while the elder swallowed the bitter-salt fluid in rapid gulps.

Tears of untold joy trickled down Obi-Wan's face. "Master..." he whispered hoarsely. "Beloved..."

Qui-Gon lapped the last drops of Obi-Wan's life-essence before moving up his Padawan's body and reclaiming those trembling lips, sharing with Obi-Wan his taste in the sweetest kiss the elder man had ever given or received. Cradling his student in his arms, Qui-Gon's elegant fingers smoothed away the moisture from Obi-Wan's beautiful face. "I am here, my heart's desire; I will always be here."


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