Tangled Webs: Act III


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The dreams started almost immediately once the healers and Qui-Gon had stopped putting him to sleep by the use of the Force. For the most part the dreams were full of vague, shadowy images. It was rather like watching clouds ghost over the moon, silver-gray wraiths without substance. But they left such longings in their wake.

He could remember... some things. Everything up to just before his thirteenth birthday. He remembered his mother and father as well as his father's death and his mother's remarriage. He remembered his stepbrother Owen and his stuffed Wookie. He remembered his name was Obi-Wan Kenobi but his family used to call him by a pet name - Ben. Obi-Wan remembered being chosen for the academy, his problems with his temper, his friend Bant and his rival Bruck. But that was where the memories stopped.

The Healers said it was all right for him to know the basics of how Master Qui-Gon took him as a Padawan. So, Master had told him about the mission to Bandomeer and how it was Obi-Wan's courage and his ideals that made Qui-Gon realize they were meant to be Padawan and Master... but Obi-Wan still couldn't remember it himself.

Sometimes he would catch Master looking at him unguardedly. The emotions that flitted across Qui-Gon's face in those moments, the feelings that shadowed his eyes were so... confusing. It made Obi-Wan wonder what Qui-Gon was hiding. What important things, really important things he couldn't remember. Force above, as if losing his memory wasn't enough! Why couldn't he remember? What was stopping him?

Groaning in frustration, Obi-Wan threw off the thin sheet that covered him. He couldn't sleep for hours after a dream, and he had long since stopped trying to force himself back to sleep.

Wandering out of the ocean-side cottage he shared with his Master, Obi-Wan breathed in the salt-tang of the air as he watched ghost clouds chase over the moon. The peaceful sound of ocean swells breaking on the sand filled him with serenity.

This whole island was a haven of serenity. There were lush tropical forests, balmy days and cool nights laden with the scent of tropical night-blooming flowers. There were green mountains and silver sand beaches. Waterfalls with hidden grottos and gentle streams. All of it surrounded by the crystal green Sellonian sea. The Healing complex was a series of unobtrusive buildings made of ancient stone and covered with vegetation. There were little cottages that dotted the island at intervals, for the recovering. At the moment Obi-Wan and his Master were the only people on the island save the Healers, so they had the run of the place.

But none of it seemed to help him, Obi-Wan thought in frustration. They'd been here two weeks and still nothing. The swelling was gone; the wound was healed. Even his Master's wound was gone, and that was by far the more grievous one. So why couldn't Obi-Wan remember? All the Healers would tell him was that these things take time. The Force worked as it saw fit. If Obi-Wan heard one more platitude, he'd scream. Their comforting words were anything but comforting!

"Why can't I remember?" he whispered, anguished. There was something... just beyond his grasp. An intangible something that preyed on his mind. A... connection he needed to remember. It called to him, just like the siren song of the ocean. It lured him towards... Master Qui-Gon.

A low moan from his Master's room had Obi-Wan spinning and moving towards the sound without a thought. Qui-Gon needed him.

The veranda doors of Qui-Gon's room were open. The gauzy white curtains billowed like phantoms in the breeze. He could just make out his Master's shifting form through the thin material. Qui-Gon seemed to be tossing and moving as if caught in the throes of some dream. Instinct took over, and Obi-Wan reached out thoughtlessly to touch his mind to his Master's through their bond. He wanted to soothe Qui-Gon's troubled sleep. But before he could complete the connection...

"Ohhhh... my Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon moaned. His large hands moved restlessly over his chest, almost caressingly. Obi-Wan started at the sound, the almost raw desire that colored Qui-Gon's voice. What was his Master dreaming about?

Slipping onto Qui-Gon's dream, Obi-Wan slipped into a memory... a memory of himself and Qui-Gon. An intimate and erotic memory of himself and Qui-Gon.

"Ohhhh, right there, Obi... Force that feels good!" Qui-Gon moaned in pleasure. Strong, agile fingers worked on a particularly tense set of muscles in Qui-Gon's shoulder blades.

"I warned you on Gaelon that going against the Council's orders would not be a good idea, Master," Obi-Wan gently reminded as he worked on the tormented back that was directly in front of him. The hot water of the large tub they were soaking in had helped to loosen the too tense Jedi Master so that the massage could properly work all the knots out.

"Stop chiding, Obi. Those people needed help despite what we were told. They were being blackmailed by their own government officials into smuggling spice, and when they were caught, the officials just confiscated their goods anyway."

"I agree that they needed help, Master; I just disagree with the manner in which you decided to help them. You realize we started a civil war, don't you?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes, love, I realize what we did. Thank you for supporting me with the Council despite your disagreement over my methods."

Obi-Wan stopped working on the now sufficiently loosened muscles of his Master and wrapped his arms around Qui-Gon's waist. "You are my Master, my love, my lover and my life-bonded. I will always support you even if I don't always agree with you," Obi-Wan informed him, wearing his emotions out in the open for Qui-Gon to see.

Moving Qui-Gon's hair out of the way, Obi-Wan placed petal soft kisses on the sensitive skin he'd exposed, worshipping the flesh of the man he adored. Shivers began to chase up and down Qui-Gon's spine, and he pressed firmly back into the chest of his life-mate. "Mmmmm... I don't deserve you, you know," Qui-Gon sighed happily.

"No, you don't," Obi-Wan teased. "Luckily for you, though, I deserve a wonderful, noble, loving, stubborn, maverick, roguish Jedi Master - so you're stuck with me."

"Bratling," Qui-Gon growled as he turned suddenly, sending waves of water sluicing over the sides of the tub and capturing Obi-Wan's mouth, ravishing it into docility.

Qui-Gon... please, Obi-Wan begged, projecting luscious images of Qui-Gon taking him there in the bath.

Qui-Gon's breath caught. He was a man truly blessed. His life-mate was as adventurous sexually as he was circumspect on his missions. And Qui-Gon loved to explore his mischievous bratling's fantasies to the fullest, as they were both rewarded with unbelievable pleasure.

This is what you really want, beloved? he asked, just to make sure. The last thing he would ever do was hurt his Obi-Wan.

Yes, Qui-Gon, oh yes, came the intoxicating mental caress. Obi-Wan broke off the mind numbing kiss and turned, crossing his arms on the tub edge and using them as a pillow. His hips were thrust out and back invitingly and his legs slightly spread.

"Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon sighed out loud. He never failed to be moved by the sight of his love's strong, agile body. It was as close to perfect as one could get.

Qui-Gon reached for the bottle of bath oil they had used to scent the water and poured a liberal dose into his hand to warm it. He let it trickle between Obi-Wan's firm cheeks, admiring the way the taut globes of flesh tensed and relaxed. He slowly pushed a large, blunt tipped finger into Obi-Wan, sliding it back and forth slowly, preparing his lover. A second finger was added, and he began to scissor them back and forth, rotating the fingers slightly. Obi-Wan began to moan, a soft, needy sound that spiced the moist air of the bathing room. Qui-Gon added a third finger, still scissoring and rotating his fingers while every so often brushing them against the sensitive nub of nerves that made up Obi-Wan's prostate.

Master, please! Obi-Wan whimpered mentally as he thrust back on those maddeningly gentle fingers.

"Out loud, my Obi-Wan, say my name out loud," Qui-Gon demanded, knowing how much Obi-Wan secretly loved saying Qui-Gon's given name at times like this and how much he loved hearing Obi-Wan use it. Qui-Gon grasped Obi-Wan's erection and began to stroke it in counterpoint to his invading fingers, causing ice-fire to race along Obi-Wan's hypersensitive nerves, so intense was the pleasure.

"Qui-Gon, please! No more teasing..." Obi-Wan panted softly. He wanted Qui-Gon inside of him when he came, and Obi-Wan was so close to the edge he could almost taste it!

"No more teasing, love. I promise." Placing the tip of his straining cock against Obi-Wan's well-prepared anus, Qui-Gon slowly, gently sheathed himself in the tight, oiled heat of his life-mate's body.

"Ohhhh yessss," Obi-Wan moaned erotically, moving back and forth, impaling himself first on the spear of Qui-Gon's erection then thrusting himself into Qui-Gon's fist.

"No ,Obi. Tonight I do all the work," Qui-Gon murmured possessively, stilling his lover's movements with a firm grasp on Obi-Wan's hips.

Qui-Gon began to move slowly at first, a slight, shallow motion meant to whet their appetites and push them towards greater need. Obi-Wan moaned and begged and pleaded for more, his language becoming more coarse and descriptive as he was further aroused. Gone was the controlled, deferential young man that was his student. In the student's place was a writhing, sensual, carnal man whom Qui-Gon could never get enough of. His Obi-Wan was out of control. It was a truly erotic sight.

Qui-Gon's hips and hand began a fast rhythm that soon turned into a pounding staccato of thrusts as his passion for his Obi-Wan pushed him beyond his limits. Qui-Gon made sure to brush the tip of his cock against Obi-Wan's prostate with each inward thrust even as his left hand pumped the younger man's erection with a firm grip. His right hand dug into the lean flesh of Obi-Wan's hip, unknowingly leaving a bruise behind, so great was Qui-Gon's need.

"Yes, yes, yes... Harder... Oh Gods... QUI-GON!" Obi-Wan screamed out ferociously as he shuddered and came harder than ever before.

"Obi-Wan... my Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon gasped as his life-mate's inner muscles clamped down hard on Qui-Gon's thrusting cock, milking the steely flesh. Qui-Gon bit down hard on his lip and orgasmed powerfully, sending streaming jets of his life essence into the body of his beloved Obi-Wan.

Collapsing onto Obi-Wan's back, Qui-Gon tried to gather his wits about him as he hugged his Life-bonded tightly to him. "Ohhhh... my Obi-Wan..."

Obi-Wan snapped back into his own mind with an almost violent intensity and quickly returned to his rooms, more confused than ever. He and Qui-Gon were lovers? Life-mates? They were life-bonded, and neither Qui-Gon nor the healers thought to share that important little fact with him? What else were they hiding, he wondered angrily.

Pacing back and forth like a caged tybar, Obi-Wan at last reached his breaking point. He couldn't breathe; he couldn't stay here a moment longer. Throwing on a pair of breeches, loose shirt, his boots and his robe, Obi-Wan quickly left the cottage. He needed to get away, to sort out his seething thoughts and emotions. The sighing waves beckoned him on.

Obi-Wan had been wandering for the better part of the night, but still his emotions boiled and ate at him. He'd walked halfway around the island to the landing strip and still the answer, the memories refused to come. Sighing, he sat down where the sand of the beach gave way to the hardened earth of the landing area and emptied his mind. He sat there, simply being, watching the transports come and go. Perhaps he was trying too hard. Slowly, without realizing it, Obi-Wan slipped into slumber and began to dream once more. Disjointed dreams full of pain and rejection.

"I take Anakin as my Padawan Learner." He doesn't want me any more. "There is nothing else I can teach Obi-Wan." Maybe Life-bonds aren't meant to last forever "The Council will decide Anakin's fate; that should be enough for you. Now get on board." He doesn't love me anymore... Oh... It hurts. I want to die... Jerking awake, a cry of denial on his lips, Obi-Wan tried to figure out where he was. He was at the landing strip and... He remembered! "I remember everything!" Obi-Wan breathed. He remembered... Qui-Gon dying and him being given a choice by the Ancestors. He remembered... "Oh Force... he took another Padawan; he didn't want me anymore... he... He doesn't need me anymore." There was a burning behind his eyes, and the back of Obi-Wan's throat ached with the need to scream at his loss.

No! Enough self-pity. He doesn't want me any more, and the Council doesn't think I'm ready for my Trials. Well, I'll make it easier on everyone. Standing and quickly surveying the landing strip, the heart-sore Jedi made his decision. He quickly made his way to a nearby transport, preparing to leave. If neither the Jedi nor his life-bonded... former life-bonded, he amended painfully, wanted him, so be it. "I'm out of here."

Qui-Gon's dreams had started out pleasantly enough, even if they were a little frustrating sexually. He was with his Obi-Wan, and all was right in his world. Then... disjointed dreams of Qui-Gon taking Anakin as his Padawan, rejecting Obi-Wan, denying their love and their life-bond. Feelings of pain and rejection and despair so deep he wanted to die. And the thought that maybe life-bonds aren't meant to last forever...

"Obi-Wan!" Bolting up in bed, Qui-Gon reached out for his life-mate's mind, in spite of what the healers had warned. Obi-Wan was remembering at last and was hurting. Qui-Gon needed to touch his mind to his love's - to reassure Obi-Wan that he was loved, that a life-bond, their life-bond would last forever... but he felt nothing. Obi-Wan wasn't in their quarters; he wasn't on the island; he wasn't even on the planet. Obi-Wan was gone.

"No! Obi-Wan..." Qui-Gon cried out in grief and rage. Obi-Wan had left him. "You promised to never leave me..." he whispered into the night. "I will find you, love... no matter how long it takes. I will find you, and somehow I will prove to you, convince you that we are forever."


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