Body Heat


July 2004

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"Jesus Christ, Jackson, what the hell do you think youíre doing?" Paul Davis gasped, coming completely awake in a matter of seconds as a human popsicle crawled into bed with him and shared his frostbitten self.

"What the hell do you think Iím doing, Davis?" Daniel snarled back, cuddling into the other man, trying desperately to get warm. "Iím fucking freezing. This room is fucking freezing, hell this whole country is fucking freezing!" the irate archeologist muttered as he plastered himself against Paulís back, wrapping his arms around the air force majorís waist for comfort.

"Thanks for sharing," Paul rejoined a bit sarcastically, "and for waking me too. By the way, you do realize its spring here, warmer than the winter, right?"

"Hey, Iím spreading the love, as Jack would say. And itís still too fucking cold for me. God, I hate the cold. Colorado Springs I can almost tolerate because Iím off world so much and summers there are hot even if they are humid, but this? Bone chilling, wet, damp, cold and miserable.

"I grew up in Egypt and lived on Abydos for Christís sake, this is torturous. Only for Tealíc and even then, heís gonna pay when we get him back."

"Kinky," Paul chuckled, deciding to enjoy having a Daniel blanket instead of bitching about it. "Didnít know you and Tealíc had something going? Besides, I would have pictured him the top, what with that whole big bad Jaffa thing he has going on," Paul continued with a snicker.

"Okay, that was just disgusting," Daniel finally managed to say. "I like Tealíc, heís one of my closest friends despite everythingÖ or maybe because of everything thatís gone on between us butÖ no. Just no."

"Okay so weíve established that Tealíc doesnít ring your bells, who then? Sam? Janet? Nurse Evans? Jack??" Paul teased amused with each of Danielís vehement protests. Until the last name, that was.

Turning around slowly so he could see Danielís face, Paul studied his friend carefully. "You have a thing for Jack, Daniel?" The silence and the brief glimpse of pain before those blue eyes shuttered spoke volumes. "And heís doing the flirting with Carter thingÖ God, Daniel. Iím sorry," Paul murmured, sincerely contrite about teasing the other man.

"Itís not likeÖ heís straight and heís air force, Paul. Donít ask, donít tell and all that crap, you should know that better than anyone. Besides, Iím happy just being his friend. At least I think Iím his friend, itís hard to tell anymore," Daniel said with a dejected shrug of his shoulders.

"Things arenít asÖ it never used to seem like we worked at our friendship and then that whole NID debacle happened and we did have to work at it, hard. For a while there it seemed to be okay but now all I seem to hear is Ďshut up, Danielí or ĎDammit, Danielí or Ďwhat did you do this time, Danielí instead of, Ďhow about a beer and a game?í or Ďwanna do pizza tonight?í Truth is, Paul, Iím not even sure if we are still friends or if Iíve been downgraded to a colleague yet," Daniel admitted with a dejected sigh. "Pathetic, arenít I?"

"Iíd say you were loyal, Daniel, not pathetic. It takes a lot of courage to stand by someone, especially when faced with the feelings you have for him, when youíre not sure how he feels about you. Youíre a damned good friend and Jack is lucky to have you. I can see it, even if he canít.

"As for the whole Ďdonít ask donít tellí policy, well take it from someone whoís affected by it, it doesnít stop a person from having a relationship, just from talking about it at work. Not that Iím in a relationship at the moment butÖ well now you know," Paul replied with a slight shrug.

"Actually no I donít. I know nothing," Daniel promised with a half smile. "Never heard you say anything, Paul, so Iíll never be able to tell anyone."

Paul touched his forehead to Danielís. "Youíre a very good friend, Daniel Jackson; donít let anyone ever convince you differently. Thank you." Smiling, Paul pressed his lips to Danielís briefly, a quick kiss to convey his gratitude.

A kiss that heated Danielís blood and made him press his lips harder against the oneís lightly brushing his. A kiss that had both men wrapping their arms around each other and pulling tighter. A kiss that had teeth and tongue, nips and licks, claiming each other if only in the heat of the moment.

"D-Daniel?" Paul gasped, a shuttering breath echoing throughout their too cold hotel room over with a view of the Kremlin. "What are we doing?"

"Sharing body heat," Daniel murmured. "Conserving energy or something. Do we need a reason, Paul?" the archeologist asked quietly. "Weíre a long way from home and itís just you and me. You donít find me hideous and youíre a very handsome man. While Iím the first person to advocate thinking things through in most situations, do we have to just this once? Canít we just feel?"

"Sounds good to me," Davis replied gruffly his hands coming up to capture Danielís head and pull it back down for another heated kiss. Paul had thought Daniel attractive from the first moment they met but had never thought beyond that for the simple fact that Daniel had been married. And had had girlfriends. Thereíd never been as much as a hint that he might possibly hit for the same team. But nowÖ

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth Paul Davis dove in with zeal, seeing this as an unexpected opportunity to fulfill a fantasy and get to know Daniel Jackson a hell of a lot better than anyone else in the SGC. Intimately better, in fact. OíNeillís loss was definitely his gain.

Danielís hands moved quickly, and the buttons of Paulís pajama top fell away to elegant fingers used to the precise work of his chosen craft and therefore used to dexterous work. Their mouths were forced apart as Daniel ripped off the Henley heíd worn to bed before they were fused back together, teeth clashing and tongues dueling.

"God, Paul!" Daniel groaned, his cock pressing hard into the other manís stomach as they came up for air after who knew how long. "No oneís ever kissed me like that. ItísÖ god, I want more."

"In that case Iím more than happy to oblige," Paul grinned, hands tugging at the track pants Daniel wore in lieu of pajama bottoms. "But first we need to remove all clothing. After all, itís a proven fact that skin on skin is the best method of sharing body heat. Iím charged with guarding the SGCís most valuable asset so I canít let it freeze off, now can I?"

"Umm, Paul, my cock isnít the SGCís most valuable asset," Daniel replied dryly, happily squirming to get completely free of his sweats. "And I believe I was called the SGCís best man for this job, not itís most valuable asset."

"Trust me, Doctor; I donít lie about these things. Muscle is easy to come by, commanding officers are a dime a dozen, even quantum physicists are becoming more and more available, but thereís only one Daniel Jackson. Trips through the Quantum mirror have proved this, am I correct?" Paul countered, skinning out of his own bottoms and tossing them out from underneath the covers onto the floor next to the bed.

Daniel shrugged self-consciously. Heíd never been overly fond of taking credit for things, even when he should. "Getting a little off topic here, arenít we? I thought we were discussing sharing body heat to keep me from freezing to death tonight so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed to negotiate in the morning."

Paul heaved an inward sigh. How could Daniel possibly think that he wasnít good enough or smart enough or simply Ďenoughí for anyone was beyond him. Oh Paul knew about his early years, the radical theories, being laughed out of the Archeological Society and so on and so forth.

Heíd heard Daniel being referred to as the geek, the nerd, the pacifist, the weakest link and so on and so forth. What he couldnít get was the obvious lack of vision at the SGC. He actually toyed with the idea of having the Pentagon brass make it so that it was mandatory to have monthly eye exams. All Paul had to do was look at Daniel and he could see the manís mettle.

Physically Daniel might not be able to take down Tealíc but heíd inflict damage before he went down. But Tealíc was a Jaffa. Paul wouldnít even begin to bet on whoíd win if Daniel went toe to toe with someone like him. Paul was also privy to Danielís range scores. The man had exceptional hand eye coordination. Just because he would rather not fire a weapon didnít mean that Daniel couldnít do it. Much the same way that just because Daniel chose to seek alternative solutions to violence first it didnít mean that he couldnít resort to it when given no other choice.

Paul snorted at the willful blindness that seemed to be such a part of the SGC but was more than willing to benefit from it. It just meant that he could appreciate Daniel first. He rather liked that thought.

"Considering everything this is probably a stupid question but youíve done this before, right?" he asked the other man.

"Define this," Daniel mumbled.

"Oh god, you mean youíve neverÖ.?"

"Had anal sex, no. Iíve given blowjobs, hand jobs and enjoyed them. Really liked frottage too, but Iíve never been penetrated," Daniel replied matter-of-factly.

"Right. Well considering that I actually prefer bottoming thatís good to know. You do realize that penetrating is much different than being penetrated, right? However, I really have no desire to spend the day trying not to squirm in front of the Russians tomorrow so weíll skip that part entirely."

The scowl that spread across Danielís face soon had him revising his statement slightly. "But after tomorrow, weíll see what happens, okay? No promises, justÖ options."

"I guess I can live with that. I mean, no offense, but itís not true love or anything," Daniel finally relented with a grin.

"Love no, but lust? Oh yeah. Definitely been lusting after your body since the moment I first laid eyes on it. I just thought you were straight, that and the fact that Iím military," Paul responded with a chuckle.

"Iíd classify myself as bicurious for the moment. I donít have enough experience yet to determine if Iím bisexual or not.

"I adored Shaíre, her strength and fragility, her thirst for knowledge, her smile and laugh, her passion. She might have been a gift to a Ďgodí but Iím the one who worshipped her," Daniel whispered. "And I love women, their curves, their smell, the softness and voluptuousness of their bodies, their taste, everything about them. I love where I love and I donít look at the outside wrapper just the contents of the package, which is why Iím in the mess Iím in right now.

"I have to admit Iíve started to notice things now, the hard planes of a washboard abs, the definition of biceps, triceps and pecs, how a guy is hung, the size of his thighs, the firmness of his ass, his lips.

"I like sucking a guy off, I like the taste of come, I really like being blown and having my balls played with. Guys just seem to know better how to touch, how to suck, and how much pressure, when to use teeth or not. I guess itís because we can intimately relate to our own wants and needs so we can translate them better onto another man," Daniel shrugged. "Weíve established that Iíve never been or been the one penetratingÖ Iíd like to try that eventually after all, all knowledge is valuable. That and Iíd like to stop being bicurious and settle on a form of definition in regards to my sexuality. Ambiguity is fine up to a certain extent. Itís growing tired now."

Paul had to laugh at Danielís impromptu speech. "Spoken like a true academic, Jackson," he teased. "So are you suggesting that IÖ teach you?"

"Itís crossed my mind a time or two in the last hour," Daniel admitted, rubbing up against Paul to show his still existing interest. "You seem to know what youíre doing, youíre attractive, you seem to find me attractive and weíre friends so thereís no probability of hearts and flowers getting in the way and muddling things up. You know where I stand and I know what you are by definition of your career. And Iím tired of being alone and pining for what will never be. I think I need to move on, Paul. Itís never gonna happen and itís going to eat me up inside if I continue down this road. I donít want to have to leave the SGC or SG1, so I need toÖ"

"Move on?" Paul reiterated gently.

"Yeah," Daniel sighed. "I need to. Help me?"

"My pleasure, Dr. Jackson," Paul replied solemnly. And Colonel OíNeillís loss, he thought with savage satisfaction because despite what Daniel thought Major Paul Davis knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jonathan ĎJackí OíNeill had had fuck buddies in his past and perhaps even relationships before his marriage to Sarah. When you were part of the silent minority in the military you banded close together with those you knew shared your proclivities, and you heard things. Paul had heard a lot of things about Jack OíNeill, not that heíd ever divulge a confidence like that, or more importantly hurt Daniel with the knowledge.

"So, in light of the fact that you donít want to squirm in front of the Russians tomorrow, any suggestions on what we can do tonight to keep warm?" Daniel breathed, nipping at Paulís earlobe to regain his attention.

"Well," Paul drawled, refocusing on Daniel with a seductive smile. "First thing you lean in the boy scouts is how to rub two sticks together to create friction and that friction will often create heat," he teased.

"Mmm, frottage. I love frottage," Daniel sighed. "Iím very good at it. You have to be if youíre an archeologist. Rubbing things is part of the job."

"You know, Iím becoming fascinated with archeology," Paul chuckled, lifting a thigh over Danielís and tugging him forward with the heel of his foot so that their cocks aligned with one another. Letting out a tiny groan, Paul thrust slightly, feeling the smear of precum across his stomach and the soft gusting of Danielís moaned approval.

"Oh yeah, that works," Daniel agreed breathlessly, his hands on Paulís shoulders to tug him further forward while his mouth sought and found the other manís, sealing them together as the two man began to rub and thrust and move against each other.

Paulís hands came down to grasp Danielís hips, mashing their bodies together so that not even air could slide between them.

Rub and thrust, grind and rotate, over and over the two men pushed, pulled and everything in between. Their breathing became labored and harsh; their lips fell apart so that they could supply more oxygen to their bodies through their panting mouths. Foreheads touched and eyes closed while hands kneaded and massaged, stroked and pulled.

"Oh god. Ohgodohgodohgod," Daniel whimpered through clenched teeth as his dick leapt and slapped itself between his and Paulís bodies. So close, he was so fucking close. All it would take wasÖ

At that moment Paul brushed the pad of his index finger lightly across Danielís tightly clenched anus and that was all it took. Daniel howled and went off like a rocked, coating their stomachs with his come. The wet heat of semen and the smell of musk in the air was all it took to set Paul off as well since heíd been riding the edge for some time now.

"Fuck," he gasped, his chest heaving as he came down off of his orgasmic high. "That wasÖ god damn. I needed that."

Daniel chuckled and then grimaced as the sticky remains of their pleasure was made known to him in the slight stretching of his stomach. "Damn. If Iíd known we were gonna do this Iíd have brought a wash cloth or something to clean us up with. Blech. This is the one part of this whole thing that Iím not overly fond of."

"The clean up?" Paul had to laugh. Daniel had the oddest set of sensibilities heíd ever encountered but it was rather endearing. "And here I thought that eating barbequed Goaíuld would have been worse."

"Ew. Thanks for the reminder, Davis. Ass."

Paul let out a guffaw as he reached down onto the floor and snagged the first article of clothing his seeking hand came across. Tugging it back under the covers he quickly wiped off himself and Daniel before tossing it back out onto the floor. "Weíll clean up properly in the morning. When itís warmer. Get some sleep, Daniel, weíve got a busy day tomorrow. And donít worry. Weíll get Tealíc back somehow."

The archeologist grunted an acknowledgement, eyes already closed and sleep creeping up fast. Finding the strength he tugged Paul closer, wrapping himself limpet like around the other man, instinctively seeking his heat. "Night, Davis, and thanks," he murmured before drifting off.

"My pleasure, Jackson, believe me," Paul replied, sleep following close behind.

"Well that never happened in any of the simulations," Daniel said dryly, looking over to Colonel Chekov with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Sorry."

"At least you have your friend back, this is good," Chekov sighed, trying to figure out how heíd explain this to his superiors.

Paul wandered over to stand next to Daniel. "Considering we broke your DHD, Colonel, it might be arranged to help set you up with a dialing system such as our own. Itís the least we can do."

"Colonel," Hammond called out, gaining the Russianís attention. "How about that tour of the facility I promised you?"

Daniel and Paul watched the two men walk out. "Dinner tonight?" Daniel offered. "My place, Iíll even cook."

"Iíd like that. Iím not due back into Washington until tomorrow afternoon. Mind a houseguest?"

"Iíd like company," Daniel replied with a smile. "Just let me go say hello to Tealíc and change."

Jack listened to Danielís off tune humming and was shocked to realize he hadnít heard it in a very long time. In fact, he couldnít remember the last time heíd seen Daniel soÖ up beat.

"So, Daniel, got any plans for tonight, I was thinking we could order in a pizza and catch a game or something," he offered, wanting to get to the bottom of his friendís change in mood.

The shock on Danielís face as he turned around to look at Jack took the older man aback. "What? I got spinach between my teeth or something?" he muttered self consciously.

"No, nothing like that," Daniel replied slowly. "Itís just thatÖ you havenít bothered to invite me over in a very long time, Jack. Ití surprised me, thatís all."

"Whaddaya mean I havenítÖ" Jack began only to trail off as he realized that Daniel was right. It had been a long time since heíd made the effort to see his friend. And Daniel had stopped making overtures after Jack had turned him down for something like the fortieth time in a row. Because Jack had been avoiding Daniel and spending all his time with Carter. Because Jack had been afraid of how he was starting to feel about Daniel. Heíd driven the other man away. Fuck.

"Well, maybe we could start rectifying that now, hunh?"

"Big word, Jack, you been playing scrabble with Tealíc again?" Daniel teased. "And Iíd like to but Iíve already got plans," the archeologist finished, shrugging into his brown leather jacket and bending to tie the laces on his hiking boots.

"Plans? What, you got a date or something?" Jack asked, trying for a teasing tone but falling flat. Daniel was dating? And Jack didnít know about it? There was something very wrong with this picture.

"Or something," Daniel replied with a mysterious smile and a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Good night, Jack." And with that Daniel was out the door.

Jack cursed, reached into his locker for his own jacket and his wallet, slamming the door shut as he raced to catch up. Throwing the locker room door open, he rounded the corner only to stop dead. Daniel was laughing softly at something Major Davis was saying while they waited for the elevator to arrive. Davis was standing well within Danielís personal body space and he was watching the archeologist with hungry eyes. Daniel leaned in close and whispered something in Davisí ear that had the air force major closing his eyes and taking a sharp breath.

The elevator door opened at that moment and, after checking to make sure it was empty; Davis hauled a laughing Daniel inside, growling slightly. The doors slid shut and Jack sagged against the wall, his legs suddenly no longer able to support him.

Daniel had a date. With Paul Davis. Daniel was seeing Paul fucking Davis. Jack suddenly felt very old, very alone and for the first time in months was faced with the fact that heíd done exactly what heíd set out to do. Heíd driven his best friend away.

All because Jack was in love with Daniel.

End! (for now)


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