Story Notes: The world where Jonas is from is now being called Langarra. The three ruling countries are Kelowna, Terrania and the Andari Federation.

Author Notes: Well it looks like Iím flying solo again. Iíve wanted a trio story with Jack Daniel and Jonas for a while now so I finally wrote one myself. I canít guarantee I got their Ďvoicesí right but hey I kept on trying! Now to see what else I can come up with ;-)

And a special thank you to Pepe, for agreeing to read this over for me and help me with my comma curse!

Furthering Diplomatic Relations


July 2004

Disclaimers: Stargate SG-1 and all associated characters and names are the property of Showtime, MGM/UA, Gekko Film Corp and Double Secret Productions.

The slide of lips down the nape of a sensitized neck wrung a heated groan out of the quivering body of Jonas Quinn, ambassador to not just the one but the three ruling nations of his home world, Langarra. It had been so long since heíd felt this sort of touch, the touch of a lover, of someone who was equal or surpassed him in strength.

In the months prior to this heíd tried to lose himself in the curved beauty of a female companion, but heíd found himself dreaming of hard angular planes instead of soft feminine curves even when he was positive he was falling in love. And then Kira had turned out to be host to a Goaíuld and even with the Ďsnakeí gone, he couldnít forget how heíd been fooled. The hurt and betrayal by a woman heíd loved only seemed to increase the intensity of his dreams. After all if he couldnít trust a woman, that left only one other venue--well, other than the obvious, but even self-gratification got old fast.

However, if Jonas was completely honest with himself, heíd been burying his feelings so far and so deep beneath the self-imposed prevarications heíd been telling himself that heíd almost forgotten the truth hidden at the heart of his lies. That was until theyíd come through the Stargate on a friendly visit Ďjust to check in and see how the one of the kids was doingí. At that moment all his careful illusions, deceptions and the lies to himself were blown away with the force of a naquadria bomb just from a simple hug and a friendly mussing of the hair.

The sharp nip of teeth on his shoulder drew Jonas back to the present as strong hands made short, efficient work of the fasteners on his trousers, sending them pooling about his ankles. Those same hands moved, one up his stomach causing shivers and leaving gooseflesh in their wake, the other moved down to encircle his blood-filled cock.

"If this didnít provide empirical evidence to the contrary Iíd say you were bored with my attempt at seduction," the amused voice of man behind him teased. "Want to tell me where you went?"

"Just thinking about what a fool Iíve been," Jonas admitted with a moan, one of his hands reaching behind to anchor around his loverís neck, the other coming to rest on top of the hand stroking him. Jonasís breath stuttered in his throat. "Oh hell, Daniel, donít stop. Please!"

Dr. Daniel Jackson, archeologist, linguist, geek and all around pain-in-the-ass conscience of SG1 chuckled, the sound filling the hush of the room. Outside, muted and in the distance were the sounds of daytime hustle and bustle of the Kelownan capital city but inside Jonasís home with itís closed shutters and drawn blinds there was a sense of quiet filled only by the sounds of heavy breathing, soft moans and the rasp of skin on skin.

"Donít worry, Jonas, Iím not planning on stopping until weíre sticky, sated and exhausted. As for being foolish, take it from one who knows. Denial is a bitch, itís much healthier to just accept and get laid," he grinned then moved to nibble his way along Jonasís shoulder.

"Should I even ask?" Jonas chuckled, moving restlessly against the hard-planed body behind him.

"After, when I can think straight," Daniel murmured, his hand beginning to stroke Jonasís erection with smooth, confident strokes. "I never thought Iíd get the chance to do this, and I intend savor the experience," the older man continued as he nudged his own cloth covered erection against Jonasís bare ass. "And I plan on being inside you before I can think again, that is, if you want me to?" he queried, always polite, even in an all out seduction.

"Youíd damned well better be," Jonas growled, turning in Danielís arms so that they were face-to-face, cock to cock, and mouth to mouth. Angling his head up slightly, lamenting that he was too short to actually be in perfect alignment with Daniel, he captured the other manís mouth in a hungry kiss, intent on convincing Daniel that full penetrative sex was exactly what he wanted, hell what he needed.

A soft chuckle sounded from the darkened hallway. "Heís almost as pushy as you were, Danny," Jack laughed as he leaned against the doorjamb to watch his lover seduce Jonas into a puddle of goo. Of course he wasnít supposed to be there at all, and he sure as hell wasnít supposed to have announced his presence this soon in the game plan, but damn the sight of Daniel and Jonas was a pretty one, and Jack wasnít a man to resist pretty things.

Jonas started and stared wide-eyed at the air force colonel while Daniel simply closed his eyes and sighed. "Dammit, Jack, and you always bitch and moan about me not following orders or sticking to plans?"

"Plan? What plan?" Jonas squeaked, looking from one man to the other and finally registering that Jack wasnít carrying his trusty P90 and wasnít even in uniform. In fact, sweeping a look down the length of OíNeillís body Jonasís eyes went as wide as saucers. Jack was wearing nothing but a pair of half buttoned chinos and his hand was kneading a rather obvious erection. Which meant heíd been here for a while, probably before Jonas had come in with Daniel. Which, in turn, meant Jack had been waiting for them.

"Daniel? Someone tell me what is going on, please?" Jonas whispered, incredibly confused and not quite believing the evidence before him. He definitely wasnít connecting the dots with this one.

Jack couldnít resist. It was just there. "Geeks. Gotta love Ďem. Clueless right up to the time they get pounced," he grinned as he moved into the room and behind Daniel, who was annoyed enough at having his seduction scene interrupted that he felt compelled to elbow the older man in the ribs. Hard.

"Oof. Now play nice, Danny boy. Iím still sitting this one out, after all Iím not as young as I used to be and I plan on enjoying things to the fullest. I just came over to say hello," Jack grinned as he pressed his lips to the nape of Danielís neck, making his archeologist shiver with pleasure. "Sweet," he murmured, licking a trail to Danielís collarbone while he enjoyed the tremors that chased their way through Danielís body. "I canít wait to see you and Jonas together, Danny, youíre both going to look fucking hot. Beautiful."

"Oh, God, Jack. You donít play fair, you bastard," Daniel groaned, shuddering as his eyes fell closed and his head tipped back to rest on Jackís shoulder.

Jonas, despite his reputation of being somewhat naÔve about most things not science related, wasnít slow to catch on to the fact that not only were Jack and Daniel very obviously together but they were here in order to play. With him.

Jack, who had been watching Jonas carefully, broke into a slow smile. His kids might be slow on the uptake but they once they got it they really got it. Reaching out with a free hand Jack pulled Jonas forward and kissed him lightly at first, deepening the kiss gradually until both mouths opened and tongues caressed and dueled with each other for dominance.

It was only when breath became a necessity that Jack and Jonas broke off only to become aware of the harsh breathing of Daniel who was still trapped in between them. Both men turned to see a pair of lust hazed blue eyes staring hungrily at them. "My turn, Jack?" Daniel groaned, more turned on then he could remember ever being. Whoíd have known that it would be so damned hot to watch his lover kiss another man, a man that Daniel had knowingly out to seduce while his lover watched from the shadows.

"Your turn, Danny," Jack agreed with an almost feral grin as he let go of Jonas and then moved back until his legs hit the seat of a chair. Sprawling in the wingback, Jack hooked one leg over an arm and, shoving a hand into his pants, wrapped it around his dick, the other coming up to twist a nipple as he sat back to watch the show.

"About fucking time," Daniel growled, dropping to his knees and taking Jonasís uncut length into his mouth without any hesitation.

Jonas gasped sharply, his head falling back on his shoulders and his fingers anchoring themselves in Danielís hair. Oh god, this was even better than when Kira hadÖ "Gods, Daniel!" the Kelownan gasped, fingers flexing and releasing in the manís short brown hair. His breath came in staggered gasps as his need to come began to build.

Chuckling around the length of cock invading his mouth, Daniel hummed happily and then relaxed his throat muscles completely and took Jonas in further and further until his nose was pressed into the wiry brown curls at the base of the Kelownanís cock while Jonas made some seriously hot whimpering noises. It was an intriguing contrast to the noises that Jack made when Daniel did this for him. In fact, before he and Jack had to head back to Earth, Daniel planned on having both men lie side by side so he could suck them off and make a comparative study. Completely for scientific reasons of course.

A title to his pseudo-research popped into Danielís head, "Alien versus Human Vocal Responses caused by Deep Throat Fellatio, A Comparative Study", which caused the archeologist to chuckle delightedly around Jonas, his throat constricting and releasing with each bubble of amusement. This, in turn, caused Jonas to let out a strangled gasp of unbelievable pleasure. "Daniel, oh fuck where the hell did you learn how to do that?" the Kelownan gasped, eyes falling shut as he began to slightly rock his hips back and forth.

"That would be me," Jack chortled from his chair as he continued to gently knead his cock, keeping the tension on but not allowing it to consume him. "Nothing like a nice willing Danny throat to bury míself in after a long hard day at the office."

Daniel rolled his eyes and snorted, causing Jonas to whimper loudly. If it werenít for the fact that he wanted Jonas to come he sure as hell wouldnít have let that particular misconception slip. Hell, Daniel had been sucking cock since he was a precocious undergrad of 18.

"DaÖoh god, Daniel," Jonas moaned, his hands tightening even more around the older manís head as he tried to pry the archeologist off of him. "Gonna, god Daniel please, gonna come, donít want toÖ"

Daniel decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to pile on the sensation, wanting nothing more than to taste Jonas. Pulling the other manís cheeks apart, Daniel began to trace a finger around the tiny pucker he planned on breaching sooner rather than later, causing Jonas to let out an almost inhuman howl and buck his hips forward. Hard.

Thanking whatever deities watched over men who practiced deep throat, Daniel relaxed his throat muscles even more and set about overloading Jonasí senses. Humming around the younger manís shaft Daniel caused all noise from Jonasí throat to cut off for long moments as his vocal chords froze from too much use. Finally able to make his voice work again, Jonas let out a final, keening wail as he came, knees buckling and forcing Daniel to support him as he shuddered and quaked, sending burst after burst of semen down a too talented throat.

Jack bit back a moan and squeezed down hard on the base of his cock. "Daniel, god, warn me the next time you intend on turning him into a puddle of quivering goo! I damned well nearly shot my load. That was seriously hot!" the older man half complained, almost as turned on as he had been the first time he had nailed Danielís ass to whatever the hell it was they were on at the time.

"Poor old Jack," Daniel cooed, licking his lips as he lowered Jonas to the ground. "When we get back to Earth Iíll buy you a cock ring so you wonít have to worry about a prematureÖ launch."

"Premature launchÖ" a still wheezing Jonas managed to snicker as he tilted his head far enough back to see both Daniel and Jack, Jack of course having his patented ĎIím a hard ass, donít piss me off boyí look on his face as he glared at Daniel.

Pulling Danielís head down Jonas whispered conspiratorially. "Youíve got him whipped, donít you, Daniel? And let me guess heís the bitch called denial?"

Breaking out into peals of laughter Daniel kissed Jonas hard. "Yes and yes in that order," he admitted. "Keep this up and Iím going to start feeling threatened by the new wunderkind on the block. It might actually affect any performance youíd hoped to get out of me today," he continued with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Excuse me? Whoís the one who promised to be inside of me before this was over? I expect delivery!" Jonas growled, tackling Daniel and rolling him onto his back. While Jack looked on in delight as his geeks decided to play on the floor in front of him.

"Damn, this is almost as good as naked jello wrestling!"

"JACK!" both Daniel and Jonas yelled in chorus, breaking off their spontaneous match to glare at the older man.

"The man has a one track mind, I swear," Daniel groused as he got to his feet, extending a hand to Jonas in order to help him up off the floor. "Címon, lets take this into your bedroom, because if I donít do something with this soon, Iím gonnaÖ pull a Jack," Daniel finished with a smirk, gesturing to the rock hard cock that was slapping against his stomach in desperation.

"Pull aÖ Oooh Danny boy, you are so gonna get your ass warmed when we get home," Jack threatened lowly, his eyes narrowing on his loverís ass as he imagined it nice and rosy red from his hand as he split those lush cheeks apart and spitted Daniel on his dick.

Glancing back over his shoulder, his eyes hot with promise, Daniel winked at Jack. "Only if you catch me, Jack."

It was Jackís turn to snort at Daniel as he let go of his cock and got out of the chair, following Jonas and Daniel into the bedroom. "Youíll never see it coming, Daniel, I guarantee it," he boasted a little smugly. "Me special ops colonel, you geek, remember?"

"God, youíre such an ass at times," Daniel muttered under his breath, glancing over to Jonas as he rolled his eyes.

"I donít know, Jack," the Kelownan mused. "He was pretty impressive on that goaíuld mothership when he rescued me. And he did go head to head with Anubis. I think you might have a harder time than you think."

"Can I keep you, please?" Daniel asked, pulling Jonas into his arms for a kiss. "Trade in the old model for a newer one, so to speak."

"Watch it, Jackson," Jack growled crowding up against the two men and pushing them down onto the bed, joining in after heíd stripped off his pants. "Youíre owned, Doctor, not the other way around, and Iím keeping you."

"Thank god for that, it took you long enough to figure it out!" Daniel grinned, pulling Jack down for a long kiss. "Love you too, Colonel OíNeill, just for the record."

"Sweet, I mean damned right you do!" Jack grinned back. "And he doesnít have a possessive bone in his body either, well as long as he gets to share as well," Jack informed Jonas grandly before diving in and giving the Kelownan a kiss that was no less intense than the one heíd shared with his lover. "Iím a very lucky man and so, Mr. Quinn, are you."

"Iím beginning to figure that out. Oh and Daniel? Iíd say feel free to keep me but the Langarran governments might have a problem with that. But you could visit more often?" the younger man offered hopefully.

"I can do that. Iím sure I can come up with a reason to have SG-11 come here and since Iím the head of the archeological department Iíll just have to come, wonít I?"

"Well you havenít yet but Iím really hoping that happens soon," Jonas deadpanned.

"Jonas, you made a pun! Hey, Daniel, Jonas made a funny!" Jack snickered kissing the back of Jonasís neck as he cuddled up behind him.

"You know, Daniel is right, you are an ass at times," Jonas sighed. "And yes I know Daniel is usually right so you donít have to say it."

"Hey, no fair, taking my lines," Jack sulked, nipping at the nape of the Kelownanís neck.

"Saving you from getting a pillow in the face is more like it," Daniel retorted even as tugged Jonas away from Jack so that the Kelownan was sprawled on his back on the bed and Daniel was covering him. "As I was reminded not so long ago, I promised to fuck you, didnít I?" Daniel husked. "Got anything we can use for lubricant?"

"Hang on, Danny, I brought something just in case," Jack answered before Jonas could, scrambling off the bed to retrieve the tube of lubricant heíd shoved into the back pocket of his chinos, handing it to Daniel as he crawled back on the bed.

"Rear Entry?" Daniel groaned reading the name of the lubricant heíd been handed. "Jack, you really gotta stop shopping at those online gay porn sites. I mean it. One more tube of anything called Rear Entry and Iím taking your credit card away!"

"Bitch bitch bitch, you really donít want him on a full time basis, Jonas. The man is seriously high maintenance. Canít touch his bones, canít touch his artifacts, canít read his journals, canít play with his brushes and then he tells me that I canít watch hockey, canít drink too much beer, have to eat my veggies, canít have take out more than twice a monthÖ" Jack rattled off, smacking ass Danielís ass playfully as he took the bottle away from Daniel again..

Flipping open the lid, Jack poured some of the lube into the palm of his hand, warming it to body temperature before nudging Daniel out of the way. "Let me get you ready for him, Jonas," Jack murmured, dipping his fingers in the lubricant and, lifting up one of the Kelownanís legs so it rested on his shoulder, drizzling the lube along the crack of Jonasís ass, watching the clear liquid pool into an anus that clenched and unclenched at the feeling of it.

"God, thatís hot," Jack praised as his now slick finger began to stroke back and forth over Jonasís hole, not pushing in just yet but waiting for Jonas to let him know he was ready for more. "When was the last time youÖ" Jack trailed off, looking down at the flushed and panting face of Ambassador Quinn.

"I, umh, never?" Jonas finally got out, opening his eyes to watch both Jack and Danielís reactions very carefully.

"Never, oh god," Jack moaned, his finger jerking against Jonasís hole as he gulped for air. A virgin. A fucking virginÖ "Jesus."

"Down boy," Daniel smirked, slapping at Jackís dick playfully. "You got my cherry, thatís more than enough for you. Jonas is mine today and I donít give a shit about chain of command. You lost your chance in the gate room." Of course Daniel didnít say that the reason Jack had lost was because they had to toss for it to see whoíd be the seducer and whoíd be the surprise, not that Jack had played by the rules once they got here. However Daniel was not about to forego the chance to be Jonasís first. Heíd wanted this since heíd descended and now that he had the chanceÖ too bad so sad, Colonel OíNeill Sir!

Sighing at his loss Jack shrugged his shoulders, causing Jonasís leg to move and the tip of his finger to slip into the younger man without hesitation. "Those damned birds of mine used to mean that I got respect, now theyíre just pretty shiny things on my shoulders," the colonel groused, keeping Jonas distracted for a little longer as he pressed this unforeseen advantage and began to press his finger deeper inside of the Kelownanís body.

"JaÖJack, oh fuck," Jonas moaned, his hands clenching the bed sheets as his body instinctively fought the invasion. He wanted this, really he did, but he was having a hard time convincing certain parts of him of that fact; namely his ass. Jonasís cock, which had started to fill again, flagged slightly as his mind screamed at the rest of him to relax and enjoy.

Daniel, correctly surmising what was going on, leaned over and pressed his lips lightly to Jonasís while a hand crept down to glide over the younger manís cock, Danielís thumb constantly caressing itís head.

"Shhh, itís okay, I know how it feels. You want it but you donít. Your body feels something foreign and is trying so hard to get it out and part of your mind is screaming that something that big really shouldnít fit into a space so small but trust me, Jonas, trust me, youíll love it." Feeling Jonasís lips part Daniel dipped his tongue inside and began to tease and taste and intimate how good it would be when he finally thrust inside Jonas. Daniel continued to distract Jonas as Jack slowly pushed inside until his index finger was fully imbedded, crooking it slightly in order to make contact with Jonasís prostate.

"JESUS!" Jonas gasped, head falling back and eyes clenching as heat rocketed through his body. "Oh hell, do that again!" he demanded, hips twisting restlessly on the bed.

"You heard the man, Jack, do it again," Daniel chuckled, feeling Jonasís cock leap in his hand.

"You mean do this?" the older man purred, stroking his finger along Jonasís prostate again.

Jonas howled and bucked his hips, trying to increase sensation.

Jack, ever the strategist, figured this would be the perfect time to introduce the writhing man to a second finger, grinning over at Daniel when it slid in with hardly any resistance. Deciding to add a little more stimulation to the mix, Jack jerked his head as he looked from Daniel to the hand he had wrapped around Jonasís dick. Daniel grinned and moved his hand upwards even as Jack wrapped his lips around Jonas, tasting him for the first time.

Jonas was inundated by Jack and Daniel, his every sense consumed by these two men. He couldnít form a coherent thought all he could do was feel and react, which was exactly what Jack and Daniel wanted.

Working in complete unison Jack and Daniel soon had Jonas so relaxed that he couldnít even open his eyes. His body was quivering with need and yet he was boneless, desperate, and not able to do anything but submit to their ministrations. One last lap at the hard shaft had Jack reluctantly moving away from Jonas despite his moan of protest. "Shhh, its okay, weíre just playing musical partners," the colonel promised with a final kiss to the tip of Jonasís cock.

Sliding to the side, Jack let Daniel take his place and helped the archeologist position Jonasís legs on his shoulders. Daniel groaned as Jackís hand wrapped around his cock, slicking it with the remaining lube. "Jack, god, donít, if I donít get inside Jonas now itís gonna be game over."

"God, donít you dare!" Jonas snarled, lunging up to bite at Danielís chin. "I want to feel it, want to know," the Kelownan admitted, his voice harsh. "Do it Daniel, god, get inside me."

"I was never this pushy," Daniel murmured to Jack who had moved behind Daniel and was resting his chin on a shoulder, watching what was happening with interest.

"No, you were worse. A total slut, but Iím not complaining," Jack replied, pressing his lips to the shoulder his chin currently occupied. Wrapping his arms around Danielís waist, Jack took his loverís erection in hand and helped Daniel guide it into Jonas, wanting to feel Daniel breach him for the first time. With his other hand Jack scrabbled for the lubricant, opening and squirting some into his palm single handedly. Heíd waited as long as Daniel and now he wanted some relief.

Jonas quivered slightly as the blunt head of Danielís cock kissed his opening followed by the brush of Jackís fingers. Taking a deep breath he released it, his body sinking deeper into the bed. Nodding slightly he couldnít help the moan that escaped him as Daniel began to push inside him, the stretch and burn nothing like what heíd experienced with Jack fingering him. He was so full, felt like he was going to rip at the seams, or at least rip something. It was intense, knowing that Daniel was pushing into his body, invading it with his cock. It felt taboo, slightly dirty and more intense than any sexual encounter heíd had up until now.

Impaled. Jonas was being spitted and he loved it. Wanted more, wanted to feel Daniel completely inside him, no space between their bodies. Jonas wanted to feel Danielís balls slap against his ass, hear the noises their bodies made as they ground together, wanted to smell their sex in the air. "Ohgodohgodohgod, donít stop, Daniel, please!" he muttered, head tossing, legs trembling and fists clenching the bed sheets.

"NÖnot planning on it," Daniel groaned, fighting the urge to slam right in and to hell with how much it hurt. He felt ready to bust a nut, literally, but he knew he had to make it good, make it last. "Fuck. FUCK! youíre so damned tight, Christ, like a fist around my dick squeezing tighter and tighter. Oh Jesus." Breathing through his nose the archeologist fought hard against his arousal, willing himself not to come. He thought of Hammond naked, of Apophis having sex, of Hathor wanting to breed with him and make baby goaíulds, anything he could to get himself under some semblance of control.

And then he felt the slick push of Jackís cock between his ass cheeks, slithering along until it found his hole, and Daniel knew he was seriously screwed Ė and about to be fucked while fucking Jonas. Holy fuck. "God, Jack, you coulda warned me," Daniel moaned, spreading his legs a little further and dropping on to his hands as well as his knees, pushing Jonas into a pretzel shape and making his own penetration that much deeper.

"What, and ruin the surprise?" Jack grinned, his teeth grazing the back of Danielís neck and causing his hips to buck forward hard into Jonas. "Love that hot spot," Jack purred, even as he pushed into the tight grasp of Danielís unstretched ass. "Oh yeah, this is what Iím talkiní about!" the colonel grunted happily as he finally bottomed out, causing Daniel to do the same in Jonas and making the two men underneath him moan.

"Bastard," Daniel snarled, resting his forehead on Jonasís chest while he scrabbled to maintain control. When he finally did get it together he looked up at Jonas and studied his face carefully. "Howíre you doing?" he asked quietly, looking for any sign of discomfort or pain on the face below him.

"Mmm, good, full," Jonas replied with a half smile. "It was weird at first, hurt a bit, and I wonít even begin to tell you what was going through my mind but its nice now. However, it would be better if you moved though," he continued with a not so subtle hint.

"Definitely more pushy than I was my first time," Daniel laughed, ignoring as much as he could the snort from behind him, although considering that Jack was buried as deeply inside him as he was inside Jonas it was kind of difficult at the time. "No one asked you for your opinion, OíNeill," he groused, looking back over his shoulder at Jack.

"But I wouldnít want the kid to get a complex, Danny," Jack grinned in return. "Nor would I want him believing a falsehood. He was much more demanding than you are, Jonas, I swear. Youíve got nothing to worry about. Danny here was rude, demanding and actually dared to give me instructions on what to do, how to do it and when it should be done!" Jack continued, slapping Danielís cheek and causing the archeologist to yowl in protest.

"I repeat, Bastard!"

"Yeah, but you love me," Jack retorted, unrepentant as he pulled back and thrust in, making Daniel grind against Jonas and enjoying the twin whimpers of lust. "Oh yeah, two for the price of one, and Iím bringing Ďem both joy. How cool is that?"

"Ego much, Jack?" Daniel managed to grit out, pulling out of Jonas and slamming himself against the older man as he did so. God, this was going to kill him, trying to stop himself from coming until Jonas had. Jack didnít help any by starting to fuck him slowly and gradually increase the speed of his thrusts, either. Daniel couldnít help himself; he was soon mimicking the older manís movements, basically fucking himself on Jack while fucking Jonas. It was indescribable.

"Jonas," Jack growled, looking over Danielís shoulder. "Stroke yourself, bring yourself off because I donít think Dannyís gonna last much longer and Iím sure as hell not. Címon Quinn, want us all to get sticky together."

"Y-yes sir, Colonel," Jonas managed to get out with a moan, his hand snaking in between his and Danielís bodies to wrap around his cock, stroking it in time with the thrusts of both Daniel and Jack. Daniel glistened above him, his arms straining on either side of Jonasís head as he supported his weight and a portion of Jacks, protecting Jonas from getting crushed beneath them. Sweat dripped off onto Jonasís stomach, rivulets flowing from where they fell, tickling the Kelownan as the drifted and dried on his skin.

Jonas could feel the gusts of Danielís breath as well as hear the rasping grunts as Daniel slammed in and out of his body while taking and absorbing Jackís thrusts, fighting every step of the way to hold on until heíd achieved his own orgasm, ever considerate even in this.

Behind Daniel, Jonas could see Jack; hair plastered to his head, fiercely concentrating on bringing Daniel as much pleasure as possible, the fierce love he had for this man showing in his eyes. Jonas felt like he was being included in something intimate and sacred with these two men. He was seeing both Daniel and the Colonel in a way no one in the SGC had ever seen them. The silly human rules of Ďdonít ask, donít tellí left on the other side of the Stargate and here he got to see Jack and Daniel instead of Colonel OíNeill and Dr. Jackson. And now he had Daniel inside of him and Jack had actually blown him. How had he gotten so lucky?

Jonas was pulled out of his musings by Danielís soft chuckle. "You went away again, Jonas, keep it up and Iím gonna get a complex."

"S-sorry, was thinking of, oh god, you and Jack," Jonas groaned, his hand moving faster and faster, the cock in his ass drilling him, brushing over his prostate again and again.

"A man with impeccable taste," Jack grinned, pressing another kiss to Danielís shoulder. "Heís definitely something to look at, isnít he?"

"You both are," Jonas groaned, his hand blurring as it stroked harder and harder. He could feel his balls tightening, his body quivering and he knew he was going to orgasm soon.

Daniel groaned as Jonasís ass began to tighten around his cock, the younger manís body clenching and releasing in preparation. "Harder," he groaned. "Fuck me harder, Jack, nail me," he ordered, thrusting back into the older manís erection and slamming forward into Jonasís body.

It only took a few more thrusts and Daniel lost it. With a muted bellow he surged forward one last time, his dick sending shot after shot of come into Jonasís ass, his own ass clenching around Jack and making the other man groan and come inside him. The sight, sound and smell of the other two men finding their completion, and the feel of Daniel filling him with his release was the final nudge Jonas needed. A few short strokes of his fist and he was splattering his and Danielís stomachs with his release.

"Fuck. Just fuck," Daniel groaned, sagging slightly as he attempted to maintain his balance above Jonas, sweaty, spent, exhausted and thoroughly sated.

"Yeah, what he said," Jack mumbled in agreement, slipping out of the archeologist and rolling himself and Daniel to the side and off of Jonas. Reaching over with a tired hand he mussed Jonasís shaggy hair affectionately. "You were unbelievable. Thanks for this."

"Iím the one who should be thanking you," Jonas admitted gruffly. "Beyond the sheer pleasure of being this relaxed, you guys trusted me with this and, well, it means a lot. I wonít screw this up."

"Hey, hey, thereís nothing to screw up, okay?" Jack responded immediately, beating Daniel to it. "You mean a great deal to both Daniel and I andÖ well I know I was a right bastard when we first met but you kinda caught me at a bad time there. You came to be important to me not as Dannyís replacement but at Jonas, my friend.

"When Danny suggested, well heís braver than I am because while I canít deny I felt something for you while he was gone I wasnít going to rock the boat when he came back. But he broached it and I admitted to feeling the same andÖ here we are. Where we wanted to be. Donít go laying anything heavy on yourself Jonas, we wanted to be with you, you let us, and itís that simple. It doesnít have to be earth shattering, even though the orgasms were."

Daniel reached back to grab one of Jackís hands, bringing it up to kiss a palm rough from so many years of holding a P90. "Never let it be said that you canít be a silver tongued devil, Jonathan OíNeill," me murmured roughly. "I couldnít have said it better and I mean that."

Reaching out with his free hand, Daniel caught one of Jonasís, holding it tightly to him. "Jack and Tealíc and Sam werenít the only ones I checked on when I was ascended Jonas. I checked on you too. Tealíc and Jack just needed me more than you and Sam did, thatís all. Iíve grown to care a great deal about you. Youíre important. This is important. And youíre just as much a part of me as you are of Jack. We may not be able to be together that much but never doubt that Jack and I are just here for a one off. We plan on coming back and expect you to come visit us. Okay?"

"Okay," Jonas agreed in a shocked voice, hardly daring to believe. These two men were accepting him as part of them just likeÖ like breathing. It was awe-inspiring.

"Jack," Daniel murmured, waking the colonel up from his post-coital doze, not content in seeing the shy acceptance in Jonasís face, needing to say just a little bit more.

"Hunh? Wha?"

"Weíre keeping him, okay?" Daniel grinned, looking Jonas square in the eyes.

"Heís not a pet, Danny, we canít keep him."

"Umm, no, thatís okay, you can keep me, really," Jonas agreed hastily, causing Jackís head to pop up over Danielís shoulder.

"Really? Sweet! Now if you donít mind Iím going to sleep. You both should too. Weíve got a few more positions to try before Danny and I have to Ďgate back home tomorrow."

"Yes sir, Colonel sir!" both Daniel and Jonas said, almost in unison, bursting into soft laughter as they finished.

Daniel cupped his free hand around the back of Jonasís neck, kissing him hungrily. "You taste like laughter, Jonas, itís delicious," he murmured, making Jonas blush hotly which in turn had Jack howling.

"After what we just did now he blushes? Geeks, and youíre all mine!"

"So, Colonel, how are things on Langarra?" General Hammond greeted Jack and Daniel as they came through the wormhole.

"Great, theyíre doing much better now the ruling governments have gotten their collective heads out of their asses and started working together," Jack grinned causing Hammond to shake his head in mock exasperation.

"And how is JonasQuinn, OíNeill?" Tealíc queried from where he stood next to Carter, waiting to greet his teammates.

"Jonas is fine, Tealíc and he sends his regards to you and Sam," Daniel answered before Jack could get in another snarky response.

"And, Sir?" he continued, turning to Hammond with a mysterious grin. "I think itís safe to say that despite Jackís, erm, unique style weíve definitely gone about furthering diplomatic relations with Langarra, with the help of Ambassador Quinn. In fact, I have a feeling heíll be visiting us soon."


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