First Lessons 4


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Crawling exhaustedly between the clean sheets of their temporary bed, Obi-Wan sighed with relief. Ever since leaving C'Rath a standard month before, he and his Master had been sent from one Force-forsaken planet to the next on Council business. With no chance to rest in between. Now, finally on a transport on its way to Coruscant, he had a chance to mull over the events of late, and enjoy being clean and fed and having crisp sheets and warm blankets cocoon him.

There was just so much happening in the galaxy now. Although there were over 12,000 Jedi, they were still stretched thin. Over the past month the Jedi Master and his Padawan had been hip deep in swamp, mud, ice and snow. They had almost drowned in torrential downpours, were nearly swallowed whole by the earth during severe earthquakes, and had seen volcanoes erupt much too closely for Obi-Wan's own comfort. In short, it had been a miserable month and an exhausting one. The two men had slept together most nights, but by the end of the day they had been too tired to do more than brush lips together and cuddle throughout the dreamless night. Obi-Wan was frustrated. And he needed a vacation. Badly.

Sighing, he strove to find peace within himself, knowing that the council would probably have yet another assignment on yet another inhospitable world waiting for them when they arrived on Coruscant. No sense wishing for what couldn't be had. The door to bathing room slid open, and an equally exhausted Jedi Master entered their shared sleeping quarters, crawling into bed next to Obi-Wan and gathering the younger man in his arms. "We need a vacation," he mumbled, frustration apparent in his voice.

A laugh bubbled up in Obi-Wan's chest and broke free. The apprentice laughed so hard that tears ran down his face and his Master began to look at him as if he'd finally come unhinged. Between gasping for breath, Obi-Wan tried to explain. "Oh, Master, I'm sorry but I couldn't help it," he chortled. "Not two seconds before you walked through that door I was thinking the same thing and trying to convince myself not to wish for what we couldn't have. And to try and be as stoic as my always perfectly in control Master... and here you are, bemoaning our fate just like your 'impatient' Padawan - oh, it's too funny!"

Qui-Gon had to smile at his lover's antics, for Obi-Wan was right, he was bemoaning their fate just like his irascible young Padawan. Trying desperately to at least give the appearance of being a stoic Jedi Master even as he pulled Obi-Wan closer, he replied, "If you are quite through acting like a Corellian loon, love, we need sleep. Morning and Coruscant will be arriving sooner than either of us would like, and these tired old bones of mine need rest, even if my impudent young Padawan learner does not."

Still chuckling mirthfully, Obi-Wan cuddled into Qui-Gon's larger frame while waiting for his goodnight kiss, which was not long in coming. "Yes, Master," he murmured as sleep finally claimed them both

"The Council said what?" Obi-Wan stared at his master in disbelief. It wasn't possible. They couldn't have actually said...

"We are to have the next standard month to ourselves, Padawan. All these sensitive and dangerous assignments have made it almost impossible for me to further your training. I humbly pointed this out to the Council, and they were almost apologetic. It seems that they hold our skills in these areas in great regard. Although our methods are somewhat...unconventional, we have always managed to complete our assignments with a positive outcome. This was their reasoning for continually sending us back into the field, but no more," Qui-Gon informed his stunned apprentice calmly.

"We're going to one of the least populated training facilities on Tinuvian, where I am going to spend the next standard month helping you catch up on your 'lessons'." Qui-Gon's eyes darkened from clear to midnight blue as he murmured the last word, desire flaring at the thought of what lay ahead. By day Qui-Gon intended to see that Obi-Wan became the best-trained Jedi Knight ever. And by night... he intended to see that his lover excelled at those lessons as well.

Obi-Wan felt the first sweet flush of arousal and grew hot under his Master's bold gaze. Both also knew that the Coruscant temple was neither the time nor the place for this conversation. So both allowed the brief flaring of heat to course through them, then let it go, for there was much to be done before they left later that day.

Qui-Gon looked out the large picture windows of his bedchamber to the swelling oceans below. A scented breeze flowed in through the open windows, redolent with the tropical flowers that bloomed in profusion everywhere around the Jedi complex. Although a fully equipped facility, the Tinuvian temple was more of a retreat than a place to train. However, Qui-Gon had pushed hard to be allowed to bring Obi-Wan here. They both truly needed some time to relax and re-center themselves after the almost hellish conditions of the last month. Long tropical nights and balmy days would ensure relaxation, and the well-equipped training facilities would aid in Obi-Wan's training.

Obi-Wan rambled into the room and wrapped his arms around his Master's firm waist, laying his head against the strong back with a happy sigh. "This is a wonderful place, Master. Thank you for suggesting it to the Council."

"How did you... you little menace, were you picking up my thoughts again?" Qui-Gon chuckled as he turned in the embrace to look down into eyes that matched the oceans outside. Bending down, he placed a light, airy kiss on the finely sculpted lips and pulled Obi-Wan tight against him for a moment. Reluctantly releasing his beloved, Qui-Gon the lover allowed Qui-Gon the teacher to re-emerge. "If your things are unpacked, Padawan, now would be a good time to familiarize ourselves with the practice salle. You need a little work in protecting your left flank from attack if memory serves me correctly."

Sighing inwardly at the brevity of their interlude, Obi-Wan allowed himself to be prodded into action. The role of Padawan to Master must always come first - and he did have a tendency to leave his left unguarded. With a regretful look back at the window where they stood just moments before, Obi-Wan followed his Master out to begin his training session.

Obi-Wan was hot, sweaty and sore by the time Qui-Gon gave him leave to return to their quarters. Master Qui-Gon was by far one of the best warriors in the Knighthood, and today Obi-Wan had sampled why it was so. Using paristeel swords in place of lightsabers, Qui-Gon had come at him time and again, testing and probing Obi-Wan's stance for weaknesses... and had found many.

They sparred at battle level, each shielding their minds to the fullest so no stray thoughts would leak though their bond. The fast and furious pace had begun to wear on Obi-Wan until he was making more mistakes than not, while Qui-Gon still looked calm, centered and unruffled by his exertions save for the sweaty brow and flyaway hair. Qui-Gon chose that moment to end the session with a relaxing kata and sent him on his way to freshen up, saying he had a few exercises left to do before joining Obi-Wan for the evening meal.

Stripping out of his sweat soaked tunic and breeches, Obi-Wan stepped under the spray of the water. He gasped at its heat, then relaxed as warmth soaked into his aching muscles, soothing and relaxing. Quickly soaping and rinsing his hair, Obi-Wan began to massage the soreness from his muscles with strong fingers as he washed.

Unbidden, images of Qui-Gon slipped into his mind. He saw Qui-Gon as he had been in the salle, the proud leonine face fierce with concentration, hair flying like a silken waterfall as they dueled, sweat glistening on flexed muscles. There had been something almost predatory about the way his Master had moved, like a graceful cat on the hunt. It had been intoxicating to watch and had fed Obi-Wan's desire for his lover. Force, the way he prowled around the salon, circling me, hunting me. It was so aggressive, so primal and powerful... and it made me want him so badly, Obi-Wan thought, his hands slowing from the brisk scrubbing motions to a slower, lazier caress. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't sense his Master's approach or hear the doors slide almost silently open, then close again.

Qui-Gon could hear the water running and chuckled softly to himself. His love was such a hedonist, reveling in sensations that gave him pleasure. Like a hot shower after a hard training session. Qui-Gon had been impressed by how quickly Obi-Wan had grasped his lessons today, almost instantly taking in the silent reminders of his vulnerabilities and guarding against them in the next attack. Qui-Gon had worked hard to find the chinks in Obi-Wan's defense. Obi-Wan had an inborn weapons sense, and his strong gift of prescience allowed him to almost see the blows before they came. With time and training these two abilities would make him as good and quite probably better than Qui-Gon was after decades of practice, training and experience.

Qui-Gon entered the bathing chamber, intent upon telling Obi-Wan how proud he was, and perhaps tease his student about using all the hot water... and was brought up short by the sight that greeted him. Slamming down his mental shields quickly, so as not to alert his apprentice, Qui-Gon silently disrobed, then made himself comfortable on a low bench, leaning back into the cold tile behind him, legs sprawled as he watched the intensely erotic sight before him.

What would it feel like, Obi-Wan wondered idly, to have his Master initiate a 'lesson' right after a training session, when both men were hot, perspiring and muscles still rippling from their exertions; how would it feel to have Qui-Gon's hair caress every inch of his flesh? Obi-Wan felt his blood heat and his cock begin to rise in appreciation of the images running through his brain. He began to run his hands up and down his torso, imagining that they were Qui-Gon's. It felt so good, and it had been so long since his body had even craved something more than sleep, had craved a release of sexual tension. Unaware of how long he had been in the shower already, Obi-Wan thought he had enough time to relieve this sweet ache and be dressed and waiting for his Master.

He let the images flow fast and furious. Qui-Gon, wet and sultry, emerging from the ocean like some primal sea god. Qui-Gon hot and sweaty from a workout or soft and sated after a night of love. Even sweet and tender as he held him in a loving embrace. Obi-Wan's hands began to move more quickly, one hand coming up to pinch a passion-peaked nipple, the other moving downwards to grasp his throbbing erection. He gasped and jumped as the pleasure arced through him, his body almost virginal once more, so long had he been forced to abstain. It was too good, he groaned to himself.

Pinching his nipple until it became a dark pleasure bordering on pain, Obi-Wan began to caress his weeping cock. The pleasure-pain was driving him slowly insane. He needed release and soon. He ran a finger over the tip of his erection and brought it up to his lips to suckle and taste his own flavor - the bitter salt taste that Qui-Gon seemed to enjoy tasting so much. Obi-Wan shuddered voluptuously at that thought.

The images flowed through his brain, those that he had shared with his lover that heated night when the sound of his Master's voice alone had caused him to find release, and other, darker, more forbidden desires.

It took every ounce of control Qui-Gon had not to moan with pleasure at the sight before him. He had to force himself to remember to breathe and to breathe quietly so as not to disturb his beloved. His left hand moved in time to Obi-Wan's strokes, his other teasing and toying with a pebbled nipple. Watching Obi-Wan taste his own essence and savor the flavor almost undid him. He held back his pleasure only through iron control, using tricks that he'd learned such as meditation and breathing. He wanted his pleasure to last. He wanted his lover to feel its strength.

Watching the way Obi-Wan's cock responded to the pleasure-pain he inflicted upon himself forced Qui-Gon to realize his student was not quite so innocent as he had first thought. It was as Obi-Wan had once told him: he had learned a lot on his travels; he'd just never had the chance or desire to apply it until now. If this was one of Obi-Wan's more forbidden fantasies, Qui-Gon knew a few, darkling pleasures he could introduce his lover to.

When the time was right.

In his mind's eye Obi-Wan pictured himself, underneath Qui-Gon, being stretched and prepared for entry. It was what he wanted... by the Force, he ached to feel Qui-Gon's heat within him. He knew there would be discomfort but that the pleasure would more than make up for it. His imagination was so vivid he could feel Qui-Gon's blunt fingertip oiling and entering him, stretching him in anticipation of what was to come. He felt the press and slide of a hot shaft as it entered him inch by inch. He could no longer hold back the soft whimpers and moans that he'd trapped in his throat; they broke free and echoed through the bathing room, bouncing off the tiles to stimulate his hearing as his mind and hands aroused his body. He was so close...

Images seeped into his tightly shielded mind, longings for what would soon come. He could see himself, preparing and pleasuring his lover; he could see his hot flesh sinking into a welcoming and heated channel and feel how desperately Obi-Wan wanted this. It was too much. Qui-Gon's control snapped like a dry twig. He needed Obi-Wan... now!

Images raced through his mind with Jedi-like speed, hot, seductive images that blended and melded into one sultry image of his beloved Master. His hand began to quicken in its stroking; his flesh was so needy. The only thing that would make this better...

Powerful arms encircled his waist, a rampant erection pressing firmly into his back as strong and callused hands wrapped around his weeping cock. His head came to rest on a broad shoulder, his head pivoting sideways and up to look into the electric blue eyes gazing down on him with searing heat. Fingers meshed, and together they milked his begging organ faster and faster. His Master's eyes burned into his, the heat there an inferno of want and need, eyes that held him spellbound and would not let him look away.

Obi-Wan could feel the grinding movements of his lover's cock as he stimulated himself while speeding Obi-Wan inexorably towards completion. Finally Obi-Wan's pleasure crested, and his eyes shut involuntarily, neck arching and a hoarse cry of satisfaction echoing throughout the room. Strong lips fed off the arched ivory column of throat, and teeth sank into vulnerable flesh, a predator marking his mate, as Qui-Gon also found release.

They stayed like that for long moments, in each other's arms while waiting for their trembling limbs to once more reassert their command over gravity. The water had turned tepid, and it washed away all evidence of their passion, cooling and soothing the lovers' fevered flesh. Finally able to move without collapsing, Qui-Gon silently turned off the water, then wrapped himself and Obi-Wan in fluffy white towels. He took his love by the hand and, still silent, led him into bed. He curled himself around the still trembling man, brushing soft kisses over the nape of his neck, his shoulders, and the love mark he had left.

Qui-Gon sent a silent prayer of thanks to the Force for allowing them to find each other and allowing Qui-Gon to find his perfect life partner. For it was not every Master who was lucky enough to have a student who could teach him as readily as he taught the student. And today's 'lesson' would be one that Qui-Gon would cherish always and never forget.


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