First Lessons 3


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Lush verdant rainforest flew by the amazed eyes of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The forest was so alive with the Force it made his blood sing. In the climate-controlled cabin of the tree-skimmer Obi-Wan breathed a small sigh of happiness. He wouldn't have missed this for almost anything. The only drawback was the fact that he was making this trip alone, without his master, Qui-Gon. Glancing over at his traveling companion, a striking blonde woman in simple garb, he let his mind wander back to the events of the morning.

"Obi-Wan, your braid is coming undone, beloved. You'd best fix it. We're due in the negotiation hall in a few minutes."

"Well, if a certain lecherous old Jedi Master would leave it alone, my braid wouldn't come undone, would it?" teased the exuberant young apprentice as he turned to the mirror to fix the braid and watch his lover finish dressing. Qui-Gon tried to act indignant for all of two seconds before laughing at his student's antics. Still overwhelmed by the changes last night had wrought, Obi-Wan could scarcely believe all this was real.

It is real, Obi-Wan, believe me. As real as my love for... A ripple in the Force alerted Qui-Gon and his padawan to a presence approaching their quarters., Qui-Gon finished his thought as he called out permission to enter, thinking it was their escort. Watching for a moment his young love tie off his braid with a leather thong, Qui-Gon finished adjusting his robe so that it would flow just so.

Qui-Gon turned to greet the escort only to find Councilwoman S'rina Drag'sen from the Great Forest Enclave, a negotiator for the injured side in these dispute talks. Her already pale skin was now milk white and her eyes haunted as she spoke. "Please forgive this intrusion, Master Jedi, but I fear I will not be able to converse with you at the negotiations. My son has taken ill, and I must go to him. I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you. Despite how it appears, your assistance in these talks has been..." Words were choked off as tears began to fall.

Before Qui-Gon had a chance to react, Obi-Wan was already at Councilwoman Drag'Sen's side, arm around her waist, leading her to a seat. "Shhhh... it shall be all right, m'lady," Obi-Wan comforted, sensing the woman's terror for her son's condition. "Your son is a fine, strong boy, I'm sure. You'll get home and find he is much better than you fear." The distraught woman turned her face into Obi-Wan's shoulder and cried as if her heart were breaking.

"It's just that I lost his father to the same illness last cycle. To lose our son as well..." The woman clutched at Obi-Wan's tunic, her breath coming in little hiccupping sobs as she tried to quell her fears.

Catching hold of his master's eyes for a brief second and with a silent plea for understanding and forgiveness, Obi-Wan gently dried Lady S'rina's tears with the sleeve of his robe. "If it would help, m'lady, and with my master's permission, I would gladly accompany you to your home and see what I can do to help," Obi-Wan offered.

"Oh no - I cannot possibly take you away from..." S'rina began.

Sighing inwardly, both touched and disappointed by his soft-hearted Padawan's offer, Qui-Gon clamped down on the sudden rush of loss he felt and interjected "I wholeheartedly agree with my apprentice, Lady. You require a traveling companion, and Obi-Wan has some skills at healing. I can do without him for a few days. I may even get some sleep as I will not have to listen to his snores," Qui-Gon joked.

I shall miss you, Padawan, he projected. But I am very proud of your generous spirit. He feathered a mental caress across Obi-Wan's mind.

"Master!" Obi-Wan exclaimed, playing at being affronted. "I do not snore. It is you who has the awesome ability to shake the snow from the mountain tops," Obi-Wan teased.

As I will miss you, Master. I was looking forward to continuing my lessons tonight. Heat shot through Qui-Gon as Obi-Wan sent a mental lance of desire towards him.

The light banter between master and apprentice allowed S'rina to calm her ragged nerves, just as the men had intended. "I thank you, young Jedi, for your kind offer. I am mother enough to accept and negotiations be damned. I am in your debt," she said as she rose to leave.

"There is no need, Lady. We live by the Code, and we live to serve," Qui-Gon replied gently, escorting her to the door.

"I will be ready to travel within the hour, m'lady," Obi- Wan called out as he moved to the sleep chamber to gather his things. "I shall wait for you in the hanger."

"Thank you once more, Sir Jedi," S'rina replied. "I will be there shortly." The new lovers didn't even have time for a private goodbye, for as the councilwoman left, the escort of royal guards arrived and whisked Qui-Gon away to another interminable round of peace talks.

Now, hours later, a shift in cabin pressure brought Obi-Wan back to the present. The tree-skimmer had begun its landing cycle, having at last reached Eeoorrii, the capital city of the Great Forest Enclave.

Once he left the craft, Obi-Wan was caught in a whirlwind of activity. He and S'rina were quickly escorted to the councilwoman's residence, where Obi-Wan spent the next several hours in deep trance, helping to speed along the young boy's recovery through his illness. Next there was a dinner in his honor, though he tried to explain he merely did what the Jedi code dictated he should - to serve others. During the meal he tried to be as dignified as Master Qui-Gon, aware his performance could very well impact the negotiations. Finally, after what seemed to him to be days of playing the politician, he was shown to a private suite of quarters overlooking a tranquil meditation garden.

One thing Obi-Wan had discovered quickly was that the verdant plant life of the rainforest was kept so lush by intense tropical heat and gallons of rain. Sweaty and intensely warm, Obi-Wan activated the door lock and quickly stripped to the skin, leaving his saturated robes by the door. Walking nude through his suite of rooms, he quickly made his way to the bathing rooms and stood under the water of a refreshingly tepid shower, cleaning away the day's grime.

Obi-Wan didn't bother to redress as he had been assured he would not be disturbed for the night. So, still nude, he wandered into his sleeping chamber... and stopped short.

A massive pile of silken cushions made up the bed, surrounded by a gauzy bug net. A large, paristeel fan beat slowly from the ceiling, stirring the heavy air and making it cooler. It was a sybaritic room to be sure and made Obi-Wan suddenly desperate to hear his master's voice.

Retrieving his commlink from his discarded utility belt, Obi-Wan sank into the luxurious mass of pillows with a sigh, closing the net around him with a quick manipulation of the Force. Quickly reviewing his master's schedule for the day in his mind, Obi-Wan settled back knowing Qui-Gon would still be at the royal banquet held nightly. He replayed the astounding events of the last few days while waiting for his master to return to their quarters at the palace royal.

How quickly his life had changed. He had once believed that Qui-Gon's love was unattainable, yet even now, half a planet away, he could feel the elder's love wrap around him like a protective cloak.

The Master/Padawan bond they shared now sizzled with new feelings. Thoughts were easier to read, as were emotions. He knew, for instance, that right now Qui-Gon was bored to death and desperately wanting to escape to his quarters so that he could contact his apprentice.

The men had yet to see how their new awareness would affect them in training or combat, but Obi-Wan looked forward to it. He suspected they would be even more in tune with each other than they had been previously.

Smiling softly to himself, Obi-Wan realized that for the first time since he had begun to love Qui-Gon he was whole, at peace and loved. Slipping into a light meditative trance, Obi-Wan patiently waited for his master, his lover, to return to their rooms.

Never before had Qui-Gon Jinn's patience been so tested. The banquet, with its constant backstabbing, bickering, slandering and maligning, had seemed to go on forever. Always before he had had Obi-Wan to converse with when his attention was not demanded elsewhere. The younger Jedi's quick wit and saber sharp tongue could make even the most bombastic politician seem foolish. Qui-Gon knew he should have curbed that impulse in his Padawan, but his caricatures of the people they had to deal with were so refreshingly honest and unvarnished he'd never had the heart.

Walking into the suite he shared with his apprentice, Qui-Gon at last breathed a sigh of relief. No more politics tonight. Just peace and quiet... and loneliness. He missed his vivacious young lover. How long had he loved Obi-Wan? Not as a teacher for student or Master for Padawan, but as one man for another. The emotions had blended and layered until each level of affection was indistinguishable from the next. All he knew was that Obi-Wan was as essential to him as breathing.

Tiredly stripping off his robe, tunic, leggings and boots, Qui-Gon made his way into their sleep chamber and lay down on the large bed with a tired sigh. The pillows were still infused with Obi-Wan's scent. Force, I miss you, beloved. We've been apart for longer periods than this, but not when our bond was so new. It's new all over again now that we've joined, heart to heart and soul to soul, fire coursed through Qui-Gon's veins, soon body to body in the fullest sense.

Reaching over to the nightstand, Qui-Gon grasped and activated his commlink in one fluid movement. He wanted to hear Obi-Wan's voice before he fell asleep.

The melodic sound of the commlink chime roused Obi-Wan out of his trance. Master, he thought as he switched on the device.


"Padawan. You arrived safely, I take it?"

"Yes, Master. The boy is well on his way to recovery. However, I, on the other hand, nearly died of boredom. I had to sit through a state dinner pretending to be dignified and proper, but we did arrive safely." Obi-Wan chuckled. "I wish you were here, Master. The forest is so alive, so full of the Force. It is stunning. Everything is lush and green... and HOT!"

"I wish I could be there too, Obi-Wan. Is the heat bothering you?" Qui-Gon teased, only half listening to the conversation, focusing instead on the star bright emotions being generated by his beloved.

"Hot enough to sleep nude, Master," Obi-Wan intoned wickedly.

That captured Qui-Gon's attention. A rush of longing swept through him even as another 'lesson' formed in his mind.

"Nude, Padawan? How interesting... I'm sure the heat must be stifling. I too find it a little warm in our quarters. In fact I was lying on our bed and thinking of you, so I decided I had to speak to you." Qui-Gon heard Obi-Wan's sharp intake of breath. "What were you doing before I called, Obi-Wan?"

"Meditating, Master," replied the student. Thinking of all the up-till-now forbidden things that I want you to teach me, Master, came the mental caress.

"Was your meditation helpful, Padawan? Informative?" Qui-Gon asked aloud. What forbidden things, beloved? What is it that you want to learn; tell me, Qui-Gon asked heatedly.

"Master ..." Obi-Wan moaned. Qui-Gon feathered a mental caress over his lover's neural pathways. The pleasure synapses fired and made Obi-Wan's breath catch.

"Are you ready for your next 'lesson', Padawan?" Qui-Gon asked

"Now, Master ... but how?"

"Are you ready, Padawan?"

"Yesss, Master..."

"Close your eyes, Obi-Wan, and feel my presence in the room with you. Open your mind to me, beloved. Let me in." Closing his own eyes, Qui-Gon reached out with his mind... and connected with his love's. He could see Obi-Wan, lying naked on a bed of cushions, commlink clutched in one hand, slowly running the other up and down his aroused body.

"Now tell me, beloved, show me what forbidden things you want to learn." Qui-Gon began to run a hand over his chest, waiting, anticipating what he would hear.

"I... I can't, Master. I don't know how," Obi-Wan gasped, frustrated beyond belief. "Master... it's so warm. My skin is on fire. I ache for you... for your hands and lips and arms and... all of you," the unbearably aroused young apprentice whispered.

"I ache for you too, Padawan. I ache in ways you are only beginning to understand. Shall I tell you what I'm going to teach you, what I'd like you to do to me?" Qui-Gon purred into the commlink.

A soul deep groan was his only reply as Qui-Gon watched Obi-Wan's hand move a little quicker and a little closer to his rock hard erection. Yes, beloved, that's it...touch yourself. Imagine that my hands are on you, petting and caressing that beautiful body of yours. Take yourself in your hand... gently, Obi-Wan. You cannot have release yet. A good time for a serious lesson as well, I believe. Control your body, beloved. Feel the pleasure, but do not give into it. Qui-Gon's thoughts flowed through his aroused student's mind.

"I want to do everything to you, Obi-Wan," came the darkly seductive voice of his master over the commlink, increasing the younger man's pleasure, arousing him to greater heights. "I want you to know pleasure unlike any you've ever experienced. Last night and this morning were merely appetizers, love. The main feast is yet to come."

"I want you as you are now - naked, aroused and straining for completion. I want to cover you with my body. Press our erections together. I want to take them both in my hands and pleasure them together. To feel our straining flesh rubbing against one another's. To milk our organs together while watching you as ecstasy claims you. Watch you find your satisfaction underneath me. I'm going to do this, Padawan, I promise. I'm going to watch you throw your head back and cry out in pleasure and then... only then will I take your mouth. I have very unJedi-like thoughts about that lush, succulent mouth of yours, Obi-Wan."

Qui-Gon began to run his hands up and down his chest, pinching the nipples Obi-Wan had suckled on only that morning. How could words - mere words - throw out decades of training in self-discipline, control and self-denial? Words meant to arouse his love, not him. His hand slid of its own violation down to grasp his raging cock, and Qui-Gon bit back a desperate moan, forcing his body under control, evening out his breathing so he could continue to arouse his Padawan by sound alone.

Qui-Gon refocused and watched Obi-Wan's head thrash on the pillows of his bed. His body hummed with almost as much energy as an activated lightsaber. Every muscle was drum tight as he tried to obey his master even as he increased the tempo of his hand on his throbbing cock. "Masterrrrr," Obi-Wan moaned hotly. Please.... please please please please, came the litany over and over again.

"I want to turn you on your stomach and, starting at the nape of your neck, cover every inch of your back with kisses. I want to give you a nice relaxing rub down. Then I'm going to move lower - to those well-defined buttocks and cover them with kisses as well. I want to see you, beloved, see that dark amber rose hidden by those firm mounds... and taste you, Obi-Wan. I want to taste you in that most intimate of places."

In a far off room Obi-Wan's body jumped with unrestrained lust. Gods... yessss... He moaned. I want you to, Master. Obi-Wan's overwhelming arousal finally loosened his tongue, and all the darkly erotic things he'd dreamed of about Qui-Gon came pouring out.

"I want that too, Master," he moaned heatedly. "I've wanted that for so long. I would watch you in practice, your hair flying, your body glistening with perspiration, and I would want you so badly I would ache. I wanted to feel your damp body crushed against me, pressing into my back. I knew you would be my first everything. My first love, my first lover, the one to teach me."

"I'm not innocent about male to male love. I've heard things, read and seen things. Our travels gave me quite an education. I watched two male friends once as they made love. I saw the beauty of their dance... and I thought of you 'claiming' me that way. For the longest time that was my most forbidden fantasy. Instead of my friends making love, it was you and I, Master. You above and over and inside me. You moving within me. I want that so badly. I want us to be that complete. Ohhhh, Master," Obi-Wan cried out passionately. When, my beloved master, when will we make that fantasy come true? Obi-Wan moaned mentally, wanting it so very much...

When you are ready, my love... not before. You still have many levels of pleasure to learn before you are ready to learn that ultimate one, Qui-Gon rejoined, his mind star-hot, his desire for Obi-Wan burning a sizzling path along their bond.

"Master... please! I need to..."

Suddenly Obi-Wan felt ghostly hands run up and down his thighs while a phantom mouth encompassed his weeping erection and begin to suckle. The same ghostly hands moved to cup and spread his ass apart, and a single phantasmal finger brushed lightly over his most intimate of openings.

Fire screamed through the Padawan learner's body. Every muscle in his well-honed frame went taut - then snapped as he softly screamed out a pleasure that was so great reality went hazy for a moment.

In their rooms, their bed, half a planet away, Qui-Gon smiled - almost ferally - as he felt his love's extreme pleasure at that almost chaste ghostly caress. When the time came for their real joining... Qui-Gon licked at now parched lips... and forced himself to wait patiently. When the time came for that act of love, it would be the most precious and priceless gift anyone had ever bestowed on him, and Qui-Gon intended to cherish his beloved as deeply as the man deserved. Letting out a final, calming breath, Qui-Gon rode out his own pleasure storm, while waiting for his love to recover.

"Master... Qui-Gon..." came the desire darkened whisper. "Soon...?"

"As soon as you're ready, Obi-Wan, I promise. Good night, beloved."

"Good night, Master."

In the now sated darkness of two separate rooms the connection was severed, commlinks placed near the prone men, and the lovers slipped into each other's dreams for yet another night. 


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