First Lessons 5


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Obi-Wan practically dragged himself into the quarters he and his Master were sharing at the temple on Delios. They were there helping to establish a new early training center for Jedi children, and today he had been appointed the task of taking care of two dozen of the Sith's worst spawn. He'd rather face an army of Droidekas than twenty-four screaming, crying, temper-tantrum-throwing children again. He normally loved helping with the children, but for some reason today had tried every ounce of patience his eleven years of apprenticeship had taught him. He supposed it could have something to do with the fact that he was suffering from a severe lack of 'lessons' from Master Qui-Gon, he thought morosely.

Actually, today wasn't that bad now that he thought about it. Most of the children were quite adorable and pleasant to be with. There were three, however, all spoiled, petulant firstborns of ruling houses, whose sole purpose had seemed to be to drive Obi-Wan to the Dark Side. They would have tried the patience of Yoda himself. Never again, he thought grimly, never again would he let himself be connived into watching that many children at once.

The door slid shut behind him, and Obi-Wan leaned wearily against it for a few moments, soaking up the stillness and serenity of the empty rooms. Qui-Gon was in meetings with the temple heads and local government officials and, if previous days were any indication, wouldn't be back until late tonight. They only saw each other for the few hours they spent training and getting ready for the day each morning and only had time for a brief kiss before the day's duties called them away.

Obi-Wan sighed a melancholy sigh. He missed his lover... and his lover's 'lessons.' Add to it the fact that he had the libido of a typical twenty-one year old human male, and what you got was a horny, frustrated and lonely Padawan. Not a good mood for him to be in.

Shoving himself away from the door and keying the lock so that only Qui-Gon could enter, Obi-Wan went into their sleep chamber, stripped and headed for the bathing area. He drew himself a hot bath in a tub large enough to fit four and added a drop of his favorite oil. It was a dark and earthy-smelling one that never failed to relax overwrought nerves or relieve tension. He lowered himself into the steamy water with a grateful sigh, intent upon soaking away all the negative feelings of the day.

An hour later the Jedi Apprentice roused himself enough to empty the tub and pad naked into the bedroom, collapsing in a lethargic sprawl on his back in the middle of the bed. He was sound asleep moments after his head hit the pillow.

Qui-Gon thanked whatever merciful deities smiled down on Delios as he walked into his quarters. What had started out as another tedious day had only improved as the day went on. He had even been able to escape the rounds of talks early, which meant he could spend some time with his Padawan. They slept wrapped in each other's arms every night and trained together every morning, but that was all. No talking, no laughter... no loving. It was beginning to wear on his nerves. Qui-Gon missed his Obi-Wan.

Noting that the door lock had been set, he keyed in his personal code, a smile breaking out on his face. This meant that Obi-Wan was home. He found no sign of movement when he entered, or life for that matter. Beloved? he sent over their bond. He got a series of fuzzy images about demented children and frustration sent back to him. Obi-Wan was dreaming.

The sight that greeted him upon entering the sleep chamber was enough to rouse the dead, let alone a lonely, love-deprived Jedi Master. There, in the center of the large bed, sound asleep, was his lover. An arm was thrown over Obi-Wan's eyes to ward off the setting sun, and a leg was bent at the knee, adding a sensual quality to the sight before Qui-Gon. The sun had turned alabaster skin golden and red blond hair a coppery hue. Obi-Wan's braid lay across his broad chest, rising and falling in tandem with his breathing. In the center of all that glory Obi-Wan was sporting a rampant erection. The young man looked good enough to eat.

A wicked idea crept into Qui-Gon's mind. He smiled deviously and retraced his steps to the common area and the food processor unit. Yes indeed, a very wicked idea came to mind.

Obi-Wan came awake abruptly when something exceedingly cold was unceremoniously plopped into his navel. He tried to bolt upright but found himself restrained. He had sensed no danger, so how could this have happened? "What...?" he began.

"Good evening, my love, did you have a nice nap?" the rough-velvet voice of Qui-Gon inquired.

Eyes snapping open quickly, Obi-Wan met the amused gaze of his lover. "Qui-Gon?! - what in the hells of the Sith is going on?" he asked as he looked down and saw a dollop of frozen sweet cream now adorning his navel. Above him, his hands were lightly tied to the headboard with the sash from Qui-Gon's nightrobe.

"You were asleep when I came in, so I had to eat dinner alone. Since I know how much you enjoy sweets, I thought I'd share my dessert. As for your hands, well, I didn't want you getting impatient and interrupting me during my preparations, thus the restraints," Qui-Gon informed him reasonably as he began to paint Obi-Wan's rapidly hardening nipples with alderberry sauce. He held a finger up to Obi-Wan's lips and watched it disappear into that warm, wet haven. Obi-Wan licked all traces of his favorite sauce away, running his mobile tongue around Qui-Gon's sensitized digit, all the while watching his Master intently.

Qui-Gon shuddered and closed his eyes a moment to regain his equilibrium. He was the one teaching this lesson, not his avid pupil. It was time he stopped getting sidetracked by his wanton Padawan. He had a lesson to teach after all.

Removing his finger, Qui-Gon returned to the task of adorning his lover's body with both of their favorite treats. Around Obi-Wan's neck he placed a collar of freshly sliced Quina. He framed the sweet-cream inundated navel with Vana pods. Qui-Gon then slid some juicy pinapa rings over Obi-Wan's turgid flesh and drizzled it with some warmed crème.

Obi-Wan watched wide-eyed and aroused, hardly breathing, unable to fathom what was going on. This was so... decadent and exotic! He sincerely hoped he'd be able to decorate Qui-Gon in a similar manner. Speaking of his lover, Qui-Gon appeared to be taking his work quite seriously. There was a furrow of concentration between those elegant brows as his master applied himself to finishing his culinary masterpiece, using Obi-Wan's body as the canvas.

Qui-Gon was aware of the heated and curious gaze but chose to ignore it for the moment, deciding instead to finish what he was doing. He reached for the final item on the tray that held his "paints." A bowl of warmed chocara fudge sauce.

Dipping a large, blunt finger into the bowl, Qui-Gon brought it up to his lips and began to suck the sauce off, imitating a more carnal act he intended to indulge in later. He smiled wickedly as he heard Obi-Wan's breath catch.

Using his finger like a writing tool, Qui-Gon wrote symbols over Obi-Wan's heart and on his stomach, ancient symbols of love and sex and devotion from a language long dead and remembered only by the Jedi. He then took the bowl and drizzled some more sauce over the younger man's chest and straining sex, saving some of the treat for something he planned to do later, when Obi-Wan was more... relaxed.

"Mmmm. Now that is a most appetizing dessert," Qui-Gon sighed appreciatively. "But where to begin?"

"Master..." Obi-Wan groaned in frustration, wanting something, anything.

"Patience, Padawan - you know a Jedi must ever be patient," Qui Gon chuckled. He was thoroughly enjoying the sight before him - a bound and submissive Obi-Wan, covered in delicacies and trying very hard not to move even though his skin was probably being delightfully tormented by all the different substances on it.

Finally deciding to be merciful, Qui-Gon knelt beside the bed and began to enjoy his 'dessert.' Using his tongue to scoop up some of the frozen sweet cream, he closed a now frosty mouth over one of Obi-Wan's berry stained nipples. The young man jerked and howled at the twin sensations of heat and ice. Licking the nipple clean, he repeated his actions on its mate before kissing Obi-Wan to share the taste of cream, berry and Obi-Wan with his lover. Obi-Wan thrust a desperate tongue back into Qui-Gon's mouth, licking at tongue and roof of mouth, capturing the unique flavors and trying desperately to find some small relief in the act of this kiss.

Working methodically, Qui-Gon cleaned every inch of Obi-Wan's painted skin, sharing tastes with the desperately aroused Padawan, slipping chunks of fruit and Vana pod from between his lips and past Obi-Wan's with suggestive thrusts of tongue and wicked caresses. Obi-Wan's head tossed restlessly on the pillows, a low, continuous moan escaping from his panting mouth. It was so erotic, so devilishly delightful, the sensations his Master was giving to him.

At last, the only thing left for Qui-Gon to devour was the crème and fudge confection that was his beloved's straining erection. Without touching the dancing flesh, Qui-Gon delicately nibbled on the pinapa fruit, every once in a while transferring small bites to Obi-Wan for him to enjoy.

"Master!" Obi-Wan managed to gasp between moans. "Please - no more, I beg you - please just... just..." He was once more reduced to moans as Qui-Gon started to lap up the warm crème and fudge sauces that had pooled at the base of Obi-Wan's cock and had run down over his scrotum.

Qui-Gon raised his head and took in the bewitching sight of an aroused Obi-Wan, incoherent with passion. "Just what, my Obi-Wan?" he purred seductively before wrapping lips around the young man's scorching cock to gently tug off the remainders of the fruit rings.

"Master, please. Make me come!" Obi-Wan cried out, pushed beyond patience and control. Qui Gon leaned back on his heels as he savored the last mouthful of confection, eyes hot with want. "Patience, Sweet, you really must work on your patience," Qui-Gon teased. "And making demands on your Master? This too is a trait that needs work," he continued. "So tonight, we shall work on these things," Qui-Gon finished, a devilish gleam in his eyes.

"Master... please, no..." Obi-Wan groaned in frustration. "I don't think I'm up to those lessons. My patience was already strained to the limit by the day's activities; this will destroy me," Obi-Wan begged shamelessly. He had never seen Qui-Gon quite so tormentingly playful. It was the last thing he needed tonight. What he needed was release - and he needed it immediately.

"All the more reason, Padawan. Now be a good apprentice and try to behave," Qui-Gon laughed, knowing full well the level of sexual arousal his lover was experiencing, thanks to their unshielded bond, and how much Obi-Wan was in need of satisfaction.

Retrieving a few of the fluffy pillows at the top of the bed, Qui-Gon levitated his apprentice a few inches off the bed, placed the pillows under his stomach and hips, and rolled Obi-Wan over onto his stomach, before lowering him again. This maneuver took less than a minute, and by the time Obi-Wan thought to protest, it was too late.

"Master! What are you..."

"Hush now, Obi-Wan, silence is yet another virtue you should be striving for." Qui-Gon sat next to his wriggling love and placed a cool hand in the small of Obi-Wan's back to still him. "No moving now, Obi-Wan. Be still." Picking up the remaining fudge sauce, Qui-Gon drizzled it down Obi-Wan's spine, over the sweet rise of his buttocks and, finally, lined the crevice between them.

Obi-Wan's body went rigid with shock, then became boneless as he realized what this meant. His Master was keeping his promise from an earlier lesson. Obi-Wan waited breathlessly for Qui-Gon, suddenly eager for his 'lesson' to continue.

Gauging Obi-Wan's reaction visually and through their bond, Qui-Gon realized that the younger man not only accepted what was going to happen but wanted, no craved it as much as Qui-Gon did. "Are you sure, my heart?" He had to be certain.

"Ohhh yessss!" Obi-Wan moaned. "Do it, Qui-Gon. Please... teach me this lesson too!"

"With pleasure, my 'sweet' one," Qui-Gon chuckled delightedly.

A warm, rough velvet tongue began to bathe Obi-Wan's skin, trailing up and down the elegant length of spine, licking subtle patterns over sensitive flesh as the sauce was cleaned away. Qui-Gon moved slowly and methodically, starting at the base of Obi-Wan's neck and working his way down, ensuring all the sauce was removed.

Obi-Wan's firm, luscious buttocks were next. Qui-Gon attacked them lovingly, nipping, biting and licking the delectable mounds. He sucked on the flesh under his mouth until blood rose to the surface, leaving marks of love and possession on his Padawan. Obi-Wan's hips began to move involuntarily, thrusting into the mattress, trying to stimulate his throbbing erection.

Finally all the sauce was cleaned off except for the one remaining area, an area that up until now had remained sweetly chaste - but not for much longer. Qui-Gon sat back a moment, tormenting the writhing man beneath him and tantalizing himself, seeing if Obi-Wan would...

"Force, Qui-Gon, will you stop teasing me?! This is beyond cruelty - I swear!" Obi-Wan demanded, at the end of his endurance. If he did not find relief soon, he thought he might just go mad.

Qui-Gon arched an unseen eyebrow at his Padawan's forceful command. Perhaps Obi-Wan was right - no more playing. Gently spreading Obi-Wan's succulent cheeks apart, Qui-Gon first ran a finger down the darkened furrow, causing Obi-Wan to buck and hiss in delight. His love's reaction was enough to nudge Qui-Gon beyond his own limits of self-control. Limits Qui-Gon had been riding very closely. It took every last ounce of will he had not to ravish Obi-Wan as his lover lay there - helpless, aroused and spread beneath him. Qui-Gon brought the sauce-covered finger to his lips and savored the taste.

Taking a deep, cleansing breath, Qui-Gon wrested back his control and silently guided his love onto his knees, then pushed him back slightly so that he was in a prone position once more, arms stretched out in front of him rather like Obi-Wan was bowing in obeisance. Qui-Gon then guided his love to open his legs as widely as possible. It was a lewd position but one that would serve them both well.

"Qui-Gon?" Obi-Wan queried, tensing and feeling a little trepidation. He was so exposed and vulnerable in this position and was unsure if he enjoyed it.

"Shhhh... patience, love... Trust me."

"Always, Master," came the whispered reply as Obi-Wan relaxed back into the position in which Qui-Gon had placed him, laying his head on his restrained arms.

Qui-Gon once more ran a finger down the sensitive flesh, this time smearing the sauce over Obi-Wan's lips, eyes darkening as he watched that agile tongue dart out and collect the taste.

Lowering himself to a half reclining position, Qui-Gon began to lick the final traces of fudge sauce from Obi-Wan's body - delighting in the taste of sweet mixed with the heavier musk of his lover. His tongue ran lightly down the shadowed groove, darting over and flicking at the incredibly sensitive flesh, making Obi-Wan shiver with pure need and just a little hesitation.

Slowly, unerringly Qui-Gon bathed his lover's flesh with his tongue, arousing and stimulating as he went but avoiding that most intimate of intimate places. He wanted Obi-Wan completely aroused and ready for this final step.

Reaching between Obi-Wan's splayed legs, Qui-Gon grasped his love's aching penis and began to stroke the weeping flesh in slow, sensuous movements.

Touching his mind to Obi-Wan's, Qui-Gon was satisfied to find that his lover could not hold a coherent thought. There were only starbursts of white-hot pleasure interspersed with jumbled phrases of love and sex and an overwhelming sense of need. His love was a vortex of sense and sensation. Obi-Wan was ready. Stroking Obi-Wan faster, Qui-Gon began to delicately lap at the amber rose of Obi-Wan's anus, tickling the incredibly sensitive flesh with petal soft movements of his tongue

Obi-Wan bucked and whimpered, first pulling away from the electrifying contact then pushing back, trying to feel more of Qui-Gon's wicked caress. "Master... Gods above... Qui-Gon... more... Please!... Yessss!!!" Obi-Wan moaned and begged and pleaded. He was lost in a world of pure sensation, so intense were the feelings. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Even the ghostly caresses his Master had teased him with in previous 'lessons' paled in comparison to this reality.

Stiffening his tongue into a spear of flesh, Qui-Gon pushed inwards slightly, feeling the ring of muscle contract and loosen as Obi-Wan relaxed into the sensation of being penetrated. Qui-Gon began to mimic the act of lovemaking with his tongue, barely penetrating the first ring of muscle, just getting his lover used to the feelings coursing through him. Soon, my Obi-Wan, soon... Qui-Gon thought heatedly, sending explicit and erotic images of himself covering and penetrating Obi-Wan. Images of Obi-Wan covering and penetrating him.

The images flooding his mind, the strong hand manipulating his weeping cock and the dangerous feeling of being penetrated in such a manner - even slightly penetrated - sent Obi-Wan spiraling out of control. Biting down hard on the pillow beneath him to stifle his howl of completion, Obi-Wan bucked and impaled himself first in Qui-Gon's fist, then on his tongue as he worked himself frenziedly, coming hard... almost violently.

Watching and hearing Obi-Wan, feeling his body writhe and strain beneath his own, feeling him impale himself on Qui-Gon's tongue and fist proved too much for the Jedi Master as well. His own orgasm rushed through him like a streaking meteor as he experienced the violent intensity of Obi-Wan's emotions through their link. They were joined so intimately flesh to flesh and mind to mind, a complete circle, each feeding the other's senses and needs.

Moaning his pleasure, Qui-Gon orgasmed almost silently while he continued thrusting his tongue and stroking Obi-Wan's pulsing erection as his lover collapsed to the bed, swamped by the feelings that flooded him. Qui-Gon finally forced himself to let go and moved up to lie next to Obi-Wan, using the Force to untie his love's wrists, and turned Obi-Wan into his embrace.

Whimpering and snuffling like an overwrought child, Obi-Wan curled himself into his lover. He was beyond being overwhelmed. That had been the most erotic, wondrous, delightful, terrifying, and soul-shattering lovemaking he'd experienced in his life. Salty tears tracked silver lines down his skin as he snuggled his face into the crook of Qui-Gon's neck and clung to his lover like he used to cling to his stuffed wookie as a babe.

"My Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon queried softly as he ran a soothing hand up and down the younger man's back, ruffling another hand through the silky mass of Obi-Wan's hair. "Are you all right, beloved?"

"Yes, Master," Obi-wan sniffled into his lover's neck. Pulling back and gazing up at Qui-Gon with rain-drenched eyes, he ran a hand slowly, reverently down the chiseled cheek of the man he loved more than life. "Thank you," he said simply, a smile breaking slowly across his handsome face.

"For what, my Obi-Wan?

"For teaching me how much you love me," Obi-Wan replied. "What you teach me goes beyond the physical - although that pleasure alone is enough to shatter me completely. You teach me love, Qui-Gon," he finished, placing his cheek over Qui-Gon's pounding heart.

"Always, my Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon replied with a hushed, almost reverent, tone as he held his lover closer still.

Both men relaxed into each other and drifted off into the most peaceful sleep they'd had in a long time, each dreaming and sharing the other's dream that their 'lessons' would continue forever... and beyond.


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