Chapter 31

Kay was sitting on AJ’s living room while he went on vacation with his mother for her birthday. They would be gone for 2 weeks. He had wanted her to housesit because Kevin and Brian were married, Howie was doing something in NYC, and Nick was just a slob. She was watching the New Yankee Workshop when the doorbell rang. Without taking her eyes off the man, who was putting a stain finish on the oak chest, she opened the door.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“Hello, ugly,” she replied and headed straight for the couch.

“Why is it that every time I compliment you, you insult me?” Nick said as he vaulted over the couch to be next to her.

“I’m not insulting you.  I was merely stating fact.”

“So why do thousands of girls scream my name at our concerts.”

“Ahhh…the key word is girls, not women.  Anyway, those that do have really bad taste, and I’m here to deflate that huge ego of yours once in awhile.  How else are the fans going to say you’re a pretty down to earth guy.  Hey!”

“Come on.  There’s a XFL game.”

“I was here first.  Give the remote back.”

“How can you watch that old fart teaching you how to make a bird house,” he said.
“First off, that was not a bird house.  It was a Victorian style dollhouse that could open up and close.  Second, I don’t’ like XFL.  So give it back.”

“Then come get it,” he said as he stood up to his 6 foot and some inches and held up the remote.  After watching her jumping a few times, he laughed.  “Give it up shorty.”

Kay looked at the couch and back at him.  Before he knew it, he felt something like a cannon ball hit and knock him down.  Kay was straddled on his waist still trying to wrestle it from his hand.  Not being the kind who gave things up easily, he pulled against his chest.  Kay didn’t let go and followed, bring them face-to-face.  

They felt each of their bodies molding to the other’s contours.  His eyes turned stormy as he watched hers dilated.  He used his free hand to cup the back of her head and gently urged her closer.  His lips brushed hers and pressed harder when he didn’t feel any resistance.  

She opened her mouth to protest, he casually slipped in his tongue.  He caressed every little crevice and hit all her sensor points.  Finally, she got her strength and pushed herself off and ran up to one of the guest rooms.  When the door slammed shut, he snapped out of his daze.  “Oh my lord, what the hell have I done?”

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