Chapter 17

The next morning, Kay got up bright and early to get ready for school. AJ had insisted that he take her to school because he was going to leave at around 9 because the guys needed him back home for some promotion of some sort. She had leave the house before her parents woke up because they would have wanted to drive her to school. Since she left for school early before, they didn’t even worry if they couldn’t find her in the morning. The two of them went for breakfast that morning at McDonald’s. They just sat around talking and cuddling up on those benches.

By the time she got to school and AJ had safely driven away with no one seeing them, there was a certain buzz in the hallway.  That buzz only meant one thing.  There was a new rumor going on and she pitied the person who was at the end of that one.  But as she walked pass everyone, she noticed they all stopped talking.  She ignored them and went to class.  Like every class in the United States, class seemed to drag on for hours before lunch.

Kay always sat alone outside under a tree with her CD player blaring her diverse choice of music.  However, today was a different story.  A whole bunch of girls and guys started to come around her.  It was so sudden because only yesterday she was sitting here all alone and today she is Miss Popular.

One or two girls confronted her with something very similar to, “Stay away from AJ and the rest of the Backstreet Boys, bitch.  You aren’t their type.” 

While everyone else there started to reassure that they were only jealous.  ‘They’re jealous all right.  But you guys are even worst, trying to pretend you’re my friend so I can hook you up.  Do you honestly think I’m that dumb?’ she thought.

It was after school and ‘Thank Angels.  I’ve never seen so many insincere people in my life!’ Kay thought as she walked home.

A few blocks from school a silver Lexus drove up right next to her, but she kept walking.  The window rolled down to reveal Jeff O’Conner, the superstar quarterback.  “You, Kay?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Would have thought you were better looking,” he muttered.  “Want a ride home?”

“No, I don’t.  And don’t think I didn’t hear what you just said before that.”

“Come on, we could a little something before I bring you home.  Then you’ll be even more popular.”

That really got her attention and she stopped to face him, “Damn, is that all you think I care about?  Being popular?  Well, I can care less about that.  Also, I happen to have a boyfriend so I don’t think I want to go screw you.”

“I know you do, that bad boy singer in Backstreet.  You must have been a good screw for him to be his girlfriend.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Damn are you that dense.  I thought you were the smartest girl in school.  He’s only using you for sex and you’re only after his fame.  So why don’t you spread the love?”

“Fuck you,” and she walked off.

“Please do,” Jim laughed.

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