Chapter 34

“This place is great,” Kay shouted over to Howie who was dancing with a pretty god looking girl he had just picked up.

“I knew this place was just the place for you to forget,” he yelled back.  The two of them danced with several partners until they decided to just relax a bit.  “Hey do you want something to drink?” Howie asked.

“Sure…could I get a beer?”

“You don’t even like that stuff.  But the answer is no.”

“AJ lets me.”

“I know AJ and he would not do such a thing.  I’ll get you a root beer,” he said as he walked away.

Kay sat there looking out at the dancers when someone tapped her on the shoulder.  She turned and looked into a pair of beautifully shaped brown eyes and a great mop of brown hair.  The head moved to the side right next to her left ear and whispered, “Would you like to dance?”

“My friend is getting some,” she drifted off, “drinks.”  Hypnotized by his eyes, she allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.  A slow song had just started, so the mysterious man gently gathered her in his arms, holding her close to him.   Their hips swayed together with complete synchronization.  His head bent to her right ear as he whispered romantic things in a surprisingly low tone.  Her sense heightened as he blew into her ear and felt a slight poke in her stomach.

“Now where can she be?” Howie asked himself as he sat down at the table he had last seen her.

“D?  Is that you?” said a familiar voice.

“Hey, Brian.  What are you doing here?  Where’s LeighAnne?”

“She’s in the restroom.  Well we came with Nick.  We started out playing our games to get something off his mind.”

“But those noises can start to get to you after awhile,” LeighAnne interrupted as she came from behind to wrap her arms around her man.

“Don’t worry.  I know how you feel, remember?  I do have to go on tour with them.  Where’s Nick anyways?  I haven’t seen his big blond head anywhere.”

“He’s wearing his wig tonight and his contacts.  He went to the dance floor.  I saw him pick up a girl,” she said and pointed, “There he is, right over there.”

“Oh no!” Howie and Brian exclaimed at the same time.

“What?” she asked, surprised, as she watched the two men run toward to the dancing couple.

Kay felt a pair of hands yank her from her partner.  Too surprised to do anything but let go, she did and faced her objector.  “Howie?!  Why’d you do that for?!” 

At the same time that was going on, Brian smacked the other person on the head, “What the hell were you thinking?”

“I don’t know.  I just saw her and then WHAM!  I was dancing with her.”

“Damn it, Nick.”

“Nick?” Kay said softly.

Howie nodded his head and drew her into his arms when he saw tears start to fill her eyes.  He led them away from the others and walked back to the table where LeighAnne was fighting off a drunk.  “Could you please go away?  I’m not interested.”

“Oh come on, honey.  Everyone here is either single or with someone, but looking for some action.  So how about it, sweetheart?”

The man fell down to the floor.  “That should teach you a lesson for making a pass at my wife,” Brian said as he hugged her and then looked at his knuckles.  

Howie motioned one of the bouncers he saw and gestured to the floor.  He nodded as he came over and picked up the drunk and threw him out, literally.

“So how are we going to solve this problem?” Howie asked.

“Maybe I could go away fro a few days,” Nick said, emotionless.

“That wouldn’t work.  I mean it would, but I don’t think that is suppose to be how I pass the test,” Kay answered.  “It would be kind of like cheating.”

“Well how do we suppose we solve the problem then,” Brian asked.”

For the first time in 5 minutes LeighAnne spoke, “We could just stick them in Nick’s house until AJ comes back.  That would be the ultimate test.”

“Wouldn’t that kind of be a little risky?” her husband asked.

The two females looked into each other’s eyes, she said, “That’s the only proper way to test her.  If she fails, I would be very disappointed because I hadn’t thought she would be so inconsiderate of AJ’s feelings for her and Nick.”

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