Chapter 8

The clock struck 3 in the morning and Alistar was still waiting for Beth. Finally deciding that she had gone against his wishes, he went to bed, but not before he thought of what he would do.

After he broke his fast, he sent for Beth.  When she appeared, he ordered everyone out of the room.  He told her to shut the curtains and light the fire in the room.  He observed her as she did the task he had asked her to do.  Her blue black hair was pinned up under a little pert white cap.  She wore what all his female servants wore, a drab gray linen dress with a white apron to complement it.  When she was done, he had taken a seat in his chair as he had the day before.  

“Kneel before me.”  She did as she was told.  “Why did you not come to me last night?”

“I was busy, your highness, with the dishes.”

“But surely you were done with them by 3.”

“Your highness, I was very tired.”

“That is no excuse,” he said as he got up and knelt down next to her.  “Look at me, Beth.”  She wouldn’t look at him so he roughly grabbed her chin and turned her toward him.  “Do as I tell you, Beth.  Close your eyes.”

“Your highness, I can not.”

“Yes, you can.  I’m telling you to do so.”

“Please, your highness.  I must go and do my chores.”

He leaned into her until she was bent back at a weird angle, and his breath fanning about her face.  “From this day forth, your only chore that you will do, will be in my bed.  Starting now,” he said as he claimed his prize.

Unable to balance herself with the added weight, Beth fell back onto the floor and he fell right on top of her.  She managed to put up a little fight, but was soon responding to his seductive ministrations.  Alistar brazenly ripped off her garments along with his and tossed them into the fire.  Then lit a burning path down her smooth neck and to her firm bosom.  He gently laved their tips with his tongue, producing a moan from Beth and the light urging of her hands on his head.  He went lower to her stomach and dipped his tongue into the cavern of her belly button.  He wantonly imitated what he would do to her later on.  She whimpered and at her insistence, he went back up to kiss her.  This time, she thoroughly participated in the duels of their tongues.  He caressed her left thigh and bent it at the knee.  With an uncanny expertise, he was between her legs.  Without ever hesitating, he guided himself into her moist molten center.  He felt her tense at his invasion of her body, and gently soothed her with his kisses and caresses, without moving from where he was.  When he felt her ease up quite a bit, he moved and covered her mouth with his to muffle her cry of pain.  He proceeded to again ply her with kisses until her little hands were on his buttocks, trying to get him to finish what he had started.  He was only too glad to do so and they both spiraled toward the skies above as their climax overwhelmed them both.

Unbeknownst to the two lovers, a man watched them through the crack of the door.  “I should have had her while I had the chance.”

“My lord, you can still have her.”

“What do suggest, Higgens?”

Higgens lead the lord to his own chambers.  “This is what I propose.”

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